Dishwasher combustion does not gain water

Why does the dishwasher do not get water: the causes of the malfunction

Modern dishwashers are considered quite reliable. But it happens that there are problems with a set of water. If such a situation happened, you need to urgently figure out why water is not typed in a dishwasher. This can be both a breakdown of the node or parts of the device, and the banal absence of water in the water supply.

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What to do if the dishwasher does not get water

Often the reason for many malfunctions with the dishwasher is illiterate operation. It is necessary to check the correct use of the technique. All recommendations are spelled out in the instructions for a specific model. You also need to make sure that the water enters the crane. In apartments to the kitchen, water is brought in one riser. If there is no water in the tap, then it will not be set to the dishwasher. Parts with water supply lead to temporary problems with the dishwasher.

The reasons why the dishwasher does not gain water are different. Many problems can be eliminated independently. For example, to deal with the supply of water from the water supply under the desired pressure, clean the filter, check the correct connection of the hoses. But when breaking a part or node, it is better to contact the service center. This will help to avoid even more serious problems and expensive repair.

How to check the solenoid valve on your dishwasher?

Water does not enter the dishwasher

Few people leave indifferent a working dishwasher, because it frees us from unpleasant standing near a shell with a rag and a detergent irritating hand. But everything changes when the car breaks. the mood drops sharply. When a dishwasher does not gain water, we understand that we are talking about a breakdown, but what a breakdown? How to detect such a breakdown and how to eliminate, preferably with your own hands? We will answer these and other questions within the framework of the article.

For what reason the dishwasher does not get water? To answer this question, you must very carefully inspect the car, systematically checking every possible problematic element. During the check, you will come across a breakdown, which will have to be eliminated. So, what typical breakdowns lead to the fact that the dishwasher tries to pour water, but there is still no water.

  • Water does not come due to the clogged flow filter or filters.
  • Water is not supplied due to a broken flood valve.
  • Water does not flow due to breakdown of the door mechanism.
  • Pressostat broke, because of this water does not fall into the bowels of the dishwasher.
  • Water is not supplied due to the fact that the Aquastop system worked.
  • The element of the control unit failed.

Note! The above list of breakdowns is not exhaustive, but in approximately 96% of cases, in such symptoms, these malfunctions are found.

Cannot be discounted and user errors. Quite often, people call the masters, complaining that the dishwasher does not pump water, and meanwhile, the reason for the lack of water supply is a blocked crane, an accelerated hose or the banal disconnection of the water supply of the apartment. It is clear that people are different, and situations are also different, but we hope that you, our readers, are much more smart and will not do this and mix specialists.

A flowing filter clogged, the water area worked

The first reason why there is no water in the dishwasher, we will be described depending on the design of this dishwasher of this very. We express ourselves clearer. The fact is that most of the modern Bosch dishes have a system of protection against the flow of aquastop and if the water hose works, that is, it forms a leak, then the valve inside the hose will be reliably closed and the water will not get into the machine.

How to solve such a problem describes in detail in our publication a water area for a dishwasher. checking and replacing. But in short, then in such a situation you just need to change the water hose. Such an element is not subject to repair and replacement.

The new hose has an aquastop, the valve capacity is perfect, which means that the water will fall into the car well until the protection is again, protecting your home from flooding. If your dishwasher does not have an aquastop protection and at the same time a flood hose is absolutely dry and there are no traces of leaks, then it is likely to be clogged with water stone and dirty filter.

Important! Very often, after replacing the risers from the tap, rusty water with a splash of litter begins to flow, such water clogs filters very quickly, so try not to wash the dishes in the dishwasher.

An experienced master, when installing a dishwasher, usually puts an additional flow filter on a pouring hose so that there is an additional guarantee that any dirt does not get into the vehicle with tap water. But in this case, you need to watch for filters and periodically clean them. If this is not done, one day either an additional filter, or the main one, which stands in front of the intake valve on the dishwasher, and the water will stop entering the machine. How to save the situation?

  • First we block the water.
  • Next, unscrew the hose along with the filter.
  • Remove the filter and spin it, then clean the dirt, wash with boiling water and fasten it on the hose.
  • Put everything in place and check how the dishwasher works.

If after that the dishwasher is buzzing, trying to download water, but there is still no water, you need to continue to look for further. But do not forget to clean the filters, once every 6 months you definitely need, even if the water in the water supply is soft.

The filler valve broke

The reasons why water cannot get into the dishwasher can be associated with the operation of the filling valve. This valve is a fairly sensitive element of the dishwasher and it can even disable a pressure difference. In particular, manufacturers of Bosch dishwashers in the instructions for their products indicate recommendations for installing the dishwasher in the event that the pressure in the water supply is above 1 MPa. In addition to running cleansing filters, they recommend putting reduction valves.

If there is no reduction valve, and the water pressure is significant, then the own flood valve of the dishwasher will quickly break and either does not open at the right time, or vice versa remains in the open state, and the water will constantly pour into the machine. In this case, it is almost impossible to fix the valve, because the mechanism breaks down, you will have to change. If the valve simply clogged with dirt and does not open, then the problem is solved by ordinary mechanical cleaning.

The water level sensor is to blame for everything

Bosch dishwasher seems to be buzzing, and the bulbs are all burning, but why is the water still not poured? The culprit of this disgrace may turn out to be a press.water vessel. This is a device that is also called a water level sensor, is obliged to determine exactly how much water in the car at a given time. But the problem is that at one not very fine the moment he can refuse to fulfill his function and then the following will happen:

  • Water will actually enter the dishwasher, but the control module will not know about this;
  • The machine will overflow, and the pump will begin to pump out excess water in emergency mode;
  • The control module, thinking that the water does not enter the car, gives out a systemic error and stops the work of the program.

Understand what exactly happened to your dishwasher is easy. Listen to whether there is water in the dishwasher, whether the pump is working, pumping water, and whether the water in the drain hose and the pipe is gurgling. If all this takes place, then the first version that will need to be checked is a breakdown of the press. You can read about how to check and replace the press starting in the corresponding article published on our website.

Problems with the control module

The reasons for the fact that water does not enter the dishwasher can lie in the electronics of the car, or rather in its control module. Claim with this element and units will be able to fix it. Not even all experts take up such a repair, but at least you must at least look at this detail. The control module is one of the most important details of the dishwasher, since it coordinates and gives commands to work or stop other details and the entire dishwasher entirely.

Important! It often happens that not the entire module is out of order, but a particular detail. If you find it and replace the board will work again, but it is quite difficult to do it.

To pull out the control module, you will need to disassemble the door of the dishwasher. This is not difficult:

  • We open the car door wide;
  • We hold her so that she does not begin to close at a crucial moment;
  • Now we unscrew the small screws that are located on the ends and the back of the door;
  • We disconnect the two parts of the door and inside we see a board on mounts. this is the module.

Visually inspect the fee, if there is no visible damage to it, then you should not go further, call a specialist who will deal with the problem and may advise you to change this detail.

So, in most cases, if water does not enter the dishwasher for some reason, you can cope with the problem on your own, without involving a specialist. But in every tenth case of such a breakdown, the opinion of a qualified master will necessarily need! Good luck!

Detailed briefing to solve the problem

If you checked the pressure or water in the water supply system, examined the valve overlapping the feed. and everything is in order, act further. Check the condition of the hose and make sure that Aquastop has worked. If these reasons are excluded, you will need repairs, the stages of which are described below.

Flood valve breakdown

The inlet valve is present in all PMM, regardless of their design. If the serviceability of the part is in doubt, the water is not supplied to the system due to the fact that the valve blocks access to the fence hose.

Why the part is damaged? In many cities, the power grids do not differ in stability and voltage surges. not uncommon. If the voltage in excess enters the winding of the valve, it burns out. The faulty winding blocks the signal for the stem, which is why the elastic rubber membrane blocks the inlet. If your home power grid is not protected by voltage stabilizers. Check the valve first of all.

After finding a breakdown, do not try to fix the part. Replace the element with a new one. If there is not enough experience, ask the Master’s help.

On a note! Having decided on independent repairs, select the original similar part. the marking of the product should correspond to the model and number of the dishwasher.

It is known that the designs of the washing and dishwasher are similar. Therefore, a detailed instructions for replacing the element from the page “To AK check and replace the intake valve in the washing machine” will suit you.

Bunker door

Until the loading hatch closes, as it should be. with a sufficient density, the sink will not start, which means that the water will not enter the system. The fault of everything is blocking. But before you go for a new lock, carefully inspect the entire door:

  • Grocey gum should be whole. The slightest deformation can disrupt the dense closing of the hatch.
  • If the lock is malfunction, it needs to be repaired or changed.
  • Check the correct location of the baskets and arranging dishes-perhaps something inside the bunker prevents the door from closing the door.
  • Re.check the installation of PMM. If the case is not in level, interference is created to a tight fit of the door.

The sequence of actions when replacing the castle:

  • Open the hatch and twist the mounts. Act carefully so as not to cut on the sharp edges of the stainless coating. Be sure to hold the top panel so that it does not disappear.
  • Disconnect the terminal terminal terminal.
  • Twist the fasteners of the upper part and dismantle the lock.
  • Install a new part, connect the wiring.
  • Install the upper panel in place by returning the mounts to the places.

Replacing the castle was successful? Install a new latch, since the details of the mechanism should be 100 % new.

Watch the video on disassembling the dishwasher Bosch:

Cleaning the filter

If the indicator on the control panel blinks or the machine writes “no water”, the cause may be blocking the filter-mitzer. It is clogged with rough particles and impurities that are universally present in tap water, especially if the machine is connected to a hot pipe. To clean the grid, follow the recommendations:

  • Cross the valve.
  • Unscrew manually a bulk hose.
  • Where the hose was screwed, there is a small net. Carefully get it with pliers.
  • Wash the filter under the crane.
  • With a strong suction of the grid, soak it for 30-60 minutes in an aqueous solution of citric acid.
  • Gather everything in place, connect communications, run a test idle mode to check if the problem is solved.

The failure of the control module

In principle, any PMM malfunction can be reduced to the failure of the electronic module. this element “commands” all processes in the typewriter. To check the fee, practically laboratory conditions are needed to check each of its elements. The firmware will be needed with minor problems, in the most difficult case, the fee must be replaced.

How much about work cost?

After analyzing the rates of Bosch service centers and private repair companies, we can bring approximate for repair work, which are required in the absence of water supply:

  • Replacement of the intake valve will cost you 900 and above.
  • Adjusting or replacing the Aquastop system costs from 1000.
  • Door adjustment, repair of its mechanisms. from 1000.
  • Replacing the water level sensor starts from 1500.
  • Work with the control module cost 2000–2500.

Close to these prices, therefore, home elimination of problems is not such a bad idea, especially if you want to save. But remember that if the equipment is still under warranty, it is better to contact the service center for free maintenance, which will be provided in the absence of your guilt in the occurrence of a breakdown. Good luck in repair undertakings!

Why does the dishwasher Gorenje do not get water

You should immediately pay attention with the non.receipt of water to the dishwasher for domestic causes of this embarrassment:

  • loosely closed door;
  • not completely inserted into the network, the rosette fork of the device;
  • closed or slightly ajar valve of the tap.

If everything is in order, further actions must be performed by the master. By calling our service center, you can wait after 1-2 hours of our specialist. Within 10-15 minutes, it will carry out a complete diagnosis. Most often, its results are the identification of such reasons:

  • a malfunction of the press starting;
  • filter clogging;
  • breakdown of the electronic control module;
  • an excess of the supply pipe or its damage;
  • Damage of the inlet valve.

If the model has an range of aquastop to protect against leaks, its malfunction can also cause the Gorenje dishwasher does not fill water.

Gorenje dishwasher does not gain water: what to do?

The owner’s actions in such circumstances: Disable the device from the network and call the master from our service center.

Specialist actions. diagnosis of the most vulnerable nodes, identifying the breakdown itself and determining its cause. Further, the master agrees with the owner the feasibility of repair or replacement. The whole procedure will take no more than two to three hours and is accompanied by our official guarantees for two years and longer.

Why is there no water supply

How to understand that the reason for the intake capacity of the dishwasher? Look at the panel, the indicator can blink there or burn the E3 error code on the display. so the system writes that there is no water.

If water does not enter the car, it may be a minor problem. It is easy to eliminate it with your own hands, for this, check:

  • The presence of water in the tap. Perhaps the water supply was turned off, so the dishwasher reacts accordingly. Wait until it is restored.
  • Door closing density. For the sake of safety, the technique will not start the sink until the door is closed and blocked at the electronic level. If it is not possible to close the camera tightly, it is worth checking the health of the lock on the door.
  • Twist the valve. It is located on a tap pipe. It happens that he is accidentally blocked.
  • Inlet hose. If it is transferred, pushed, clogged, then water does not pass into the dishwasher.

You carried out all the manipulations, but the water supply indicator is still blinking? So, the reason is in a more serious breakdown. What could happen:

  • Faulty inlet valve. After receiving the signal from the electronic module, the membrane on the valve opens, passing the flow of water. After reaching the desired level, the valve closes. You need to check the part and make sure of its serviceability.
  • Pressostat does not work. The sensor tells the module information about the amount of water in the tank. If the press starts sends incorrect evidence, then the module does not give a command for a set.
  • There was a problem with the Aquastop system. If so, then the machine does not supply water due to the blocking of the water area. The reason may be in the leak, or a malfunction of the float sensor.
  • The control module broke or burned. Perhaps one of his Simistorov failed. Diagnostics and repair are required.

Hard water in pipes contributes to the formation of scrap and blockages. The filter that stands between the intake hose and the valve could clog.

Eliminate problems with a set of water in PMM

If everything that is possible has already checked, but the water still does not pour into the system, then you need to inspect individual parts. Start by cleaning the filter and hose:

  • Crush the valve;
  • unscrew the input hose;
  • Behind it is a filter grid;
  • Rinse the details under the pressure of the tap, you can use a small ruff to clean the hose.

At the same time, you can check the rest of the details.

Pour valve

If water is not supplied to the “Bosch” dishwasher, the fence valve is examined first. Visually see if there are mechanical damage on the surface of the part. To check the electronics, you need to apply to the element voltage that will show whether the membrane opens or not.

The electric part is nicknamed the multimeter, the resistance is measured and the verdict is issued.

The fence valve cannot be repaired. You will need a complete replacement of the element, which can be carried out independently. Disconnect the wiring and unscrew the part of the part of the part. The main thing is to select the original spare part for the brand and number of your car.

Bunker door

Until the camera door is tightly closed, the car will not start work. What if the door does not close to the end? Check:

  • Seal. When it is deformed or climbs out of the seat, it may interfere with normal closure.
  • Latch. The broken lock will not bring the door “to click”, and the system will not start starting.
  • Placement of baskets and other cell elements. Perhaps something prevents the door from closing.
  • Installation of PMM. Check the placement of the machine using the construction level.
  • Open the door of the hopper;
  • unscrew the bolts around the perimeter of the inside;
  • Remove the outer panel;
  • Disconnect the wiring;
  • unscrew the mounting screws and remove the lock;
  • Install a new element and connect the wiring.
  • Drive the assembly in the reverse order.

We do not recommend replacing individual broken parts, trying to repair the old castle. This does not guarantee long.term operation.

Aquastop system

First of all, check if there is water in the pallet. When a leak occurs, the protection float pops up, presses on the switch. and the water fence is blocked. When Aquastop is triggered in the dishwasher, the E15 fault code may be displayed on the scoreboard.

  • unscrew the hose from the body (if you have a mechanical “aquastop”);
  • Look at the valve inside: if it is pressed close to the walls of the hose, then you need to replace protection;
  • To do this, disconnect the old hose and set the new.

If you have an electromagnetic device, then additionally connect the wire to the sensor.

Level sensor

Incorrect testimonies of the press starts can also cause a lack of water. How to replace the level sensor, we wrote in one of the articles. Most often, the device is a plastic box that is attached to the circulation pump. Checking its mechanics is very simple. blow into the pressure pipe. If you hear clicks, the press starting is working.

Dishwasher Not Fully Cleaning Dishes. Top 5 Reasons & Fixes. Whirlpool, GE, LG, Maytag &

Electronic module

Modern Bosch dishwashers are equipped with a control module. He leads all the processes in the car and gives commands to the nodes. For example, drain water from the hopper or start water fence. If one of the Simistors burns out, then some detail ceases to function. Therefore, the module is required to flash or replace.

Only a specialist can engage in diagnostics and repair of an electronic fee.

With checking parts in the Bosch dishwasher, you will cope yourself. Sometimes the reasons for the lack of water lie in a small blockage, therefore, before calling the master, make sure that the breakdown really exists.

What caused the problem

Such a problem is characteristic of all PMM models: “ariston”, “indesit”, beko, “siemens” and others. Why is the water is not typed or water is not supplied? Consider the typical problems that the user may encounter:

  • Lack of water in the water supply. So simple. Perhaps your door hangs an ad of the shutdown, or maybe a problem has happened. Open the tap in the bathroom and check your guesses. If everything is in order with water supply, then proceed to the next point.
  • The bunker door is not fully closed. If the lock did not work, then the water fence will not begin. Press the door more tightly to the click, after which the feed should resume.
  • Crushed valve is blocked. If water is not filled with water, check the valve located on the tap pipe. It serves for emergency shutdown in an emergency situation. Perhaps he was blocked. then unscrew him.
  • The flood hose is twisted. He could beg or go over, which prevents the passing stream. Restore the normal location of the hose.
  • Weak pressure. This happens when the system does not have a sufficiently strong pressure for admission to the dishwasher. It remains only to wait until the normal feed resumes.

You checked everything by points, but there is still no water supply? So it’s not about small problems. We will tell you what to do in this case and how to deal with a breakdown.

PMM technical malfunctions and their elimination

Let’s start with the simplest. by checking the inlet filter. If the water in the PMM “Electrolux”, “Beko”, “Crohn”, “Whirlpool” is probably not received by the input filter. It is located at the junction of the pouring hose with the machine body. Due to the stiffness and pollution of the water, the net is clogged, and the flow is not poured into the bunker.

  • block the tap;
  • disconnect the hose from the body (carefully, there may be water inside);
  • Using pliers (if necessary), get a filter set;
  • Rinse the part with warm water or soak for a while in a solution of citric acid.

Even if the feed has recovered after cleaning, do not forget to rinse the filter once every six months. This will help to avoid problems with technology.

It is also advisable to install a flow filter. It softens and cleanses the water. This will help Ten (heater) last longer without scale.

Problems with Aquastop

In your dishwasher Siemens (Siemens), Hansa (Hans) installed valve “Aquastop”? Then the reason that the water does not go and is not pumped, probably in it. When a leak forms in the hose, the valve is clogged to avoid an accident. The protective mechanism is not subject to repair, replacement is required.

Want to make sure the Aquastop worked? Look at the display. There the error code E15 will be displayed.

  • Cover the tap and disconnect the hose;
  • Look inside: if the valve is tightly pressed to the sides of the hose, the matter is in it;
  • unscrew the hose and replace the new element.

The door lock is faulty

The door of the dishwasher is equipped with a locking mechanism. By electronic locking, the lock prevents a possible leak. Check if you don’t hear a click when closing, the lock needs to be replaced.

  • Pull the fork out of the outlet;
  • Open the door and unscrew the screws holding the front panel;
  • Behind the panel you will see the lock device. unscrew the screws and remove it from the place;

The inlet valve broke

The feed valve does not fill water? The problem is determined by the buzz of the pump, which is actively working, but the valve does not open, so it does not pump water. This part in the dishwasher is very sensitive to pressure drops: for example, the Bosch models are designed for 1 MPa. Therefore, manufacturers recommend installing reduction valves, which will help to avoid hydraulic jacket.

dishwasher, does, gain, water

First check the part to the blockage. If everything is in order, a complete replacement of the element is carried out. The valve is not subject to repair.

Level sensor breakdown (Pressostate)

The supply sensor or bay must measure the water level in the tank. How it works? Pressostat triggers and sends a signal to the main module about the termination of the fence. The module sends the command in the intake valve to cling. However, when damage, the sensor can give improper readings. For example, signals that little water was pumped up. Then the machine carries out the above normal, and this can lead to overflow.

If you notice that the water supply indicator burns (flashes), but the flow does not act, then the sensor gives a command that there is already enough in the tank.

Maybe this: the control module, having received the signal of the sensor, “thinks” that the system does not give water. Therefore, it slows down the work of PMM and displays the malfunction code on the scoreboard.

How to rectify the situation? Conduct a replacement of the press start:

  • Disconnect the car from the network and communications.
  • Turn it on the side.
  • Take the lid from the bottom (if any).
  • Pressostat is a plastic box.
  • Using pliers, pick up the phone from the box.
  • Remove two screws.
  • Remove the sensor and check for garbage.
  • To verify the performance, measure contact resistance by a multimeter.
  • Install a new element.
dishwasher, does, gain, water

Electronic module failed

Control board directs processes in the dishwasher, gives commands to details and knots about turning on and disconnecting. If problems arise with the module, you may notice the incorrect behavior of PMM. For example, the “Water” and “End” button burns on the panel. What does an attempt to a fence say. and then about its completion. Therefore, the technique does not pump water.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to fix the fee yourself. But you can inspect it for a breakdown, and then contact the service:

If you notice burnt wires, contact the master. There is no need to do anything further so as not to damage important details.

dishwasher, does, gain, water

Most problems with the dishwasher can be eliminated with your own hands. Act sequentially and adhere to our recommendations if your PMM does not pour water. Watch the video :

Primary inspection

Pay attention to:

  • Water in the tap. Make sure there are no problems with water supply. Perhaps the water supply does not work due to preventive or repair work.
  • Stopcock. Pay attention to a special additional valve, which is located on the water pipe in front of the PMM drain valve. Suddenly, there is no water supply, because it is blocked.
  • The door of the dishwasher. With a loose door closed, a broken latch, the machine does not fill the liquid into the chamber.
  • Pouring hose. If the hose is bent, overpowered, water is not supplied. In case of damage to the bay, protection from the “Aquastop” leaks is triggered.
  • Error code. Modern models are equipped with a self.diagnosis system. Smart assistant gives a clue to the display. The dishwasher without a display shows an indicator with a leaf, the “Water” and End button, that is, the water supply indicator flashes.

Error codes associated with water supply

Brand the code
AEG (“AEG”) I10, IA0
Ariston (“Ariston”) A10
Beko (“Beko”) 0000
Bosch (“Bosch”) E3, E8
Candy (“Candy”) E1
Electrolux (“Electrolux”) I10, IA0
Indesit (“Indesit”) Al02
Hansa (“Hans”) E1
Krona (“Crohn”) E1
LG (“Elji”) IE
Miele (“Mile”) F12
Samsung (“Samsung”) E1
Siemens (“Siemens”) E3
Whirlpool (“Whirlpool”) E5

Everything is in order with communications, but the water is not gained? We will look for the technical reasons for the malfunctions. The most common breakdowns:

  • door blocking malfunction;
  • clogged filter (flow);
  • breakdown of the Aquastop system;
  • damage to the water supply valve;
  • feed sensor error;
  • “Gluck” in the control module.

Dishwasher Not Draining Water | unclogged dishwasher

Blocking violation

If the lock is broken, the pump does not pump the liquid into the camera, this is how protection against leaks is triggered. What to do? Change the lock.

  • Disconnect the dishwasher from the network;
  • Open the door;
  • unscrew the front panel;
  • Unscrew the broken lock;
  • Install a new one;
  • Collect the door.

Zasori of the flow filter

The filter cleans PMM of garbage, which can get into the system from the water supply. Over time, the dirt accumulates. The filter needs regular cleaning or replacing the cartridge. If the water does not enter or a weak pressure, remember when you cleaned the filter for the last time?


This is a special electromagnetic valve overlapping the pressure during leakage. To correct the situation, eliminate the leak, change the teen hose.

Feed valve (inlet)

If you can hear the pump work and buzzes, but does not download, most likely, the inlet valve is damaged by strong pressure (more than 1 MPa) or clogged. The blockage can be eliminated, but the spoiled spare part should be replaced, since it cannot be repaired.

Level sensor

Когда не срабатывает датчик, бак переполняется, включается аварийный режим, насос начинает интенсивно откачивать жидкость. There is little water in the cell, the washing process does not start. Sensor check:

  • Turn the dishwasher;
  • Remove the pallet;
  • Inspect the sensor for defects;
  • “Call” the multimeter;
  • no voltage. replace the faulty spare part.

Defect of the control module

The “Command Center” PMM is located in the door, under the front panel. This is the “brain” of the dishwasher that sends commands to the systems, monitors compliance with the sink modes algorithm. If even a small section of the board is damaged, it does not give signals, the program fails. As a result, the machine does not pour water.

To check the module, disassemble the door, as in the case of the lock. Carry out a visual inspection of the fees for deformations, plowing, rust, other damage. A faulty module can be replaced by a new one suitable for your model.

Now you know why water is not poured into the camera of the dishwasher. Remember, if PMM is under warranty service, it is easier and cheaper to contact professionals.

Why doesn’t water enter the dishwasher

During use, a dishwasher, like any other household device, fails. There are situations when the dishes were loaded, the powder was covered, the program was installed, but after pressing the start button, the water does not enter the unit. The reasons why the dishwasher does not get water is several. Some of them can be eliminated independently. Complex cases trust qualified masters. Consider possible malfunctions and ways to eliminate them.

The program of the dishwasher (PMM) laid a certain time for which the tank is filled with the necessary water with the volume of water. It depends on the model and is 10-15 minutes. If for the set time from the water level sensor there is no signal to the control unit about the fullness of water, then the PMM stops the execution of the selected program.

In equipment without a display, an indicator of water supply begins to flash: a button with the image of a tap, button “Water” or “End”. On the displays of modern models equipped with a self.diagnosis system, an error code appears.

The code combination of error associated with the supply of water varies depending on the brand of the dishwasher:

  • On the Bosch and Siemens display, the E3 or E8 code appears;
  • on the display of Candy, Hansa, Krona and Samsung. E1;
  • on the Beko display. 0000;
  • on the ariston display. A10;
  • on the LG. IE display;
  • on the indesit display. A102;
  • On the Electrolux and Zanussi display. I10 or IF0.

Advice. If, after the error code appears, the machine tries to continue to work, then it is turned off so that the electric heater does not burn out.

If the liquid is not gained in the dishwasher, first check:

  • The presence of water and pressure in the tap. Open any crane in the house to make sure that the water is not disconnected due to preventive or repair work.
  • Stopcock. When connecting a dishwasher on a tap pipe, a special valve is installed. To be able to block water. If it is blocked, then it is opened so that the device begins to work.
  • House of household appliances. If it is not closed to click, then the program does not start, since the control module does not receive a signal about the door lock. After close closure, the device will begin to gain liquid.
  • Water supply hose. If it is twisted, extended or rude, then the water does not enter the dishwasher and the protection from the Strait Aquastop is triggered. After eliminating the indicated reason, the machine should be started again.

All of the above reasons why the liquid is not gained in the device are eliminated without much effort. If the water is not disconnected, the hose is not overheated and the door is tightly closed, then a more serious malfunction arose. In this case, the household appliance is disconnected from the network and try to independently identify the cause or cause a qualified specialist.

Diagnostics of the causes and elimination of malfunctions of the dishwasher

To the most common reasons why the dishwasher does not gain water include:

  • not a closed door, as the door lock broke;
  • The filter clogged;
  • The water water system blocked the supply of fluid;
  • The temperature sensor broke or burned out;
  • problems with the control module;
  • Flapsed the filling valve;
  • The water level sensor has broken.

Some of the reasons can be eliminated independently, for example, to clean filters. complex breakdowns require certain knowledge and the availability of special tools.

How to check the circulating pump on your dishwasher

Advice. If the dishwasher is under warranty service, immediately contact professionals.

The door is not closed

A castle is installed in the device door, which protects it from leaks. When it is closed, a signal about the door blocking is received on the control module, the machine begins to work. If the lock is broken, then the door does not close to a characteristic click. The blocking signal does not arrive, the program does not start and the liquid is not gained.

In case of locking of the lock, it can be changed independently. How to do it:

  • The dishwasher is turned off from the mains;
  • unscrew the front panel;
  • Unscrew the broken door lock;
  • install a new latch;
  • Flow the panel.

Filter blockage

The inlet valve filter is installed to protect the equipment from dirt and garbage, which fall from the water supply. It is periodically cleaned or changed. If the liquid is too slowly gained in the dishwasher or does not enter at all, then the reason is most often in the clogged filter. It is cleaned on their own or caused by masters.

Before cleaning, the water supply is blocked. Unscrew the hose, remove the filter. It is located at the inlet in the inlet valve. The net is washed under a stream of water. With severe pollution, it is cleaned with a needle or lowered into a solution of citric acid (30 g per 1 l) per hour. Then the cleaned filter is installed again, the hose is attached.

The water area worked

Dishwashers are equipped with a protective system from leakage. aquastop. The reasons why the technique ceases to work:

If a leak occurred and the liquid hit the pallet, then it will be eliminated. For this:

In case of failure of the system itself, it is repaired by professional masters. Electromagnetic valves often burn out. Their integrity is checked using a multimeter. If it shows endless resistance, then the valve burned down. Replacement is made in a repair workshop.

The temperature sensor or heating sensor is faulty

With a faulty temperature sensor (thermostat) or Ten, the water begins to gain, but then washing stops. This is because the liquid does not heat up to the temperature set by the program. Diagnosis and replacement of the thermostat in the dishwasher, as well as the replacement of the burned heating, are performed by qualified specialists.

Problems with the control module

The device control module is under the front panel, in the door. He distributes commands to systems, controls compliance with sink modes. In case of malfunction of the module, the technique stops working or works with failures.

To check the integrity of the plateau, the door is disassembled. Visually determine the presence of defects. The faulty module is reflamped or qualified specialists are changed.

Falf valve

After starting the operation of the dishwasher, the control module sends a signal to the pitch valve. It opens and the liquid is filled. If the pump is buzzing, but does not download, then the valve is closed or damaged. The blockage is cleaned themselves or invite a specialist.

The damaged valve is changed, since it cannot be repaired. In addition to damage to the valve, a circuit is possible from the control unit. Diagnostics and replacement is made by the master.

Water sensor malfunction

A faulty water level sensor (Pressostat) submits distorted information about the fluid level to the control unit or does not give signals at all. If the signal is given that the reservoir is complete, although this is not so, then the water will no longer flow. In the absence of signals, it also does not act. In this case, the press is changed.

It can be replaced independently:

  • equipment is disconnected from the mains;
  • turn over and remove the pallet;
  • visually determine the presence of defects on the sensor;
  • Check with a multimeter: the lack of voltage indicates a malfunction of the press,;
  • The broken sensor is changed to a new.


Most of the malfunctions can be eliminated on their own. Diagnostic work should be performed to determine the cause of the failure. After that, it is necessary to do certain actions to correct the problem.

If you yourself are not able to repair the dishwasher or doubt your abilities, you must contact a specialist. Otherwise, the situation may deteriorate.

If the filter is clogged

Water in a centralized water supply has a certain level of purity and softness. As a result, the filter is often clogged. This leads to a lack of water set, or it can get extremely slowly.

A specialized mesh-filter makes it possible to protect the car from such problems, protecting from impurities and abrasive particles.

To fix such a problem, you need:

  • block water and unscrew the water supply hose;
  • Find a mesh-filter-it is located at the place of interfacing the hose and dishwasher;
  • Peel it by means of a needle, in addition you can apply a solution of citric acid. the element is placed in a solution for at least 60 minutes.

Inoperative the filling valve

The water set stops when the water bay valve fails. He stops open after receiving a signal on him. The valve may fail due to constant jumps of water pressure or voltage. The device is a non.combination. He needs a replacement so that the machine has the opportunity to pick up water again. It is advisable to contact professionals to take an event. It may not be possible to change the element with your own hand.

Damage to the press starter (water level sensor)

Pressostat is required to measure fluid levels. As soon as he fails, he begins to give out incorrect parameters. The dishwasher carries out more water than required. This leads to transfusion.

And when the submission indicator flashes, but the water is not supplied, therefore, the press.start of the press failed. It is necessary to change the press system:

  • Disconnect the device from the mains and overturn it on the side;
  • If there is a cover on the bottom of the lid, it must be removed;
  • The water level sensor looks like a plastic box. it is necessary to remove the tube from it with pliers;
  • Turn out a few screws and dismantle the press, examine the presence of garbage;
  • Through the multimeter, measure the resistance on the contacts. this will make it possible to verify the performance of the element;
  • Install the new sensor.

Problems with the control module

The control unit controls numerous processes in the typewriter, including sending signals about turning on and off. When it has problems, the dishwasher begins to function incorrectly. The block cannot be repaired on its own. You need to contact the service to professionals. You can only make sure the device breakdown. To do this, the camera door opens and the bolts turn out.

After finding the board, it is necessary to inspect its appearance. If there are burnt.out wires, therefore, the problem is in the block.

When the Aquastop system is triggered

It is impossible to fix Aquastop, it can only be changed.

There are 3 varieties:

  • mechanical. the work of the gateways is configured by a spring, which operates taking into account water pressure;
  • adsorbent. when fluid enters, specialized material becomes larger in volume and stops the supply of water;
  • electromechanical. float, when lifting the fluid level, the float pops up, and the flow of water stops.

Determine the type of device. For this they watch the leadership, passport.

  • mechanical. put the spring in the initial position, turning the locks;
  • adsorbent. wait until it drys;
  • electromechanical. dismantle and change.
  • turn off the PMM from the mains;
  • Close water;
  • turn off the old hose, disconnect the plug;
  • acquire a new one;
  • mount in the reverse order;
  • Run the car.

Preventive measures

To exclude the repeated appearance of the problem, it is necessary to adhere to the following simple rules:

  • look after the hoses, prevent transmission, bends;
  • monitor the filter. to carry out preventive cleaning every 30 days;
  • If there are voltage drops, put a stabilizer;
  • If a frequent decrease in pressure in the pipeline is noticed, put a hydroelectric station;
  • use exclusively specialized products for washing kitchen utensils;
  • If the water is hard, do preventive cleaning once every 30 days to eliminate the scale or systematically use funds from deposit of salts;
  • carefully use the door: carefully close, prevent objects from entering.

These measures will contribute to the extension of your unit service life.

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