Coffee machine unicum nero coffee drinks is not served

Coffee machine does not make a coffee tablet. why?

There may be many reasons why a coffee machine does not form a pill. from incorrect user settings and violations of the rules of operation of the equipment, to the failure of the sealing elements, the brewing unit, the piston group or the control module. If the defect cannot be eliminated by simple actions (correction of settings, preventive cleaning and flushing of working nodes). you should not independently try to solve the problem. Intervention in the design of the device without proper qualifications can lead to various negative consequences. from random damage to other modules, to the complete unsuitability of the coffee maker for repair.

Engineers of the Lenbyt service center know the design features of coffee devices of different models of all famous manufacturers. Our master will accurately determine the source of the problem and eliminate it at the customer’s home for two to three hours, without taking the equipment into the workshop. To order high-quality repairs of coffee machines in St. Petersburg, leave online applications on the site or call us by phone 7 (812) 324-97-77.

How and why the tablet is formed

Multifunctional machines of well.known manufacturers, such as SAECO, Philips, Bosh, Gaggia, Delonghi and many others, are equipped with a mechanism for the formation of tablets made of well.developed crops after preparing a drink.

The process itself is fully automated and looks as follows:

  • Fresh grains (or already finished powder) fall into the tender block.
  • Hot water under high pressure passes through coffee, saturated with essential oils that create the taste and aroma of the drink.
  • The piston presses the spent coffee cake in the form of a washer and automatically dumps it into the container.

The user only remains from time to time to devastate the tank for the pendant, which simplifies the process of coffee maintenance and makes the procedure as hygienic as possible.

If a coffee machine does not make a pill, then this indicates the incorrect settings of the device or failure in the operation of certain modules.

Possible breakdowns

Preventive measures can minimize breakdowns and problems with the operation of the device. But even a responsible user approach does not exclude the appearance of malfunctions.

  • Drinking regulator. A plastic shoulder. The breakdown is frequent, plastic tired and cracks for natural reasons. The shoulder regulates the water supply through a special latch. Replacement allows you to restore functionality.
  • Pollution of a metal piston and filter. The usual flushing helps to cope with the problem. If there are a lot of scale on the surfaces. cloudy pollution, ordinary cleaning will not help, use special tools/tools.
  • Water tract was polluted. Often cleaning does not help. The system needs constant maintenance, cleaning from scale. If the coffee machine pours coffee little, the liquid has nowhere to flow. The node is completely disassembled, the welding blocks are removed, then the system is cleaned.

Other malfunctions are mainly associated with clogging of different systems. In any case, if the coffee machine has to pour less, it is advisable to turn off the device from the network, stop operating, call the master. All repair work begins with diagnostics. Technique Delonghi, Krups, Dolce Gusto, Nespresso and Saeco. devices with a complex hardware part, electronic “filling”. It is impossible to diagnose problems without knowledge and experience. Often and dangerous. the devices will break stronger, it will not be possible to repair subsequently at all.

How repairs are carried out

Most coffee machines have similar designs and devices of the technical part. Repair work is also similar in nature, carried out according to the instructions. To check more complex models, a number of the following actions are performed:

  • The device is checked without grains, in idle. An experienced master is able to determine by the sound that is damaged or operates unstable.
  • Check the cappuccino (if the knot is present). When the water is transmitted normally to it, the malfunction in the tender block or the transmission of the liquid.
  • Open the panel, remove the tender block after dismantling the fasteners.
  • The Bosch and Vitek kit includes the keys to unscrew the metal piston filter. They need to use them to remove, clean and install it in the same place.
  • Using a screwdriver, unscrew the bolts fixing the fluid supply tract. It is soaked in citric acid, or better. in a special tool. Particular attention is paid to the hole for boiling water. it is cleaned with a small cotton swab.
  • Using the hexagon, which is included in the Jura, Siemens and Nivona kit, dismantle the valve. Without getting into the fixing hole, you risk damaging vulnerable mechanisms. Spring valve and gasket are removed. The gasket is changed if necessary, so as not to violate the tightness.
  • A tube for serving boiling water is checked by pump. It clogs with coffee oils. Pierced with special means. You cannot use the mechanical method, it is fragile, tear.
  • Details are lubricated and collected in the reverse order.

After the repair, the equipment is launched, stability is checked. If it continues to pour little, serious damage to the coffee apparatus in the technical part is observed. Further actions cannot be performed independently: it is worth calling a specialist.

If the coffee machine suddenly stopped pouring coffee. do not be discouraged. In most cases, the reason is eliminated independently

Coffee lovers have long appreciated the capabilities of coffee vehicles. This is, first of all, by saving time and confidence that coffee will turn out “as it should”. After all, preparation in manual mode does not always allow to withstand the necessary proportions, temperature and time.

However, coffee machines, like any other equipment, are subject to breakdowns. Often the owners themselves are to blame: the grille for a coffee machine cracked due to rough handling, a tank for water, etc.P. This is decided by the purchase of spoiled parts and does not force to climb “deep inside” coffee machines.

But sometimes problems happen more serious. The most common of them. coffee ceases to pour or pours slowly, literally dropped. Why is this happening.

Repair of a malfunction

A distinctive feature of all coffee machines Bosch, Saeco, Jura and others in a similar device. Respectively, repair and prevention is carried out in a similar way.

If the coffee machine has to pour a little espresso or does not pour at all, the following actions should be performed:

  • Check the work of the machine at idle without adding grains.
  • The same thing is done with the kapuchino. If the water is supplied normally, then the problem is in the brewing unit and the water supply tract.
  • Then open the side panel and carefully remove the brewing unit.
  • Clean all the elements and rinse the metal filter in the piston by unscrewing it with the key included.
  • Unscrew the screws of the water supply tract located behind the brewing unit. To remove the tract, you need to use a screwdriver and make some effort. After that, clean it from scale, after soaking in citric acid. Clean the tampon of the boiling water.
  • At the next stage, you need to remove the valve using a mesh key, which is included in the Bosch kit or any other machine. This operation must be done very carefully to get into the fixing hole. Remove the valve in the form of a spring and laying.
  • If you look inside, then you can see the tube through which the drink is served at the top. It is checked using a pump. It should not be clogged with coffee oils. There is a special tool for cleaning.
  • Collect the details of the device, lubricating the elements and gaskets with silicone grease.
  • Complete the coffee drink. after performing operations, the water should be supplied in a normal way.

On the example of a Bosch coffee machine, a video instructions for repair can be viewed in the video. Bosch coffee maker has a similar design with other similar devices, so there will be no difficulty to deal with the repair when the device slowly or poorly pours water and a finished drink. If after the prevention the machine began to work fine, you did everything right. After eliminating the problem, try to make less intervals between prevention and rinse the system regularly.

If the problem is when the machine does not pour a drink at all, is characteristic of Bosch and other similar devices (Saeco, Jura), then most often we are talking about pollution of the water supply of water supply of water. The rest of the problems affect less. We wish you a pleasant caffeat!

The coffee machine does not give coffee

An unpleasant situation when you are going to drink espresso, the coffee machine is buzzing, but coffee does not pour. Probably, almost every user of the coffee apparatus at least once faced a similar phenomenon. It may be possible to independently eliminate the malfunction. And if not, you need to contact professionals, especially if you yourself do not have proper experience and tools.

Coffee machine does not give coffee? Service Center “Repair” offers repairs of coffee machines at home for residents of the capital. The master will arrive at a convenient time from 7:00 to 23:00. To speed up the repair process, when ordering by phone 8 (495) 777-19-19, inform the model, signs of a malfunction, the preferred day of the master’s visit. On the site you can order a return call. We work 365 days a year, including holidays and weekends.

The main factors because of which there is no coffee from a coffee machine

The coffee unit is arranged quite simple and reliable. But often users Delonghi, Vitek or Dolce Gusto turn to the workshop due to the fact that coffee does not flow from the coffee machine. In most cases, this situation is caused by the lack of timely care of technology. If you use the mechanism for the preparation of a hot drink exactly as indicated in the instructions for use and follow all the care recommendations, then it will be in working condition for a long time. What can lead to a situation when the car does not pour coffee:

  • Filter clogging.
  • Scale.
  • Damage of the pump.
  • Floor failure or its sensor.
  • The type of grinding grinding is incorrectly selected.

Next, consider each reason in more detail.

Filters clogged

Modern coffee machines Nespresso, Krups and others. Equipped with special filtering elements. So manufacturers made sure to protect the equipment from lime deposits on internal details, to prevent foreign substances from entering the drink. The filter elements are subject to replacement after a certain period of operation of the device. Each specific model has its own periods. You can see more about this in the instructions or on the manufacturer’s website.

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If you neglect the recommendations for replacing cartridges, adjacent parts can break, for example, a pump. When the filter is clogged, the pump will have to “work” at full power to be closed through the filter. With the maximum load, its work resource is sharply reduced. Just a pump can just burn.

Opipy deposition

The second most frequency is the reason for contacting the master, this is when the scale deposits clogged the highway along which the liquid passes. Water supply tubes have a fairly small diameter. In most regions of our country, water is characterized by increased rigidity. And if you pour ordinary water from the crane and do not take any effect on its cleaning, then after a while the coffee machine will fail.

Their blockage usually indicates that the drink is poorly pouring from the horn and then completely stops going into the cup. You can carefully cleanse the docking of the tubes and water tank yourself. It is not recommended to clean or change the tubes with your own hands. They are quite fragile, in the absence of experience, they can easily be damaged. Not all manufacturers produce separately tubes to their models. Therefore, if they are damaged, you will have to replace a whole block.

Pump malfunction

The piston pump is needed in a coffee machine to serve and push fluid through a compressed coffee tablet. If during the operation of the device, you heard an unusual sound, and the unit began to give out a drink dropped, then the pump broke. One of the reasons for the breakdown may be an accumulation of scale. The process of decalcination will help to fix the situation. If this did not help, then you need to contact the service. Do not disassemble the technique yourself, this can lead to even greater breakdown.

Field breakdown

Sometimes there are situations when depressurization of the float occurs. When water is heated, air comes out of it, it is filled with liquid and drown. A mistake is displayed on the scoreboard, as if there is no water in the unit. In this case, you need to pour the liquid out of the float. It is good to dry it, seal the resulting gap.

Or another situation when everything is in order with the float, but its sensor broke. In this case, the part should be replaced.

The degree of grinding of grains

If you recently started using a coffee machine and found that coffee does not pour from a coffee machine, then perhaps you chose too small grinders. The motor is simply not able to push the coffee tablet, especially if the grain variety is also fat enough.

The simplest solution would be to change the degree of grinding of grains to a larger.

Damage to the sensor-melting

If you poured water into the tank, but there is no water, and the coffee machine does not respond to it, then, as a rule, the problem of the malfunction lies in the breakdown of the sensor-melting sensor. Check if this sensor works in the following way:

see if the float appeared on the surface of the tank;

If the float does not pop up, then you need to clean the workplace of the float.

Only in rare cases, the float is really repaired. Most often it requires its replacement. If you decide to replace the float with your own hands, then you should responsibly approach the choice of a similar float. If you want to protect yourself from these problems, then feel free to call the master.

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What to do if the water supply does not work in the coffee machine?

Carry out maintenance recommended by the manufacturer. Next, inspect all connections. If the equipment is connected to the water supply, make sure that the highways are not blocked, the house has water in other devices, plumbing.

If it is impossible to independently eliminate the problem, when the device does not pump water, use the services of the workshop “Repair”. You can call an engineer at home, you can in the office by telephone number 8 (495) 777-19-19 from 7 to 23 hours on a convenient day of the week. If necessary, place an order for a return call. We work with famous brands, including Nespresso, Delonghi, Krups, Dolce Gusto. The official guarantee is issued for services. You personally are present during the repair, you can verify the malfunctions of specific nodes, details.

The main reasons for failure

When a coffee machine does not gain water, several nodes can act as sources. They are out of order due to inaccurate operation, natural wear, factory marriage. The main culprits are:

«Ինչպես կիրառել Քրիստոսի արյունը» Դերեկ Պրինս

If water does not flow in the device, some models display an error on the display, which simplifies the search for a malfunction. For example, the need to clean, replace the filter.

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The clogged filter

In modern devices, including SAECO, Bosch, special filter cartridges are installed to clean the working fluid. They are necessary to exclude excessive accumulation of foreign substances, to reduce the volume of scale formation. If you use the device for a long period, then the filters need to be replaced. Regulated periods can be found in the operating instructions or on the official website of the manufacturer.

It is important to note that when ignoring the replacement of filter elements, there is a risk of breakdown of adjacent nodes, including the pump. When the water does not go, it works idle. Leads to increased loads, overheating, accelerated wear. Accordingly, the node breaks through a short gap.

Clotting of the highways

In situations where water does not enter the coffee machine, one of the common reasons is clogging of tubes, places of connection with the tank. In some cases, it is allowed to clean the joints with your own hands. The masters themselves strongly do not recommend cleaning the pipes themselves. Please note that not all the tubes models are sold separately. It will take the purchase of the assembly assembly. Do not risk, choose professionals.

If water does not pour from the coffee machine, the cause of the breakdown is directly related to the improper use of the device, the lack of due maintenance. In rare situations, it does not allow the finished coffee to be the improperly selected grinding of coffee.

Damage to the float sensor

The operation of the device is directly related to it. The float transfers data to the control panel that determines the presence of water in the tank. If you poured water into the reservoir, but the equipment does not take water, then this node has broken. The device does not “know” whether there is a liquid in a storage tank.

What to do if the water supply does not work in the coffee machine?

Carry out maintenance recommended by the manufacturer. Next, inspect all connections. If the equipment is connected to the water supply, make sure that the highways are not blocked, the house has water in other devices, plumbing.

If it is impossible to independently eliminate the problem, when the device does not pump water, use the services of the workshop “Repair”. You can call an engineer at home, you can in the office by telephone number 8 (495) 777-19-19 from 7 to 23 hours on a convenient day of the week. If necessary, place an order for a return call. We work with famous brands, including Nespresso, Delonghi, Krups, Dolce Gusto. The official guarantee is issued for services. You personally are present during the repair, you can verify the malfunctions of specific nodes, details.

Factors because of which coffee does not pour from the coffee machine

Coffee machines produced by modern industry do not break so often. Units made of quality materials and in compliance with the latest technologies are designed for a long service life. And the breakdowns happening to them are most often caused by the incorrect actions of the hosts or the non.compliance of recommendations for the care of household appliances.

There are a number of the most common reasons because of which coffee coffee does not flow.

Opipy deposition

Not all users when preparing a drink take filtered water-many simply pour it from the tap, without thinking that such actions have a poor effect on the operation of the unit.

In coffee machines of the tube through which the liquid is supplied, they have a very small diameter, and water supply in many regions of the country is far from the standards and is characterized by increased rigidity. The result is the formation of scale, which negatively affects the work of technology. The pipes themselves suffer from her most of all, the places of their connection to the tank for supplying water and the heating element.

Determine that in the unit formed a scale, just. The coffee machine does not stop the work sharply. A stream of cooked coffee is becoming thinner every day, and then one of the days the drink generally stops going into a cup.

Tubes installed in the unit, thin and delicate. It is not recommended to clean them yourself. The only thing you can do is to carefully clear the places of their joints with the tank itself. In other cases, it is better to seek help from specialists.

Filting filters

This is another common reason due to which the unit does not give coffee. Filters are installed in it in order to prevent foreign elements in the apparatus and protect the details from lime deposits.

Filter elements have their life. Each manufacturer has different, the corresponding information is always available in the instructions. If you do not change the cartridges on time, then they can become the culprits of the pump breakdown, which will have to work with tripled force to praise the liquid through filters clogged with lime plaque.

Field breakdown

Floating function. signal to the system that the tank is filled with water. For all the complexity of the unit, this part is one of the simplest in the design. But if the float is depressurized due to the appearance of a defect in it, the coffee machine does not “see” water-there will be an error that signals that there is no water in the system.

The float can be tried to fix it yourself. It needs to be removed from the tank, released from the water and dried, and then close the defect using a sealant.

Pump malfunction

The task of the pump is the supply of water under pressure on a compressed tablet. A stray sound is indicated by the pumping sound during operation and the cessation of the supply of the drink. The reason for the appearance of the problem may be a breakdown of the spring or the formation of scale.

It is not recommended to repair the part on your own. The only thing you can try is to carry out decalcination. You can always find all the information on how to do this in the instructions for your unit. If the procedure has not helped, you need to contact the service center.

The degree of grinding of grains is incorrectly chosen

Use of small grinding coffee can lead to clogging filters. Because of this, the pump cannot create the right pressure, and the result is the cessation of the drink to the cup.

Often the situation can be corrected by replacing the coffee variety with larger grinding. If the coffee machine after this began to work properly, for the future, take it a rule to monitor the degree of grinding of grains. this will help to insure yourself from many problems associated with the operation of the unit.

What can be done yourself?

To determine the reason why the COMPULATION COMPENS is poorly pouring, you must first examine and diagnose the unit. Some malfunctions can be eliminated independently even in the absence of the necessary skills.

First of all, check the unit itself for visible damage. Start checking the power cord. If its integrity is broken (he turned black, melted or broke), then a replacement will be required. When there is no visible damage, try connecting the unit to another outlet. Perhaps the problem lies not in a coffee machine, but in a power source.

Look into the tank and check the service of the float. To do this, pour a little water into the container. If the float lies at the bottom and does not pop up, it means that the reason is in it. Remove this part and check it for damage.

Remove the net from the filter and rinse it under running water, and clean the cartridge itself with a toothpick. If its expiration date has expired, then it may be possible to eliminate the malfunction will help replace the old element with a new.

Check the rubber seal on the face. Due to its wear or damage, a coffee machine may occur and not give a drink. When replacing, remember that each model corresponds to its type of gasket, so when buying a sealant, choose only the original of the same brand as your unit.

The formation of an air traffic jam is another reason why the coffee machine ceases to serve coffee. To cope with the problem is simple. drive hot water through the unit or use a special cleaning tool.

It does not hurt to check and the supply of coffee supply. If it is clogged, you can easily clean it with a needle.

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Turnkey Unicum Repair!

  • If you are or areas, we will come to you to repair your coffee device or snack.
  • If you are in another city or CIS, we will advise how to eliminate the fault.
  • We will help to repair the vending apparatus remotely.

Why guess? Contact our support right now.

We leave for repair on and nearest the back of some cases, due to the complexity of repair, repair of payment systems (bills and coiners), as well as email. the control board of the apparatus on the spot cannot be implemented. In these cases, the master takes the equipment for repair to the workshop. Such repairs are paid separately.

Diagnosis of malfunction

We diagnose Unicum and determine potential problems.

We check the pumps of the apparatus coffee, boiler, motor.scenes and other nodes to eliminate the malfunction.

Repair or replacement of faulty parts

We will carry out the installation/dismantling of motorcons, pumps, mixers, gaskets, etc. for repairing unicum. worn.out and unprotected nodes.

Custom characteristics:

A detailed description of Nero, as a presentation, you can look here


Height X Gubin x width 716x473x368 mm. without the protruding part of the container for coffee grain

788x473x368 mm. with the protruding part of the container for coffee grain

Unicum Nero-small-sized, elegant, modern desktop coffee automata, designed specifically for public food industry-cafes, restaurants, hotels. It will completely fit into the interior of a modern restaurant or cafe. even in cases where the place for installing the machine is very limited. The machine also has an extended version. Unicum Nero to Go

Unicum Nero works as well as it looks. Measuredly the highest quality of drinks, an understandable integration, reliable functioning are the distinguishing features of this machine. 10 illuminated sensory buttons of selection of the drink are distinguished on the dark mirror surface of the front part of the machine. Nero design-immediately catchy and aristocratic-is completely suitable for a respectable hotel, and for a small cafe, and for the VIP-zone of the cabinet of a large company. And the impeccable quality of the prepared drinks put it at a level above all opponents.

Nero is flawless for organizing OCS services in offices.

Nero supports different operating modes:

The machine is installed without the control of use and restrictions on the number of servings. Calculations occur based on these analysts importing to the USB flash.

A card reader is installed in the machine. In the middle of customers, cards are distributed to which a loan is credited. As the drinks are consumed, the loan is written off.

With the help of the installed modem, you can control the consumption of drinks remotely.

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