Connecting an indirect Baxi Slim boiler

BAXI boilers connection diagram

The ability to work on liquefied gas after reconfiguration. You can connect a sensor that will measure the temperature outside the air. This allows you to make warm floors in the garage, bathroom, corridor, kitchen in a large house, and radiators can be hung in the hall and bedrooms. This requires a separate outlet, the power of other devices from it is prohibited from operating rules. Connecting an indoor thermostat to a Baxi Eco Four heating boiler. The use of stiffer water often leads to precipitation, which will affect the efficiency of the system, can lead to overheating and again, to replacement of the heat exchanger. Secondary plate heat exchanger; Thus, when calculating the installation, it is necessary to ensure smooth adjustment, taking into account the time of the thermostat. There are other malfunctions that may occur during operation. Thanks to this system, the radiators warm up evenly. Self.Diagnosis of self.Diagnosis is an automatic continuous process that starts immediately when the boiler is first turned on. Placement of the unit in a designated place. Here the situation with reviews is opposite. On good reviews only 1 negative. Procedure: open a gas crane.

Installation and connection of a gas boiler / Installation and Connection of the Gas Boiler


Baxi Premier Plus Manual for installation and operation

3.1 using Fig. 2 and table with size, mark the position of the brackets. Drill

Holes in the wall and fix the mount in the wall. For models with a capacity of 300 liters, only the floor installation is allowed.

connecting, indirect, baxi, slim, boiler

3.2 Attach the brackets to the posterior wall of the water heater using the clamping screws like that

Way, so that the ear is directed up, and the front part is down.

3.3 Twist the upper screws into the wall, leaving their heads to protrude from the surface of the wall

3.4 Piece the water heater on the upper screws. Fasten the lower screws and tighten them.

connecting, indirect, baxi, slim, boiler

4.1 This issue is partially considered in paragraph 1. Connect the valves in the manner indicated

4.2 For hydraulic connections, fittings with 3/4 threads are used.

Water supply network 2. Drown tap tap tap 3. Safety discharge valve designed for pressure 7 bar 4. Expande tank of the contour of the hot water 5. Drainage pipe 6. Heating water. Feed 7. Heating water. Return 8. Hot water output 9. Connection for recirculation

Indirect heating containers

If we compare the designs of different water heaters, then an indirect boiler is the easiest and most reliable version of the accumulative tank for DIS. The unit does not produce heat on its own, but receives energy from the outside, from any hot water boiler. To do this, a heat exchanger is installed inside the insulated tank. A coil where a hot coolant is supplied.

The structure of the boiler repeats the previous designs, only without burners and hets. The main heat exchanger is located in the lower area of ​​the barrel, the secondary. In the upper. All nozzles are located accordingly, from corrosion the tank is protected by a magnesium anode. How the indirect functions:

  • A coolant heated to 80–90 degrees (minimum. 60 ° C) comes from the boiler to the coil to the coil. Circulation through the heat exchanger provides a boiler circuit pump.
  • The water in the tank warms up to 60-70 ° C. The speed of the temperature set depends on the power of the heat generator and the initial temperature of the cold water.
  • The water disbrecom is coming from the upper zone of the tank, the supply from the highway. To the lower.
  • An increase in the volume of water during heating perceives an expansion tank installed on the “cold” side and withstanding pressure 7 bar. Its beneficial volume is calculated as 1/5 from the capacity of the tank, at least 1/10.
  • Near the tank, the air vent, safety and check valve are necessarily placed.
  • The case provides a sleeve for the temperature sensor of the thermostat. The latter controls the three.Way valve switching the flows of the coolant between the heating branches and the hot water.

The tank water pipes are not shown conditionally

Typical strapping scheme

Indirect boilers are produced in horizontal and vertical design, capacity. From 75 to 1000 liters. There are combined models with an additional heating source-a heating element that maintains the temperature in the case of stopping the heat generator or burning firewood in the TT-COTL TOPK. How to tie an indirect heater with a wall heater correctly shown above on the diagram.

The pump of the heat.Expanded circuit is turned on by the command of the contact thermostat installed in the warming capacity

Not all wood and gas boilers are equipped with “brains”. Electronics that control heating and the operation of the circulation pump. Then you need to install a separate pumping unit and connect with the boiler according to the scheme proposed by our expert in the educational video:

Positive and negative moments

Compared to gas models of boilers, “Indirects” are inexpensive. For example, the wall unit of the Hungarian manufacturer Hajdu AQ Ind FC 100 l is 290 U. E. But do not forget: a water heating tank is not able to work independently, without a heat source. It is necessary to take into account the costs of the strapping. The purchase of valves, thermostat, circulation pump and pipes with fittings.

  • Heating water from any heat.Sized equipment, solar collectors and electric heating elements;
  • A large supply of productivity in DHW;
  • Reliability in work, minimum service (once a month heated to maximum from Legionella and timely replacement of the anode);
  • Boiler load time can be adjusted. For example, transfer at night.

The main condition for the proper operation of the unit is sufficient heat installation capacity. If the boiler is purely purely under the heating system without a reserve, the attached boiler will not allow you to warm up the home or you will be left without hot water.

So that hot water immediately comes from the faucets, it is worth mounting the reverse fishing line for the trimmer of recirculation with a separate pump

The disadvantages of an indirect heating tank are decent dimensions (small ones put less often) and the need to heat the boiler in the summer to provide hydraulen. The indicated disadvantages cannot be called critical, especially against the background of high performance and universality of such equipment.

Schemes and features of connection

There are two principles for connecting an indirect heating boiler: with a priority of heating hot water and without. When heated with priority, if necessary, the entire coolant is pumped through the boiler heat exchanger. Heating takes a little time. As soon as the temperature reaches the given (controlled by the sensor, the thermostatic valve or the thermallane), the entire stream is again sent to the radiators.

In the schemes without the priority of heating water, only some of the coolant flow is directed to indirect water heaters. This leads to the fact that the water is warming for a long time.

When connecting an indirect heating boiler, it is better to choose a priority scheme. It provides hot water in the required amount. At the same time, heating does not suffer very much-for heating the total volume of water, usually 20-40 minutes are usually enough, and to maintain temperature at the consumption of 3-8 minutes. During this time, no house can cool down so much so that you can feel it. But this is provided that the power of the boiler is comparable to the power of the boiler. Ideally, the boiler is more productive, with a margin of 25-30%.

General rules

To ensure the normal operation of all devices connected to the comb hot water, an expansion tank for hot water (not for heating) is installed at the exit of the boiler. Its volume is 10% of the tank volume. It is necessary to neutralize thermal expansion.

Detailed scheme of strapping of an indirect heating water heater

Как подключить турбину к котлу Baxi Slim

Stint cranes (ball) are also installed in each connection branch). They are needed so that each device is possible. A three.Way valve, a circulation pump, etc.P if necessary, disconnect and serve.

The return valves are usually installed on the supply pipelines. They are necessary to exclude the possibility of anti.Flow. In this case, connecting an indirect heating boiler will be safe and convenient to maintain.

Installation near the boiler in a system with forced circulation (with 3 running valve)

If the system already has a circulating pump, and it is installed on the supply, and the forced heating boiler can be placed next to the boiler, it is better to organize a separate circuit that comes from the heating boiler. This connection of an indirect heating boiler is implemented with most wall gas or other boilers in which the circulation pump is on the supply pipeline. With this connection diagram, it turns out that the water heater and the heating system are connected in parallel.

If there is a pump in the supply pipeline and a water heater located next to the boiler

In this method of strapping, after the circulation pump, a three.Way valve controlled by a temperature sensor is installed (installed on a boiler). One of the outputs of the three.Way crane is connected to the boiler pipe for connecting heating. A tee of a pipe is connected to the return pipeline before entering the boiler, a pipe is connected to the water excavator drainage. Actually, the inspection into the heating system is completed.

  • Upon receipt from the sensor of information that the water temperature is below the given, the three.Way tap switches the coolant to the boiler. The heating system is disconnected.
  • The entire flow of the coolant goes through the heat exchanger, the water in the tank heats up.
  • The water heats up enough, the three.Way valve redirects the coolant to the heating system.

As you can see, the scheme is simple, her work is also clear.

Scheme with two circulation pumps

Feast of the installation of water switching in the system in the circulation pump, but not next to it, but at some distance, it is better to install a circulation pump in the circuit heater in the circuit. Connecting an indirect heating boiler for this case is shown on the diagram below.

Connection scheme to a boiler with automatic control

The circulation pump can be installed either on the supply pipe or on the reverse. There is no three.Way crane in this scheme, the circuit is connected through ordinary tees. Switching the heat carrier flow is carried out by turning/disabling the pumps, and it is directed by a temperature sensor that has two pairs of contacts.

If the water in the tank is colder than displayed on the sensor, the circuit of the circulation pump in the boiler circuit is enabled. When a given degree of heating is achieved, the contacts of the pump are closed, which drives the coolant into the heating system.

Scheme for a power.Dependent boiler

In the diagram with a power.Dependent boiler to ensure the priority of the boiler, it is desirable that it be higher than the radiators. That is, in this case, the installation of wall models is desirable. Ideally, the bottom of the indirect water heater is above the boiler and radiators. But such an arrangement is not always possible.

The schemes will work with the floor location of the boiler, but the water will be more slow and in the lower part it will not be hot enough. Its temperature will be comparable to the degree of heating of the reverse pipeline, that is, the supply of hot water will be less.

With energy.Dependent heating, the movement of the coolant occurs due to the force of gravity. In principle, you can connect an indirect heating boiler according to a traditional scheme. With a circulation pump in the circuit for heating. Just in this case, with the electricity turned off, there will be no hot water. If such a turn does not suit you, there are several schemes that will work with gravitational systems.

The connection diagram of the indirect heating water heater to the gravitational system

connecting, indirect, baxi, slim, boiler

When implementing this circuit, the circuit that goes to the water heater is made with a pipe with a diameter of 1 step more than the heating. This ensures priority.

Examples of boilers working with water heaters directly

Buderus U-072/Bosch GAZ A6000

This boiler model has a built.In three.Way valve with a servo drive to work with an indirect heating tank. You have to buy a temperature sensor from Bosch, connecting it between a tank and a boiler.

The connection is simple. According to the scheme, it is necessary to find terminals for the boiler sensor in the boiler and connect the ends of the wire in them. Throw the second end into a special boiler connector. At this installation can be considered completed.

Baxi Luna 3

The famous Italian brand also has such an option (only a single.Circuit model). You need to buy a servo drive with a remote sensor to the boiler. Connect them and get a working scheme.

Protherm Skat/ Vaillant Eloblock

Electric boilers of a German concern also have this opportunity. You need to buy a special “Fugas” module, install on the boiler and connect the sensor to the boiler.

Two in one. Gas boiler with boiler

To save space with internal layout, as well as a simplified connection, you can resort to innovations in the field of plumbing. Ready.Made solutions have been developed that allow the use of a boiler and a boiler in one inextricable complex. Such models are a floor block, where a tank containing water is directly under the boiler. The volume of water can be 40, 60, 80 liters and more. A single.Circuit boiler with a boiler is attached with fixing plates, without needing additional screwing. In addition, thermostats, monometers, liquid crystalline panels allow you to independently monitor and adjust the water supply, track the temperature and change it using a rotary mechanism from anywhere in your real estate, or with a remote digital panel. A striking example of such a model Baxi Luna 3 Comfort Combi boiler.

Often there is a choice between a bunch of indirect heating with a single.Circuit boiler or the installation of only a double.Circuit boiler. The double-circuit boiler will cost much cheaper, but its performance will be limited to 12-18 liters of hot water per minute.

At the same time, the indirect heating water heater has a greater supply of water, which can be issued as a unit of time. Therefore, in the presence of several points of hot water consumption, it is better to use a bunch of a boiler with a tank. If one bathroom, then you can limit yourself to installing a double.Circuit boiler.

Swim Modern

The very name of this series hints at the compactness of the units (Slim translates from English as “thin”). The lineup includes one- and double-circuit heaters of several versions that are equipped with cast iron heat exchangers, and some atmospheric burners:

  • The floor gas boiler is represented in 15 versions of various capacities-from 14.9 to 62.2 kW, favorably differing in ergonomic design and modest dimensions (width-35 cm). Equipped with electronic modulation of the burner flame and self.Diagnosis. Version 1.300 is supplied with an already installed smoke cap.
  • Slim EF is an energy.Dependent floor unit, which differs in automation with a thermocouple, turning off the boiler when the flame disappeared. The lineup includes 5 models with a capacity of 22 to 60.7 kW.
  • SLIM HPS. Floor gas with a plate highly effective heat exchanger with profile ribs with a large heat exchange area.

Using the insulation of the case with fiberglass minimizes heat loss. There are three models in the series with a capacity of 78.7 to 107.9 kW.

In a single.Circuit gas pot, Slim numbering in the designation begins per unit. Double.Circuit units are. The composition of modifications:

  • Stainless steel burner.
  • Outside temperature sensors.
  • Timer.
  • Self.Diagnosis system that can identify up to 10 faults.
  • Protection against overheating and freezing of water in the heating circuit.

Slim provides for connecting an indirect heating boiler. Models, in the designation of which the letter “I” is present, are equipped with an expansion tank and a circulation pump. In devices with the designation “in” they are absent. The presence of an index F means the presence of a closed.Type firebox. Double.Circuit versions are equipped with an enameled steel boiler.

Slim 1 gas boiler.300 is equipped with weather.Dependent automation, post.Cycle, electronic ignition and high.Speed pump. He has two temperature adjustments in heating modes (water heating within 30-85 degrees.) and warm floor (30-45 degrees.). The programmer is connected. Remote control is offered in the options.

Connecting an indirect heating boiler to a single.Circuit boiler. Scheme

According to the scheme, it is necessary to find terminals for the boiler sensor in the boiler and connect the ends of the wire in them.

Ordinary indirect heating boilers operate mainly with automated boilers.

Connecting a boiler to a boiler using a three.Way valve This connection diagram is great for gas boilers equipped with a circulation pump and automation. Preference is given to wall models that can be suspended at an altitude of 1 m above the floor.

The best position is when the bottom of the hotel tank is above the heating boiler and radiators. How to connect an indirect heating boiler to the heating system correctly? Less commonly connected to separate boilers of a similar volume.

Indirect heating boiler design

Indirect heating these water heaters do not independently produce thermal energy. If you need to create a connection diagram for a solid fuel boiler operating on wood, we recommend choosing an option drawn in the picture below. Some manufacturers deliberately produce equipment with standard dimensions of connectors and fittings.

There is no three.Way crane in this scheme, the circuit is connected through ordinary tees. With this detail the unit serves much longer. Work at very high temperatures can lead to premature damage to the inner surface of the tank. Types of double-circuit gas boilers with built-in boiler, whether they are needed boilers together with one- and double-circuit gas boilers. The circulation pump is common here, it drives the coolant along the heating circuit and the water heater.

Система отопления частного дома. Котёл Baxi Slim БКН.

How to connect a boiler (water heater) of indirect heating

The connection diagram of the indirect heating water heater to the gravitational system when the circuit is implemented, which goes to the water heater, is made by a pipe with a diameter of 1 step more than heating. They have a coil and built.In heating.

This method of strapping is useful for those who use a boiler in constant mode 2: an option with two circulation pumps if a boiler is rarely used for example, seasonally or on weekends or there is a need for water, the temperature of which is lower than in the heating system, use a circuit with two circulation pumps. The heating system of the apartment or at home works, and as if water in a boiler is heated as if by a side effect. A connected boiler to heating equipment and electric heating elements is possible only if there is a separate boiler equipment that can work from natural heating sources in the form of liquefied gas, coal or firewood all year round. The hot water supply circuit also has a higher priority in front of the heating contour, however, it is achieved only by setting up the inclusion algorithm. The execution of the strapping requires preliminary conducting competent heat engineering calculations. Ufa. Indirect heating boiler connection diagram.

connecting, indirect, baxi, slim, boiler
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