Coffee kettle with a thin spout

What to look for when buying

Electric or for the stove?

The most important thing to determine is whether you need an electric kettle or the one that works on the stove is also sufficient. Obviously, electric models run a little faster, but their cost is usually higher. On the other hand, electric stove appliances can be annoying if you’re in a hurry or you’re heating water several times in a day.

We advise you to consider how big your budget is and how often you brew coffee. If you use different methods of making coffee and want to buy several different devices, then the one that will be used most often should be electric.


This is an important factor. It is absurd to repeatedly turn on the small kettle to make drinks for a large company. Likewise, a large family-sized vessel would look strange to someone living alone. Consider how many coffees you make at a time.

Your whole family drinks coffee? Do you often have meetings with friends over coffee?? Choose large capacity options. Going to cook only for yourself? Then you can save kitchen space and money by choosing a smaller volume. 1 L is a fairly standard capacity. You can also find models with a capacity of 0.5 liters.

Flow rate

You need to take the water flow rate seriously, and the reason has already been mentioned. Fans of pourover should consider the speed of water flow. To learn how to use the device with ease, you need to get the hang of it. If the water flow is too fast or, on the contrary, slow, then making coffee will turn into a disaster.

Most coffee drinkers don’t have to worry about it. unless the water flow is too slow.

Additional useful functions

Most of the time teapots are quite unremarkable. Unless you are buying an iKettle which can be connected to your phone, there is little variety in additional features.

Usually there are markings on the vessel water limit, you can see the level of liquid. When choosing an electric model, it is also worth checking whether there is a limescale filter (the mesh in the spout).

A handy feature. different temperature settings. It is useful for those who brew “delicate” types of coffee, the taste of which is strongly affected by temperature. However, these features are usually found in more expensive products.

The last, but not the least important factor to consider, the price. It is affected by several aspects. The main ones are power and material.

Electric kettles are usually more expensive than those used for the stove. You pay for convenience. Devices made of stainless steel are also quite expensive. Glass and plastic models are cheaper, but then you sacrifice durability and longevity.

Sometimes you can find similar products at different prices. This is usually due to brands or differences in capacity.

Disadvantages of long spouts

Of course, we also considered the usual models. If your appliances with thin spouts are so good, why do you need the others??

The main disadvantage of models with thin spouts. the speed of water flow. For a purver, a slow, accurate flow might be good, but it can get annoying if you use a different method. For example there is no need to have thin spouts for a French press or an airpress. Pouring water can be a tedious task, especially if you are in a hurry.

Review of Kitfort KT-689 coffee brewing kettle with precise water temperature control

Coffee kettle is the closest relative of an ordinary kettle for boiling water. The main differences are its smaller capacity, specific shape (first of all it has a long thin spout, goose neck) and ability to precisely control the water temperature.

coffee, kettle, thin, spout

Kettle Kitfort KT-689 is a typical representative of this kind of devices. It can be used to brew coffee with a pour-over or Kemex, as well as to brew special sorts of teas, which require hot water of a strictly defined temperature rather than boiling water to uncover their flavor.

Kalita Thin Spout Pouring Kettle Overview


The kettle comes in a box, decorated in the corporate style of Kitfort company. Note that recently the appearance of packaging has changed: the company not only got a new box design, but also a new logo and generally rebranded all areas. Artemy Lebedev Studio was the developer of the design. In our opinion, the brand recognition has increased: the new boxes are easy to read on the store shelves and are not lost among the variety of brands.

Our teapot’s box is made of cardboard, and the contents are protected from shocks by cardboard inserts and plastic bags. After examining the box, you can get acquainted with the main technical characteristics of the device and its vector image.

At first glance

Visually, the kettle makes a very pleasant impression. The main reasons for that is a successful combination of matt plastic (which does not look cheap) and stainless steel, of which the kettle’s bulb, lid and spout are made.

The curved shape of the spout gives our kettle a sophisticated look, thanks to which you can be sure that such a device will look nice in any environment. Let’s take a closer look.

The base of our kettle is totally made of plastic. On the bottom side you can see the storage compartment (winding) of the cord, which is not very long (0,7 m), a sticker with technical information and rubber feet.

The flask is made of stainless steel. Inside, you can see the temperature sensor (it is located on the bottom) and marks min and max, which can be used to roughly measure the required amount of water (0.5 and 1 liter, respectively). For obvious reasons (the kettle does not have a special window to control the amount of water) these marks are located on the inside of the flask, so you have to look into the kettle from above to see them. Taking into account the fact that its flask extends at the bottom and narrows at the top to do it, probably, will not always be convenient.

However, we still put the lack of a window in this case on the plus side: as you know, the transparent plastic insertion is one of the main reasons why the kettle leaks. In our device we were able to identify only one potential weak spot. the attachment of the spout to the flask. Despite the fact that the connection looks very solid (we could not resist the temptation of lightly testing the strength of the spout and trying to twist it), we would recommend handling the device as delicately as possible: do not store it out of the box with heavy objects and certainly not drop it (especially on the spout).

The lid of our kettle is also made of stainless steel and has a plastic handle. It has three small holes for releasing excess steam. The lid can be closed in any position and is firmly locked with a metal latch.

The handle and the bottom of the appliance are plastic. The grip area has several plastic ribs.

On the underside of the kettle, you can see the standard round contact group that allows you to freely rotate the kettle on the base. On the handle there is a control unit display and four rubber buttons with pictograms. We’ll talk more about these in the Controls section.

Our overall impression of the appliance was good. Nothing wobbles or dangles, the kettle feels good in your hand, and the buttons are located just under your thumb, so you can operate the device with one hand.


The instructions for the kettle, although it has undergone some changes (due to rebranding), are still recognizable. On 14 pages of A4 format developers not only tell how to use the device, but also give us a lot of useful information ranging from general tips to instructions for making coffee. Did you know, for example, that the American chemist Peter Schlumbum invented the Chemeks?? Now, thanks to us and the instructions for the kettle, you know.

It is interesting and useful to read such instructions. Although, of course, if you have already encountered such kettles in the household, for you will be enough to read the section of management.


The kettle is controlled by four buttons and a miniature display. In general, everything here was intuitive: LED display shows the current temperature of the water in the kettle, and when setting the temperature, the temperature to which you want to heat water.

Temperature selection buttons allow you to set the value from 40 to 100 C in increments of 1 degree with a single press or 5 degrees with a long press. Once the kettle is plugged in, the default setting is 100 C, and after turning off the heat is set to the last set temperature by default. So if you use the kettle only for making coffee or brewing a specific kind of tea, you don’t have to set the temperature manually every time.

Two other buttons are used to turn on/off the heating mode and to enter the temperature maintenance mode, respectively.

In standby mode the kettle displays the current water temperature, so you can always find out how hot the water is inside the flask. After five minutes of inactivity the device goes to sleep mode, which you can reset by pressing any button.

Finally, temperature maintenance mode allows you to set an arbitrary temperature between 40 and 95 C in one-degree increments. It will be kept at the right temperature for about 30 minutes.

Pressing a button, plugging in the kettle, starting and finishing heating as well as attempts to set a temperature outside the capacity of the appliance are accompanied by beeping signals of different length (beeping).

In our opinion, this interface is absolutely perfect. The only thing missing is the function to boil the kettle and then maintain the temperature at a predetermined level. However, this function is certain to cause confusion in the interface and will only complicate rather than simplify the operation of the device.


Preparation for work consists in setting the base on a flat horizontal surface at a distance of not less than 10 centimeters from the wall and the edge of the table. If there is a characteristic plastic smell, the manufacturer recommends several times to boil and drain the water. In our case, it was not necessary (the smell, although present, was quite weak).

It’s easy to use. Fully removable lid not only allows you to quickly fill or empty the kettle, but also provides easy access to the inside of the bulb (this is especially convenient when cleaning). The kettle allows free rotation on the base.

The features of the operation of our device become clear when you read the section on management. We can either boil water, heat it to a certain temperature, or turn on the temperature maintenance mode for 30 minutes.

We did not encounter any difficulties: the device performed all its functions properly, and communication with it was predictable and pleasant.

In terms of care, our tea set is no different from an ordinary kettle. According to the manual, it has to be descaled with a 9% acetic acid solution or 3 g of citric acid dissolved in 100 ml of water. Daily care consists of wiping the kettle body and base with a damp cloth.

Our measurements

In the course of the test we carried out a number of standard measurements.

Useful volume

Full kettle (1 l) of water at 20 C is brought to the boil in

How much electricity is consumed by

Kettle body temperature 3 minutes after boiling

Maximum power consumption at 220V

Idle power consumption

Energy consumption to maintain temperature 80 C for 1 hour

Actual temperature after heating to 40 C

Actual temperature after heating to 50 C

Actual temperature after heating to 60 C

The actual temperature after heating up to 70 C

Actual temperature after heating to 80 C

Actual temperature after heating to 85 C

Actual temperature after heating to 90 C

Actual temperature after heating to 95 C

Water temperature in the kettle after 1 hour of boiling

Water temperature in the kettle 2 hours after boiling

Water temperature in the kettle 3 hours after boiling

Pouring time of full volume of water in the normal way

1 л
6 minutes
0.1 kW·ч
97 C
1830 W
0.2 W
0,038 kW·ч
42 C
50 C
59 C
68 C
81 C
86 C
93 C
95 C
68 C
53 C
45 C
42 seconds

What we can emphasize from the measurement results? First of all, of course, the long emptying time of the kettle in the normal way. Water pours slowly from the spout, but in this case, it is not a drawback, but an advantage: brewing coffee requires a leisurely pouring (we need to refill approximately 50 ml of water every 25 seconds).

Second, the kettle slightly overheats the water judging by the fact that turning off the power to the heater does not stop the process of heating water instantly. Given that the kettle allows you to check the current temperature of the water at any time, we decided not to consider this a serious disadvantage. After all, knowing the nature of the device, you can always put one degree less or wait a little while for the water to cool by 1-2 degrees.

Making coffee

After testing the kettle and carrying out all the necessary measurements, we went straight to making coffee. For this we have armed ourselves with a plastic Bialetti pourer-funnel, a stopwatch and a scale, which we will need for the precise control of coffee and water volume.

  • Measure the right amount of ground coffee (for our 2-cup funnel, this is about 24g of coffee);
  • we place the filter in the funnel, the funnel is placed on a suitable cup;
  • We spill some hot water to moisten the filter and warm the funnel (this water must then be drained);
  • Pour the coffee into the funnel;
  • Shake the funnel slightly to even out the coffee;
  • After 30 seconds, continue pouring water so that after 2 minutes the scale shows that we have poured 384 grams of water (the ratio of coffee and water should be about 1:16);
  • Wait for the coffee to finish pouring and for it to cool slightly;
  • ready!

Kettle Kitfort KT-689 was a nice, convenient to use, and most importantly, accurate device, able to quickly provide the user with hot water at the desired temperature in the amount from 0.5 to 1 liter. It can be safely recommended to advanced coffee and tea lovers, for whom it is important to control the temperature of water when making a drink.

As a separate advantage, let us mention an ingenious interface that spares the user the necessity to set the temperature each time when preparing several equal portions of the drink.

And, of course, it is nice to be able to know at any time what the temperature of water in the kettle is (including immediately during the heating of water). After all, we all like to follow the process of watching a cab pull up on a mobile app map or accompany the countdown numbers on the microwave. Kitfort KT-689 also gives us the same opportunity: the actual water temperature is shown on the display in real time, so you can not only lie in the kettle, waiting for it to boil, but manually stop the boiling at the right moment, if you get tired of waiting or suddenly change your mind to drink hot tea, and decided that right now you do not need hot, but only a little warm drink.

Brewista Artisan long spout teapot review

Special teapots for brewing coffee I’ve seen many times. If the coffee shop is preparing an alternative, look closely. somewhere nearby you will notice a kettle with a fancy spout. I’ve had a little experience brewing a funnel with a regular kettle before, but I never got a consistent result. And the lack of time did not let me dive into the study of the issue and choose the right model of kettle for yourself. So when representatives of Monday Coffee contacted me and offered to send me the Brewista “Artisan” teapot I just couldn’t refuse.

A few weeks later, after receiving a parcel with the kettle at the post office, I went to a tried coffee shop, bought a bundle of freshly roasted beans and pestered the barista with questions. To calibrate my expectations, I asked them to brew me a funnel on the same beans I bought for my experiments. This was an important step, which allowed me to record the taste sensation of a cup of coffee, which I strove to repeat throughout my coffee experiments.

The kit and packaging. Before moving on to my experiences with the brewing process, let’s talk about what was in the box with the kettle in general. The package is very basic: kettle, lid and brochure. The spout has a silicone nozzle on it. Inside the box, the kettle is packed in pressed cardboard, so it is not afraid of mailing.

First cup and temperature control. Temperature control is very important when brewing coffee. It directly affects the extraction and therefore the taste. This kettle doesn’t have a built-in thermometer and the thermometers I ordered were still in transit, so I wrote to Monday Coffee and they very promptly took the temperature measurements and sent detailed instructions, which I am doing with you:

Heat it until it hisses and the first whistling of water in the kettle, it will be just about 98 degrees. After that, simply open the lid by sliding it off the kettle itself slightly, but not completely. After 2 minutes, 30-40 seconds the temperature will drop to 94, at this moment you can start to wet the filter, after that it falls to 93-92 and you can just start the brewing process itself.

So, you have got a clear recommendation on temperature control, it means you can start brewing your coffee. For the basic recipe, I took the proportion. 12 grams of coffee per 200 ml of water. These figures were the same throughout all the experiments.

The first cup of coffee was terrible. A blatantly over-extracted coffee that tasted only bitter. It was decided to gradually increase the grind and monitor the changes in flavor, as well as to practice a little water pouring. A nose is a nose, but any new device takes some getting used to. Fortunately, it took me a minimum of time to master the kettle, for which the designers get special thanks.

Recipe or basic proportions. For the first time, I chose the simplest possible technique: pouring water evenly in small portions, in 3-4 steps.

Ease of use. We must pay tribute to the kettle, it allows not only to control the amount of water, but also, thanks to the shape of the spout, delivers water exactly where it is needed.

The boiling speed and the lack of a whistle. The speed of boiling directly depends on the type and quality of the stove. It can be used on gas, electric and induction stoves. It boils quickly, but as it turned out, in the absence of a whistle and you want to be guided by the sound of boiling water and steam coming out through the holes in the lid.

Assembly, appearance and dimensions. No complaints about the assembly. All parts fit neatly. The lid is easy to remove, but it holds very securely.

The kettle is very compact. It is about 16 cm high (without the lid it is even less), so it fits on any shelf without any problem.

Is the non-electric version handy?? The lack of unnecessary wires in this kettle for me is a definite plus. Practically every home has an electric kettle. If you take a separate electric kettle for brewing coffee, its stand will always occupy space on the table. You don’t need to take it out and put it away every time?

With this kettle there is no such problem, you can put it away in a cupboard after use and not think about it until the next cup of coffee. If coffee is not the main course in your family and competes with tea, you will appreciate the absence of extra parts in the kettle as well. And it’s just convenient if you don’t plan to brew the pot every day.

Can I get burned?? It’s definitely possible if you take hold of a kettle body that’s recently boiled. Nothing to be surprised here, it’s made of metal. That said, the kettle has a massive handle that allows you to comfortably hold the kettle while you spill. There’s also a handle on the lid of the kettle, and you can use it to control the amount of water even more precisely.

They say you can choke if you drink directly from the kettle? This problem is only true for teapots with a common spout.

The perfect funnel. Did I reach the pinnacle of excellence by brewing 10 funnels? Definitely not. My journey to the perfect funnel is just beginning. And to keep you sufficiently motivated, I signed up for the Amateur Coffee Brewing Championship Funnel. So, I’ll have to hold this teapot in my hands more than once, I hope it will help me get into the Top 20 at the championships!

Afterword. It seems to me that this nice teapot can become a good friend and a faithful assistant not only when making coffee in a Chemex or pourover. Such a teapot adds aesthetic beauty, even if you just pour water into an aeropress, French-press, or a turkey.

You can find out more interesting details and buy Brewista “Artisan” kettle if you wish on Monday Coffee website.

Kettles for brewing coffee

True gourmets are sure that the secret of a good tea or coffee begins with a good teapot, which should have a long thin spout. No wonder that the Tiamo line of teapots is a delight for them.

A distinctive feature of Tiamo teapots is a special design of spouts. The slim, curved, and long spout on the bottom of the kettle creates the optimal jet of water at the right pressure and speed. This jet is a necessary detail for brewing, not only delicious tea, but also coffee.

There is a method called purover, which allows to make divine coffee. In this method the key point is the even extraction of the beverage through the control of water spillage. Without a narrow, long and curved spout it is impossible to achieve this. So, it is necessary to buy such a kettle for coffee.

Coffee kettle with thin spout

It is impossible to sell our products without a wide distribution network covering the entire territory of Russia. All you need from you. choose city from the list

Coffee pot with thin spout

It is impossible to sell our products without a wide distribution network covering the entire territory of Russia. All you need to do. choose a city from the list

Coffee pots

Top-of-the-line model from a famous brand. Your ideal kettle!

Temperature maintenance, stopwatch, turbo heating and other bonuses!

Electric kettle with narrow spout and temperature hold function

Volume: 600/800 ml Material: stainless steel food grade. steel, external. Teflon coating Colour: white/black

Material: temperatureresistant glass; plastic Volume: 360 ml

Hario XVD-36B V60 serving kettle is ideal for serving coffee and any beverage.

Material: borosilicate glass, top with silicone grip capacity: 600 ml

Serving teapot in a sleek design by Timemore.

Material: glass Volume: 600 ml Model: XGS-60TB

Hario V60 serving kettle is used with a funnel for preparing and serving coffee afterwards.

Cumulative discount and quantity discount do not apply to catalog items “Accessories and Books.

These items are not currently available, nor will be for the foreseeable future.

Torrefacto presents stylish and ergonomic teapots that turn the process of brewing coffee into a beautiful ritual. The accessories are used to prepare a drink by drip. in an aeropress, Chemex or pourover (funnel).

Brewing kettles

To make coffee you need water heated to a temperature of about 95 C. Such water can be prepared by using a kettle. It allows you to quickly heat up the liquid to the desired temperature, so it can be used in the same dish where the coffee is brewed.

In our online store you can buy a traditional or electric kettle. for brewing coffee or tea, as well as an indispensable for making filter coffee using the Purover method.

Traditional and electric kettles for coffee

Two main types of teapots on sale:

Traditional kettles are powered by an external heating source. This can be a gas, electric, induction stove or portable gas burner. The device is usually made of metal and has a relatively simple device. It does not depend on electricity and is designed for years of service. An additional advantage. an affordable price.

Electric kettles have a heating element heated by the mains. They require connection to electricity and usually can not work independently. The heating element can be located either directly in the body of the device or separately from it (in the form of a table disc or plate with control). Such electric appliances are very convenient to use, although they cost more than traditional counterparts.

What kettle to choose. electric or for the stove?

If you often brew coffee and speed of water preparation is important to you, look at electric models. They work much faster, and in addition, often have additional useful functions (such as timer, thermometer, water temperature maintenance).

If reliability is the first priority for you, and the speed is not so important or the purchase budget is limited. you can opt for a traditional model.

Metal and glass kettles

For brewing coffee, teapots made of natural materials like metal, faor, or glass are optimal. These materials don’t react with water, so they can be tasteless.

The best metal for the kettle is considered to be stainless steel. It is affordable, yet highly durable, non-corrosive and, importantly, retains a shiny appearance throughout the time of use.

Glass, and even more so porcelain teapots are more fragile. Although they are more suitable for a cozy home kitchen. Faor is especially well-suited for classic interiors. But because of its greater practicality, teapots made of special tempered glass are more widely used. Through the transparent glass wall you can control the liquid level (and for this you don’t need to lift the lid).

Handle Material

When choosing a kettle, pay attention to what material its handle is made of. It is with it that you will interact in the process of brewing your drink. The best models are equipped with a handle made of natural wood. Plastic or rubberized material is also used. It is important that the handle is not heated along with the device. then it will be comfortable and safe to use it.

High and flattened teapots

Kettles for coffee come in a range of distinctive elongated models as well as the classic low teapots (flattened, round and other shapes). They all hold the temperature equally well.

The choice of shape depends on how you plan to use the device:

The shape of the kettle is not important for heating water. If you intend to brew coffee directly in it (as in a coffee pot), it is recommended to use models tapered to the top. it is believed that they contribute to a better disclosure of coffee flavor.

When choosing a teapot for brewing, you should pay attention to the presence of a strainer (filter) in the set. A variation of these devices are glass brewers in the form of a bottle.

Kettles with a long spout

In the online store you can order a special coffee kettle with a long, thin, curved spout. It is an appliance intended for brewing coffee by the Purover method.

The method involves the use of ground coffee and a filter inserted into a container (mug, funnel or special vessel). And the hot water supply is of great importance for the brewing process. It is poured in a thin stream, in a spiral, for about 2 minutes. This is necessary so that the grind gives all its flavor and aroma.

Selecting the volume

Coffee kettles tend to be small. You can buy a special appliance with a capacity of 1 liter or less. The choice of volume depends on how many cups of coffee you are going to make. If you brew for yourself, a 0.5 liter kettle will suffice. And for company there is a 0,9 or 1,2L appliance.

Coffee pots. found 647 products.647 items

Delight yourself and your loved ones with delicious tea from the handy Tefal teapot. The body is made of stainless steel, so the kettle is suitable for both gas and electric stoves, and the ergonomic handle does not overheat, so you do not risk getting burned when the water boils. Unic.

The teapot with metal filter/strainer is made of high-quality stainless steel with a high-gloss polish. Stainless steel products do not oxidize and do not absorb odors, so you always get a natural, rich taste and aroma of your drink.

Teapot with metal filter made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, lid and handle made of plastic, filter made of stainless steel. The teapot is based on the French press principle: in order to brew tea, you need to pour the brew into the teapot.

Type: kettle, body material: metal/plastic, volume: 1 l, heating element type: closed coil, additional functions: keeping warm, features: 360 degree rotation, water level indicator, removable lid, cord storage compartment

Kettle, color: steel. Stylish and functional kettle is very easy to use. Has a built in timer for pouring, displays temperature in real time. Keep Warm function keeps the kettle warm for up to one hour. Steel kettle with a long thin spout.

Made of extremely durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass, which makes the flask suitable for gas and electric stoves. Easy removable food-grade plastic lid with convenient filter-removal system. The easily removable protective stand is made of thermo.

Brushed finish curved spout Base station with space for cables Cool, insulated handle Lighted on button Automatic shut-off Bowl made of stainless steel Full volume 0.6L Minimum volume 0.2L Slip-proof rubber feet Electrolytic protection.

Teapot-coffee-press Olimpia T046 French-press. a special vessel, in which you can brew and delicious aromatic coffee and tea of varying degrees of grinding. The products are made in the form of glass flasks with a special piston inside and a rim outside.

body material: stainless steel, features: heat-insulated handle, strainer, handle material: stainless steel, type of handle: fixed, height: 14.50 cm, weight: 0.70kg, volume: 1.20 л

Volume: 0.30 l, body material: glass, dishwasher safe

An electric kettle that makes its own tea is no fantasy, but the new Kitchenaid ARTISAN glass electric kettle 5KEK1322SS. The device has five temperature settings for black, green, white, herbal tea and oolong. Just pour the tea into the basket, you.

Teapot in the shape of a traditional kettle with a spout. However, this is a modern kettle guanfu, equipped with a flask for brewing tea with a patented drain mechanism. Gunfu Kettle Feature. pour over tea brewing method. The strength of the tea is easy to control.

Material body: faor, features: filter in the spout, handle material: faor, handle type: fixed, height: 10.50 cm, weight: 0.81kg, volume: 0.90 liters, can be washed in dishwasher

The Coffee Classic Kettle is distinguished by its slim design and long, slender spout which makes it easy to fill small cups and dishes with narrow necks. The matt black finish is practical to clean and will fit in both the kitchen and living room, as well as the dining room.

Body material: glass, features: strainer, handle material: glass, handle type: fixed, weight: 0.35 kg, volume: 0.60 liters, dishwasher safe

Case material: glass, handle material: glass, handle type: fixed, bottom diameter: 7 cm, volume: 0.80 liters, dishwasher safe

Volume: 0.60 l, body material: glass, dishwasher-safe, weight: 0.46 kg

capacity: 2 l, material: stainless steel, with whistle, handle material: stainless steel, type of handle: fixed, bottom diameter: 20 cm

The Decotto-1000 teapot, which has a scale on its body, is very convenient to use for infusions and decoctions, where accurate dosing is required. Comfortable filter will not let teapots or small parts of broth fall into the drink. Perfect.

Volume: 0.70 liters, body material: glass, plastic, features: strainer, handle material: plastic, handle type: fixed

Electric Kettle Xiaomi Deerma Liquid Heater Electric Hand Flushing Kettle Black. electric kettle with a non-standard memorable design.Electric Kettle Xiaomi Deerma Liquid Heater Electric Hand Flushing Kettle Black is an electric kettle with a non-standard.

Kettle, color: gray. Composition: metal. The Tiamo kettle model is designed to make coffee in alternative ways. Such as, funnel(Hario Tiamo), Aeropress, Kalita, Bonavita, Chemex. Specifications: Kettle has a capacity of 900 ml. The spout is elongated, to ensure a constant kettle pressure in the deeper layers of the outer surface of the kettle.

Manufacturer: O.M.S. Manufacturer’s Name: NON STICK GRANITE TEA POT Design, Series: AMORE TOMBY SERIES Option: Gold Barcode: 8680672100820 Country of Origin: Turkey Type of Cover: Granite Material: Stainless steel.18/10 stainless steel, aluminum, A/P coating.

Kettle, volume 1.2 l, power 1800 W, temperature regulator, body material: metal/plastic

Type: kettle, body material: metal/glass, volume: 1.70 l, heating element type: closed coil, additional functions: heat retention, features: 360 degree rotation, water level indicator, filter, storage compartment cord

Kettle AGNESS. reliability, functionality and stylish design. Stainless steel kettle. the most durable and hygienic material.Advantages: The heat-accumulating capsule base with an aluminum layer allows the water in the kettle to remain hot longer.

In this device you can prepare not only tea or coffee, but also to brew cocoa and herbal infusions. French press allows you to use any grind, granulated and loose leaf tea. Before use the flask should be rinsed with hot water, add ground coffee to the kettle.

Type: kettle, body material: metal/glass, volume: 1.70 lt, heating element type: closed coil, infuser, features: 360° rotation, water level indicator, infuser, filter

Volume: 1 liter, body material: plastic, weight: 0.50 Kg

Gongfu Kettle SAG-08 of small volume is ideal for one. for two people. This compact teapot does not take much space on your table, but thanks to the pour over method it fills your cups without any problem. Traditionally made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass.

Double walled teapot combines the advantages of a classic French press and a thermos. The double wall construction keeps the beverage hot for a long time. Thanks to long-term exposure to water of optimal temperature, the taste and aroma.

Virga series kettles are made of high quality stainless steel 18/10. Strong three-layer capsule bottom does not deform and provides even distribution of heat over the entire area of the crockery. A safe and loud wide-open whistle allows you to pour your drink directly into the kettle.

The teapot is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, the lid and strainer are made of stainless steel. Glassware does not absorb odors, so you always get natural, rich taste and aroma of your drinks. Glass teapot.

Set of glass teapot with a filter and a stand for warming by candle. A pack of candles as a gift. Kettle and stand supplied in separate boxes. Kettle with strainer, capacity 800 ml

Body material: glass, features: strainer, handle material: glass, handle type: fixed, height: 15 cm, bottom diameter: 15 cm, weight: 0.35 kg, volume: 0.60 liters, can be washed in the dishwasher

Body material: stainless steel, glass, handle material: glass, height: 13.20 cm, bottom diameter: 11.50 cm, weight: 0.42 kg, volume: 1 l

Kettle Xiaomi MiJia Smart Kettle Bluetooth 4.0 (YM-K1501). a modern smart kettle with 1800 watts of power. heats water from cold to boiling in just 5 minutes. All parts are made of materials that are safe for the human body and meet the requirements of hygienic.

Spill kettle with button (typot) in the shape of a tall pitcher.Features of the model SamaDoyo SAG-10 full volume 750 ml capacity brewing flask 220 ml. lid of the teapot on the spring-loaded latch. inner flask.

Volume: 1L, body material: glass, special feature: strainer, handle material: glass, handle type: fixed, height: 12cm, dishwasher safe

Teapot made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, stainless steel filter. Glassware does not absorb odors, so you always get a natural, rich taste and aroma of drinks. A glass teapot is extremely easy to use.

Coffee Classic KettleThe Coffee Pot is distinguished by its sleek design and long thin spout, which makes it easy to fill small cups and dishes with narrow necks. The matte black finish is practical to care for and will fit not only in the interior of the kitchen, but also in the living room, and the main.

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