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Fix Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Battery Drain Issue

Everyone possesses a smartphone today that contains fantastic functions for our convenience. If you have been using your Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 for quite a while, it is evident that the phone will not provide the same new performance. Many users experience the issue of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 battery draining fast. This hinders the workflow and causes other problems.

You will be wondering how you can fix this fast battery issue. The following guide highlights how you can quickly resolve the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 battery drain.

Troubleshooting Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Fast Battery Drain

There are mainly three reasons why your Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 could be experiencing a Fast Battery Drain. First, we will go through them and then see the steps you can take to fix them.

Recent Software Update

If your phone’s fast battery drain issue started after you updated it, it is most likely the cause.

Why? When brands have to launch a smartphone, they take extraordinary measures to optimize the software because they know that before most people go and buy their device, they will check the review first.

But once, once you purchase a smartphone, brands do not have any profit in maintaining it anymore. So for brand reputation and competition, they provide two to four major updates.

Software optimization takes a lot of time, and I believe that most brands only aim for “good enough,” not “best.”

Sometimes they push software updates without thoroughly testing them.

To solve the fast battery drain caused by Software Update-

Check for a newer software update

Most likely, Xiaomi has released another update that fixes the battery drain issue. So go to your phone’s settings and check if a new software update is available.

If there is one, update your phone and then again check for a software update as sometimes brands release multiple updates, and they need to be installed one by one.

If there is no update, you may have to wait for a few weeks for the update, which fixes the battery drain to be available for download.

Factory Data Reset

A factory data reset erases all your phone’s data and sometimes fixes bugs that your phone had. Battery Drain Fast is one of those.

Since all your data will be erased, ensure you take proper backup of the needed data for future use.

Downgrade Firmware

If it’s been a while and Samsung did not push a software update that fixes the Fast Battery drain issue of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4, you can downgrade the software to the last stable one.

Just like Factory Data Reset, Downgrading Firmware will erase all the data of your Xiaomi Mi Pad 4. So make sure you have all of it backed up.

Now you might wonder which “setting” of your smartphone will downgrade the software. Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no such setting or feature.

If you want to downgrade the firmware/software of your Xiaomi Mi Pad 4, the safest way is to get it done from the nearby Xiaomi Repair Center.

Note: Downgrading Firmware is way more complex than Firmware Upgrade. If you perform it wrong, the worst that could happen is you will need to replace the motherboard of your Xiaomi Mi Pad 4.

Apps and Activities

Did you install any apps recently? Even if you didn’t, there is a probability that the new app you installed or the apps already installed on your phone are causing a fast battery drain.

Apps Installed on your phone are automatically updated periodically.

So, there is a high probability that one of the apps in your Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 is buggy and uses more battery. You can go to Google Play Store, update all apps, and reboot your phone.

Apps not downloaded from the Play Store can contain malware. So if you downloaded any Mod/Cracked/Unlocked App or Game, uninstall it.

Your Phone is Old

As your smartphone gets old, the battery capacity drops. As a result, it has limited charge/discharge cycles.

If your phone is older than one year, it is probably a battery issue. The only fix is getting the battery of your Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 replaced. Meanwhile, you can try the following tips to improve the battery life.

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Hardware Issues

Hardware issues can cause your Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 to have poor battery life. Confirming hardware issues is difficult if your phone does not have visible signs.

Signs such as Overheating, Long Time to charge or Not Charging at all, and Ghost Touches are some visible signs of a hardware issue.

If you see one of the above signs on your phone, read the linked articles to find the cause and fix it.

Tips Tricks to Improve Battery Life of Xiaomi Mi Pad 4

The following tips and tricks will not fix the fast battery drain on your Xiaomi Mi Pad 4; however, they will help you to extend the battery life.

Enable Battery Optimization for all Apps

Battery Optimization is one of the crucial components of an Android OS. It is responsible for controlling the apps running in the background.

This feature is enabled by default for all apps. But, sometimes, some apps ask users to exclude them from battery optimization.

So, go to Settings Battery Battery Optimisation and ensure you have battery optimization enabled for all apps.

Reboot your Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 every day

Restarting the phone is the most common method used to fix several issues.

The process of rebooting the device shuts everything off that is working in your device and restarts it again thoroughly. This allows all functions and apps to start afresh, eliminating problems and reducing fast battery drain.

Decrease phone’s Brightness and Screen Timeout

A phone consumes much more battery than usual with high brightness. Keeping the highest brightness constantly drains the battery and lowers phone usage time.

Additionally, lower your screen timeout. To lower screen timeout-

  • Go to settings.
  • Click on the Display option.
  • Select screen timeout.
  • Set the timeout to 15 seconds.

Activate Power Saving Mode

Situations like an emergency need for making a call or other can always arise. Sometimes, the phone doesn’t have enough charging for the same.

This is where power-saving mode comes in. It slows the processor down and extends the battery life.

Apart from emergencies, you can keep this feature always turned on to improve the battery life of your Xiaomi Mi Pad 4.

Over to you

If you cannot fix the battery drain issue of your Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 through any of the solutions above, you can visit the nearest Xiaomi Repair Center and get it repaired through technicians.

Download Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Stock Wallpapers

Despite the decline in tablet sales in the past couple of years, Xiaomi has unveiled the Mi Pad 4.

Popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi unveiled a tablet, the Mi Pad 4 a couple of days ago in China, despite the tablet market going down in recent years. The Mi Pad 4 tablet features an 8in WUXGA 16:10 IPS LCD display with a resolution of 1920×1200. The Mi Pad 4 is powered by a new and capable mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 Octa-core CPU coupled with an Adreno 512 GPU along with 4GB (64GB storage variant) and 3GB of RAM (32 GB storage variant). Thankfully, a MicroSD card slot is present in the Mi Pad 4 for expandable storage.

Photography is handled by a single camera setup at the rear featuring a 13 MP sensor (f/2.0) without an LED flash. The rear camera features an HDR mode and can record videos with a resolution of up to 1080p. A 5 MP snapper is most likely to be featured up front.

A 6,600mAh battery is onboard the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 to keep the lights on. Speaking of which, charging is done via the USB-C port. Coming to the connectivity side of the Mi Pad 4, it has you all covered with a nano-SIM card slot for LTE network connection (LTE variant), Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.0 LE with A2DP, GPS and more. Thankfully, the Mi Pad 4 retains the good old headphone jack we all love. An AI aided face unlock is available as the only biometric authentication option. The Mi Pad 4 most likely runs on Android 8.1 Oreo-based MIUI 9.0 out of the box.

Pricing and color options

As for pricing, the 4/64GB (Wi-Fi only) and 3/32GB (Wi-Fi only) variants of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 will set you back CNY1,399/approx. 215 and CNY1,099/approx. 170 respectively. The LTE connectivity is expected to be only featured on the 4/64GB which will set you back CNY1,199/approx. 230. The Mi Pad 4 is available in Black and Rose Gold paint jobs. It is already available for pre-order in China with launch scheduled for June 29. Worldwide availability is yet to be known and confirmed.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Stock Wallpapers

We have got our hands on the official stock wallpapers that are present on the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4.

Download the Zip via the links given below or click to enlarge the wallpaper(s) available below and then save it to your phone or PC. The resolution of the wallpapers is 1280 x 1920 px.

Enjoy and happy wallpapering! We’ll add more wallpapers over time. Stay tuned, folks!

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 / 4 Plus ROM Update

Mi Pad 4 firmware (codename clover ) below are the stock stable MIUI, which can be downloaded as Fastboot ROM, Recovery ROM and OTA Update.

Tablet model name corresponds to M1806D9W (Wi-Fi), M1806D9E (LTE), M1806D9PE (4 Plus LTE). Xiaomi ROM are downloaded free of charge from the official website We post links to stock Mi Pad 4 flash files and original updates.


Latest version of the stable Chinese firmware for Mi Pad 4 by Xiaomi.

Recovery ROM

Version System MIUI 10 Android Android 8.1 Release date 2019-05-24 File size 1.34 GB Official Link Download (.zip) Changelog

Lockscreen, status bar, Notification shade

  • New: Use your fingerprint to open Home screen once you unlocked the device using face data and stayed on the Lock screen
  • Fix: Battery-related floating notifications weren`t displayed correctly in landscape mode
  • Fix: Timer button started flashing after being tapped
  • Fix: Clock force closed on some specific dates
  • Optimization: The Apps section of the Settings got a structural revamp
  • Fix: Icons weren`t displayed correctly after adjusting fonts

Fastboot ROM (Flash File)

Version System MIUI 10 Android Android 8.1 Release date 2019-05-15 Flash file size 1.56 GB Official Link Download (.tgz) Changelog

Lockscreen, status bar, Notification shade

  • New: Use your fingerprint to open Home screen once you unlocked the device using face data and stayed on the Lock screen
  • Fix: Battery-related floating notifications weren`t displayed correctly in landscape mode
  • Fix: Timer button started flashing after being tapped
  • Fix: Clock force closed on some specific dates
  • Optimization: The Apps section of the Settings got a structural revamp
  • Fix: Icons weren`t displayed correctly after adjusting fonts

OTA Update

Version File size 360.96 MB Apply for Official Link Download (.zip)

The latest MIUI update doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. Read the reviews on the 4PDA or XDA Developers websites before installing new software update to Mi Pad 4 clover. If you downloaded Flash File, Full ROM or the latest OTA Update and encounter problems with your device after installation, please write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section, quoting the number of the buggy firmware.

Mi Pad 4 is on the Xiaomi EOS (end-of-support) list. This is similar to EOL (End of Life) status and means that the smartphone is no longer supported. It does not receive software updates and new firmware from Xiaomi, and known security vulnerabilities are not fixed.

Xiaomi releases monthly and quarterly security patch updates for Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO for 2-3 years after market launch. Monthly and quarterly security updates include Android security patches from Google as well as Xiaomi fixes.

Will Mi Pad 4 update get MIUI 11?

No, Xiaomi has stopped releasing updates for it. The latest MIUI version for Mi Pad 4 — MIUI 10.

Will Mi Pad 4 update get Android 9.1?

No. The latest version for this device — Android 8.1.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Review – Budget Tablet, Great Performance

Xiaomi makes great products, which are widely available and, most of the time, very affordable. The Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 is another example of such a product. This tablet is small with just 8″ and that makes it very easy to carry around. For me, this is the perfect size tablet. You can play your games, watch Netflix or watch TV while in bed, without holding a very heavy tablet.

  • 1 Introduction Specifications
  • 2 Unboxing
  • 3 Hardware Design
  • 3.1 Front Camera
  • 3.2 Rear Camera
  • 3.3 USB-C/3.5mm Jack
  • 3.4 Display
  • 3.5 Battery Life
  • 4.1 AnTuTu
  • 4.2 GeekBench 5
  • 4.3 PCMark
  • 4.4 3DMark – Sling Shot Extreme
  • 5.1 FaceScan
  • 5.2 Special Features
  • 6.1 Xiaomi Mi Pad 4
  • 6.2 Pros
  • 6.3 Cons

Introduction Specifications



The minimalistic design of the box, we have seen that before with Xiaomi products. On the front, we just see the number 4 and on the back, we find minimal specifications. Inside, we see the great Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 first, underneath the tablet, we find the charger, a SIM ejector tool, and some information guide. Simple and minimalistic design, just how I like it.

Hardware Design

On the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4, we find small borders, which is totally fine for a tablet if you ask me. The materials used feel very solid and strong. The body of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 is completely made out of metal. No plastic or cheap feeling with this tablet. The charge port, USB-c, is positioned in the middle at the bottom. This port feels good and holds the charger tightly. Next to the charging port, we find the speakers, which give reasonable sound. don’t expect the best quality music, but for movies, Netflix, or games it is totally fine. Last, but not least, we also find a 3.5mm jack on the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4! If you have a wired pair of headphones, this is the tablet for you. Connect them without a converter.

Front Camera

To take selfies, Xiaomi used a 5MP front camera. Why we need cameras in a tablet is not clear to me. There are only a few use cases I can think of and a front camera might be handy for video calls. With this 5MP camera, you can easily have a Skype call or Duo video call. The quality of the camera is not the highest or best available, but we don’t need it on a tablet, right?

Looking for a tablet that is easy to carry around? CLICK HERE to get your Xiaomi Mi Pad 4!

Rear Camera

A 13MP camera is available to take photos using the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4. I would never use this as a primary camera, but it is available. The quality is not the best, but I’ve seen worse on tablets too. Personally, I miss the use case for a rear camera on a tablet, but Xiaomi made it available for those who use it.

USB-C/3.5mm Jack

To charge the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4, we use the USB-C charger port. This is the 2.0 version of USB-C so this is not the fastest USB-C port available, but to be honest we don’t need that. You can charge your tablet now with the same cable as most of the smartphones, which is handy. No need to carry extra cables to charge different devices.

On the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4, we also find a 3.5mm jack! Yes, there are numerous wireless earbuds available, but many people still use wired headphones. If you have a good pair of headphones with a wire, you can use those on the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4. No need to use a converter or buy another pair of wireless headphones.


Xiaomi fitted a slightly taller display in the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4. This results in a 16:10 aspect ratio. This is an IPS panel, which results in life-like colors and very good viewing angles. It’s a very good-quality screen, although the resolution has dropped from 1536×2048- to 1920×1200 pixels, resulting in a pixel pitch of just 283ppi. For watching TV, Netflix or YouTube, this is totally fine. The display quality is great, especially seen the price of this budget tablet.

Battery Life

6000 mAh! That is a massive battery. When watching TV or Netflix, you can spend multiple hours without charging in the meantime. Having a fully charged Mi Pad 4, you can get around 8 to 9 hours of video playtime out of it. That is impressive if you ask me, but there are others that score even higher. Xiaomi promised a 12-hour video playtime, which we did not reach. I would be happy with a battery that lasts 8 hours, but if you reach this really depends on your usage.

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Benchmark Tests

How fast is this tablet? I can write how long I can watch Netflix, how fast the games are that I play on there, but let me show you the numbers by different benchmark tests. This way you can compare the benchmark test numbers to other tablets and find the right model for you.


With the AnTuTu benchmark test, we see that the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 defeats 30% of the users of this benchmark test! We will test some other apps to give you a good overview of the performance.

GeekBench 5

GeekBench is one of the benchmarks we ran. Here are the results:


PCMark is one of the benchmarks we ran. Here are the results:

DMark – Sling Shot Extreme

3DMark is one of the benchmarks we ran. Here are the results:


Besides the numerous great apps, you can install on the tablet to make it a great device for you, there are two features that I want to highlight. The Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 offers FaceScan and Special Feature menu. Let’s have a look at some features of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4.

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You can unlock your tablet with a face scan. All you need to do is hold your face in front of the front camera, and you are good to go! You can unlock your Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 now within seconds without even touching the screen to enter your pattern or pin code. You can set up your face within 5 seconds and that makes this a very fast unlocking method. Keep in mind that it is less secure than a pattern or pin code.

Special Features

On the MIUI software of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4, we find the tab Other Features in the settings. Here, we find Parental Controls, Gaming Mode, and MIUI lab. What are those?

Parental Controls, from here you can add devices and manage them remotely. You can see the location and control the installation of apps. You can also restrict the usage of the device. If you want to use this, is a personal choice.

Gaming Mode is something we see on some smartphones as well. This will improve the performance of games while restricting sync and background network connection for other apps. This makes your game experience more smooth. A great feature if you ask me.

MIUI Labs is a feature that Xiaomi is experimenting with, I think. On the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4, you can activate the improved image search. If you search on the tablet, it will also look in your photos to find related photos. The other feature here is the AI preloading. This should increase the loading speed of apps. Fun features and this may be something for you.


Looking at the price and the abilities of this tablet, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 is a great pick. You get a lot of value for the money you spend. If you like MIUI is something else, but for me, it works perfectly fine. The size, 8″, is perfect and it makes it super easy to carry around. Watching TV, Netflix or playing games is no problem for the powerful Snapdragon 660 inside. The battery, which is 6000 mAh, can handle some hours of video/movie watching or playing games. I used to get between 8 to 9 hours of battery life out of it. A great budget tablet that is performing better than expected.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 tablet release date, rumours, specs and latest news

Xiaomi is seemingly gearing up to re-enter the tablet space this year – here’s what we know about its new rumoured Mi Pad series.

Xiaomi has become a major player in the UK smartphone space in recent years, and it seems like it’s now gearing up to release its first tablet series since 2018.

Much remains unknown about the new tablet range, which is currently being called the Mi Pad 5. But speculation about the new series has been mounting online over the few weeks as snippets of the spec sheet emerged via regulatory filings.

While that may sound dull, the documents give a glimpse of what tech we could see inside the slates – with at least one rumoured to be a high-end device coming in the next month. It will mark the first Xiaomi tablet range since 2018’s Mi Pad 4.

Will it be able to compete with the Apple iPad Pro or Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus? Here’s what we know so far about the Mi Pad 5 release date, price and more. Xiaomi fans may also want to check out our expert Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro 5G review.

Mi Pad 5 release date

Xiaomi has not yet confirmed a release date or event for the release of a new tablet, although speculation suggests that it could be unveiled in August.

While company executives have been tight-lipped, they have previously teased the firm is getting back into the tablet scene after a few years on the bench.

Xiaomi co-founder and CEO Lei Jun said in a social media post in February that the company would be reviving its tablet line-up within the year. A product director at Xiaomi-owned Redmi, Wang Teng Thomas, said in May the Mi Pad 5 tablet was not launching that month but would instead surface in the second half of 2021.

So, for now, an exact release window – and what markets it will be sold in – remains unknown. This page will be updated as we learn more about the new device.

Mi Pad 5 specs

Some of the earliest speculation surrounding the new tablets – courtesy of some hefty code digging by XDA-Developers – suggested there may actually be three new Xiaomi tablets on the horizon, code-named “Nabu”, “Enuma”, and “Elish.”

This could indicate that there will end up being a more affordable model alongside a mid and Pro variant – much like how Apple and Samsung release multiple tablet versions at a range of price points – but that remains unverified at this time.

The report said one of the tablets would have a 120Hz refresh rate, an 11-inch display and boast an 8,720mAh battery. A base Mi Pad 5 would have a MediaTek Dimensity 1200 chip while the Pro would have a Snapdragon 870, tipsters claimed.

How to Change the Lock Screen Wallpaper on the XIAOMI Redmi Pad

like this

Earlier this week, more information about the Mi Pad 5 emerged via a listing on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website. It said the tablet would have 22.5W charging, run MIUI 12.5 software and have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Before that, details from the Chinese IT regulator indicated that the Mi Pad 5’s Pro variant would have a 120Hz display, 5G support and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 chip, roughly aligning with some of the leaks and speculation online.

Indeed, a post that was uploaded to the Chinese social media website Weibo this week claimed to show an image of a tablet in the new Mi Pad 5 series.

The device in the picture had ultra slim bezels and seemingly gave away some key specs: a Snapdragon 860 chip, 2K screen resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate. The poster, which remains unverified at this time, did not reveal a price point.

On top of that, filings at a separate agency revealed a new keyboard accessory and stylus – much like the Apple Magic Keyboard – believed to be for the Mi Pad 5.

Mi Pad 5 price and availability

The price and availability of the Mi Pad 5 series is a mystery for now – although rumours and leaks do appear to indicate that multiple variants are coming. It is also unclear if all three will see a global release, or some will only come out in China.

Xiaomi, and its Redmi and Poco divisions, have been focused on the smartphone and smartwatch markets in recent years. It has built up a massive library of devices at almost every price point possible – from the premium Mi 11 Ultra (£1,199) to the more affordable Poco M3 Pro 5G (£179) to the mid-range Mi Watch (£85).

  • For the latest news and expert tips on getting the best deals this year, take a look at ourBlack Friday 2021andCyber Monday 2021

It’s been some time since the last Xiaomi tablet release – with the market largely dominated by a handful of brands: Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Lenovo.

The 8-inch Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 was released in 2018, priced around £200. There was also a 10-inch version, the Mi Pad 4 Plus, at around £200 more. Both were mid-range. This page will be updated as we find out much more about the Mi Pad 5 series release.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 | The Best Budget Android Tablet! | Initial Review

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