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Price list for cleaning wall, floor, ceiling and cassette split systems (multi split systems), as well as the for servicing air conditioners with a discount.

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The price of air conditioners 3,500 We mainly maintain all brands and models, departure of the master on the day of circulation. Than 10 air conditioners are considered individually, you can also send us a request for a commercial offer for an accurate counting or will contact us by phone.

Cleaning air conditioning on his own

To clean the drainage, pull the air conditioner lattice. Open the lid. Raise the lower part of the air conditioner and take out the air filter. Rinse it under water using special cleaners.

In the presence of an unpleasant odor, it is recommended to clean with the help of additional professional disinfectants and antiseptics. They will destroy almost all common bacteria and viruses.

Next, you should get dust nets and, turning on the equipment at full power, set the minimum temperature with a continuous air flow. After that, clean the cooler radiator with an antiseptic so that the drops are tightened inward. Only after they could clean and dry the filter well, you can place the unit back.

The condition of the outer block must be controlled with special care, because if it is clogged with dirt, dust, fluff, then sooner or later it will overheat and break. Also pay attention to water drainage from the inner block. This, most likely, was clogged with drainage. In order to eliminate the problem and clean the external block. Direct a powerful stream of air directly into the tube.

Cleaning the internal unit of split systems

On your own, you can clean internal filters, fan, drainage system and heat exchanger. What will be needed for this?

You are unlikely to like to touch polluted internal details and breathe dust. Before starting work, do not forget to put on a respirator and gloves.

Tips and recommendations for extracting and cleaning the device

Case, drainage, as well as device filters must be cleaned regularly. This must be done depending on the functional purpose of the technique and its climatic location:

    Clean the outer side of the split system, which is up to the 4th floor, it is necessary every 3 months;

Periodically, you can clean the steam for disinfection of internal filters

Cleaning the internal block can be carried out by a steam generator

Equipment drainage is cleaned as necessary. You can check the contamination of the system channels visually on wet spots.

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The life of the equipment depends not only on the selected model and good installation of the air conditioner, but also on its proper use. Adhering to the simple rules, you will extend the time of operation of the equipment.

  • There should not be drafts in the room where the air conditioning is worth. Close the doors and windows to maintain the required temperature, otherwise the equipment will work in an enhanced mode, so the load on the compressor and the fan will increase.
  • Without need, do not turn on the air conditioner for maximum blowing, as well as a minimum temperature regime, since with constant high power of the equipment, internal details will be quickly worn out.
  • Air conditioning should work at an allowed temperature on the street: Inverter models. From.5 to.10 degrees, equipment with a “winter kit” before.20 degrees, the main models. From 0 to.5 ° C.
  • Service should be carried out constantly. With intensive operation twice a year, with moderate work. Once a year. Specialized firms for such a service will take relatively inexpensive, but at the same time the probability of preventing serious repairs in the future increases.
  • The internal unit of the system should not be under the direct influence of sunlight.
  • After prolonged downtime, the air conditioning is included in the ventilation mode for the run of the entire system. So you remove the accumulated condensate and eliminate the unpleasant odor.
  • Air flow emanating from the air conditioner should not have an obstacle on their way.
  • The external unit should be protected from the effects of atmospheric precipitation. For example, make a visor that will prevent a block of snow and rain. You can also install an anti.Vandal lattice.
  • Once a quarter, clean the air conditioning filters, dry them and put them in place.

You can not only extend the operation of the air conditioner, but also make sure that the equipment is less polluted. And for this, adhere to such rules:

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  • Periodically ventilate the room while using equipment;
  • Do not put foreign objects on the air conditioner and its inner block;
  • Flowers with water and flowers also do not need to be put on equipment;
  • Do not touch the equipment with your wet hands;
  • Do not let the animals sit on it.
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Cleaning the inner block

After you get access to all components of the internal unit of the split system, you can proceed to clean them. For this, it is not recommended to use hard brushes or metal objects that can ruin the heat exchanger or freon highway.

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Cleaning air filters

It is not difficult to clean the filter in the air conditioner with your own hands, the main thing is to remember that this procedure should be carried out regularly, at least once a week. To remove accumulated dirt, it is recommended to soak the filter elements in water with foam from the detergent for 30 minutes. And then rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry well before installed in the air conditioner.

Cleaning air filters from dust

It should be noted that it is difficult to clean air air conditioners of channel, cassette or ceiling type, because the internal block of such devices is in the ceiling.

Fan cleaning

The fan of the internal unit of the air conditioner also needs regular cleaning. It is a roller that drives chilled air into the room. To complete the task, you can dismantle the fan or wash it without extracting it from the body. If the second option is selected, to remove dirt, the blades should be treated with soapy solution, and then turn on the split system for the minimum power.

Be prepared for the fact that the garbage accumulated on the blades will fly to the floor, so pre.Shake the part of the apartment under air conditioning with old newspapers. After 15 minutes, turn off the device and remove the remaining dirt with a soft sponge or brush.

Removing dirt from ventilation holes

The upper panel of the internal unit is equipped with holes designed to get into the split system. You can clean them with a rag moistened with soapy solution.

Cleaning the heat exchanger

If the owner of the air conditioner decided to monitor the cleanliness of the device on his own and perform his maintenance without calling the master, do not forget about regular care for the heat exchanger. It is necessary to remove the accumulated dirt from this part of the device at least once a year.

To get to the heat exchanger, you will have to remove the grate. After this pollution, it is easy to remove with a vacuum cleaner or a rag moistened with a soap solution. But you need to do this carefully, since you can easily damage the heat exchanger or get hurt yourself.

Cleaning the heat exchanger

In the process of cleaning, special attention should be paid to the appearance of the heat exchanger. If traces of corrosion are detected, it is necessary to contact the service center, since such damage is dangerous with Freon leakage.

Removing an unpleasant odor

To eliminate the unpleasant odor, which over time may appear from the air conditioner, it is necessary to conduct antiseptic cleaning. For this, 0.5 liters of liquid antiseptic on an alcohol.Based antiseptic (can be bought at a pharmacy) is poured into a bottle with a spray and sprayed near the radiator with the air conditioner. Small drops drag out inward and after ten minutes the unpleasant odor disappears.

Cleaning the drainage system

The drainage system of the air conditioner also needs to be cleaned. Otherwise, the device will flow, and the outgoing air will acquire a putrefactive smell.

The cause of clogging of the drainage tube can be both dust and mold. To clean it, you use one of the following methods:

  • A soap solution is passed through the evaporator, which washed out dirt and dissolves fat;
  • They blow out a detachable tube (drainage) with a vacuum cleaner, however, this option is applicable only when the drainage system is not very clogged;
  • The fully disconnected drain tube is washed and blown over the entire length, treated with a disinfectant (this is the only way to clean the system from severe pollution).

For disinfection of the tube, various products are used, such as chlorhexidine.

To check the quality of cleaning, you can pour 1.5 liters of water into the drainage system. With a positive result, the liquid will freely flow out.

General information

Air conditioning is a complex system consisting of many components. Each of them needs regular maintenance and timely cleaning. Drainage was no exception. In it, as in the fan or on the radiator, dust, dirt, insects can be collected. In such conditions, mold often begins to form, and with a crowded drainage tray, water flows out and spoil the wallpaper.

For this reason, it is necessary to regularly clean the drainage. By drainage, we mean one or more tubes through which condensation is removed, and a directly drainage tray in which excess moisture accumulates. Both must be cleaned.

How often it is necessary to clean the drainage system?

We recommend that you clean the drainage system before the summer season and after it. If you have the opportunity and desire, clean the drainage every month. So you are guaranteed not to encounter sudden leaks and a damaged repair.

However, if your air conditioner is installed incorrectly, no cleaning will help. If the split system begins to leak, call the master and find out the true reason for the problem. If it’s the drainage, then in the future you can clean with your own hands. And if the cause of the leak is incorrect installation, then there is not enough for its strength, you need a specialist help.

Next, we will tell you how to clean the drainage of air conditioners at home.

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Whatever the cleaning method is chosen, the washing of the filters and the external unit can be fearlessly carried out on their own. For a deep washing of the internal system, it is better to call professionals, since any, even the most meager violation, can lead to improper operation of the system or to break it off.

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