Delonghi coffee machine cannot see ground coffee

The cappuccinator malfunctions

It happens very often when the machine doesn’t work and the cappuccinator doesn’t whip or whips milk and milk froth doesn’t build up properly. There are usually two reasons for a machine not creaming: the milk is not good or the air ducts, which create the crema, are blocked. The milk must be pasteurized, 2.5 to 3.5% fat, not powdered. If the air ducts get clogged, this may be due to improper care of the machine. After making coffee with whipped milk, be sure to rinse the cappuccinator with clean water for 2 to 3 minutes. If you will neglect washing, after some time the ducts will get clogged, and instead of foam coffee machine will serve hot milk, which in any case will entail a little time-consuming repair at home.

Most modern models of coffee machines include an automatic cleaning function. If it is missing, you should carefully perform the cleaning yourself. Please note that you should not use hard or sharp objects to flush the air ducts. If you damage the hole, the cappuccinator may stop functioning at all.

Another similar reason is the machine doesn’t draw in milk when you put it in the desired mode. In this case we recommend that you check the pump and the milk system, which are likely to be clogged.

Coffeemania post or about sad and how to treat it

There is a coffee machine Delonghi, I enjoyed a strong coffee, but recently began to take a tablet of freshly ground coffee past the brewing unit In the photo. immediately “after” a bad cup. you can see that the coffee (in the tray in the center of the picture, a lighter color) is not brewed, and poured past, in the pan. The volume of spilled coffee is a full teaspoon from one cup. The coffee in the cup is not coffee, but clunker.

What’s depressing is that the glitch is “floating”. then it is, then it is not. Can’t trace correlation to other operations.

The question is whether someone had a similar and how to cure?

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Floating glitch. it either goes in or out. Never gave for repair.

Busy studying coffee machines today, there is a drip coffee maker at home, decided with my wife that it’s time to grow up and just my eyes diverge.

Coffee is very good from this machine. Before that I had a drip, a geyser and a carob. Everything is wrong. After coffee from this other can not drink )))) From Delongi this is the most budget model, but the brewing unit is the same as in the more expensive models. (There is added touch control, “memory” of several types of strength settings. Some add a cappuccino maker for making espresso with one button. in my model you have to scamper with your hands on the steam pipe, but it doesn’t bother me because I usually drink black, no milk).

My friends have coffee machines from this series. the coffee is good in all. So I recommend it.

Busy studying coffee machines today, have a drip coffee maker at home, decided with my wife that it’s time to grow up and just my eyes diverge.

Discuss with your wife who drinks what kind, if you want a cappuccino daily, then specially for cappuccino. model DELONGHI MAGNIFICA AUTOMATIC CAPPUCCINO ESAM 3500 COFFE MACHINE

Thank you so much for the tips! Cappuccino except occasionally mostly espresso, and it is desirable to grind the beans themselves after studying a few sites, I noticed that all about this brand reviews quite well.

All of the coffee machines have a grinder, you can pour ground coffee into them.

I hasten to share the By the way, there is a suggestion about your post, perhaps it will eliminate the brewing unit lubrication (piston, zilinda)?I put lard in it = cheap and easy))

Congratulations! Heroic work done! And the greases in your review are some kind of special, food-grade?

In this article I will tell you how to reduce the likelihood of expensive coffee machine repair and what to do if the problem still appeared.

First of all, you should understand that a coffee machine is a complex device with an abundance of mechanical parts, hydraulic systems, electronics, etc. Components that are integral modules, blocks, as a rule, are not repaired, and replaced as a whole. Spare parts for coffee machines are not cheap by definition, you can understand it at least by the price of these devices. Plus they are also difficult to find, especially if you only need parts, without repair services.

The coffee machine is designed quite simply and reliably. But often users of Delonghi, Vitek or Dolce Gusto go to the workshop because the coffee machine does not leak. In most cases, this situation is caused by the lack of timely maintenance. If you use the hot beverage machine exactly as specified in the instructions for use and follow all recommendations for care, it will last a long time in working order. What can lead to a situation where the machine does not pour coffee:

  • Filters blocked.
  • Limescale.
  • Pump breakage.
  • Float or sensor failure.
  • Wrong type of grinding.

Let’s look at each of the causes in more detail.

The filters are clogged

Modern coffee machines like Nespresso, Krups, etc. equipped with special filter elements. This is how the manufacturers have taken care to protect the technique from deposits of lime scale on the internal parts, preventing foreign substances from getting into the beverage. The filter elements must be replaced after a certain period of use. There are different time periods for each model. information on this can be found in the manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

If you don’t follow the recommendations for cartridge replacement, related parts like the pump can get damaged. In case of a clogged filter, the pump has to work at full speed to squeeze the water through the filter. Its service life is sharply reduced at maximum load. The pump can simply burn out.

Limescale deposits

The second most common reason to call a service technician is when limescale deposits clog the mains through which the liquid flows. Water supply pipes have a relatively small diameter. In most regions of our country water is very hard. And if you pour regular tap water and do not take any action to clean it, after a while the coffee machine will break down.

To their blockage is usually indicated by the fact that the drink does not flow well from the horn and then stops to flow into the cup at all. The water tank and tube joints may be carefully cleaned by your own hand. Cleaning or replacing the tubes with your own hands is not recommended. They are quite delicate and can be damaged if you are inexperienced. Not all manufacturers make separate tubes for their models. So if they are damaged, you will have to replace the entire unit.

Pump malfunction

The piston pump is needed in the coffee machine to deliver and squeeze the liquid through the pressed coffee tablet. If you hear an unusual sound during operation and the unit dispenses a drop at a time, the pump is broken. One of the causes can be a build-up of limescale. A decalcification procedure will help to remedy the situation. If this does not help, you need to contact the service. Do not disassemble the appliance yourself, it may lead to more damage.

Float breakage

Sometimes there are situations where there is a depressurization of the float. When water is heated air escapes from it, it fills with liquid and sinks. An error message appears on the display, as if there is no water in the machine. In this case you need to drain the liquid from the float. Dry the pump well, seal the gap.

Or another situation, when there is nothing wrong with the float, but its sensor is broken. In this case, the part must be replaced.

Degree of bean grinding

If you have recently started using a coffee machine and find that the coffee is not pouring out of the machine, you may have chosen a grinding of beans too fine. The motor is simply not able to crush the bean, especially if the bean is particularly heavy.

The easiest solution is to change the consistency of grind to a coarser consistency.

Coffee machine does not make coffee, does not brew

Correct and regular maintenance will not save from the fact that some parts of the equipment may run out of life, and the device will stop brewing coffee. When your coffee machine doesn’t make coffee, we don’t recommend you to repair it, especially if the machine is equipped with many functions.

How and what the bean is formed for

Multifunctional machines from famous manufacturers, such as Saeco, Philips, Bosh, Gaggia, Delonghi and many others, equipped with a mechanism for forming a tablet from the spent cake after making a drink.

The process itself is fully automated and looks as follows:

  • Freshly ground beans (or already cooked powder) get into the brewing unit.
  • The hot water passes through the coffee at high pressure, saturating it with essential oils that create the taste and aroma of the beverage.
  • A piston presses the spent coffee cake into a puck and automatically discharges it into a container.

The user only needs to empty the grounds container from time to time, which simplifies the process of caring for the coffee machine and makes the procedure as hygienic as possible.

If the coffee machine does not make a pill, it indicates incorrect settings of the machine or a malfunction in certain modules.

Your coffee machine has many possible causes for malfunctioning

When the coffee machine does not make a pill, it may be due to certain malfunctions of the machine. These include:

  • The seal of the bypass valve in the thermoblock piston has lost its elastic properties and must be replaced. This fault is shown by too much water in the grounds chamber.
  • A microcrack in the area of the brewing unit or the wear of its seals shows that the grounds are too wet to be pressed, and in the waste tray mush.
  • Faults in the node that grinds the grain, can also manifest itself as a wet pill.
  • The brewing unit is clogged with coffee powder particles and oil remnants. In this case, the grounds will not form a solid lump at all, the waste container will be empty and the mass of spent coffee will clog all parts of the machine.
  • Coffee machine control unit malfunction. The display will show an error. The machine will not see the beans. This is quite a complex malfunction, which will require thorough diagnostics and repair in a specialized service.

Most often this happens after the end of the warranty period of the device due to careless use.

Lack of coffee grind often causes a blockage, preventing the millstones from working properly.

Signs that the millstones are not working properly:

  • Grinder is working too quietly, not like before.
  • The speed of the millstones when grinding is much slower than before.
  • The noise has increased while the coffee maker is operating (has become louder).
  • The quality of brewed coffee is much worse and the strength is less.

The grinder needs to be cleaned and performed regularly.

It is also not recommended to use low-quality, greasy and too shiny coffee beans.

By the way. Correct: grind coffee. Grind, grind. forms of the word grind. A pray, pray. forms of the word pray.

The following can be identified as reasons why the coffee grinder stopped working:

  • The coffee grind level is not set or is not adjusted correctly.
  • The hardness of the water supply is not correct.
  • The water level is too low.
  • The care products for the coffee machine have not been adjusted correctly.

Delonghi Dedica coffee machine reset fix when only 3 seconds of coffee comes out to get a full cup

Sometimes it is not sufficient to simply clean the visible parts of the coffee machine. Dirt and coffee remnants can clog the interior of the machine. In this situation it is necessary to disassemble the device and it is better to do it in a professional service center, otherwise you can damage the subsequent performance of the coffee machine.

Review: DeLonghi ECAM 22.360S. The monster that will ruin any coffee

Good day to all. I want to share a review with you about a DeLonghi ECAM 22.360S. It would be more accurate to say. to prevent you from wasting a lot of money.

Purchased this machine at the very beginning of 2016, on the eve of Christmas. There was an incredible promotional offer that reduced the price from 1000 u. е. To 600 y. е., and even gave you a year’s interest-free installment plan. Yes, yes, such appliances are worth the money. I personally don’t understand why I have to pay them, but the decision was a collegial one. In general, the model is quite fresh, if only for the reason that it is still on sale. So, I hope to turn anyone’s eyes away from this kind of coffee miscommunication.

The warranty and service are valid for 1 year in this model, so after this time the box has been disposed of. There was nothing interesting on it, DeLonghi was praising its product in every possible way all over the cardboard.

Remains the instruction manual, which has the Russian language, fortunately. I should tell right away that you need a manual for this kind of device, because you won’t be able to intuitively figure out what’s what. But that would be half the trouble. The manual itself is not very clear either. I had a coffee machine a couple of years ago, also a Delonhgi, it was simpler and cheaper, but it was easy to figure it out in no time. This one took a lot of time.

In addition to the text version, there is a schematic version of the menu. Apparently the manufacturer thought that these illustrations might tell you something. I personally can’t figure it out, maybe you can.

Moving on to the design of the DeLonghi ECAM 22.360S. The letter “S” at the end indicates the silver color of the design. I have no complaints about it, I like this color solution very much for its versatility. I think the metallic silver color goes well with any decor. The body of the device is made of plastic, which makes it quite lightweight, less than 10 kg.

If the right side of the coffee machine is placed against the wall, the water block is not visible, which makes the overall appearance even more aesthetic, because the left side has nothing but the grid on top.

On the back is the jack for the power cord and a special recess in case the cable gets displaced. When they think of such small moments is nice, but it will not save you from the global barrage of negativity.

On the back is the general shutdown button. It can be set to “on” and not turn off at all. You can also turn it off completely from the outlet.

The power cord is ordinary. The length is fine, about 1.5 meters, which is enough for the kitchen. At least there are no complaints to this machine.

The bottom surface has a ribbed structure. This is useful so that the machine does not slip on the surface of the table. It copes with this function, surprisingly. In the photo the sticker is upside down, because it’s not desirable to put the machine on the container side.

There is no useful information on the type plate. Here is just the model number and the power consumption figures.

This is what the operation panel looks like. As you can see, not all buttons are intuitive.What makes me happy is the polite handling. The coffee machine always says “please”. This of course is not really saving it, but nice.

From above the machine looks like this. Here is a metal tray for dishes and a plastic cover for the coffee bean container.

delonghi, coffee, machine, ground

In order to access the grinder, the lid must be removed.

This is where the misunderstanding begins. Why is it impossible to make a fixed lid so that it somehow stays on the machine? Every time you have to take the plate off and then put it back on again.

You can only put one spoonful of ground coffee. It turns out that you can make coffee in two ways: either by grinding the beans or by pouring in the ground coffee. What is ground, the machine will take until the raw material runs out. But you can’t put more than one teaspoon of ground coffee in it. And the priority is on the beans. That is, if you run out of coffee beans but have ground coffee, you have to add one spoonful each time. Can you imagine the degree of inconvenience??

The grinder itself is built in. It has seven grinding modes from fine to coarse. And I find it terribly inconvenient that you can’t just grind coffee and take it out. The machine does it while it’s brewing.

On the right side there is a water tank (we will come back to it) and behind it there is a lid which leads to the very heart of the machine, the brewing unit.

It has to be cleaned all the time, at least once a month, when it is switched off. Do not use detergents in this case. Not to lie, no one washes it every month of course, but once every couple of months it gets cleaned for sure. To remove the assembly, you need to press the two red buttons, which are located on the sides.

For unknown reasons, the brewing unit is constantly filled with the remainder of the production.Not sure if this should happen, but this trend started when this DeLonghi first started working.

Judging by the inscriptions, the motor does have a German-made. But, this unit is not really saving it.

The water tank is quite compact, more than 1.5 liters can not be filled here. The plastic container itself is easy to remove and has a measuring scale.

As you can see, there is a white filter in the tank. It constantly asks to replace it. Before each cooking and after each cooking, the display of the machine says “replace filter”. In general, after each action it requests to change the filter, this is terribly annoying. Twice was taken to the service center about the filter. To what masters answer that in our country the water is such, for this reason the machine will always write so and it is not in the filter.

The back wall of the reservoir adjoins the unit itself and is secured with a special black contact.

At the bottom we have a stand that is made of stainless steel. This tray is a total horror.

We always have it covered with a special towel to at least protect it from scratches. But, still can’t do it, the scuffs on the stand come out literally from a whiff of wind.

Behind this stand is a compartment that collects used coffee. Extremely inconvenient that in order to get to this department, it is necessary to remove the entire stand.

And you have to clean the container all the time because when it is a third full, it already needs to be cleaned.

Another unpleasant thing to consider is that the used coffee is dumped into the compartment carelessly and stains the surrounding parts.

There are holes on the bottom tray where the rest of the liquid flows out.

Behind the metal plate is a red float, when there is enough water it rises and signals the need to drain this liquid.

Here are all the details of just the bottom stand and the used grounds compartment. This photo was taken to show how much cleaning you would have to do in the case of a regular coffee spill on the tray. This does not include the rest of the machine.

On the left there is a special tank for milk. You can’t put more than 500 ml. you can’t put more than 500 ml in it.

The milk container is closed with a lid that has two components: a foam faucet and a switch.

The switch sets the necessary height of froth in a cappuccino and there is also a function for cleaning the milk tap. This faucet gets clogged all the time, after every brew! Literally after every cup it says “cleaning required”. You clean this faucet with steam, as it should be, it starts making another cappuccino and doesn’t pour milk because it thinks it’s blocked. You have to blow that faucet with your mouth before every cappuccino!

That’s the whole unit assembled with the milk in it. You can see the process of making cappuccino in the video.

delonghi, coffee, machine, ground

It can still make a cappuccino after a lot of agonizing, but with quite a lot of foam. But only if you pour the right milk. If the milk is greasy, there’s no foam at all. So I have to choose: either it’s good or it’s foamy.

The froth is really thick and lush. You can even see the layering of the drink.

And now we come to the climax of indignation and indignation. In the photo below you can see the brewed coffee of maximum strength and maximum volume! Yes, yes there’s that light brown drink, in a 100-gram volume.

The second outrageous point, rather funny I would say. This coffee machine has a “two coffees” feature, which it makes from two taps. And here’s that two-cup volume it makes. Your guests come over, and here’s the situation.

Next I want to show you all the volumes that this monster does. I could not find three identical cups, but these cups are almost identical in circumference. The first option is a small coffee, the second option is a large coffee, the third option is two large coffees. Funny? Actually funny, but not when the device costs 600 u. е.

And finally, I wanted to show you how much water the machine drains during the cleaning process. And it does it twice: before it starts and after it finishes.

In addition to the disadvantages already listed, the DeLonghi ECAM 22.The 360S is also incredibly noisy and makes noises like African savannah animals in mating season.

In general, I would really like if some official representative would come across this review and see all the shortcomings of this model. The coffee machine is disgusting in everything: noisy, uncomfortable, slow, makes disgusting coffee of a minimum strength, is constantly dirty, and that is not the complete list of deficiencies.

There are only two positives to be found in this device. Firstly, the device has a nice design. Secondly, well, if you have an unkind relationship with your mother-in-law / mother-in-law can give a person such a thing, it will certainly ruin his life.

This is a joke, of course. I wouldn’t wish such a coffee monster on my enemy. Seriously, I wouldn’t take this machine a second time even for free. I take the DeLonghi ECAM 22.360S to the most unfortunate purchases in life, it may even take first place in the top.

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