Do I have to shut off the water in my washing machine?

How to shut off the washing machine from the water supply

You are going to move and take the technology with you? Then you need to know how to disconnect the washing machine from the water supply. Disconnection, as well as connection, it is important to perform correctly, otherwise the technique can quickly fail. In this publication you will find step by step instructions on how to do the work of disconnection with your own hands.

How to properly drain a washing machine: a step-by-step guide and valuable tips

It is difficult to overestimate the role of washing machines in everyday life. Unfamiliar with fatigue units diligently perform some of the routine duties for the owners. Unfortunately, their mechanisms are characterized by periodic failures. Therefore, it is better to find out in advance how to drain the washing machine, so that in case of failure you know what to do.

We will tell you how to release the tank of the washing machine, if the programmed work cycle is not completed. In the article we have described all acceptable, tried and tested in practice methods. Our recommendations will help you properly prepare your equipment to get back up and running.

Materials and tools for installation

To connect the unit to the water supply network is not enough to choose a suitable valve.

Must also be stocked with tools, which include:

  • A wrench with an adjustable mechanism that is needed to perform installation work: connecting pipes and fittings, tightening the nuts.
  • A plastic pipe calibrator to adjust the faucet when it is installed on a water pipe tapping.
  • A thread-cutting bit or similar tool used for this purpose.
  • Drill, file, screwdriver that may be needed for drilling and other work.
  • Plastic pipe scissors or an angle grinder to cut a tap into a plastic or metal water system.

In addition, you will need a double hose, which may be included in the delivery of the machine or purchased separately. It is desirable that the length of such an element was slightly longer than required. this will allow you to have a small reserve, which is necessary when relocating.

If the hose is purchased specifically, it is better to give preference to the part that has wire reinforcement, which allows you to easily withstand high pressure in the pipes.

Filter for water purification is mounted on the thread of the faucet, which connects to the branch of the water pipe. The small element allows you to improve the quality of water used, thereby reducing the risk of plaque and scaling.

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If the liquid contains a large amount of minerals, several filters can be used at the same time.

Washing Machine Won’t Stop Filling With Water. Easy Fix!

O-rings, grommets, FUM tape, spare bolts, without which it is difficult to do during the installation of sanitary products, the above set will ensure reliable fixation of the faucet and tightness of this unit. You should also consider the best option for connection, taking into account the configuration of the room and the placement of plumbing fixtures.

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Is it necessary to shut off the water supply tap in the washing machine after washing?

Many users wonder whether it is necessary to shut off the water when the washing machine has already finished its work? Of course, most people never do this, but it can lead to serious consequences. In this article we will try to find out what to do.

The arguments of the master from the service center

One day after washing our washing machine refused to drain the water. An emergency situation required calling a specialist. The technician at the service center quickly determined the cause of the problem. the drain pump is broken. You had to replace an expensive part. At the same time the repair worker was telling me how to operate such appliances properly, he asked some questions.

In particular, he asked me whether I close the washing machine door after washing or keep it ajar for a while. After learning that the loading hatch is permanently closed, the master recommended not to do so. According to him, this nuance can approach the next repair of your favorite helper. The following arguments have been made:

  • The elasticity of the rubber seal is lost;
  • Water vapors cause corrosion of individual elements;
  • Humid environment promotes the development of bacteria and the appearance of mold inside the machine;
  • the drain hoses can become clogged;
  • Suspended growth causes deterioration of the drain pump.

Not only the internal parts of the unit can be affected. When the next batch of laundry is loaded and washed, harmful microorganisms get on it, which is dangerous to health. It is difficult to completely clean mold, which has grown in a warm and humid environment. You can’t do it yourself. Once again you need to call in a professional cleaner, and this requires new expenses.

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The water is disconnected while the washing machine is running

Every or almost every house has a washing machine now They make life much easier for housewives in case everything goes according to plan. But no one has cancelled emergency situations. What, for example, to do if the water is turned off during the washing machine? Do not worry, this can happen to anyone, and there is an algorithm for such cases.

If the faucet is shut off?

In most cases, the washing machines are mounted on a small-sized taps with straight handles of various shades of plastic and other materials. Often there are no markings on the levers to indicate the position of the tap, so it is difficult to tell from the get-go whether it is open or not. As a rule, when the construction is mounted correctly, the handle in the “open” position is parallel to the nozzle to which the filling hose of the device is fixed.

Thus, you can just carefully inspect the outlet section of the faucet, to which the colored nut made of plastic is attached. When the handle is placed parallel to the hose, this indicates its open position, perpendicularly. about the closed. However, experts admit that this method is not informative enough, because there are many different models of taps. In addition, sometimes parts are installed “artisanal” way, the connection points may be non-standard.

Disconnect a Washing Machine

A more reliable method of determining the position of the faucet is to check after the water supply. The handle is rotated alternately in different directions. If you hear a hissing noise when you turn the handle, and the filling hose begins to oscillate slightly, it means that the tap is open. The absence of sounds indicates that it is closed.

Important! If the pressure in the water supply is low, the hissing sounds may be so quiet that it will be impossible to hear them, so it is better to use another way.

In such a case, you should adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

  • close the hatch and connect the washing machine to the power supply;
  • Start the appliance in Rinse & Spin mode;
  • If the machine did not start to draw water and signaled an error, the faucet is blocked;
  • If the water intake is normal, you must stop the program and select the drain without spinning;
  • At the end of the work it is worth disconnecting the technique from the power grid.

Thus, only the machine itself can unmistakably determine whether the water is shut off or not. It is categorically forbidden to unscrew the nut of the filling hose for diagnostic purposes. If you neglect this rule, you can quickly flood the room with water due to increased pressure in the water pipes.

Tips for using the washing machine

Use only machine specific powders. Powders for hand washing differ from the “specialized” with non-normative foaming. If they are used, the foam can go outside the drum and cause damage to parts of the washing machine.Do not exceed the dosage of detergent; one tablespoon of powder is enough even for a full drum load. In this case, more is worse! First, you will overuse the powder, secondly, the laundry is rinsed badly, white stains may be left on the clothes (especially dark clothes), and thirdly, the excess powder can lead to clogging the filler pipe, which will leak the washing machine.Dilute the fabric softener with water, otherwise its thick consistency will not allow the washer-dryer to absorb it completely.Always pay attention to the presence of foreign objects in the s of clothes when you load them, check whether the buttons and various fasteners are sewn on securely. For example, pennies left in the can cause damage to the drain pump or damage to the tank or drum of the washing machine.Remove any residual detergent in the detergent drawer. To do this simply take out the tray and rinse it under running warm water, if the dirt is more difficult, use a special agent for cleaning the tray.Small items of laundry. socks, handkerchiefs, bras, belts and so on should be washed by placing them in a special bag. Otherwise it could get between the drum and the tank and damage the washing machine.

To avoid strong vibrations and damage to the washing machine, and to prevent poor washing quality, do not overload the machine with laundry. It is not necessary to weigh the laundry before each load, just remember that when washing terry towels, bathrobes and woollens the drum should not be filled for more than one third, when washing cotton fabrics the drum should not be filled for more than half. Do not crush the laundry. The laundry in the washing machine should dangle, but not spin.TV often advertises limescale removers like Calgon. Encourage people to fill their washing machines with these products! I want to note that there is no need to necessarily apply these products! These products are in almost all automatic washing machine powders. Think of the savings!At the end of the wash is recommended to leave the hatch door open, which will avoid the formation of humidity, which leads to the smell of mustiness, oxidation of aluminum parts and more rapid deterioration of the washing machine.Also, after washing, you MUST unplug the washing machine from the socket! The electronics of modern washing machines are very sensitive to power surges and spikes. Even if your washing machine is not washing, but just plugged in, and at this time there is a small power surge, there is a high probability that the electronic unit of the washing machine will burn out, which will lead to costly repairs.It is better to close the water valve after using the machine, because the pressure in the water supply network is not stable and as a result of a pressure surge, the water inlet hose may burst. The inlet hose should be inspected at least once a year and replaced if there are any cracks, loss of elasticity or if the hose is blown.For machines with mechanical programs switching it is by no means possible to turn the program switch counter-clockwise and during the washing.

In the event of a repair need, contact a qualified technician. Self-repair can lead to even more malfunctions, higher professional repair costs and even complete failure of the washing machine.

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