Designation of signs on Siemens washing machines

What do the icons on the Electrolux washing machine mean

In the process of performing the program, the Electrolux washing machine from both the front and vertical loading displays symbols on the display, indicating the stages at which it is located. They are deciphered as follows:

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  • If the start of the start is activated, the user will see the square with the word Timer and the figure, meaning the maximum possible time to start the program. It varies from 3 to 24 hours, depending on the model of the washing machine.
  • The image of the pelvis with the Roman number I means preliminary washing mode. It is suitable for linen with strong pollution and starts in front of the main cycle. In the cuvette for detergents, the powder must be added not only to the main compartment, but also with the number I. The duration of the mode when using this option increases by about 20%.
  • The pelvis with the Roman number II says that the washing machine is at the main stage of washing. Its duration depends on the selected program, water temperature and established additional options.
  • The icon in the form of water.filled container means rinsing.
  • A spiral icon reports that the washing machine is at the spin stage.
  • A basin filled with water means that the technique is equipped with a “stop with water” function and is at this stage.
  • The icon with the tank and the arrow down notifies that the water drainage is performed.
  • The image of the door in the form of a vertical stick and the arrow pointing to it means that the execution of the cycle is completed.

In addition to the main indicators, on the housing and panels of the Electrolux washing machine you can find a number of other designations reporting on the capabilities of technology and options available to the user.

  • The square in the form of a square with the inscription “Very quiet” and a sound wave reports that the user has acquired a technique with a reduced noise level.
  • The image of the weights and the number indicating the number of kilograms indicate the maximum allowable loading of the Electrolux washing machine.
  • The “additional rinse” option is indicated by the icon with the image of the pelvis with water and the arrow to the right.
  • A circle with an arc with arrows, placed in a square, matters “control of imbalance”.
  • The iron icon reports that the Electrolux washing machine is equipped with the “light ironing” function.
  • A square filled with water and bubbles reports that there is control of the formation of foam in the technique.

The main icons

Without fail, on the control panel of the Electrolux washing machine, you can find a sign that determines a particular laundry mode, linen care or a “home assistant” related to the overall management. It is necessary to talk about such signs in the first place, because, if you do not know their decryption, you can choose an inappropriate washing program and elementarily spoil the thing.

In general, the “poke method” is strictly not recommended to control the modern washing machine, so before carrying out the first launch of the newly purchased washer, carefully read the instructions and decipher the icons depicted on the control panel.

In the picture above, you can see 4 icons, they correspond to the four stages of linen care that the Electrolux automatic washing machine can provide. The icon depicting the pelvis in which the Roman number is located is deciphered as preliminary washing. By the way, you can find this icon on the powder receiver. Its manufacturer applies so that the user does not confuse compartments for the powder when he prepares the washing machine for launch.

The main washing is indicated by a sign that depicts a pelvis with a Roman number two. The main washing is used in all cases, so you need to decipher this icon in the first place. The drawing of the pelvis filled with water means rinsing, and the eloquent sign spiral means squeezing.

In the picture above, you can see another group of the most important and often used icons.

Visually, the icons “rinse” and “stopping the rinse” are noticeably different from each other. The water in the pelvis of the “rinse” icon is depicted with waves and ripples, when the water is transparent in the figure “stopping the rinse”.

  • Dicky of water from the tank of the washing machine is drawn in the form of a pelvis with a hole instead of the bottom. Water spills from this hole, as indicated by the arrow.
  • The “ending of the program” sign is drawn in the form of an arrow indicating to the right to an impromptu door, the role of which in the figure is performed by a vertically located stick.

As you can see, the decoding is not complicated, it can be remembered the first time. Some users using such washing machines make it even easier. Having decrypted the icons on the control panel, they glue paper stickers instead, on which the transcript data briefly write. In our opinion, this is too much, although, probably, this method also has the right to exist.

Auxiliary icons

Depending on the model and configuration, different Electrolux washing machines have a different set of functions. These functions are also indicated on the washing panel with special icons. In addition, significant information, which the manufacturer, for advertising purposes, wants to convey to buyers is also depicted on the body of the washing machine in the form of icons. True, they, unlike the signs described above, are easier to recognize without additional decryption.

  • If the washer is equipped with the “Starting” function, then on the case you will definitely see a square drawing into which the word Timer and the number 24, 12 or 8, depending on what time is the start of the start in this model of the machine, is possible.
  • If a model with a low noise level, then on the case you will see a square with the inscription “Very quiet” and the image of the sound wave inside.
  • The maximum loading of the drum of the washing machine is eloquently indicated by weights indicating the value in kilograms.
  • Additional rinse is indicated by a basin with water and an arrow arrow located above the pelvis and indicating to the right.
  • The “Dysbalance Control” icon is depicted as a circle in a square, an arc with arrows from both ends is located inside the circle.
  • The function “light ironing” is indicated by the image of an iron.square iron. There are two horizontally located lines under the sole iron, and there are two points on its case.
  • And, finally, the “foaming control” icon is depicted in the form of a square, which is partially filled with water, and partially soap bubbles.

Among the auxiliary icons on the control panel of the Electrolux washing machine, the designations of washing programs are distinguished. We presented a brief decoding of these designations in the figure that you see below.

In addition to those indicated in the picture, there are additional icons that can indicate rare washing programs and modes on some Electrolux washing models to decipher them, look in the instructions.

About the marking code

Marking is mandatory affixed on the case of any Electrolux washing machine. Let us give an example: Electrolux EWS1066CAU. This is a specific model of Electrolux washing machine, which has certain basic characteristics. They are encrypted in this marking designation. Let’s decrypt together this designation.

It is easy to decipher the first part of the marking code. this is the brand of the washing machine. In our case, Electrolux. Next are three English letters. The first letter again indicates the brand of washing machine, apparently the manufacturer admits that the marking designation will be affixed on the case with only a set of letters and numbers. The second letter indicates a type of technique, determining that this is a washing machine, not a refrigerator or microwave oven. The third letter determines the type of loading of the washing machine, as well as its variety.

Further in the code there are 4 digits. The first two digits determine the maximum speed speed. In our case, the speed is 1000 revolutions per minute, there are not many, but the washing machines of this series can have speed of up to 1600 revolutions. The third digit indicates the maximum loading of the washing drum, in our example. 6 kg. And the fourth digit indicates the type of control of the washing machine, as a rule, this is electronic control. The last letters of the marking code are designed to indicate the varieties of components and assemblies used in the machine, for the user this information is not particularly needed.

The last letters of the marking code can be useful if you have to, for example, change the washing engine. Knowing the code, you can easily choose the right knot or unit in the store.

, Note that modern Eleklux washing machines have already decrypted icons on their control panels, but if you get a model where there is no decryption, this publication will come to the rescue. Well, if you need to decipher the icons on other wash models, the publication of signs on the washing machine will help you. Successful research!

Terms of use

We will not start with the background and proceed immediately to the main thing. we will consider the main actions that you should take in order to use the home assistant correctly.

  • At the very beginning, turn on the unit in the outlet and open the water supply valve. this is how you launch the washing program.
  • We open the hatch and load into it in advance of laundry sorted into groups for washing. The main thing is to remember that you should not load too much washing, as this can provoke the system error of the unit.
  • Close the hatch and press it to a characteristic click. do not crush it strongly, since you can break it like that.
  • Turn the sector relay by placing the desired program and washing mode.
  • Click the button. “launch of washing” and expect the end of the process of launched washing itself.
  • At the end of the launched washing program, it will be displayed on the END display return the relay sector to the initial position and block the water tap.

Management and indicators

Each operating instruction contains the main designations of each indicator on the control panel. it helps effectively, and most importantly, interact correctly with the unit.

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the selector where the washing programs are provided. this is a rotary relay that has a black circle and determining its position. The panel always displays all the programs of the set washing, and all the necessary functions that will allow you to choose what you need.

Next, it is worth highlighting 7 buttons that help you set you need the temperature of a particular washing, the speed of the drum revolutions during spin, certain functions. Also on the display there is also a launch button for the selected program. on the right side of the panel itself.

The machine is also equipped with an information display. the system displays all the necessary information necessary for control. And yet, the panel itself has only one indicator. is located above the button, marked as “launch/stop of the program”.

An element in the control panel of the washing machine is considered a small drawer of a drawer type. a dispenser. It is in it that a portion of gel or washing powder is loaded into it.

Other modes on the control panel

To effectively wash things on a German typewriter, it is necessary to translate almost the entire dashboard into Russian. Each “German” has a rather rich “arsenal” of programs and functions. it is better to get to know them in advance. It is enough to learn about 20 designations presented below.

  • Literary translation from German. “Special soaking”. Allows you to soak heavily contaminated linen in soapy water for a longer time. Suitable for cotton, chintz, flax and other strong materials.
  • Is the main washing suitable for all types of textiles.
  • In Russian it sounds like “hot washing”, in terms of functionality it is similar to an intensive mode. With this program, the clothes are literally boiled: the water heats up above 60 degrees, and the cycle lasts more than an hour. It should be understood that only products made of durable natural fabrics can withstand such a “test”: bed, towels, cotton shirts, working things.
  • Designed to wash the color. To preserve the pigment, you cannot set heating above 60 degrees.

On German washing machines there is a mixed mode indicated by the word “mix”.

  • Convenient universal “mixed” mode, on which you can simultaneously wash different types of colored fabrics.
  • Separate mode for cleaning denim.
  • Translated as “light washing”. Designed for cleaning delicate fabrics with minor spots. It is perfect to refresh underwear, blouses, shirts and tulle of colored synthetics.
  • Offers light ironing. Due to careful spin and smooth rotation of the drum during washing, linen practically does not change, and the folds and creases available on the clothes are smoothed without an iron.

In order to wash without problems on a German machine, you need to deal with its dashboard in advance. The first step is to correctly translate all unfamiliar terms into Russian.


  • How the “Spulen” translated in the washing machine?
  • We translate the terms on imported washing machines
  • How to spell the squeezer in the washing machine in English?
  • How “pflegeleicht” translates in the washing machine
  • How Spin translates on a washing machine
  • Washing machines production

Translation of modes and programs of machine from German

The translation from German is not complicated, but standing with the dictionary over the washing machine is inconvenient, especially if you are not familiar with the language. We offer a simple translation:

Designation Translation of the function
Vorwasche Soaking, preliminary washing mode.
Waschen Schuh For shoes.
Intensive Waschen Intensively.
Zeit Sparen “Economy” mode or fast.
Handwasche Manual.
Fein Wasche Delicate. For example, there may be the Fein 30 or Fein 40 mode (with temperature).
Mischwasche Mixed.
Spulen Launch of rinsing.
Schleudern Running spin.
Weichspulen (Einweichen) Soaking things.
Kurz Schleudern Fast cycle.
Ohne Schleudern Do not push off, the abolition of the spin. the mode “without spin”.
Spulen Schleudern Rinse mode.
Schleudern Drehzahl Selecting the speed of rotation of the drum during spin.
Spul Stop Stop the rinse.
Leicht Bugeln Light ironing option.
Outdoor Refresh.
TroCken Dry.
Startzeit Detain the program.

Washing machine Siemens WS 12T440

Economical washing machine Siemens WS 12T440 is a good gift for any family. It differs in low energy consumption during operation, only 38 liters of water are required per cycle. for comparison, most competitors spend about 60 liters. And such a savings in no way affects quality. linen is perfectly wiped out, in one load in the drum you can put up to 7 kg of things.

The model also has other functional features:

  • 15 effective programs, including washing silk, downy items and jeans. You can independently choose the speed of rotation of the drum, the benefit with a digital display is easy to set the desired parameters;
  • Safety. the machine is equipped with a system of protection against children, has a control of an imbalance and foam level, fully protects the apartment from leaks;
  • The drum cleaning mode. now you can forget about an unpleasant odor, the device independently conducts all the necessary manipulations;
  • The ceramic heater. innovative material is durable in work, will not fail for many years;
  • Starting the launch and the task of ending the washing. favorite things will be ready at the appointed hour.

Buyers note not only excellent functionality, but also a successful appearance. the machine will fit into any interior, it will be perfectly in harmony with another household appliances. It also attracts an affordable price. with this number of advantages and high quality work, we can say that it is even low.

Characteristics Siemens WS 12T440

Type of washing machine
Installation Separately standing
Type of loading Frontal
Maximum load 7 kg
Drying No
Control Electronic (intelligent)
Display there is a digital
Dimensions (SKGXV) 60x45x85 cm
Color white
Efficiency and energy consumption classes
Energy consumption A
Washing effectiveness A
Except efficiency B
Energy consumed 0.13 kWh/kg
Water consumption for washing 38 l
Spin speed up to 1200 rpm
The choice of speed speed there is
The abolition of the spin there is
Water protection Complete
Protection from children there is
Dysbalance control there is
Monitoring the level of foam there is
The number of programs fifteen
The program for wool there is
Silk program there is
Special programs Washing: delicate fabrics, economical, jeans, downy things, fast, preliminary
Other functions and features
The thimmer of the start of the beginning There is (up to 24 hours)
Setting the end time for washing there is
Tank material plastic
Loading hatch diameter 32 cm
Noise level (washing / squeezing) 56 /78 dB
Additional opportunities Temperature selection, program ending signal
Additional Information shirts, underwear, impregnation, hygiene; IQDRive motor, Varioperfect, Variosoft drum
  • The cotton box corresponds to the laundry of cotton white and colored clothing with ordinary and light pollution. If there is an Yeso inscription next to it, then the program is suitable for non.lily.colored cotton items and white cotton.
  • The flask icon indicates the washing of things from synthetic or mixed fabric.
  • The image of a flower means washing thin fabrics, for example, viscose or acrylic clothing.
  • A ball of wool and a basin with water is responsible for one mode suitable for washing wool and thin materials that need to be washed with hands.
  • The image of the butterfly corresponds to a special model of washing silk clothing.
  • The picture of the blanket indicates the washing of the cover, downy, quilted and synthetic blankets.
  • The image of trousers means that on this program you can wash jeans, dark clothes and knitted things.
  • The picture of the curtain corresponds to a special washing program in which there is a preliminary washing.
  • Image Sneak indicates washing sports things.
  • The picture of the shirt tells the user that on this program you can wash five shirts with small pollution.
  • The pelvis with wavy lines corresponds to rinsing and washing modes in cold water.
  • The image of the snail indicates an annexation mode.
  • Pelvis with an arrow descending down indicates a drain of water.

Turning the handle on the machines of this brand you can choose such a wash:

  • Ordinary. It is marked by the image of the pelvis with 2 vertical lines.
  • Fast. It is noted by the pelvic icon with horizontal lines and the letter R.
  • Cotton things. It corresponds to the image of a cotton box.
  • Manually. Its symbol is a basin with a hand lowered into it.
  • Daily. The image of T.shirts answers her.
  • Synthetics. The picture of the flask indicates it.
  • Delicate. The image of the feather corresponds to her.
  • Wool. It is indicated by the picture of a ball of wool.
  • Preliminary. It is depicted by a pelvis with one vertical line.
  • In cold water. An image of a snowflake will tell about her.
  • Without spinning. It denotes a crossed snail.
  • Energetic. It is indicated by a pelvis with two wavy lines.

Functions are selected separately:

  • Rinsing. He corresponds to a picture of a watering can with three drops.
  • Except. It is indicated by a snail.
  • Except with a drain. Next to the Snail badge is a picture of an arrow directed down.
  • Turning on delays. Its symbol is a dial.
  • Additional rinse. This regime is indicated by two watering waters with drops of water.
  • Indamination. A picture of an iron will tell about this mode.

Symbols on the display

The display of any SMA is a display of the washing process with all the chosen basic and additional parameters.

In the Siemens automatic machine, it displays such attitudes and data as:

  • squeezing speed;
  • the remaining time before the end of the cycle;
  • the maximum allowable load (depends on the selected program);
  • indication of the status of the cycle;
  • Blocking SMA.

If the first three points on the display are displayed by numbers, then messages about the program and blocking of the door. icons. Their decryption is as follows:

  • The “key” symbol indicates the locking of the device. To activate it or deactivation, you need to click on the “Start/ Pause” button (it is depicted in the form of a rhombus with a vertical dash inside) and hold it for 5 seconds.
  • The appearance on the display of the pelvic picture with a hill suggests that the laundry is currently washing.
  • If the icon shines in the form of a basin of water, then there is a rinse process.
  • The image of the “twisted spiral” denotes the squeezer.
  • The appearance on the display of the picture of the loading hatch of the washer in combination with the word YES suggests that it is possible to open the drum door and load forgotten things.

If instead of Yes blinks no, then the dementing of linen at this stage of the work is impossible.

Key designations

To turn on the device on all washing machines there is a start/start button.

Icons denoting the modes of washing, as well as other functions of the machine, are often carried out on the panel around the handle, the turning of which helps to choose the program.

The icons are also located near the buttons, including a certain function or program.


Most often, the image of the pelvis is used to label standard washing modes, which is supplemented by other elements. For example, if the pelvis is depicted with the hand, then such a badge denotes manual washing.

Some icons will tell you that the onpid operation is suitable for washing curtains, sportswear, children’s things, blankets. Many cars also note the modes for different fabrics. wool, jeans, cotton, synthetic materials and others.

Also related to washing are pictures indicating:

  • Washing at low temperatures. Cold water when washing on some models of machines is indicated by a snowball.
  • Fast washing.
  • Preliminary washing.
  • Economic washing mode.
  • Honely loading.
  • The ability to increase the norm of water.


On different cars, the rinse process can be indicated:


The spin function on most of the washing machines is indicated by the twisted spiral or snail. If such a picture is crossed out, then there is no squeezing mode at the selected washing program.

Error codes of washing machines

Modern technique itself informs the owner about the presence of certain faults. True, it does this not in ordinary human language, but using special symbolic codes on the device display. What does each of them mean you can easily determine from our list.Error F23.

Aquastop system signaling the presence of leaks in the machine details was activated. Until the error is eliminated, using the device is strictly prohibited. It is necessary to check the pallet in the center of which, as a rule, water begins to accumulate. The main causes of leaks can be damage to the hose or drain pump, the crack of the tank. After eliminating the malfunction, the error leaves, and the water water system is again transferred to monitoring mode.

Malfunction in the drain system. The drain filter can clog, the problem in the drainage channels arises, or some small part simply out of order. In the event of this error, immediately stop the water supply and pull out the device cord from the electric network. First, it is necessary to remove and clean the drain filter, then check if the drain pump was clogged, then return all the parts to the place and try to turn on the machine. If the error remains, the problem of the control module.

Like error F23, it indicates the presence of leaks. Also, the occurrence of this error may indicate a malfunction of the system of the water area. damaged contacts, for example. The repair procedure here is the same as with an error F23. it is necessary to identify and eliminate the reason for the operation of the protective system of the machine.

Water drain problems. Also warns the owner that the device cannot produce the correct drainage drainage. The reason most often lies in the blockages, in more serious cases, the control unit is to blame.

Tells us about the breakdown in the drive engine control system. It is necessary to diagnose the engine control relay and replace the failed parts.

It occurs, as a rule, due to lack of water on the inlet valve. It is necessary to check the performance of the electromagnetic valve, measuring the resistance of the coil.

And again, the machine tells us about the leak. The procedure here is the same as with similar errors. we find a leak and eliminate it.


This manufacturer cares about the convenience of using its products, so on the washing machines from Indesit you will see not just icons. Near each icon you can read the name of the program, as well as see its number.

Icons on the machines of the Indesit brand are understandable to users:

  • Washing things from cotton is indicated by a schematic picture of a blossoming cotton box.
  • To designate the washing of synthetic materials on Indesit machines, a chemical flask is present.
  • The image of the flower indicates a delicate washing mode.
  • Picture of pants denotes the mode of washing jeans.
  • Seeing a picture of the curtain, you will choose a curtain washing mode.
  • A skein of thread is depicted next to the mode of washing woolen fabrics.
  • Drawing of a tree denotes an economical washing.
  • The image of the iron indicates the function of easy ironing.
  • The picture of the dial is the designation of the very fast washing mode.

Key designations

To turn on the device on all washing machines there is a start/start button.

The icons are also located near the buttons, including a certain function or program.


Most often, the image of the pelvis is used to label standard washing modes, which is supplemented by other elements. For example, if the pelvis is depicted with the hand, then such a badge denotes manual washing.

Experiment. Foam Battle. Ariston vs Siemens. washing machines

Some icons will tell you that the onpid operation is suitable for washing curtains, sportswear, children’s things, blankets. Many cars also note the modes for different fabrics. wool, jeans, cotton, synthetic materials and others.

Also related to washing are pictures indicating:

  • Washing at low temperatures. Cold water when washing on some models of machines is indicated by a snowball.
  • Fast washing.
  • Preliminary washing.
  • Economic washing mode.
  • Honely loading.
  • The ability to increase the norm of water.

Reset lavadora Siemens, elimina los errores. Siemens washing machine reset, eliminates errors.


On different cars, the rinse process can be indicated:


The spin function on most of the washing machines is indicated by the twisted spiral or snail. If such a picture is crossed out, then there is no squeezing mode at the selected washing program.

The main symbolism

To start the operation of the machine and pause it, you need to use the “Start/pause” button (||). Some devices are equipped with an additional button “./Off.»To turn on and off the network.

Each manufacturer draws up the laundry settings panel in different ways.

The manufacturer Bosh designed the panel where the washing modes are indicated, it is clear that it was not difficult to configure the machine the machine the first time. For the standard option, it is enough to turn the lever to the required item and turn on the Start button, which has a rhombus icon and a vertical strip inside it.

  • Dirty T.shirt. mode for strong pollution,
  • empty capacity and vertical strip. preliminary washing,
  • An iron. insoluability,
  • a capacity with a wave and an arrow up. an increased amount of water.


At the machine of the Indesit brand, there is a decryption of washing modes, as well as additional functions, thanks to which you can simply select the desired number using a rotating lever. Under the display, all icons are also signed.


The Samsung washing machine often absent at all. The manufacturer simplified the task of the housewives, simply signing the functional buttons.

But some additional opportunities are still indicated by signs:

  • Smiley Castle. Blocking from random presses,
  • Dirty T.shirt. washing high intensity,
  • a capacity with a wave. additional soaking,
  • hand in the container. manually washing,
  • capacity and vertical fishing line for a trimmer. preliminary wash mode.

Like Samsung brand, icons are also rare on LG models. All programs are indicated in Russian, and additional opportunities are also indicated by the text.


Many Ariston models have no decryption at all. all programs and additional functions are indicated by icons. Therefore, the first time to use such a technique will be difficult.

  • T.shirt. cotton,
  • T.shirt with spot. Staining Removing,
  • The flask is synthetics,
  • mix. mixed linen,
  • M. my program: the ability to record a frequently used program on it,
  • pillow and blanket. bedding,
  • tape. silk, curtains,
  • A ball. wool,
  • a capacity with a wave, a spiral and an arrow down. an additional installation of spin, rinsing or draining water.
  • T.shirt with increasing stripes. type of washing,
  • a capacity with a wave and a shower with increasing stripes. type of rinsing,
  • spiral. squeezing power,
  • thermometer. water temperature,
  • arrow dial. deferred start,
  • a dial with horizontal stripes. a short cycle,
  • iron. light ironing,
  • feather. economical washing (water is not heated and consumed economically),
  • child’s face. blocking from random presses.


The following designations are found on the apparatus of Zanussi:

  • Circle with a triangle. cotton,
  • Interrupted triangle (flask). synthetics,
  • Wood. water saving,
  • iron. light ironing,
  • Flower. delicate fabrics,
  • hand in the container. manually washing,
  • threads. woolen things,
  • Pants are jeans,
  • T.shirt with spots. intensive mode,
  • a capacity with a wave and a vertical strip. soaking,
  • capacity with a wave and dots. rinsing,
  • a capacity with a wave and an arrow down. draining water,
  • Spiral. squeeze.


On panels of Candy brand machines, icons are often used by other manufacturers. However, original designations are also found:

  • letter P in the pelvis. preliminary washing,
  • plus and two drops. the Aqua Plus mode, which provides for additional rinse,
  • Dial with an arrow to the right. deposit of launch,
  • letter T and 0C in the pelvis. water temperature,
  • iron. light ironing.

Designations for choosing a washing program:

  • Vata with a spot. intensive washing of cotton (at a temperature of 90 degrees),
  • Vata. cotton (color resistance),
  • The flask is synthetics,
  • feather. delicate fabrics,
  • shower in the pelvis. rinsing,
  • Spiral. squeeze,
  • a capacity with a wave and an arrow down. draining water,
  • 14. Fast mode,
  • hand in the pelvis. manual mode,
  • A ball. wool,
  • Mixwash. Mixed laundry mode.

Container icons for special tools

Each washing machine is equipped with a special tray in which the washing products are placed. In order for the process to go qualitatively and correctly, you need to know what exactly and in which compartment is falling asleep (poured).

Each container in the tray has a symbolic image that will help determine where to pour liquid powder and where dry:

  • The letter “A”, the number 1 or I is recommended only for dry powder, the product from this compartment is used for preliminary washing,
  • letter “B”, number 2 or II. a powder for the main washing is placed here. There is also a container for a bleach, stain cooler or protective agent. If such a container is absent, then the product falls asleep directly into the compartment with the powder,
  • Star or flower. place for softeners and air conditioners.

Review of WHIRLPOOL washing machines

A large selection of various models is presented on the market, but some of them have become most popular.

Whirlpool AWS 51011

This is the most budget option, price from 12 thousand. The front.type machine has more than 15 programs, several additional functions. Download up to 5 kg. Consumes about 40 liters. water.

AWW 61000

The most popular sample of washing machine. Cost in the region of 15 tons., The capacity reaches 6 kg. The class of electrical consumption is higher.

FSCR 80414

Functionally the latest full.sized model in which all functions are contained, a new drum design is used, etc.D., It can be listed endlessly. Price from 27 t.

Siemens 7 Kg washing Machine Demo

The main drawings

The main signs are those that determine the mode of operation and care for linen, as well as icons responsible for general management. Understand how they are deciphered, it is especially important. if you choose a program that is not suitable for the type of fabric, there is a risk of spoiling things. In general, during the first operation, it is still worth studying the instructions, so as not to start working with the machine by the “poke” method.

The picture presented below shows 4 icons. All of them belong to one series. Each of them corresponds to a certain stage of clothing.

Important! You can also find the designation of preliminary washing on the powder dispenser, the manufacturer applies it so that the consumer does not confuse the compartments before starting the machine.

Another group of icons is associated with the end of washing. So, a container filled with water means “stopping the rinse”. Visually, the icon is very different from the usual “rinsing”. in the drawing in the basin, water is completely transparent. The drain is depicted in the form of a container in which an arrow comes out of the bottom (draining water). The end of the cycle looks like an arrow to the right, pointing to the door (vertical wand).

How to replace the heater element on a washing machine. Indesit

Such a decryption is easy to remember. Some owners of washing machines act even easier: they stick signed paper stickers on top signs on top. From the outside, this may seem to be overgrown, but people with poor memory will like this method.

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