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Type of connection

Before you buy a boiler of a certain capacity, you need to find out the peculiarities of the electrical wiring in the house. Among boilers with capacity of up to 10-12 kW you can find models that can connect to both single-phase (220 V) and three-phase network (380 V). powerful boilers with single-phase network can not be used. you will need to connect the house to a three-phase network.

To connect the boiler to the switchboard is better to take a stranded copper wire, which at higher conductivity will be less heat.

Among electric boilers, single-circuit models are the most popular. They are only responsible for the heating system. To provide yourself with hot water also, you need to retrofit the system with a water heater or take a two-circuit boiler. The latter has two independent circuits for heating water. Two-circuit electric boilers consume a lot of electricity, so they are rarely used.

Choosing an electric boiler for heating a private house with an area of 80 square meters

Electric boilers are almost ideal from a practical point of view. They do not require the installation of a chimney, the organization of proper ventilation, involve a minimum of communications around them. But the operating costs for heating with electricity are one of the highest, many times higher than for gas, wood or coal. You can spend up to 9-10 thousand USD for heating an 80 sq.m. house. rubles per month.

Also note that an electric boiler for heating a house of 80 square meters. a powerful unit, which requires connection to a three-phase network (380 V), because the single-phase (220 V) will not be able to provide work at full power.

How to choose the right one?

When choosing a unit, it is worth considering the following parameters:

  • Power. The main parameter, which depends on the heating area. It is necessary to determine for what purposes the boiler is needed. If it is used for heating, the capacity of 10 kW is enough. If for the water supply, then increase the value by 20%. If you need to organize a warm floor, you can choose a boiler with a capacity of up to 15 kW.
  • Varieties. Devices can be single-circuit or double-circuit. The first allow to heat the premises, but can also provide water heating. At the same time, the options can not be performed simultaneously. You can supplement the unit with a boiler to improve its performance. Two-circuit models are equipped with a built-in tank and simultaneously perform 2 functions.
  • Method of installation. Units of the floor type are usually quite massive, so they require the arrangement of a separate room. They quickly heat water and heat a private house, but consume a large amount of electricity. Wall-mounted units can heat small homes while using less fuel.
  • Type of power. Multiple heating elements heats the air through a single coil. The appliance power depends on their quantity.
  • Type of control. The control panel can be located on the boiler itself (buttons or sensor). Also, the unit can be controlled by remote control, through a program on your phone, and through the “Smart House” system. Models with intelligent control system cost more, but they are easier to use. They are automated: a special sensor itself selects the desired temperature, and the user only needs to control the process.
  • Additional features. The more options, the higher the price of the product. These include power regulation: you can set different parameters depending on the season to maintain a comfortable temperature. If the oven has an electronic thermostat, you don’t have to do anything, because the electronic thermostat automatically sets the best parameters. In addition, devices can be equipped with frost protection and safety shutdown: a sensor shuts down the device in case of an emergency.

How to calculate the output of an electric boiler

Equipment with an electric water heater is used for heating residential and office premises. To ensure a balance between temperature and energy consumption, an electric boiler is calculated. In determining the operating parameters take into account not only the area of the rooms, but also the physical properties of the materials of the walls, floor and ceiling of the room.

  • 1 What is the power of an electric boiler
  • 2 Ways to determine the power of an electric boiler 2.1 Boiler calculation according to the size of the house
  • 2.2 Boiler capacity calculation by volume
  • 2.3 Calculation for DHW

Models of popular manufacturers

models you will find on our site in the section “Electric boilers. You can choose the option that is suitable in terms of power and other parameters. Product cards have detailed descriptions, specifications, and customer reviews to help you make the right decision. We offer related products for installation of an autonomous heating system, so you can buy everything you need in one place. Place your order through the site or call the manager by phone, while the goods are in stock!

How to calculate the output of the boiler

The basis of any heating boiler. How well you picked up its parameters depends on whether it will be warm in the house. And for the parameters to be correct you need to calculate the power of the boiler. This is not the most complicated calculations at the third grade level, you will only need a calculator and some data on your property. You can cope with everything yourself, with your own hands.

Отопление дома. Ferroli leb 9 kW. Электрокотёл. Настройка часов, температуры и мощности котла.

There are several ways to calculate the output of a heating boiler

Power of an electric boiler

In order for the system to be balanced and suitable for certain parameters of the room you need to make a calculation of the boiler. Outside temperatures vary at different times, even the time of day matters, not to mention the wind. If you’re looking for an easy way to do an electric boiler wattage calculation to heat your home, chances are your journey will not yield a winning finish. The thing is that approximately you can of course estimate by eye, based on the area of the room, how many kilowatts you need in your case. But even approximately an accurate calculation can be made only operating with the values of heat loss of all materials from which the walls, floor and ceiling are made. Read also how to connect an electric boiler.

Calculation of the electric boiler power

To heat an apartment or private house, electric boilers are used. They differ in capacity and functional features. Before you buy equipment, it is necessary to properly calculate the capacity that should be at the boiler for a full-fledged heating of the premises. These calculations include many parameters that are very important to consider.

If you choose the wrong stove, the room may not have enough heat at harsh temperatures.

Calculation of the power of the electric boiler. which one to choose?

If you are here, it means that you wondered how to calculate the capacity of an electric boiler? Electric heating is probably the most comfortable and safest way to heat your home. Anyone who knows how to plug electrical appliances into the socket and press the power button can cope with its maintenance. Alas, this type of heating has a significant disadvantage. it is not always cheap. So before you buy and install a heater, make a preliminary calculation of the boiler. This will assess its cost-effectiveness and correctly select the necessary power.

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