Comparison of vacuum cleaners Tefal and Dyson

Top “Chinese” against Dyson. Comparative test of wireless vacuum cleaners

Modern buyers are increasingly choosing vertical vacuum cleaners, preferring them to a classic design. Such solutions have many advantages: this is the convenience of storage, mobility, and functional features like the possibility of using in a car. Recently we have already tested budget wired vertical vacuum cleaners. However, it is much more convenient when the model works from the battery: you do not need to carry a long wire and switch between uncomfortably located sockets. This time we took the test five models of wireless vacuum cleaners: four Chinese and one Dyson. For almost two weeks, we vacuum our office to carefully compare everything, and now we share the results and impressions with you.

  • What’s in the box? Equipment and technical characteristics
  • General impressions and ergonomics
  • The quality of hard flooring and carpets
  • Working time and noise level
  • Interesting and unusual chips
  • Findings. What I liked? Where could you do better?

Comparison of the design of the battery vacuum cleaner Dyson V10 and V11?

Both models are first.Class wireless vacuum cleaners without a bag and enter the Dyson v series.

Dyson vacuum cleaners use a very effective cyclone system. They accelerate the air to remove dirt using the created centrifugal force.

V10. The first completely redesigned vacuum cleaner Dyson V-series, which was launched on the market in March 2018. The location of the engine and the mud tank was changed so that both of them were on the same line with a suction pipe. This positively affected the alleviation of emptying the tank from the dirt. This design was saved in Dyson V11, which was released in March 2019.

Both models are available in various versions (Absolute, Motorhead. ). They differ mainly by the volume of supplies.

Mud container

Comparing Dyson V10 with V11, you can notice that the mud.Bead has remained the same from the point of view of its layout. The tank capacity has not changed. In our experience, 0.76 liters are enough to clean an apartment with an area of ​​120 square meters.

The new Dyson V10 emptying function, which was saved in V11, is carried out using a damper on the bottom of the container.


The engine is almost the same in both models, has great power and produces 125,000 revolutions per minute.

The absorption power was already at a very high level in V10. Nevertheless, despite the same engine, the absorption power was increased on the new V11. However, we would like to dwell on this later.


To activate Dyson, both use the usual “trigger”.

As on a pistol, you click on the trigger and Dyson immediately starts at full power. However, if you let go of the trigger, Dyson immediately turns off.

What is often perceived as impractical is part of the secret of the outstanding performance of the Dyson battery. It is activated only when it actually works, and the battery charge is saved between the inclusions.

It is very good that when the button is pressed, the brush video immediately begins to rotate. This is far from all wireless vacuum cleaners.


Hepa filter. Unique improvement of a wireless vacuum cleaner. Very easily removed and cleaned, a “one.Time filter” is not needed here. This saves money and protects the environment. Neo-filter is available both on V10 and V11.

Size and weight

Both Dyson models can be used both as battery vacuum cleaners and as battery manual vacuum cleaners. Both of them use the same scraping system for quick transformation. The advantage is that V10 accessories can be used with V11.

If you place Dyson V11 on the floor next to the V10, you will see that both are approximately the same height.

Dyson V10 and Dyson V11 dimensions as a battery vacuum cleaner (figures are approximately).

Even the transition to a manual vacuum cleaner shows that the size fluctuates only slightly.

However, there are significant differences in weight. The new V11 model weighs 400 grams more, which makes it noticeably heavier. When vacuuming the floor, this is not a problem, since the weight is well distributed (it rests on a long brush handle). However, when working in a manual vacuum cleaner mode, the weight becomes noticeable with prolonged use.

Dyson V10 and V11 size as a manual vacuum cleaner.

LCD display

One of the main differences between the models is that Dyson released the V11 model with LCD display.

This display provides useful information about the current absorption mode, the remaining time of the battery and t.D.

What are the advantages of Dyson batteries?

Quality is put in first place

All Dyson batteries belong to premium models and are of high quality. This means that you can usually count on that you will use your device for a long time.

Chic and futuristic

Dyson batteries are known for their futuristic design.

Chic metallic in intake manifolds and shiny colors in combination with space design amaze the imagination.

Appearance. This, of course, is a matter of taste. If you like it, you can also decorate your house with Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Function 2 in 1: from the floor vacuum cleaner to a wireless manual vacuum cleaner

The versatility of Dyson vacuum cleaners is great.

Вертикальный пылесос. Miele vs Dyson vs Tefal

In the blink of an eye you can turn your vertical Dyson vacuum cleaner into a manual wireless vacuum cleaner.

The Click system allows you to attach exactly those accessories that you need to the motor unit in a few simple steps.

Dyson manual battery vacuum cleaner for car

We also tested Dyson V11 in the car.

It is very convenient, of course, that you no longer need a cable. You can simply convert the device into a manual vacuum cleaner and go with it to the car.

Sloping nozzle or mini-electrics will help you clean the car as soon as possible.

Your advantage: you can save here, because you no longer have to pay for a vacuum cleaner on a car wash

Convenience for the user

Convenience and ease of use come to the fore. You will notice this immediately when first used.

Commissioning is very simple and practically does not require explanation. When you unpack the device, you only need to connect it as you need at this moment, and everything is ready.


New devices are now also equipped with a display. The display even more simplifies management, since it has many useful information on it.

He shows the remaining time of work, as well as maintenance tips and much more.


Dyson battery maintenance vacuum cleaners are also very convenient and simple.


The company pays increased attention to sustainable development.

We customers notice it in different ways.

Firstly, the devices are delivered in a package that does not contain plastic. Everything is packed in boxes of redesigned cardboard.

As well as (durable) Hepa filters, vacuumboards without bags and replaceable batteries mean less waste. Good for you. Good for everyone.

How much does the battery vacuum cleaner cost?

Dyson batteries are represented in the middle and upper price segments.

comparison, vacuum, cleaners, tefal, dyson

In the average price range, however, you can find only the oldest models.

However: the quality of Dyson at a small price can be worthy.

Битва пылесосов: Philips vs Dyson, кто лучше?

You will find newer models in the upper price segment.

We recommend not saving. If you want to have the best Dyson devices, you will have to spend a little more money.

However, although Dyson batteries showed the best test results, these devices are still far from the most expensive.

It is especially pleasant that with modern battery vacuum cleaners you will not have any subsequent expenses in the long run (except electricity).

Since you no longer need filters and bags, as in the case of ordinary vacuum cleaners, you can save money.

Customer service

Dyson customer service should not remain uncomfortable. You can quickly contact the support service through the chat and by phone, and even through WhatsApp, and they will gladly help in solving problems.

He became the winner of our test 2020. It is characterized by powerful suction force and innovative functions.

The best wireless vacuum cleaners of 2022

Wireless models of vacuum cleaners allow you to process any room with great comfort and convenience. From a small studio to a country house. In addition, they occupy much less space. About the top ten devices of this type we will talk in the next TOP-11.

Kitfort KT-529

Kitfort KT-529

Wireless vacuum cleaners include very popular portable models, and on the tenth line in our selection there is just such a device-KitFort KT-529. The first thing that catches the eye is the stylish design of the vacuum cleaner is the device has an elongated, aerodynamic shape and is made in a classic black and white color. The key advantage of the model, of course, is the wireless principle of operation, found among similar vacuum cleaners quite rarely. Due to this, the vacuum cleaner can be used everywhere. For example, with it you can easily process the most inaccessible zones in the car. The battery is enough for eighteen minutes of work.

And besides, the KitFort vacuum cleaner copes not only with small garbage and dust, but also with liquids, for which a special nozzle is provided.

Which vacuum cleaner from Dyson is better to buy?

The issue of choosing a high.Quality and functional vacuum cleaner for the home is open to many. A large range of household appliances with different configurations causes certain difficulties in buying the most suitable model.

What criteria is it recommended to pay attention when buying a Dyson vacuum cleaner?

  • Flooring in the house. When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you always need to take into account whether there are carpets at home, or only linoleum/parquet/laminate lies, are there any special requirements for floor cleaning. For example, if there is a staircase in the house, then for the convenience of using a vacuum cleaner it is better so that it is not equipped with cables; If allergies and/or asthmatics live in the house, then the kit must be attached to a turbochite for better dust removal.
  • Additional functionality. Modern vacuum cleaners can be equipped with a large number of additional options. Some of them may be necessary, but for others it makes no sense to overpay. Each case is individual. For comfortable use of equipment, without exception, you need to pay attention to the possibility of managing speed, length of the cord, the presence of additional accessories, the ability to adjust the height, the presence of a built.In storage of tools.
  • Performance. For high.Quality cleaning of coatings, the device must have a good power consumed and absorption power. There are few who pay attention to the last parameter, despite the fact that it is a fundamental.
  • The capacity of the tank for collecting garbage. The larger this container, the less often it needs to be empty. If a house with a large area, then the “bag” should be roomy, more than 500 ml.
  • Filtration. This criterion is important for everyone, especially for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. It is important that the vacuum cleaner holds garbage and small particles in itself, not threw them back into the air. It is strongly recommended that the design is equipped with non-films. Thanks to their dense structure, even the smallest particles settle on the walls of the fibers.
  • Noise level. Specialists also recommend paying attention to this parameter. Some models publish so much noise during work that using them is extremely uncomfortable. The permissible noise level ranges from 70 to 77 dB.
  • Assembly quality and duration of the operational period. It depends on the quality of the assembly how long the household appliances can last. Before buying, it is important to inspect the vacuum cleaner and make sure personally that the case is made of high.Quality material, which does not “play” when pressing it with fingers, that all joints are strong.
  • Simplicity of use and maintenance. It is important that the vacuum cleaner has compact dimensions, low weight, is maneuverable, otherwise it will not be very comfortable to use it.

These are the main parameters that are recommended to pay attention to when choosing the most suitable Dyson vacuum cleaner model. To avoid buying a fake, it is recommended to draw up a deal in a large or chain store of household appliances. It is important to verify the presence of a full set, all accompanying documentation and warranty coupon. To facilitate searches, we will consider a list of the best Dyson vacuum cleaners in 2022.

Rating of the best vacuum cleaners Dyson

Table of participants in the rating of wireless vertical vacuum cleaners of 2022

Opens the rating Polaris PVCS 7090 handstickPro Aqua. This is a classic vacuum cleaner with a vertical vacuumber, a pistol handle and a battery, which is installed along the guide under the handle. Control occurs using the key under the index finger (works on a single press) and the buttons of switching the modes that can be pressed with the thumb. So the second hand can not be used. This is an unconditional plus. In general, in Polaris PVCS 7090, care is felt about the convenience of use. In particular, he does not have a standard whole rod, but with a knee in the middle. Can be lit under the bed, without making the earthly bow.

The maximum absorption power is 160 AUT, it will be enough to collect crumbs, sand and small garbage from the smooth floor, especially in the presence of a villi roller. From additional nozzles in the box you can find a furniture brush with a UV lamp, a brush with velor coating-it is suitable for cleaning clothes, and a mop with a tank and microfiber. You should not overestimate the usefulness of this nozzle-after all, we are not an electric shut-shaped, but it copes with superficial dust. During the pandemic period, you can pour an antiseptic into a tank and disinfect the floor.

  • Mop the floor;
  • Wall and floor dock;
  • Rod with a knee;
  • Removable battery;
  • Ultraviolet lamp;
  • Management with one hand;
  • High.Quality smooth floor cleaning.

At the time of writing the text (about 350). This is a well.Assembled and thought out vacuum cleaner for cleaning smooth coatings. The soft roller does not make noise, carefully collects sand and does not clog his hair very much thanks to the self.Cleaning system (bell teeth). If the house is linoleum or laminate, you can safely choose this model. But for deep cleaning of carpets, Polaris does not have enough power or a special turboratory.

How to choose a good vertical vacuum cleaner?

We all know the disadvantages of traditional vacuum cleaners. Usually they are heavy and bulky. Therefore, the manufacturers came up with the idea of ​​creating vertical vacuum cleaners. Thanks to their design, it is much easier for us to clean and get to hard.To.Reach places. Thanks to the popularity of this device, many products of this type have appeared on the market. Therefore, the choice is not so obvious. We decided to help you by preparing a guide to choose a quality vacuum cleaner.

Half power. Vertical vacuum cleaners are usually less powerful. Than their traditional analogues. But this drawback is compensated by the presence of a turbo (motorized brush). When choosing, the main thing is not to confuse the power of absorption with the power consumed. It is the power of absorption that is important to us. The power of the air flow (absorption) is measured in Aerovatet (AUT) and WATTS (WT), 1 AUT = 0.9983 W. We can assume that these values ​​are equal.

Vertical analogs are suitable for home, no worse than traditional vacuum cleaners. If you are going to vacuum only floor or tiles, you have enough device with absorption with 110 watts to 130 watts. If you want to clean the carpets, you need to choose a more powerful vacuum cleaner (~ 140-180 AUT). Such options, as a rule, are equipped with turbonses, they are able to collect not only superficial dust, but dirt, which is deeply “sitting” in the carpet.

Wireless vacuum cleaner. One of the most important parameters of vertical vacuum cleaners is their type of power. There are traditional vacuum cleaners with network power and wireless models. The former, like standard vacuum cleaners, have a cable and require connection to an electric outlet, which makes their maneuverability more limited. In turn, wireless models have built.In batteries that allow continuously work from several to 60 minutes. There are no wires in them, so working with them is even more convenient.

comparison, vacuum, cleaners, tefal, dyson

Autonomy and working hours. Almost all manufacturers allocate several operating modes in their products. This is mainly: eco (minimum), average and turbo modes. For the full use of a wireless vacuum cleaner, the time of its operation should be in economical mode from 40 minutes, in turbojah at least 10 minutes, and for a good 20 minutes only with such autonomy parameters, the device will be really convenient to use. It happens that two batteries are included in the kit. This is a certain plus.

The weight. The weight of a good vertical vacuum cleaner should be at 3-4 kg level. It directly affects the convenience of use, t.To. You will have to hold the device in your hands. Please note that wireless models are usually heavier due to the battery inside the case.

Filter. One of the most popular filters used in vertical vacuum cleaners is Hepa. He gets rid even of the smallest dust, and also delays dangerous bacteria. We can also choose an aquafilter that is ideal for people suffering from allergies. This is caused by mixing dust and water, which prevents its exit back into the air. However, we must not forget to change water in the tank every time, because it is an ideal place for the development of microorganisms and fungi.

Is it worth buying a vertical vacuum cleaner? This question can be formulated differently whether it is worth buying a vertical vacuum cleaner to replace the usual? A good wireless vacuum cleaner is designed only to work with special brushes (rotating turbonses), so you should not compare the absorption power with stationary. Nevertheless, their effectiveness is almost no different. According to the experience of the editorial office, we can say with confidence that vertical models may well replace stationary vacuum cleaners with the condition of the presence of a motorized brush, with a suction power of at least 140 AUT and the time of work in turbo.Body from 10 minutes. The main stopping factor is the price. Unfortunately, vertical units are more expensive, but for this you get convenience and ergonomics.

Turbo brushes are crap and bristly. Brush. Look like a continuous fur roller with a short pile, they collect large garbage from the floor well. The bristles perfectly comb the hair and wool from carpet coatings, also collects small garbage. Both brushes select the garbage and pus it to the suction hole. Therefore, such vacuum cleaners are not so important to have power equal to stationary. T.To. Secondly, the garbage should collect “absorption force”. Vacuum cleaners are equipped with these brushes in different ways, some are installed in other bristles in others, and there are models with a combination of two brushes.

Review of models with a bag of vacuumber

Douvents in the form of paper or fabric bags allow you to reduce the price of the goods, but they often fail.

In such designs of vacuum cleaners, you have to have a supply of bags for collecting dust. Review of the best models of this type is given below.

Tefal TW6843

The Tefal TW6843 vacuum cleaner is a sufficiently powerful traditional, household unit for dry cleaning of various surfaces with a bag for collecting dust and a filter of fine air cleaning.

This model has a telescopic absorption pipe.

On filling out the vacuumber informs a special indicator.

On the housing is the absorption power regulator. There is a mechanism of automatic cord view.

This model can be stored in an upright position.


  • Power consumption. 750 W;
  • The volume of the bag is 4.5 l;
  • Noise level. 75 dB;
  • The length of the cord is 8.4 m;
  • Mass. 4.5 kg;
  • Dimensions. 24.7×27.4×47.7 cm.

In its class, this model is considered one of the most powerful and reliable, which is very attractive to buyers.

Tefal TW3927EA

Standard Tefal TW3927EA vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning of residential premises with a bag in the form of a bag, good air purification, and the possibility of storage in a horizontal and upright position.

The model under consideration contains the filter element Ne 14.

The absorption tube has a telescopic structure. There is an indicator of filling the bag with dust.

The automatic cord winding mechanism is installed. A foot switch and a special nest for storing nozzles are provided.


In general, consumers are satisfied with this vacuum cleaner and note the high quality of the assembly.

  • High.Quality bag for dust with a valve that does not allow to disappear;
  • Good cleaning of the absorbed air;
  • Comfortable handle for carrying;
  • Increased energy efficiency.

Tefal TW2643EA

The Tefal TW2643EA vacuum cleaner is a simple and convenient, standard unit with a bag of vacuum cleaner for a comfortable and highly effective dry cleaning of residential premises of a small.

This model has a subtle filter, telescopic bar and automatic cord winding mechanism.

There is an indicator of filling the bag. A foot switch is provided (turned on/off).

There is a possibility of vertical parking. The kit includes a universal and slit nozzle.


In small rooms, this device shows itself as a very effective and reliable vacuumber.

  • Compactness and light weight;
  • Low noise;
  • High energy efficiency according to the European standard;
  • Comfortable and just maintenance.

Tefal TW6477RA

The Tefal TW6477RA vacuum cleaner is a highly effective household device for dry cleaning of any surfaces in a living room with a bag in the form of a bag and an indicator of its filling.

The vacuum cleaner has a filter of fine air purification. Neo 11. Telescopic construction pipe.

The kit includes 2 turbonses (large and small). The power regulator is installed on the case.

The control button on the handle is provided. The supply cord is automatically wound.


The popularity of the model is explained by the high reliability and quality of the assembly.

  • Low noise;
  • Turboges in the set;
  • A cell for storing nozzles;
  • Large selection of nozzles;
  • Attractive appearance.
  • Weak cover that covers the vacuum cleaner;
  • Noise increase when installing a turbo;
  • Tight extension of the bar;
  • High sizes of the floor brush.

Tefal TW3985EA

The Tefal TW3985EA model is considered one of the best standard vacuum cleaners with a bag vacuumber, filling indicator and a large number of nozzles.

A non.Need filter is installed on the vacuum cleaner, which provides a high degree of air purification.

The kit includes a turbochite and 5 different nozzles. A power regulator is located on the housing of high.Strength plastic.

There is a mechanism for a cord look and a foot switch.


Consumers highly evaluate the quality of assembly and cleaning the premises, noting high reliability and durability.

  • Soft bumper to soften strokes on furniture;
  • Ideal for almost any surfaces;
  • Low noise;
  • High energy efficiency.
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