Double circuit boiler does not warm hot water

Reasons why boilers do not warm hot water

The easiest and cheapest way to organize hot water supply is a double.Circuit boiler, which simultaneously ensures the heating of the room and heat water. Popular designs are products under the brand “Ariston”, Bax “. These models attract customers and are included in the TOP sales. Despite the simplicity of the mechanism and a large number of advantages, such equipment often fails. The boiler does not warm water for many reasons. Sometimes, to restore the performance of the device, there is enough small maintenance, and in some cases expensive major overhaul is required.

The common breakdowns of boilers include:

  • Leakage of the coolant;
  • Hydrodar;
  • After turning on the burner, the lock is triggered;
  • The burner does not turn on;
  • Fuel burns unevenly, wave.Shaped;
  • Soot is formed;
  • Decrease in performance;
  • During the operation of the burner, ignition is turned on;
  • A soot is formed on the walls of the chimney, the combustion chambers.

How to fix some common problems with your boiler

To eliminate the malfunction, it is initially necessary to establish the cause of the problem.

Built.In pump malfunction

An important detail in the heating system is a circulation pump. The quality of heating and the functioning of hot water supply depends on its uninterrupted work. There are several signs and causes of breakdowns:

  • The unit makes uncharacteristic sounds. This is due to the oxidation of the shaft, entering the design of an extraneous object, with power problems, air in pipes, dry progress of the mechanism, and the appearance of cavitation.
  • After turning on the boiler, the pump does not start. There may be no power supply, the fuse worked.
  • After a short period of time after turning on, the structure is turned off: Lime plaque in a glass of stator.
  • Hot water does not include in a dual.Circuit boiler.

Also, the reasons for the poor operation of the circulation pump are poor pressure in the system, the wear of the bearing, which causes additional vibrations in the highway, low pressure.

To eliminate malfunctions, you need to check the presence of electricity, clean the pipes and other elements, replace the failed parts, eliminate extraneous objects from the system.

The heat exchanger clogged

Heated gases are transported through the channels, which are called the heat exchanger in the complex. Features of the design are that the walls of the artery simultaneously perform the function of the partitions of the water circuit, along which the coolant is constantly moving, heating the metal surface. The combustion process is associated with the intensive discharge of smoke gases partially consisting of soot, resins that create a raid inside the boiler, on a chimney. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends regularly cleaning equipment at least 1 time in 30 days and during the preparation of the device for the heating season.

When setting up soot on the surfaces, the productivity of the mechanism decreases, fuel consumption increases, the risk of expensive breakdowns and internal ignition in the area of ​​pollution increases.

The principle of operation of a double.Circuit heating boiler

On the example of a gas unit, we consider the principle of operation of a double.Circuit boiler. The design of the unit is a system of blocks, the work of which is interconnected and controlled by a security system, which includes various sensors. The main blocks are a gas unit, where ignition and burning occur, a hydraulic unit, which regulates the supply and pressure of the liquid, a smoke exhaust unit, diverting gas combustion products.

When the boiler is turned on, the circulation pump is originally launched, then gas is supplied using a gas valve. Automatic ignition lights gas, the heat exchanger heats up during the combustion of the gas, heating the coolant passing through it. In this mode, the unit will work for some time until the parameters that are regulated by sensors change.

Sensors control the temperature in the room, in the reverse stream, gas pressure, pressure in the system, traction flow, flame. Temperature sensors can adjust the temperature at the input or at the output of the heating circuit. If there is a sensor at the return when the installed temperature reaches the thermostat, the thermostat sends a signal to the electronic fee, which processed it, turns off the gas supply.

In this case, the circulation pump will work for some more time to cool the heat exchanger. This is done so that the remains of heat in the heat exchanger do not bring the coolant to boiling. After cooling to a given water temperature in the system, the electronic board will launch the pump, the gas valve will open the gas and the entire cycle of the double.Circuit boiler will repeat.

When the tap with hot water is opened, the duct sensor is triggered and the control board switches the three.Way valve to heating the secondary heat exchanger. Heating hot water in the system is a priority, t.E. Immediately after you opened the tap with hot water, the entire system will only work on heating this water.

When the crane closes, the reverse process occurs. The board transmits the signal to the three.Way valve, it closes the hot water system and the unit again begins to work on the heating circuit. It should be remembered that the unit will need some time so that hot water flowing from your tap.

Some devices are equipped with the Fast Start or Comfort function. This function allows the boiler to switch the three.Way valve from time to time and heat water in the secondary coolant.

Why does the boiler do not heat well, does not gain temperature

No hot water? For what reasons the technique does not work? Sometimes a matter of external factors. Consider in more detail.

The device works, but does not heat or warmly warms

Airlock. Check if the air has accumulated in batteries. With the help of cranes, remove excess air. If you do not have an air vent on radiators, then you need to install it. Adjusting its tap, you can lower the accumulated air in the system.

Also inspect the valve for the blockage. Most often he clogs a drop.

Blockage in radiators. After cooling, lower the water from the pipes. If it is strongly contaminated, drive off the batteries until clean.

Inappropriate connection. If there is no hot flow, make sure that the diameter of the pipes corresponds to the stated in the instructions. Whether the hoses are brought correctly, shut.Off valves are mounted.

Low pressure in the highway. It is not enough to open the valve and ignition the burner. Share water.

Clustering the scale in the heat exchanger. You may notice that the technique heats the liquid for a long time, the batteries are weakly warming up. Clean the radiator tubes from deposits. For this, it is better to remove the knot, but this can not be done in all models. Therefore, remove the casing, turn off the device from gas and water. Connect the pipe from the pump to the heat exchanger, drive the treatment liquid through the system. Special tools can be selected in the store. Then rinse the parts with running water.

Adding reagents to the coolant liquid helps reduce the formation of salts on the details.

When buying, it is important to pay attention to the brand and the boiler model. For example, manufacturers of Navien, Elektolyux, Ardery, Ariston, Buderus prohibit the use of the reagent. It is recommended to install treatment filters or use distilled water.

Antifreeze can be applied to BAXI models. “Beretta”, “Weland”, “Potter”, “Celtic”, “Korea Star”. But for each manufacturer a separate reagent is available.

Filter blockage. Another reason for the poor warming of batteries. The mesh filter is clogged with small garbage, so it is periodically removed and cleaned under running water. With strong suction or wear, it is better to replace the part.

Inappropriate adjustment. Check the set values ​​on the panel. Perhaps too low temperature is chosen, so the gas does not warm hot water.

Problems with the operation of the circulation pump. Overheating, the pump is turned off when hot water is turned on. Its power may not be enough for normal circulation. Adjust the settings.

The design of the batteries is not suitable for your equipment. Each design has its own cross.Country ability and heat transfer. Incorrect choice leads to a decrease in heating due to the patency of the system.

Non.Compliance with the slope of the highway. The problem is characteristic of natural circulation systems, which is ensured by compliance with the installation standards. According to the documents, the bias of the pipes for each linear meter should be at least 10 mm. No slope. No heating. The coolant stagnates, the batteries remain cold.

The gas boiler does not turn on, does not give hot water on the hot water

The main reason for non.Proceeds in the work is the deposition of salts. The larger the layer of scale in the heat exchanger, the worse the conductivity. The water warms up for a long time, a thin slightly warm stream flows at the output. Also, a piece of scale could break off and block the passage to the mixer. What to do in this situation, we described above.

Problems with the flow sensor. The part is working on the principle of the fan, which rotates due to the movement of the flow. The sensor may not work when sucker. For cleaning without dismantling, open and close the crane that is located near the circulation pump.

If the procedure did not help restore the work, you will have to remove the sensor, clean and install in place.

double, circuit, boiler, does

A three.Way valve malfunction. If the valve is jammed or it broke, it will not be possible to switch the water supply from the heating system to the hot water. The cause of the malfunction could be the blockage of part, gas hose or filter. Clean all the elements.

There are a lot of causes of malfunctions. Determine what problem has arisen in your circuit, the signs described by us will help. Pay attention to the operation of the equipment and compare with the indicated problems. If you can’t fix the malfunction yourself, contact a specialist.

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The boiler works, the batteries are cold. What to do

If the boiler of the Baxi does not heat water, and the heating system does not function with the initial efficiency, setting new settings on the control panel does not give the proper result, the following nodes of the boiler and the closed circulation circuit should be checked:

  • Often, batteries do not warm due to the formation of an air cork in the circulation ring, which prevents normal transportation of the coolant. In such cases, it is necessary to check the performance of automatic air vents, as well as release accumulated air from radiators through the crane of the Maevsky.
  • The problem can be hidden in low pressure on the circulation ring. When identifying such a malfunction, it is worth not only pumping a dry chamber of a membrane tank, but also inspect the entire contour for its depressurization and a possible leakage.
  • When clogging the pipeline, the passage of the liquid medium is very difficult. You need to check the condition of the mesh filter on the return and, if necessary, clean or replace it.
  • After cleaning the heat exchanger and other metal elements of the boiler from scale, the heating efficiency increases many times.
  • For prevention purposes, checks and inspection of the automation module for maintaining boundary parameters are required.
  • If none of the previous methods helps, you need to check the performance and intensity of the flame of a gas burner. If any problems are detected, a call of representatives of the gas service will be required.

In addition to simple problems, the normal operation of the equipment interferes with more serious problems. Cracks on the surface of the heat exchanger, as well as blocking the valve or three.Way valve. These devices, as a rule, when failing, are subject to replacement, and their breakdown is the reason why hot water flows poorly in the boiler.

double, circuit, boiler, does

What to do if the Vailant boiler does not heat hot water

I found this method. At the entrance to the boiler, I have a magnetic converter that should remove water hardness, but it does not remove it, in my opinion it is a fiction. But it is good for me that it is installed right at the entrance to the boiler. The photo in the bottom is visible.

On it is a nut of an American unscrewing which you can easily fall asleep into the pipe pipe with citric acid pipe.

But for this you need to block water. I have a collector next to the boiler. He is in the photo below.

Now on it all the ducts are open and in one easy movement, I block the supply of water to the boiler.

All water is blocked, now you can unscrew the American on a magnetic filter. And do not forget, to come up with something, from current water from the boiler, it is not much but it is. I wiped my rag.

Then in the inside of the pipe I fall asleep of citric acid.

I tighten the American back and open the tap water tap to the boiler.

Now it is important to understand when the acid enters the heat exchanger. Since my water tap is a meter from the boiler, I determine whether the acid has come to the heat exchanger to taste. I just open the crane with short jerks and taste, as “sour” has gone, the whole system from the magnetic filter to the tap is filled with citric acid.

Next, you need to block the crane so that your home does not pour all the acid ahead of time.

double, circuit, boiler, does

I refuel the system at night and until the morning it is worth acidified. In the morning I open the water supply crane into the boiler and drain all the acid. The water will hiss, not Pugaites.

The question may arise, not the heat exchanger acid? I swap on the forum of chemists and came to the conclusion that organic acid (citric relate to it) is harmless to copper.

No hot water from your boiler? What to look for and how to fix it.

I use this method as it is impossible. If you do not like how the boiler heats water or the pressure of hot water has become weak, I take and process the heat exchanger with citric acid.

If you have an eyeliner to a polypropylene boiler, and there is no way to fall asleep, then think that a similar one will not take much time.

Why is there no hot water from the boiler. A description of the reasons

The most common reasons why hot water is not coming from the boiler:

  • The filter of rough cleaning on the input in the boiler clogged. If you have old pipes or there is too dirty water, then the mesh filter will clog over time. You need to disassemble and clean it or replace it with a new.To do this, the plug from the flask is removed with the key and the mesh is extracted. The problem is also solved by installing an additional filter.
  • I jammed the check valve. This can happen due to garbage. It is necessary to disassemble it and stir the stem. Since it is connected directly without shut.Off devices, before which all the liquid is drained.
  • Cold water from the crane does not flow. Even if the device is completely filled with liquid, in the absence of pressure in the water supply, warm water will not flow out, since it takes the tank on top and moves due to pressure. For verification, open a cold crane and, if necessary, call utilities.
  • A pressure gearbox has broken or incorrectly adjusted. The accumulative water heater gives out the same pressure as he receives at the entrance. If there is a pressure in the tap, and warm water flows poorly, check the pressure gear and, if necessary, set it up or replace it with a new. Household pressure gear
  • A lot of scale has accumulated in the tank. If the water heater is equipped with an open.Type heating element, for example, Termyx ER 80 H, then it must be regularly cleaned. If this is not done at least once a year, then the deposition of salts can block the hole through which cold water arrives.It is necessary to remove the protective cover, turn off the wires, and pull out the heater. Clean it by smearing in a solution with citric acid and rinse the tank from the inside. In order for the scale to be easier to clean, magnesium anodes are installed inside.
  • One of the valves of the input or withdrawal from the apparatus does not open and does not open.
  • The pipes were clogged. Due to low-quality water, water pipes can be clogged. Especially often this happens in places of their bends. It is advised to replace all old pipes with polypropylene.
  • A mesh on the nose of the mixer may be polluted. In this case, the pressure will be weak both cold and hot water. It is extracted and cleaned or replaced by a new.

Before carrying out repair work, you should block the valve of the water input into the room and turn off the device from the network. If the cause of the breakdown did not work out on your own, contact specialists.

Why does the boiler do not warm water

Most often, such malfunctions happen before the heating season, when after a long downtime the boiler is included. Two options for the development of events are possible:

  • The boiler passes an automatic check, lights up, but does not warm the water well or does not heat it at all;
  • The boiler just does not work, the batteries remain cold.

We remind you that in modern heating boilers, advanced automation is built, which is diagnosed with all the units of the device before launching. If the malfunction is found, then the security system will stop working the boiler, and the error number will be displayed on the display. You can decipher errors with instructions for the device or using our classifier.

The boiler power is incorrectly selected

It is very important that the boiler is selected individually for your needs. The following problems are possible otherwise.

  • The situation is the first. The low power of the boiler does not allow heating the entire volume of water. In this case, the device will work constantly, but the water will still not warm up to the desired temperature.
  • The situation is second. A too powerful model for a small volume of coolant was chosen. In this case, the water will not cool, still hot water will flow into the boiler. As a result, this will lead to a constant overheating of the boiler because of which it will “beat”-constantly turn on and turn off.

The first thing you can do is configure the boiler for optimal work, for example, reduce the gas pressure at the input or the power of the device itself. If this does not help, then you will have to either replace the boiler, or recall the heating system, for example, add or remove radiators.

The boiler boils and the batteries are cold

So, the boiler works at full power, and the batteries remain cold. In this case, experts recommend immediately checking the operation of the circulation pump. After a long downtime, he can clog or stick. Then the heated coolant will accumulate in the boiler, and not move through the pipes. The problem is easily solved by a simple flushing of the pump, or its replacement.

The heat exchanger clogged

With an increase in temperature in water, salts dissolve, which then settled on the heat exchanger. The resulting scale reduces the heating of the coolant (heat is simply not transmitted to water due to a layer of solid deposits), so the boiler, although it works, the water in the heating circuit still remains cold.

The second option is possible: as a result of constant combustion of fuel, soot accumulates on the surface of the heat exchanger. Because of such a thick layer, the fire ceases to contact the surface of the heat exchanger and simply does not heat it. As a result, water remains cold.

You can solve the problem by cleaning the heat exchanger or replacing it. To do this, you can use special cleaning tools.

Insufficient pressure

1.5-2 atmospheres are considered optimal pressure for private houses. For multi.Storey buildings, it can reach up to 4 atmospheres. If the gas pressure at the entrance is less than the recommended, the boiler simply cannot heat water.

Be sure to check the system for leaks: due to insufficient fluid volume, the necessary pressure is not created. Check all filters, including gas. If it is clogged, then an insufficient amount of gas will come.

Check the boiler settings, perhaps the pressure gearbox is incorrect. Either a poor.Quality insert was made to the gas pipeline: during the work, a smaller hole was made than necessary.

Use the water heater

A water heater, cut into a hot water supply circuit, acts as a buffer capacity. Its purpose is to align the temperature of hot water and smoothing out possible temperature jumps. The drive heater and the gas boiler heater is set at the same operating temperature.

Even in the case of simultaneous inclusion of hot water taps at different points of its fence, all users will first receive water from the drive at first. The expenses of time associated with the expectation of a comfortable water temperature are reduced. Unproductive water consumption is reduced.

Turning on and off the supply of hot water at any point of the fence causes a water temperature difference at the output of the gas boiler. However, this water enters the lower part of the water heater, and when it exits the upper part, the temperature leap is completely smoothed out.

Connecting a water heater through a ball valve allows you to switch to a regular gas boiler operation at any time, which can provide uninterrupted hot water supply in the event of a water heater breakdown.

Using the bypass of a jumper with a tap in close proximity to the boiler allows you to exclude a boiler from a hot water supply system. If the boiler is on maintenance, the use of an existing water heater will ensure the uninterrupted operation of the hot water supply system.

Conclusions and useful videos

The following video will familiarize the following video with the course of cleaning the duct sensor:

Double.Circuit gas boiler is a rather complicated device, the repair of which is not always possible with your own hands. But if there are problems with the supply of water, then you can, based on the material presented, independently identify the cause of the breakdown.

Knowing what units and details affect the work of the hot water and conducting timely prophylactic measures, it is possible to ensure long.Term and uninterrupted operation of the equipment.

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