Descaler for coffee machine

What is coffee machine decalcification?

Water contains salts and other substances. Their composition depends on the soils and pipes through which it flowed. The harder the water, the more salts it contains. When boiling, salts are released from the water and deposited on the walls of tubes and containers in which they are heated. They not only clog the holes through which steam must pass, but also worsen the taste of coffee, kill its aroma.

How to descale your Dedica Pump Coffee Maker EC680 and EC685

Decalcification is the removal of plaque from salts and metals from the surface of coffee machine parts. It can be carried out mechanically using abrasive pastes, in easily accessible places. Such cleaning will harm the parts of the coffee machine, make the surfaces rough, the joints will let steam through. As a result. a serious breakdown and failure of the unit. In coffee machines, clogging is complicated by the presence of oils in the coffee beans, which evaporate when heated and solidify, mixing with salts.

Most funds from scale are calculated only on ordinary salts, their dissolution. For coffee machines, special means are created, taking into account all the features of the decalcification of the mechanism.

Product range overview for descaling coffee machines

There are quite a lot of liquid scale preparations in stores, and choosing something specific is not so easy. However, there are a few hints and tips:

  • If a branded liquid is offered, it is better to take it, at least for expensive and branded devices. There is a risk of damaging fragile internal parts with an unknown composition, and it is better not to risk.
  • As a universal concentrate, you can take Melitta brand products. these liquids are inexpensive, but at the same time they clean well, and in fact, they are suitable for most coffee machines.
  • It is still advisable to find out what kind of water you have and select the right type of chemistry. Or just clean more often to remove deposits before they get too hard.
  • Price is not an indicator. There is no guarantee that the most expensive product will work better for your coffee maker than the generic cheap one.

However, cost sometimes becomes one of the important factors of choice. Here are the estimated from online stores in 2018:

descaler, coffee, machine

can vary greatly from store to store and from website to website. If the cost factor is important to you, take some time to compare prices, find discounts and promotions.

How to descale a coffee machine with citric acid and other methods

Coffee machines are firmly established. They are used in catering, office kitchens, at home, etc.e. almost everywhere. These devices have automated all stages of the preparation of coffee drinks, while ensuring high taste characteristics of products. But as usual, in the process of their operation there are some problems. One of them is the need to periodically clean the coffee machine from scale or, using another term, decalcify the coffee machine. This action includes rinsing machine parts, descaling, etc.d. All this will be the topic of this article.

When processing a coffee maker, it is important to clean several elements individually. Among them:


After the part is removed from the machine, you can see a dark residue on it. To wash the device from dirt, you must use hot water, immerse the holder there for 20 minutes, and then wipe it with a foam sponge (hard surface).

The holder is the part of the coffee machine into which the filter is inserted.


Before processing the component, it is necessary to get rid of condensate. Then the part must be immersed in a container with hot water and soda for 20 minutes.

Homemade Coffee Descaler. How to video

For the final removal of scale, the surfaces should be rubbed with a sponge, rinsed and dried with a dry cloth.


After 2 weeks, the brewing unit is removed from the machine and washed under clean water. Then it needs to be installed in its original place. If the part is not removable, then place a cleaning tablet in the ground bean compartment, place a capacious container under the horn and turn on the coffee brewing cycle.

The brewed knot is removed from the car.



They have a component containing acid. Use them only for aggregates with steel, glass or plastic coating. The substances are effective, but the acid negatively affects the automation system, corrodes rubber seals.

The removal of solid deposits is carried out in a room that is ventilated or in which there is a powerful hood. The fight against scale is not only measures to eliminate plaque, but also the prevention of its occurrence.

Softening filters

Effective products that significantly reduce water hardness. Prevent plaque buildup. After application, calcium and magnesium ions precipitate, do not reach the surface of the heating components.

Technological method of protection

This cleaning option was developed by manufacturers of household appliances. The effectiveness of the method in protecting the device from solid deposits, saving electricity.

Delonghi (Italy) has produced a natural-based product Optimal.

The key characteristics of the substance include:

  • Efficient cleaning of multiple layers.
  • In addition to cleaning coffee machines and components, the product removes solid accumulations in kettles.
  • For the base, lactic acid is taken.
  • 500 ml size is enough for 5 cleanings.
  • Testing has been testing and safe for use.

When working on cleaning the coffee machine, you must follow the recommendations:

  • Avoid contact with acid sensitive surfaces. For example, when the coffee machine is installed on a marble surface, it is important to put a film on top of it before cleaning.
  • Read the instructions for using the tool.
  • The substance must not come into contact with the skin and organs of vision. In case of contact, immediately wash with cold water.
  • Keep out of the reach of a child.
  • High efficiency. Many enterprises purchase industrial descaling products at wholesale prices. Purchasing large quantities is cost-effective. Substances that have been developed specifically for the destruction of lime deposits really help in solving many difficulties.
  • Safe Influence. Many modern products do not show a negative effect on aluminum and copper parts. They contain substances adapted to process with zinc coated steel.
  • Wide scope of application. The funds are used to clean heat exchangers, condensers, boilers, radiators, heating systems, pumping and other equipment. They are used at energy enterprises, in boiler houses, etc. Suitable for home use.

Cleaning frequency

On average, the need for cleaning occurs after about 200 coffees have been brewed by the machine, or once every 1-3 months, taking into account the frequency of operation of the machine and the hardness of the water used to make coffee.

The following factors may also indicate the need to delete deposits:

  • a whitish precipitate is present in the prepared drink;
  • during operation, the device emits an uncharacteristic rumble for it;
  • there is a drop in vapor pressure;
  • long-term whipping of milk foam and its weak splendor;
  • the coffee spout becomes thinner than before.

If warning signs appear that indicate scale, it is advisable to clean it immediately.

Descaling with citric acid and other improvised means

According to the laws of chemical interaction, salts dissolve under the influence of acid, so many believe that descaling a coffee machine can be done using citric or acetic acid. There is a simple algorithm for this.

  • The coffee maker should be cleaned of coffee residues, all removable parts should be rinsed with water.
  • Prepare a cleaning solution: concentrated citric acid is dissolved in warm water at the rate of 10 grams per 1 liter of water, food vinegar 6-8% is mixed with water at the rate of 1: 2 (1 part vinegar to 2 parts water).
  • Pour the solution into the tank and leave for 1.5-2 hours.
  • Turn on the coffee brewing program for the entire volume of the solution. After that, you can fill the tank with clean water and drive it through the coffee maker again.
  • If there are still traces of sediment in the water that drains into the cup, then the cleaning procedure will have to be repeated again.

We add on our own. the effectiveness of such a folk method is not too great, but the aggressive effect on the coffee maker systems is exactly the same as that of a chemical. According to those who use the method, a homemade citric acid solution works best with fresh scale, but does not cope well with accumulated plaque. Vinegar is even less effective.

In some sources, you can find advice to use Coca-Cola or Sprite as a descaling agent. There is too little acid in these liquids to properly clean the scale, so you should not put your coffee maker at undue risk.

Top best descaling products for coffee machines

You can remove dust and dirt from surfaces, use the self-cleaning function of internal channels, but this will only improve the appearance of the device. To flush the internal components of the structure, preparations intended for coffee makers, coffee machines are used.

The frequency of cleaning depends on the composition of the water poured into the unit, the model of the equipment and its functions.

The device will automatically signal the need for washing. However, this does not mean that it is already time to flush the machine from scale. The unit only counts the number of servings that have been prepared since the start of operation.

You can find out how the procedure for removing contaminants from the inside is performed from the instructions that came with the device. There is no single scheme. To. coffee machine designs. Means differ in composition, form of release, properties. On sale there are liquid, powder, solid (in the form of tablets) substances. You can find out in which compartment to load the composition from the manufacturer’s instructions.

Delonghi Ecocalk

This coffee machine cleaner is designed to remove scale from the Delonghi DLSC500. It can be purchased as a liquid. Produced in a polymer bottle, the volume of the substance is 500 ml. This is enough to perform the descaling procedure 5 times. The principle of operation of such a tool: there is a destruction of scale layers on the main elements inside the structure. The separated solid particles are then removed in the device washing the device.

The substance is positioned as effective in the fight against scale, so you should not expect that other types of pollution will be removed at the same time. The unit does not need to be disassembled first. He will perform all the actions himself, just pour the required amount of funds into the compartment. over, to determine the dose, the substances are guided by the scale printed on the vial.

Topperr 3006

This coffee machine cleaner is available as a liquid. Available in a 250 ml bottle. This composition is used for decalcification inside coffee machines (this is the name of the process of scale destruction). The advantage is a soft effect on the internal structural elements. The active substance is a mixture of components (vinegar and citric acid).

It is recommended to dilute the composition with water in a ratio of 0.25/05 ml. You can use the cleaner for coffee machines of different brands, including Delonghi. The price of a special liquid for descaling this unit is much higher.

Krups XS 3000

The coffee machine cleaner comes in the form of tablets. The package contains 10 pcs. The product is designed to remove coffee oils.

In the grains of coffee contains oils, which, as the preparations are accumulated on brass design elements, Holder, Sieve.

If you do not clean the coffee machine from oils, small functional holes are clogged. Under the Krups brand also produces a means intended for cleaning the design from scale, fat deposits, other types of dirt. The product in solid form is recommended to be pre-dissolved in water.

Bosch Descaling

This composition for cleaning the coffee machine can be purchased in the form of tablets. The package contains 6 pcs. 18 g each. They are used to care for the main components of the structure, as well as to clean them from scale. Intended substance for the care of coffee machines, kettles. When a tablet is used, it is placed in a special container, the device cleaning program is turned on.

Country of origin Germany. The tablets contained in the package are enough for 3 cleanings. The active ingredients are malic, citric and sulfamic acids. The advantage of tablets is the preservation of properties for a long period. They can be used for 3 years from the date of issue.

top house

Can be used to care for coffee machines, coffee makers. Available in liquid form for more efficient removal of contaminants. Manufacturer Country Germany. It is enough to pour the product into the unit 1 time and the scale will be removed. This is a universal cleaner, can be used to care for coffee machines, coffee makers of different models. Single dose for descaling 125 ml. It is poured into the water container, then liquid is added and the unit is turned on (the descaling program starts).

Durgol Swiss Espresso

Produced in a 250 ml polymer bottle. This amount is enough for 2 descaling procedures. The tool acts quickly, does not require the presence of a person during the procedure. It is used for automatic coffee machines, coffee makers and kettles. Contains no citric acid, reducing the risk of damage to aluminum parts. Another advantage of the product is food safety.

Philips Saeco Decalcifier

Form of release liquid. Carefully cleans the surfaces inside the coffee machine, if you use this product regularly, you can prevent the formation of scale. Available in bottles of 250 ml. To use, pour a dose of the substance into the water compartment. Add 1 liter of liquid there.

To complete the cleaning procedure, in the last step, pour 2-3 cups of coffee made from beans into the water tank, add a small amount of product. Then turn on the unit in cleaning mode. After the end of the procedure, you can not drink a drink.

Mechanical cleaning: sequence of actions

Before cleaning the machine, it is necessary to remove the used coffee and the coffee grinder compartment where the grains are located. Clear the holder where the ground coffee and the capsule are placed in the capsule model. Additional containers containing cream, milk, chocolate are also removed.

When the machine is ready, get to work:

What’s in Espresso Machine Descaling Products and How to Make Your Own Descaler

  • Heat the water to 35-40℃, dissolve the cleaning agent in it, according to the instructions. If citric acid or soda with salt is taken, keep the proportion of 1 tablespoon per 10 liters of water.
  • Put the water container in place, connect the pipes. In place of the drain, from where it will come out, you need to put a deep container.
  • Through the hot water button, drain about 100-150 ml, then turn off the device for 20-30 minutes.
  • Turn on the machine and select several different coffee preparation modes (3-4 will be enough). Discharged water should be drained.
  • Turn off the machine, disconnect the water container. Rinse it under running water. Pour in normal water that is used to make coffee. Prepare 2-3 cups of coffee without coffee. This will remove any remaining cleaning agent.
  • Prepare 2-3 cups of real coffee, but do not use them for food.

Some models of coffee machines have an auto-cleaning function. To do this, pour detergent into the specified container and press the appropriate button. All the nuances of such work are described in the instructions. But, not every model can boast a set of such additional functions. This does not mean that the machine does not need cleaning.

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