Damage to the Washing machine Indesit flashes the lock indicator

Why are all indicators flashed on the washing machine Indesit?

Smart “machine technologies allow not only to wash and dry everything, but also to report on problems. True, they will learn about this only when something happens. LED bulbs are the main way to inform.

Why all bulbs flashed on a washing machine? Failures in the work are associated with incorrectly selected modes or, most often, breakdowns. Most likely, the malfunction is associated with the electronic module (board). In fact, these are the “brains” of the Indesit washing machine, because it is this module that controls the work of all the main nodes. Accordingly, if the signals do not pass through the fee, then the process immediately stops, and light bulbs flashed on the main panel.

The most vulnerable places on the electronic board are capacitors. They burn out during the operation of the washing machine. Sometimes connecting contacts come out of order. As a result of this, automatic blocking occurs. To restore working capacity, you have to turn to the master or arm yourself with knowledge for independent repair.

If you know how to work as a soldering iron, you can independently replace the capacitors on the electronic module.See also. how to choose a stabilizer for a washing machine automaton

What does it mean?

The blinking of all indicators in the washing machine is a common problem of “washing” from Indesit. The owners of such washing machines most often turn to the master, not knowing what to do. What is the reason for such a blinking?

The most common malfunction when all the bulbs blink, this is a malfunction of the electronic board, or rather a breakdown of its parts. As a rule, capacitors located on the board are out of order or block contacts when it gets to the water fee. It is quite possible to replace the capacitors yourself, especially if you own a soldering iron well. In some cases, the fee has to be completely changed, which requires significant financial costs.

Note! Replacing capacitors will save your budget for a large amount, the main thing is to correctly diagnose a breakdown.

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The best solution

I suffered with a machine for two days (it worked normally before the squeeze starts as soon as the drum accelerates. it goes into error F8 and the buttons do not react to nothing helps, only pulling out of the outlet helps) in general, the problem of the error F8 was solved with the flow of a fork 180 degrees T. to. I have no grounding.


You have an error F08. This in the lion’s share of cases occurs with a break for the mass of the heater. This error can also come out when a washing machine is in a raw place and there is a leak on the case because of moisture. An error can also be initiated when at home there is an electric water heater with a broken heater

Indesit padlock Flashing


F08: 1) Ten is not in water, does not work (burned out or cliff) make sure that there is water in the tank, looking into the drum. Next, having removed the back wall, check the heater with a tester for a cliff and on a breakdown of isolation; 2) flooding the relay of turning on the washing heater (a signal in the presence of emptying) or a pressure relay flooded in the “filling” position (simultaneous filling and emptying signals). Check the reliability of the contacts of the J3 connector on the board. Check the state of the pressure relay, calling on the J3 connector 2 and 4 (they should be called only with an empty tank), conclusions 2 and 3 (they should be called if there is water in the tank) and conclusions 2 and 1 (they should only be called in that case when the water level in the tank exceeds normal and the water is above the middle of the door) check the wires connecting the j3 connector to the pressure relay. Call on the J3 connector conclusions 5 and 6, corresponding to Ten to replace the pressure relay. Replace the fee

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Starts washing, and after a while it stops it, regardless of the washing mode set by the temperature, while the indicator blinks.

Hello! The HotPoint-Ariston Avtl 83 machine is silent after turning on for a long time, then the indicators are key to the start button. starts working

All light bulbs flash, what to do?

Typically, indicators display the error code in accordance with the Indesit designation, but other symptoms may also appear. For example, washing modes are dropped, and the program is reset, after which the bulbs begin to blink randomly. The most vulnerable components are:

  • control module;
  • capacitors on the electronic board;
  • Ten drying and heating water;
  • electric motor;
  • command.control (ksma) and t.D.

The causes of breakdowns are natural wear, moisture entering electronic circuits, mechanical damage is. You can save your washing machine if you diagnose the problem in time. Of course, it is quite difficult to do it yourself and at home, so it is worth calling the master.

Flashing several bulbs can indicate several problems:

  • the machine does not warm the water (the heater does not turn on);
  • Ten does not apply to the electronic unit;
  • There is no voltage on the drain pump, so water does not merge;
  • temperature sensors do not give signals;
  • Managers and power modules do not give signals, etc.D.

You can learn more about the code designations of the machine from the instructions or on the manufacturer’s website “Indesit”.See also. how to fix or replace the cross.cutter of the washing machine

What could it be?

The blinking of all indicators on the Indesit washing machine is one of the frequent problems that the owners of this brand technology faces. If all the bulbs begin to glow, then, most likely, this indicates a malfunction of the board. In this case, it may require the replacement of certain elements.

In most cases, the Indesit washing machine does not turn on and all indicators flashed when they burn out contacts due to the water fee. You can cope with such work yourself, especially if there are skills to use the soldering iron. Sometimes a breakdown can be more serious, and the fee will have to be completely changed, which involves large financial costs.

Frequent failures of Washing Brand Indesit

Repair of Indesit washing machines is a common thing for workshops and service centers. Experts say that Indesit washing apartments are not the most reliable, they have many vulnerable nodes that need to be paid to first of all if the smell does not work.

We took advantage of the statistics of leading world service centers to come to a simple conclusion: the Indesit washing machines are leading among the most breaking brands. For the first 5 years of use, every third machine Indesit requires repair, unlike German or Korean production equipment.

What is it connected with? In 8 out of 10 cases in service centers, owners see Indesit cm with such breakdowns:

  • Tubular electric heating element (TEN). one of the typical breakdowns for cars of this brand. Why is it such a problematic zone for Washing Indesit? Manufacturers decided not to cover the part with any protective compounds, provided only stainless steel (while, for example, Samsung took care of the coating).In this regard, on Ten, scale accumulates 2 times faster.
  • Network filter. The failure of this element is the common cause of the fault of the Indesit washing machine. There are entire batches of cars in which a defective filter is installed. Usually they burn after 3-4 years of work. The only plus is that in this case, the repair of the Indesit washing machine with your own hands is a completely fulfilling task.
  • Bearings. The breakdown of the Indesit washing machine caused by the wear of the bearings is a real scourge. The difficulty is not to replace the bearings, but to disassemble the body and get to them. Therefore, the problems of the Indesit washing machine associated with the breakdown of the bearings belong to the most severe.
  • Indesit washing machine control unit (electronic module, controller, fee). Masters believe that this is the most “sore spot” of SMA, especially the lineup, who came off the assembly line until 2012. In cars made since 2014 and further, more reliable processors, but they often require repair. Repair of the control unit of the Indesit washing machine is almost impossible at home. you can only check the wiring and loops connecting the controller with other washing elements. But to repair or replace the block yourself is too difficult, such work should be entrusted to a professional.
  • The electric motor sensor. If the engine itself can be attributed to more or less reliable details, then with an electrician brought to it, problems often happen. Vulnerable place. capacitors. The problem is that they are not repaired, the capacitors need to be changed during breakdown.

indesit washing machine how to resolve bilking light

Important! We specifically did not drew your attention to factors such as clogging of the drain and bay system (hoses, filters and nozzles). The fact is that these problems are a problem not only for Indesit, but also of any other brands.

Wear of the motor brushes

Graphite brushes. a knot of a collector engine that provides its rotation. They transmit stress between a fixed stator and a movable rotor. With the wear of the brushes, a weak contact arises between them and the collector, the electric motor loses power, pulls or does not rotate at all.

Signs How to eliminate Price
The Indesit washing machine does not gain speed on the spin or does not twist the drum at all. Perhaps an error f01 or f02 may light up on the screen. The replacement of the brushes is required. from 1400

Details are not included in the price and are paid separately.

What to check first of all

If the “flashing key or lock” is accompanied by signs of a malfunction, then check the following:

  • The blocking function of children (Child Lock) is not activated. This mode blocks all the buttons of the washing machine, except for the power button, and thereby protects the washing machine from an accidental change in washing program. Perhaps someone accidentally activated this function or you just forgot to turn off this mode after the previous washing. In any case, to eliminate the problem, you need to remove the lock. About how to do this, read in the instructions for the washing machine. If you have a LG brand machine, you can see here.
  • Whether the control module fails. Try to turn off the car from the mains, wait 5-10 minutes and turn it on again.

If, in addition to the lock or key, other indicators are burning / blinking or error code is displayed

If, in addition to the door lock indicator:

This means that the aggregate signals you about the error code malfunction. An abnormal situation, but it is too early to talk about a breakdown. The reason for the error could be elementary inattention. For example, you forgot to open water or washing machine is overloaded.

Therefore, determine what the error means and try to correct the situation on your own. Read about how to do this in the article “Indicators flashed in the washing machine”. Find out what the error code means in the instructions or in the section “Errors of washing machines”.

KSMA breakdown

If the Indesit washing machine flashes, any malfunction can happen to it. As for the failure of the mechanical command apparatus, this happens extremely rarely. This element cannot be called eternal. But of all the components of the washing units Indesit, KSMA, is the most reliable. Sometimes in this detail the gear fails. In this case, you will need to either replace the entire KSMA or one six. The final solution depends on the model of the washing device.

The types of breakdowns of the washing machine do not end there. If the Indesit washing machine flashes the lock indicator, there may be several possible reasons.

The lock indicator can flash, but the machine does not start to wash. over, if you turn off the equipment from the network and turn on again, the problem may not be solved. It also happens that the light bulb is glowing, the device is erasing, but there is a failure of programs.

Flashing indicators shows an error code

It should be immediately understood that the blinking of the buttons on the washing machine in any case indicates the abnormal operation of the unit. However, this is far from always the reason for contacting the service center: flashing LEDs can be just a consequence of your carelessness. For example, you forgot to open water.

Therefore, to begin with, determine what the error code means, and try to eliminate the problem yourself. Find out what error code a combination of burning or flashing indicators on your washing machine means from the instructions or turning to the section “Error of washing machines”.

Hotpoint Washing Machine Flashing Lights How to Repair (WF WT and WD Models)

Repair on your own

There is a display on modern Indesit devices to track the state. If there is any malfunction on the display, an error code is displayed. In the instructions attached to the washing machine, you can find the decoding of codes. Having determined the cause of the breakdown, it is already easier to eliminate the problem on their own or invite a specialist from the workshop and calculate the amount of repair work.

Indesit washing machine not starting up faulty door switch interlock

But there are devices on which there is no LCD display and error displaying programs. The owner of the washing machine will then have to start inspection and try to eliminate the malfunction on your own. If the control panel does not light up with all the colors of the signal bulbs, there is no smoke and smell of burning, there are no leaks, this means that there are no serious breakdowns and you can try to eliminate the malfunction on your own.

We list simple malfunctions and ways to solve them:

  • When you press the power button, nothing happens. check whether the fork is inserted or whether the contact is tightly provided. It is also possible that the mechanism for protecting the electric network from a short circuit worked. This can come from strong stress jumps;
  • Water is not supplied. restart the machine by pressing the button on and stop. Check if the door is tightly closed and whether there is enough water pressure. Whether the water supply crane is blocked;
  • If nothing happens after pressing the start button, repeat the same actions. Check if the water supply hose is damaged or the probability that the layered washing mode has been launched;
  • Check the height of the installation of the drain hose, if there is a constant drain and water fence. Take a high point of the hose to a height of 70 centimeters;
  • extraneous loud sounds can be caused by the hit in the drum of the washing machine of solid objects that fell out of s. coins, a fountain pen and so on;
  • Excessive foaming complicates the work and is caused by the wrong selection of washing powder. The washing powder should be specifically for the machines “Automat”;

Excessive foaming is also a cause for concern

  • The “squeezm” function does not work or the water does not come out after the cycle. perhaps the drain hose has bent or clogged. The mode may be incorrectly selected. With modes. “easy ironing” or “without spin” there may be such an effect. Restore the washing process by pressing the “Start/Pace” button. To find out other reasons why. We recommend that you study this material;
  • With strong vibration or during washing, or during the squeezing of the Indesit machine, check the uniformity of the distribution of linen. If the device was rearranged to another place. check if there is a distortion in the installation;
  • All indicators caught fire at once for no apparent reason. Complete disconnecting from the power supply will help. Upon subsequently turning on, their work may be restored.
damage, washing, machine, indesit, flashes

Repair Indesit IWSC 5085

This model has a rather narrow drain hose. If the Indesit IWSC 5085 washing machine does not turn on, and the water is not typed in the tank, it is recommended to check the pipe. To do this, the model needs to turn the back

At the same time, it is important to immediately disconnect the device from the network and the water supply system. To block water, you need to use the wrench

Next, you have to clean the pipe. To do this, you can use a regular rag.

If the integrity of the tube is broken, then it will have to be replaced. It is also worth noting that problems can often consist in the filter. The specified part is at the bottom of this model. To clean the filter, you can use a small stick. A little cotton wool will also be required.


Rice. 17 Detergent dispenser

Rice. 21 The filter of the drain pump


Rice. 23 Scheme of electrical connections

5.2. Autotics

Auto.testing key (colorless. C0095669) launches the program of the EVOII platform. The blue LED will light up on the vehicle of automotics, indicating that this washing machine belongs to the Evoii platform. The blinking of a red LED on the vehicle of automotage (when it is inserted into the car) indicates the establishment of a connection between the electronic fee of the machine and the key. If it is impossible to establish a connection between the auto.testing key and the machine, a flashing message “ERR” will appear on the display

damage, washing, machine, indesit, flashes

Preliminary conditions necessary for automoting

Water should be merged from the tank of the washing machine.

Turn on the car and insert the key into the corresponding nest.

To start the auto.testing procedure, press and release a button with the inscription Autotest. In this case, the sound signal will be given, and the “Autotest” message will appear on the display.

Carlettestation sequence for washing machines and washing machines with drying

ATTENTION!! If the machine works correctly, but in the past there was a malfunction, instead of performing automoting, this malfunction will occur (in one way or another. Depending on the type of intense) on the display of the automotive key and on the machine control panel.

5.3. Analysis of malfunctions and their elimination

Code reason Combination of LEDs Temperature LEDs
F01 Short.haired engine tiristor LED 5 LED 4 LED 3 LED 2 LED 1
F02 The engine is blocked, the tachogenerator chain is open / short.closed LED 5 LED 4 LED 3 LED 2 LED 1
F03 The NTC sensor circuit washing / short.closed washing LED 5 LED 4 LED 3 LED 2 LED 1
F04 Simultaneous signals of emptying and overflowing the pressure relay LED 5 LED 4 LED 3 LED 2 LED 1
F05 Displaying the pressure relay is not performed, the drain pump is blocked LED 5 LED 4 LED 3 LED 2 LED 1
F07 There is no consumption of current of washing LED 5 LED 4 LED 3 LED 2 LED 1
F08 Relay Turning Ten was in stealing (NZ/Hr Contacts) LED 5 LED 4 LED 3 LED 2 LED 1
F09 Program error (ESPPZU is not programmed or faulty) LED 5 LED 4 LED 3 LED 2 LED 1
F10 The simultaneous absence of emptying and filling signals LED 5 LED 4 LED 3 LED 2 LED 1
F11 No power is supplied to the drain pump LED 5 LED 4 LED 3 LED 2 LED 1
F12 There is no connection between the display fee and the control board LED 5 LED 4 LED 3 LED 2 LED 1
F17 The door blocking circuit of the door is opened or power is not supplied to it LED 5 LED 4 LED 3 LED 2 LED 1
F18 Communication error between the microprocessor and DSP (signal digital processing device) LED 5 LED 4 LED 3 LED 2 LED 1

LED indication of malfunctions blink simultaneously with LEDs of the backlight of the programs for the program selector.

  • Check the lack of water leaks that could get to the J9 connector and close the corresponding contacts;
  • Check the engine terminals (as a result of exposure to the chemical residues of the production process, a short circuit is possible);
  • Replace the fee.
  • Check if the engine is blocked;
  • Check the winding of the tachogenerator: on the J9 connector, the resistance between contacts 1 and 2 should lie in the range from 115 to 170 Ohms in case of.h. or check the circuit between contacts 1 and 2 of J9 connectors and a tachogener. In the case of a three.phase engine, make sure that there is an ohmic resistance between contacts 6 and 7 of the J9 connector;
  • Replace the engine;
  • Replace the fee.
  • Check the contacts of the connector J8 on the board;
  • Check the NTC sensor, measuring the resistance between contacts 11 and 12 on the J8 connector; At an ambient temperature of 20 ° C, the sensor resistance should be approximately 20 kOhm;
  • In case of incorrect value, call the wires connecting the J8 connector with the NTC sensor. Check the same parameter directly on the NTC sensor itself.
  • Replace the NTC sensor;
  • Replace the fee.

How to start repairing

When an error appears F01, first of all, you need to believe whether electric sockets work. After making sure that everything is in order with the network, you can proceed to further steps.

It must be taken into account that the failure and occurrence of error F01 does not necessarily indicate a malfunction. In some cases, there may be an accidental combination of circumstances. In order to check this, you need to turn off the washing machine, remove the cord from the outlet, wait about twenty minutes and turn on the Indesit machine again. There is a chance that everything will work fine.

Suppose that the breakdown that caused the occurrence of error F01 could not be corrected with simple means.

We will tell you how to fix the F01 error in this case:

  • It is necessary to carefully examine the socket and cord of the washing machine Indesit.
  • Then proceed to direct inspection of the engine of washing equipment.
  • First open a service hatch. Indesit washing electric motor is disconnected using a 8 mm key.
  • Next, to correct error F01, you need to remove the engine and inspect its brushes. To do this, with the help of a screwdriver, it is unscrewed. Then it is necessary to inspect for possible damage or wear. If problems are found, it is recommended to replace these parts.
  • After replacement, everything is installed back.

Then the Indesit machine is included to check how it works. Sometimes a well.distinguished crack is heard, which means the lack of causes for concern. This noise is due to the fact that the shaft shallows are happening.

If the problem that caused the appearance of the F01 error is not related to the operation of the brushes, the inspection of the engine engine Indesit must continue:

Now you need to pay attention to the control module. Considering the fee, you need to determine if there are traces of corrosion here

If they are found, they will need to be carefully cleaned. The engine winding is being carried out now. If it burned out, then the motor will not work out. it will have to change it. This is a fairly expensive operation. If you do it financially inappropriate, it is more profitable to buy a new, more modern machine model. One of the possible causes of error F01 is the malfunction of the control module. If all other reasons are excluded, you will need to pay attention to this node. You can’t repair it yourself. This should be done by specialists who use the appropriate equipment.

One of the options for a breakdown is a situation when the drum suddenly stops during operation. At the same time, the washer indicates the error code F01.

In this case, it is recommended to take the following actions:

  • When an error appears F01, first of all, it is necessary to turn off the engine indesit.
  • Now you need to carefully drain the water from the Tank of the Washing Indesit.
  • After there is no water left, you must try to rotate it with your hands.
  • If it moves normally, perhaps the reason for the appearance of the F01 error in too large laundry for washing. Now you need to divide the quantity in half and try to wash half of the original number.
  • If these attempts were unsuccessful, it is necessary to inspect the engine of the Indesit machine.
  • Perhaps the error F01 appeared due to the fact that the pulley is broken. Over time, it can be worn out and weaken. In addition, perhaps he was not damaged, but simply slipped. In the latter case, it is enough to simply carefully install it in place.
  • In the event of a malfunction of the electronic control board to the engine of the apparatus, the Indesit device may simply not come to the launch signal. In some cases, the correction can be made independently. To do this, it makes sense to try to reset the programs. If this does not help, then with such a malfunction you will have to contact the workshop.
  • If the brushes are erased or damaged, it will be necessary to replace them.
  • Voltage surges can lead to a breakdown of the engine of the Indesit machine and the appearance of error F01. What to do in this case? Yourself to carry out repairs will not work. Only the master can fix this problem.

Other reasons for the failure of the program and flashing indicators

On the control panel, LEDs can flash not only because of the breakdown, but also the incorrectly set parameters. There are a number of washing modes that provide for the possibility of connecting additional functions:

Instead of turning on, the indicator can blink if the selected software cycle does not provide this or that function.

The machine can issue a service error both at the initial stage of washing, and during it. In cases where the weight of the loading of linen is not comparable with the number of revolutions or the maximum permissible volume of linen provided by technical characteristics, an anneal process may not be launched. In this case, the buttons that signal the failure in the “rinse”, “squeezing” mode, and the door lock indicator will begin to flash. At the moment, it is necessary to restart the car a second time, reducing the number of things.

After that, the execution of a given program will stop. After a few seconds, the door is unlocked, it will be possible to make adjustment and start washing.

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