Cooling fan of Chery Amulet doesn’t turn on

What to do when the cooling fan comes on when the engine is cold

Sometimes car owners are faced with such a situation, when the cooling system fan turns on and starts working when the engine is cold. Although under normal operating conditions of this element, it is required to activate only when the engine temperature reaches certain values.

There are quite a few reasons for the occurrence of such a situation in modern cars. Some of them can lead to serious negative consequences, if the measures to eliminate the causes and provoking factors are not taken in time.

To understand the situation you need to learn about the causes of fan switching on, to understand its work and find the best methods of solving the problem.

Chery Amulet fan repair. finding the cause of the failure and fixing it

In order to restore the serviceability of the node it is necessary to discover the cause of the fault. Only after that the required parts should be prepared, as well as a small set of tools to carry out the replacement.

To restore the functionality of the cooling fan Chery Amulet perform the following actions:

  • We conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle.
  • In particular, it was found that one of the holes was sealed, which in fact should remain open.
  • We also check if it worksvalve, installing a pressure gauge.
  • The valve in the lid should trip when the pressure reaches 1,4.
  • However, the valve is triggered at 0.8.
  • This is quite low, which leads to the fact that the Chery Amulet fan does not turn on in time, because the liquid boils before the sensors have time to actuate.
  • Accordingly, the temperature rises quickly enough.
  • It’s more likely to be caused by plug. However, other factors can also manifest themselves.
  • You need to carefully check the rest of the key points of the cooling system, especially those responsible for the fan.
  • After the engine warms up, it begins to bulge noticeably socket.
  • The old cap was replaced with a new one.
  • After that we check again the operability of the whole cooling system of Chery Amulet.
  • This time there was no problem with premature depressurization.
  • But the fan still does not start.
  • Even if you reach the red zone on the temperature gauges, the fan did not start.
  • I had to turn on air conditioner for the coolant temperature to drop.
  • I had to hook up a PC.
  • By the dashboard readings the engine of Chery Amulet was already boiling.
  • However, the software showed no errors and the engine temp was at 30 degrees.
  • The problem was in the temperature sensor.
  • Had to remove it in one place and measure the resistance.
  • The reading was 2.1 kΩ.
  • That’s what caused the sensor not giving the right information.
  • Variable resistance and a specific temperature instead of the sensor.
  • After that the cooling fan is working.
  • The temperature sensor was replaced, and then the problem is completely gone.
  • Now the fan of Chery Amulet is working at about 90 degrees.

Usually when there is a problem with the fan on this model it is much harder to find the cause of the failure than to fix it later on. In most cases the damaged part can be replaced within an hour.

Additional info

The engine cooling system is vital for Chery Amulet. The driver must constantly monitor all components of this system for proper functioning.

It is necessary to mention separately that fans of forced cooling of the radiator have 2 speeds. It may happen that the blades spin all the time either only on low or only on high.

If the fans all the time will work on the 1st speed, the hot antifreeze will not get effective cooling at peak engine loads. If Chery Amulet fans will run at the 2nd speed all the time, the blades will start to work with the maximum volume all the time.


Engine cooling system is vital for Chery Amulet. The driver must constantly check all components of this system for proper operation.

It should be noted separately that the forced cooling radiator fans have 2 speeds. It may happen that the blades will spin all the time either only on low or only on high speed.

If the fans all the time will work on the 1st speed, then the hot antifreeze will not get effective cooling at peak loads on the engine. If Chery Amulet fans will work on the 2nd speed all the time, the blades will start working at maximum volume all the time.

Why the engine cooling fan does not work

When the engine is running, the temperature in the combustion chambers reaches about 1500-2000 degrees Celsius. If the heat is not removed from the walls of the cylinders, the overheating of the engine is inevitable and, as a result, a costly repair or replacement.

In order to maintain the engine thermal operating mode (90 degrees) in all operating conditions, a cooling system is provided. It includes the following elements:

Radiator; Expansion tank; Pump; Thermostat; Fan; Temperature and fan activation sensors; Connector set; Heater radiator; Antifreeze.

While the thermostat is closed, the working fluid with the help of the pump circulates through the so-called small circle, cooling the cylinder block and the block head, withdrawing some of the thermal energy. The opening of the thermostat causes the fluid to travel in a large circle to the radiator.

While driving, the radiator surface is blown by the oncoming air flow, reducing the temperature of the working fluid. However, the radiator itself is not able to prevent overheating, for example, when the car is standing in traffic or moving for a long time at low speed.

To help the radiator in the cooling system of the power unit and built a fan, as one of its main executive elements, and when it fails, there may be a number of undesirable problems.

How does the fan work

In older generation cars, the fan was forced, that is, it always worked as long as the engine was running, by the drive belt. The fan itself is usually mounted on the pump pulley, connected to the generator pulley with a belt.

Most modern cars use electric fan, or drive with a viscous clutch (viscous clutch), where it occurs automatically from the sensor turns on (calibrated separately for each engine).

The fan, it is a simple 12V electric motor, running from the car’s mains. On its shaft there is an impeller installed to create an air flow directed to the radiator cell. The fan itself has a mounting frame to connect it to the radiator.

Its activation is in turn controlled by an activation sensor located in one of the radiator tanks. It is installed in the fan motor power supply wire gap.

Fan switching on

The fan trigger sensor is programmed for a certain temperature limit at which its contacts actuate, sending power to a relay that closes the fan power circuit and it begins to run.

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The fan on these machines is switched on through the control unit. The controller receives data from the sensor and transmits it to the relay of switching on the electric motor.

Possible causes of fan failure

In cases where the temperature of the antifreeze went up sharply, and the fan on the radiator did not work, then, therefore, where the problem occurred. It is necessary to stop the car and eliminate the defect to prevent overheating and save the engine from expensive repair.


Breakage or short circuit in electric motor power supply circuit;

Bad connection contact or oxidation of contacts in the fan circuit;

Faulty safety valve in the expansion tank.


On the engines with a fuel injection disconnects the sensor, by removing the connector from it, the engine runs and if the fan worked (ECU “understands” that the system malfunction and turns on the fan in the emergency mode), then the sensor is faulty and need to replace it.

The valve keeps the pressure in the system over the atmospheric, not allowing the boiling of water, which is in the working fluid, when it reaches 100 degrees. If the valve is defective, the pressure will equalize with the atmospheric pressure and the fluid will boil already at 100 degrees.

The sensor itself is triggered at a temperature of 105-107 degrees Celsius. It will turn out that the liquid is already boiling, but the fan does not work yet. The cover with a valve must be replaced.

Some tips

Periodically monitor the coolant temperature and check for fan activation when you enter the danger zone on the gauge;

Check the fluid level in the tank and replenish as necessary;

Monitor the system for possible fluid leaks;

If the operating temperature is exceeded, stop, find and eliminate the cause;

Make it a rule during the season to pressure wash out the expansion tank cap, which will help keep the relief valve clean;

On motors, where the fan is forced, periodically check the tension of its drive belt.

Main malfunctions

There are several reasons why the heater of Chery Amulet may malfunction. Some of them can be eliminated quite easily, and there is no need to seek professional help. But there is another category of faults when the heater stops blowing at all or the heater blows cold air in heating mode and you can solve them only by complicated disassembling works with the following assembly. Considering the symptoms, you can roughly understand why the heater has stopped working and what you need to do in this or that situation.

  • The heater blows, but the air is cold. Here, the main causes can be faults with the thermostat and heater radiator, lack of cooling fluid in the system, and air lock, that is, the formation of an air lock.
  • The oven does not turn on. The first thing to check is the fuse and relay of the electric heater motor, as well as the condition of the control unit. It is possible that the contacts will oxidize, the wires will break and there will be a short circuit.
  • The heater blows badly. You can check the electric fan blades, the condition of the air ducts, deflectors and the same control unit. But more often the reason is banal pollution of the cabin filter.

Given the reviews of Chery Amulet owners themselves, as well as statistics of references to car services, problems with the heater is often associated with some of the main nodes. often than not, car owners have to deal with such malfunctions associated with:

  • thermostat;
  • The heater control unit;
  • cabin filter;
  • air plug;
  • electric motor;
  • resistor (block of additional resistors).

And here much depends on the car owner himself, and also to some extent on luck. After all, the complexity of the repair of the heater directly depends on what will fail. For owners of Chery Amulet the most undesirable breakages are those associated with the need to dismantle the electric heater motor, radiator and resistor (additional resistor). It is explained very simply. All of these components cannot be removed, repaired, or simply replaced without disassembling the dashboard. And the disassembly of the dashboard takes a lot of effort and time, the procedure requires a certain sequence to avoid problems at the stage of reassembly. Now all the faults of the heating system nodes in Chery Amulet should be examined separately.

Air plug

Practice shows that on most cars, including Chinese Chery Amulet, if the electric motor and the entire cooling system are working properly the air plugs are not a serious problem. The equipment is able to remove foreign air on its own. Most often, a choke is caused by incorrectly filled coolant. After completing this procedure and pouring the antifreeze to the mark Max, you should check the temperature of the engine during its operation. If the temperature is outside the red line, but the radiator fan does not turn on, turn on the heater radiator and check the air temperature. If the air comes out hot, then the problem is with the fan itself. If the air comes in cold, there is a clog in the system. Though it is worth to check the integrity of the thermostat at the same time.

To get rid of the air lock turn the engine off and let it cool down. After that unscrew the cap on the expansion tank with antifreeze. Check the coolant level again. Fill to the maximum mark and restart the engine for 3-5 minutes, with a screw cap. Also some Chery Amulet owners advise to manually tighten the hoses on the radiator while refilling the coolant, forcing out airlocks. The most important thing in this case is not to hurry, otherwise you with your own hands will create the effect of bubbling, which you will have to eliminate. This is not always quick and easy. That is why it is recommended to spend more time for coolant fluid replacement and following the instructions to refill coolant gradually.

Cabin filter

If you look at the manual, included to Chery Amulet, you will not see clear recommendations and frequency of cabin filter replacement. This is a good decision, because it is hard to define the resource of this consumable objectively. So the most correct rule is to take into account the current condition of the filter. If you often drive on dusty and dirty roads, the consumable will have to be replaced more often. The owners of Chery Amulet mostly change the filters at the end of the fall, once a year. But if you do a lot of driving it is recommended to do it after 5-10 thousands kilometers of mileage. You can take preventive measures between replacements. Since it is not difficult to remove the consumable, if removed, clean it from accumulated dust and shake it vigorously. If possible blow out the element with compressed air, directing the flow in the opposite direction from the air passing through the filter when the heater is on. The whole procedure to replace the filter is as follows:

  • The cladding of the air inlet box is removed;
  • The filter is located in the right corner of this structure in the underhood space near the windshield on the front passenger side;
  • Press out the catches that hold the filter;
  • the consumable part is extracted from its seat;
  • A new or reconditioned element is installed;
  • the catches are snapped in;
  • the box trim is put back in place.

The grille and cladding are also removed in a certain sequence. First remove wiper arms, then unscrew fixing screws. This will remove the decorative plastic grille. Then the seal is removed and the air inlet box itself is lifted. Objectively the replacement of cabin air filter is one of the easiest tasks to perform with your own hands in case of malfunctioning heater in Chery Amulet.

Control unit

Since the Chery Amulet provides for the presence of heating and air conditioning system, to control them, use the appropriate block with regulators, buttons and knobs. If the diagnostics shows that there is a wire breakage, oxidized contacts or mechanical damage of the regulators on the control unit, you will have to remove it, check and, if necessary, repair it. The process step by step is as follows:

  • the minus from the battery is disconnected;
  • Remove the cover of the center console;
  • squeeze the lock on the control unit;
  • The wiring harness is disconnected;
  • disconnect all wires to the control unit of the heater and air conditioner;
  • by prying up the edge, the spring holder is removed;
  • Disconnect the tip of the drive cable from the lever designed for flap control;
  • other cables are disconnected in the same way;
  • the control unit is removed.

Installation should be carried out in reverse order of. The nuances of removing the panel itself, you can learn from the section, which will be considered a step by step process of dismantling this unit at Chery Amulet.


This element is directly related to the heater, although its main role is to control the temperature of antifreeze in the engine cooling system. Sometimes it happens that the thermostat in Chery Amulet jams, not allowing the hot antifreeze in a small circle. That is, the coolant does not pass through the heater radiator, does not heat it and does not allow heated air to flow into the cabin. At the same time the engine itself overheats. To replace the thermostat yourself, you need:

  • disconnect the minus from the battery;
  • Drain the cooling fluid from the system;
  • loosen the hose clamp on the thermostat body (squeeze the ears with pliers and the clamp is displaced to the side);
  • Disconnect the hose from the socket;
  • loosen the second hose clamp and remove it from the connector on the thermostat housing;
  • squeeze the lock and disconnect the wiring harness of the antifreeze temperature sensor;
  • unscrew the 3 bolts that hold the thermostat housing to the cylinder head;
  • remove the housing;
  • Remove the retaining ring and remove it;
  • take out the thermostat itself and the rubber o-ring (if it shows signs of wear, replace it)
  • install a new thermostat.

Based on the above instructions, you can just as quickly and successfully assemble the assembly in reverse order.


One more potential culprit in occurrence of a similar situation with the fan of cooling system serves a short circuit on mass.

Проблемы датчика температуры Chery Amulet.

There are many reasons for this phenomenon. But often it is explained by the fact that the ground wire is simply badly screwed to the car body. The fan is connected directly to the battery, which causes it to continually rotate.

The situation seems trivial, but the consequences of such shortcomings are quite serious. Machine may simply catch fire. It is possible if there is a strong short circuit and overheating of the wiring.

To correct the problem, check all connections to the sensor on the bottom of the radiator. Make sure all wires are intact and have good insulation on them. Also make sure the wiring is tight. Use an extra layer of insulation if necessary, or replace all wires if they are badly frayed or damaged.

  • Coolant expansion reservoir with cap, which has a valve to relieve pressure and supplemental air supply to the cooling system. It is designed to compensate for fluid expansion when heated and regulate pressure in the cooling system.
  • Pump (water pump).
  • Thermostat (when the coolant heats up to a certain temperature, it opens and starts the liquid in a second large circle to cool more and prevent the engine from boiling).
  • The car’s cabin heating heater radiator.

Pump pressurized coolant flows through the thermostat. From the thermostat, the top thin hose goes into the expansion tank. From the tank on a thick hose below flows into the radiator of the cabin heating. From the radiator comes back through the hose to the block body and goes to the pump.

Chery Amulet A15 engine is boiling. What to do about overheating

Everybody understands perfectly well that the engine of Chery Amulet A15 is a reincarnation of the FORD engine, which passed away more than 20 years ago. With all its problems and advantages. One of the problems with the Ford CVH 1.6 engine remains the cooling system. Nevertheless this motor still serves faithfully, despite the fact that Amulet A15 sometimes overheats, the antifreeze boils and boils out. However, this is a solvable problem.

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