DANFOSS adjustment on heating batteries

Danfoss thermal controllers for heating and warm floor radiators

A popular brand under which thermostats are produced is Danfoss. Products of this company can be found in almost all stores.

Production technology based on gas.Filled bellows has a patent and is used at its own factories of the company. If you are inclined to buy Danfoss thermostat, be sure to read the instructions for operation.

The arrow on the valve body should coincide with the movement of the coolant. For the correct operation of the thermo.Element, the axis of the valve rod should be in a horizontal position.

Installation of a thermal gun Danfoss

The device is mounted on the pipe of the hot water supply circuit. The installation does not imply anything complicated, even in the case of design options, installation occurs according to one principle. The work is carried out in stages:

  • Marking is made on the feed pipe to designate the area, which will need to be cut off. It is worth considering the size of the valve body. A threaded element is taken away, which will enter directly into the pipe.
  • Heating is turned off and liquid descends to exclude the flood in the house.
  • An excess pipe section is cut according to the marks, and a thread is made on the outer part of the cut.
  • The joint is processed with special paste for plumbing work (the manufacturer is not important).
  • The valve is wound on a thread made by a dick and tightly tightened with a puck. Additionally fix the compound for tightness is not required. The actions performed are enough for a reliable joint.
  • The fuse is removed, the maximum indicator “five” is installed on the regulator and a case with a scale is put on top.
  • All joints are checked and the thermal device is connected to the entire heating system.

If the connection of the Danfoss thermoregulator was made correctly, then there should be no problems. It is worth monitoring the operation of the device to the first opening and closing the valve.

The design of thermal controllers for heating radiators

The heat regulator for the heating radiator consists of two parts. The valve (thermal valve) and the thermostatic head (thermostatic element, temperature controller). These products are produced for different sizes of pipes and different types of heating systems. The thermostatic head is removable, on the same valve you can put regulators of different types and even different manufacturers. The seat is standardized.

The heat regulator for the heating radiator consists of two parts. A special valve (valve) and thermostatic head (regulator)

And there are different valves and regulators, so before installing a thermostat for a heating radiator will have to at least get acquainted with its structure, functions and types.

Advantages and disadvantages

The installers of heat engineering equipment note the positive qualities of Danfoss radiator thermostats:

danfoss, adjustment, heating
  • Savings up to 50% of energy by maintaining the temperature in the room necessary for the user. This property is especially important in private houses or in apartments equipped with individual metering devices of the consumed heat.
  • Quick automatic response to a change in air temperature in the room.
  • Simple installation on any standard radiators, an affordable assortment of adapters and fittings for pipes of any size and any configuration of the pipeline. Installation on systems with the lower, upper, angular eyeliner in one and two-pipe systems.
  • Reliability and long service life, subject to operating rules.
  • The presence of blocking functions from unauthorized removal and disassembly, which is important for safety, special for protecting children from burns.
  • Modern design.
  • The ability to purchase a device with a remote temperature sensor, which can be installed at a distance of up to 5 m from the radiator. The option helps maintain the desired level of comfort anywhere in the room.

As a drawback, the high cost is noted. The price of the cheapest samples starts at 15 euros. Some users consider the upper boundary of the adjustment of 26 degrees the negative side, but this temperature prefers the minimum number of people.

Design features

The main purpose of the Danfoss thermoregulator is the long.Term support of the temperature regime selected by the user. The design of the device includes two main details:

The valve is first mounted on the battery and only the thermostat is installed on it. It is the second element that is the main thing in the design of the device. It lay down the ambient temperature, after which it gives the necessary signal to the valve, which in turn opens or covers the flow of coolant.

Danfoss thermostatic reinforcement design

In the inner region of the Danfoss thermoregulator, there is a bolder. A corrugated container filled with gas or liquid. When exposed to temperature, the filler begins to change the dimensions and press on the shut.Off valve. When blocking the flow of the coolant in heating units, the temperature indicator begins to increase.

If the room is very cool, the filler is compressed and the reverse reaction is formed. The camera pulls up a stitch of the spool, which in turn opens the gap for the coolant in the valve element for the valve element.

Varieties and conventions of devices

The type of filler and purpose is determined by the following abbreviation:

RTD-G-a gas device for a one-pipe or two-pipe system in which there is no pump

#howto #theheatingpro.Com Danfoss TP5000si Thermostat.How to set up & program your Programmable stat

RTD-N-a gas device for a single-pipe, two-pipe pumping system

In some models, in addition to the main function, there are a number of additional options. For example, a program of protection against interference in the established settings by random persons. The option will be convenient for installation in public institutions or children’s institutions. The number of modes and varieties of functions differ depending on the selected modification.

The range of devices

The company produces a fairly wide range of Danfoss heating temperature controllers.

The most popular variations are considered:

Danfoss 715

  • Danfoss RDT marking 3640. The device is designed for use on the heating systems of a two.Pipe standard type. It is equipped with an RTD option that excludes the freezing of the highway in the cold season. Used in household, industrial conditions. Has four divisions with designations in the form of Roman numbers.
  • Danfoss Rax regulator is a liquid type of device that is used to install designer type radiators or for towels. Has attractive external parameters and minimalist style. On the case there are only divisions with Roman or Arabic numerals.
  • Living ECO with a microclimate tracking function in the house. This is an advanced series that is successfully used in commercial institutions and residential buildings. The peculiarity of the thermoregulator for the heating radiator is that it has a liquid crystalline screen that reports all the necessary information about the coolant. There are also three main modes settings on the housing.
  • Danfoss RA-299 gas device with automated temperature control is available in several color solutions. He reacts quickly to temperature change. It is used exclusively to equip traditional heating systems.
  • 013 G4 001-013 G4 009-multifunctional series of devices suitable for both heated towel rails and a variety of sections of the heating device. There are left- and right-handed type.


The table shows the cost of various thermostats, relevant in autumn-winter 2017:

Model The cost is in rubles
Teplotek-UG, mechanical 850
STM, mechanical 640
Valtek, mechanical 770
TEPLOCOM TS-PROG-R, electric 3800
Salus Standart, electric 3600
Danfoss, electric 2400

In the photo, high.Quality electronic thermostat Danfoss

Types of structures

Types of regulators Any design of radiator thermostat Danfoss are built and work according to a similar functional scheme. There are valves with manual and automatic adjustment.

danfoss, adjustment, heating

In case of manual adjustment, the user, as necessary, closes or opens the supply of the coolant into the radiator. The method is inconvenient to use in autumn and spring, when the temperature changes significantly during the day.

The valve of the automatic device opens or closes when the air temperature changes in the room without human participation.

The design of an automatic thermostat

The composition of the automatic device includes:

  • The thermogram body with a regulator located on it and the setting scale.
  • Sylphone filled with gas condensate liquid or gas.
  • Kran-Buks that controls the operation of the valve.
  • Reinforcement for installation on the supply of the coolant to the pipe radiator.

The principle of operation is that, depending on the air temperature in the room, the gas located in the belliphon expands when heated or compressed when cooling. When expanded, the mobile part of the thermogram moves the rod and valve, changing the size of the hole through which the coolant enters the radiator. When the gas is cooling in the belliphon, the rod moves the valve to an open position. The battery warms up stronger.

Special liquids, paraffin, gas or gas condensate are used as a filler of the bellows. Research data from the Rhine-Westphalian Technical University show that gas-filled regulators have the best and accuracy of the reaction to the best parameters.

The patent for the invention of gas devices belongs to Danfoss and only this company produces such equipment.

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