Electric grinder with adjustable grind level

Rotary grinders grind grains with a steel blade. Much cheaper and smaller than millstones.

Bosch TSM6A01

Grinding bowl and knife. The grinding bowl is designed in a special way. Bottom has a slight slope so that all grains get under the knife, resulting in a high-quality fine grind. High-speed blade made of stainless steel. Transparent lid allows you to monitor the grinding degree.

Functionality and usage. In one cycle, the device grinds up to 75 grams of beans into powder, from which you can make up to 8 cups of coffee. Thanks to the high power (180 W) model qualitatively processes spices, nuts, small grains. Simply press and hold the button on the lid until you obtain the desired degree of grind. The maximum continuous operation time is 30 seconds. One minute delay is all it takes to continue grinding.

Safety system is represented by sensors that shut off the motor when the lid is open or incorrectly installed.

Caso Coffee Kitchen Flavour

Chopper and knife. Two metal bowls for grinding coffee, nuts and spices are attached to the device. Separate grinding of different products does not allow odors to mix. Body of the device, containers and two knives are made of quality stainless steel, so they will last a long time. Coffee and cereal bowl has 2 blades, nuts, spices, vegetables. 4 blades.

Caso Coffee Kitchen Flavour coffee and cereal bowl.

Caso Coffee Kitchen Flavour Bowl for nuts, spices and vegetables.

Functionality and usage. Powerful motor (200 W) enables fast grinding of coffee and other ingredients. Bowl capacity is 90 grams, which is enough to prepare a drink for a small family. The appliance can be used to prepare thick sauces, such as pesto. The plastic lid has a rim that fits snugly in the bowl, preventing shredded food from spilling out.

Simply press the lid to start the job. Grinding degree that can be checked through the transparent cover, depending on the grinding time.

  • Stainless steel housing.
  • Two removable bowls for chopping different foods.
  • Protection against overheating.
  • Easy to clean removable bowl.
  • Durability.

Caso Coffee Flavour

Grinding chamber and knife. Rotary grinder comes with a metal grinding jug. Removable coffee grounds capacity of 90 grams. The double-sided blade is made of stainless steel and grinds coffee quickly and efficiently to the desired consistency of grind.

Functionality and usage. Coffee grinder is designed for grinding coffee beans for the drink, nuts, spices, cereals. Bowl is marked with graduations indicating the necessary amount of grits for 2-8 cups.

To start the work you need to press the lid. Impulse mode by holding and releasing the lid, resulting in the desired degree of grind. You can control the grinding process through the transparent plastic lid. Safety lock with lid removed.

  • Attractive design.
  • Removable bowl.
  • High bowl speed.
  • High quality fastening of the bowl.
  • Sustainability.
  • Lock-on protection.

De’Longhi KG 49

Grinder and blade capacity. The plastic grinding tank has a volume of 90 gr., Makes coffee for several people. Transparent walls allow you to monitor the degree of grinding. Stainless steel rotor blade grinds grains into powder quickly.

Plastic grinding tank for your De’Longhi KG 49.

Functionality and use. You can grind coffee, spices, cereals. Grinder is operated by pressing the grinder button on top of the grinder. The grinding controller (timer) is adjustable to three settings: fine, medium, coarse. Special indicator light comes on when grinding time is up. Accurate number of servings measured by a regulator in two-cup increments.

How To Dial In Grind Size for Espresso

The appliance is safe, because when the lid is open, the motor is blocked. The cord winds up in a recess on the base. A special brush cleans the bowl perfectly from the remains of food.

  • High capacity.
  • Quality grind.
  • Timer.
  • Lock against accidental start.
  • Removable cup makes it easy to clean.

Kitfort KT-1329

Grinding bowl and knife. Two metal grinding bowls are included: one for grinding coffee, the other for grinding spices and nuts. That is why the aromas do not mix. The lid is transparent, allowing you to monitor the degree of grind. Metal blades, which are fixed in bowls, have 2 and 4 blades.

Functionality and use. Adjustable cup capacity (200 ml) is designed for grinding large amounts of coffee, nuts or spices. On the inside of the bowl there are markings for portions and maximum loading level. Can be used to grind fruit or make thick sauces.

Control by pressing on the lid. Depending on the holding time the degree of grinding varies. The motor locks automatically when the lid is removed for user safety.

Polaris PCG 0815A

Grinding bowl and blade. Grinding capacity of 70 g, enough for 6 cups. As with the bowl and casing, the rotating blade is made of stainless steel, which ensures a long life of the device.

Functionality and use. Power of the device is small, 150 watts, but it grinds grains, spices, dried fruits and can handle even nuts. The lid fits tightly and the powder does not fly off during the grinding process.

Grinder is activated by pressing on the lid. You can use impulse mode to achieve the desired degree of coffee powder. In order to ensure the safety of users, there is a motor lock when there is no cover on the body. The bowl with an anti-corrosion coating without internal protrusions is easy to clean after the end of work.

Selection criteria

When deciding which hand grinder to choose, determine, first of all, its purpose. only in the kitchen or mobile, should be a decoration or stored in the cabinet. Then you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • body material;
  • material of the millstones;
  • The degree of grinding and the ability to adjust;
  • Cleaning and maintenance;
  • handle design.

The material of the body determines the strength of the model and its decorative appearance.

The bean grit determines the degree of grinding, uniformity of particle size and durability of the entire product. It is the main component of the grinder. They can be stone or metal, but ceramic is best. Artificial material is washable, does not absorb odors. Ceramic material is durable, it retains coffee aroma and allows you to adjust the degree of grind.

The more oily the beans, the faster the mechanism of the mill gets clogged. The collapsible mechanisms made of moisture-resistant materials are the easiest to take care of. Easy to wash, dry and reassemble. Otherwise, you’ll be regularly wielding a brush to try and remove dust and coffee grounds clogged up in the grinders.

Folding, removable handle for space-saving transportation. The longer the jug, the easier it is to twist.

For invigorating flavor and aroma: The best electric grinders

Choosing the electric grinder for coffee gourmets is not an easy task. For coffee lovers, it’s not only the cost, speed and quality of milled coffee beans, but also the possibility of changing modes, selecting the degree of coffee grinding and portioning.

For those faced with the choice of an electric grinder, here are the top 5 best models of 2020 and our tips for choosing.

When thinking about buying such a device, it is desirable to determine the type of grinder by grinding method.

How to choose a grinder by grinding method

If you want to enjoy a full range of coffee flavors, like to discover new coffee flavors, constantly experimenting with the purchase of new types of coffee, you are better suited to miller electric grinder. It grinds beans using metal discs of conical or cylindrical shape.

Advantages of millstone electric coffee grinders:

  • Grinding degree adjustment (up to 15 modes);
  • High power (250-300 W);
  • High bean container capacity (up to 300 g);
  • Availability of a raw material dispenser;
  • container for ground coffee;
  • durability;
  • low noise level.

Possible disadvantages of the mill grinder:

In case you are not a coffee gourmet, do not like to experiment with different kinds of coffee beans and do not have any special requirements for grind at home, it is possible to save money by buying a burr/rotary grinder.

Advantages of the knife grinder:

  • low cost;
  • easy assembly;
  • fine and quality grind;
  • Ideal for brewing in a carafe;
  • working speed.

Disadvantages of the knife / rotary grinder:

  • low wattage;
  • No choice of grind level;
  • No bean dispenser;
  • There is no container for the finished product;
  • As a rule, the body is plastic;
  • blunt knives after a few years;
  • there are complaints about the motors.

How to choose an electric grinder. Useful tips

If you choose the blade model, it is better to choose a device with a power of not less than 160 W, preferably with double blades. A 160 watt grinder will grind up to 80 grams of coffee at a time.

If you’re looking for a miller, the power of the device should be at least 250 watts.

Assume that you need at least 7 grams of ground coffee for one cup. Coffee grinder with a capacity of 100-150 grams is suitable for a large family. The smallest grinder (30 g) in one grind can provide you with grinded coffee for 4 cups.

  • Grinder motor speed should be at least 900 rpm.
  • The body material of a powerful grinder must be metal. Low-power, for 2-4 cups, can be plastic.
  • Coffee bean hopper material: Steel is more hygienic.
  • Switching method: push button or press and hold on the lid when the unit is in operation. The second method isn’t convenient for everyone, so if it’s important to you, choose a model that works without your input.
  • Most coffee grinder manufacturers do not recommend using the device to grind nuts, spices or dry plant roots. You may not calculate the hardness or consistency of the product and break the grinder. Also other products can leave their aroma in the grinder for a long time.
  • Also it is not recommended to grind coffee “ahead of time” and store it in the grinder, because freshly ground coffee always tastes better than lain coffee. If you keep coffee in the grinder for several days, check the tightness of the grounds container despite the warning notice.
  • Brand name does matter, but it is important that the manufacturer gives a guarantee. Ask for a service center in your city.

It should be noted that a self-respecting manufacturer will provide the grinder with the following functions:

  • protection against overheating for longer life of the motor;
  • auto-lock: the device does not start grinding coffee until you close the lid properly;
  • pulsating rotation of the knives in the knife grinder. a gentler option for beans, quality grind
  • Infinitely variable speed. better grind quality;
  • Pre-roasting of coffee beans. there are some models of coffee grinders with ceramic millstones;
  • blender nozzles. for the fan;
  • good cable attachment and space for coiled cable.

Electric coffee grinder with adjustable degree of grind. 451 items found.451 product

New unique electric coffee grinder HARIO EVCG-8B from famous Japanese manufacturer Hario, created for alternative (manual) ways of brewing coffee. Ideal for achieving a perfect grind with the pour-over, siphon, French press and other specialty coffees.

A great classic and powerful grinder. Coffee grinder to grind coffee beans for further preparation. This model is equipped with a function of safe use, operation by pressing the closed lid. Grinder shell made of top-quality stainless steel and a stainless steel bowl.

Grinding system: rotary knives, power 200 W, capacity 70 gr, adjustable grind level, coffee spout

Powerful coffee grinder KT-748 with electronic control is designed for grinding coffee beans and grinding spices and nuts. Coffee grinder is equipped with a removable stainless steel bowl and a clear cover. Bowl accommodates twin-blade grinder blade for efficient grinding.

The 6003 180 W coffee grinder does the job and is indispensable in the kitchen. Using this device, every morning you can enjoy a natural refreshing drink, because freshly ground grains are a guarantee of excellent taste and aroma. Vessel holds up to 75.

The De Longhi KG 79 millstone coffee grinder easily grinds 120 grams of coffee beans to a fine powder. Adjusting the grinding intensity it allows to obtain a powder with different particle sizes. User can set how many cups of aromatic beverage to be grinded.

Grinding system: rotary knife, 200 Watt, capacity 60 g

Grinding system: rotary knives, 150 Watt, capacity 120 g

Grinding system: rotary knife, 150 Watt, capacity 50 g

Grinding system: millstones, 100W, capacity 200g, consistency adjustment, coffee spout, ground coffee container

Grinding system: rotary blade, power 200 W, capacity 60 gr

HARIO EVC-8B Compact Electric Coffee Grinder with conical bean burrs gives you a wide range of grinding intensity settings. from fine grind for espresso, to coarse grind for French press. No matter what kind of coffee you like, this grinder will provide you with the coffee of your choice.

, 200W power, 70g capacity, grind level adjustment, ground coffee tank

Coffee grinders with adjustable grind level

Grinder Fiorenzato F64 EVO is used in coffee houses, bars, restaurants, offices and at home to obtain a ground coffee from the beans. Ultra high-speed model with touch screen display, automatic cooling valve, micrometric grinding adjustment with clamping ring and flat millstones.

Coffee grinder with electronic dosage and air-cooled grindstones, which allows the grinder to work under high pressure. Automatic dosing for 1 and 2 servings, as well as manual mode is shown on the display. Date, time and number of servings. Convenient and easy setup menu, Russian language, all kinds of reports (portions per day, week, month and all from the beginning of operation).

Fiorenzato F4 Filter coffee grinder compact Italian equipment for cafes, coffee shops and restaurants. Features a stylish design and high grind speed with fine adjustment of the dosage.

An electric or manual grinder with grind adjustment allows to choose the degree of bean grinding depending on preferences or technological requirements of equipment. Some coffee machines can take a load of coffee powder of a certain size fraction. Ground coffee powder of a certain grind may be necessary for preparation of any beverage according to recipe, because grind has significant influence on taste and aroma qualities of coffee. How to choose the size of coffee powder:

  • coarse grinding is suitable for brewing coffee in coffee pots;
  • Medium grind for making coffee in drip coffee makers;
  • A fine grind is considered optimal for Turks.

All grinders sold in our store grind coffee using millstone systems. Coffee beans are grinded gently according to the grinding settings.

Many of modern models have a selection of grinding modes. Our catalog contains a large range of products with adjustment of the degree of grinding. Among them lego choose one that will be suitable for you and the other parameters. For example: number of beans loaded, number of grinding modes, ground coffee container, etc.д. In the product cards you can find detailed specifications, product descriptions and customer reviews. And don’t hesitate to ask any questions, we will be glad to help you with your choice!

In this section you can buy grinders with adjustable grinding of popular brands: im Baratza, Bialetti, Comandante, Fiorenzato, Hario, Lelit, Nuova, Simonelli, Tiamo, Timemore. Or take a closer look at devices from less well-known manufacturers. Practice shows that young brands also know how to surprise both in terms of functionality and workmanship.

Our catalog selects the best models of grinders for home use, coffee preparation in the office, there are also models that will suit coffee stations at events, there are also professional for restaurants and cafes. In each category you can choose from inexpensive devices of excellent quality, as well as purchase products with a maximum set of features.

If you need a grinder with adjustable grind level, but you don’t know how to choose the right one, feel free to consult us! Ligabarshop will help you choose the right product for your needs and place your order.

Coffee grinders worth considering

Polaris PCG 1620 (from 3540)

With 12 grind levels, this appliance grinds coffee to any taste, for any coffee maker. Portion controller, on the other hand, will help grind the product from 2 to 12 cups. The machine switches off automatically when the right amount of beans has been ground, even if the coffee bin is full. The 100 g plastic ground coffee container has a lid, so that the product can be stored there without losing its aroma. Removable stainless steel grindstone for easy cleaning. Also worth mentioning are the rubberized feet that ensure the stability of the appliance.

Melitta Molino (from 3690)

This model allows you to get any coffee grind. from coarse, to the finest degree (a total of 17 modes are available). Easy operation, low noise level and spacious grounds container (200 g) combined with a very affordable price appeal to consumers. The reservoir for the finished product has a lid, so that the ground coffee will not lose its aroma and rich taste. You will also be pleased with the automatic shutdown after preparation, protection against overheating and accidental start.

DeLonghi KG 49 (from 3490)

This grinder stands out among the analogues with its unusual design, advanced functionality and relatively quiet operation. It will also delight the consumer with the possibility of winding the cord, which not all models have. As for the main characteristics, this unit has a good bowl capacity of 90 g and a power of 180 watts. Of the nice additions to the delivery set should be noted the dispenser for the exact calculation of grind volume per cup and a special brush for bowl cleaning. In addition, there is a timer and a grinding indicator, which are mostly optional functions that increase the cost. The consistency of grind is close to that of a millstone grinder, but the result is often unstable and variable. From serious shortcomings it is important to note scarce spare parts, which makes this unit of little use for repair.

Kitfort KT-717 (from 3083)

The high functionality of this coffee grinder, counting up to 18 grind levels, is perfectly combined with an interesting design. The 200W power rating allows you to quickly brew up to 100g of coffee, the amount the grounds can hold. With a maximum continuous operation time of 5 minutes, which is enough to grind even for a large company. Several grinding levels allow to grind product for any coffee preparation method. in a carafe, French-press or a coffee machine. The user is pleased with the possibility of completely disassembling the housing, which greatly facilitates the process of cleaning the device.

Vitesse VS-1680 (from 2014)

A hand grinder for classic coffee lovers. It stands out for its retro appearance (mostly made of wood), which will perfectly complement any, even the most modern interior. The working mechanism of the grinder is made of ceramic metal and allows you to adjust the degree of grinding from very fine to large. Pre-ground coffee is poured into the mini drawer made of wood. According to consumers, for the normal operation of the grinding regulator it is necessary to lubricate it, but this trifle is compensated by the affordable price and the pleasant appearance of the device. As for other shortcomings, the receiving slot in the grindstone is narrow. some grains may not enter it.

ProfiCook PC-KSW 1021 (from 3450)

This machine has a metal body made of stainless steel, which makes the design very unusual and stylish. Distinguishes grinder and good characteristics for its price range. So, the power of the device is 200 W, and the bowl holds up to 85 g of coffee beans. The machine has an interesting variant of protection against starting in the open. the grinder turns on by pressing on the closed lid. Another plus is the auto shut-off mode in case of overheating. True, many users complain that this feature is triggered unnecessarily often and does not work properly.

The indisputable advantage of this model is that it comes with two removable bowls. The first, with two knives, is designed directly for grinding coffee. The second, with four blades, is designed for grinding nuts, herbs and spices. It is also worth mentioning that the device has the possibility of winding the cord.

Cunill Brasil (from 17 thousand roubles). rubles)

The high price of this model is explained by the fact that it is a semi-professional device. Power 280 W and a compartment for beans with a capacity of 1 kg allow the device to work continuously up to 30 minutes and demonstrate an output of 11 kg (!) ground coffee per hour. Of course, it’s not the most obvious option for a home coffee grinder, but it’s great for large multi-generational families. The machine is equipped with a dispenser and a temp (a machine to create the right “pill” when making espresso), as well as an effective protection system against overheating. In addition to power, the grinder has the following advantages. The handle lies perfectly in your hand, the coffee receptacle can be quickly and easily locked and the spout can be mounted on either the right or left hand side. The coffee tank can be washed in the dishwasher, which also makes life easier for the consumer. From the disadvantages it is worth noting the high noise of operation, but this is due to the fact that the device can be used in industrial volumes.

Different kinds of grinders with millstones

Devices are divided into two main varieties: mechanical and electric. Both units of the mill type are able to cope with the task.

The manual miller grinds the beans thanks to the conical millstones. One is rigidly fixed, the other is in constant rotation.

In an electric appliance, the millstones can be either conical or flat. The material of them comes in different ways:

Professional devices have ceramic and titanium millstones.

Main principles for making a selection

Home mills, grinding hard grains, appeared in Europe in the middle of the XIX century. Today it is hard to imagine making coffee without a grinder. Not only the degree of grinding is important for a beverage to develop flavor and aroma notes, but also the quality of grind. All the nuances of the choice included in our list of basic principles of selection of coffee grinders:

  • metal (steel, brass) grinders are better than plastic ones, because they last longer and retain the properties of the beans after grinding;
  • The higher the power of the device, the faster the coffee is ground, which guarantees aroma and rich flavor during the following brewing;
  • the “batch grinding” measures the necessary amount of beans for one beverage portion;
  • a quality machine is protected against overheating and overloading
  • There are no silent machines, however, additional rubberized feet in the body soften the loud sound of the motor;
  • pulse start, in which the blades start to rotate from the pressure of the hand, as well as stop working without it, is better and safer for the consumer;
  • additional accessories for the grinder only increase the cost, but do not affect the final result.

The first coffee grinder was patented by the Englishman James Carrington in 1829.

The best millstone grinder

Polaris PCG 1620

One of the most reliable and efficient electric models in the rating. This device reminds much the home modifications from DeLonghi, but costs less. I am pleased with the safety indicators: PCG 1620 has protection of the rotary motor from overheating, which automatically shuts down the device when the critical temperature is reached, and locks the work when the lid is open. The grind range is also impressive: The grinder has 12 grind levels, so you can find the right consistency of grind, whether you make coffee in a pot or in a professional coffee machine. The model has a built-in portion control that allows you to choose the right amount of grains, designed for several cups at once. The removable stainless steel millstones are extremely easy to care for and can be cleaned quickly.

  • A wide choice of the desired level of grinding;
  • reliable design;
  • stability thanks to rubberized feet;
  • removable grindstones;
  • costs;
  • high capacity;
  • operation in pulse mode;
  • dispenser.

Nuova Simonelli GRINTA

Grinding coffee with Nuova is a pleasure. Capacity is 3.6 kg/h, which is enough even for a small coffee shop. Grinds up to 500 g beans at 6.8 beans per second at a time. In addition to its performance, it stands out with its stylish design, available in several popular colors. GRINTA grinder features reliable motor protection, great power and the possibility to program the device even for grinding just one bean. Grinding adjustment is micrometric, very precise and sensitive to adjustment, which is especially important for making real espresso. In addition the model has an electronic timed dosing system.

  • Sensitivity in the grinding setting;
  • excellent productivity;
  • great working potential;
  • impressive design;
  • power;
  • reliability.

Wilfa WSCG-2

Medium-priced grinder with value-worthy features. The model can hold up to 250 grams of coffee, has an ergonomic timer, grinds beans in five stages: from consistency for a turk to a French press. The chopper is covered with stainless steel, which is very easy to clean. An additional bonus from the manufacturer is a special plastic material of which the container for beans or ground coffee is made. Material protects products from ultraviolet light, which can affect the taste of the beverage. The motor is protected from overloading, thanks to which the grinder almost never breaks.

  • reliable performance;
  • quality materials;
  • fine grinding control;
  • grinding for different coffee making techniques;
  • Stylish appearance;
  • grinds coffee beans evenly and quickly.

DeLonghi KG 89

The coffee mill from one of the most famous manufacturers of household appliances for coffee lovers. Budget modification, allowing you to enjoy an excellent drink right at home. The body of the grinder is made of solid metal and durable plastic. the design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also ergonomically important to the user. Not only is the coffee bean hopper removable, but also the 120g bean hopper for easy cleaning. It is possible to adjust grind coffee in small increments according to your needs. Mechanical control knobs are easy to turn, protection against accidental start-up protects the device from unintentional starting with a loose lid. Continuous running time of the modification is 60 seconds: for this minute the device will prepare a mixture for 12 cups of coffee.

  • price;
  • Spectacular modern design with clean lines;
  • Sturdy metal casing with plastic inserts;
  • performance;
  • Easy cleaning;
  • uniformity of grind;
  • Quiet enough operation;
  • Abundance of reviews and reviews with detailed photos and videos;
  • Easy operation and setting.

Cunill Tranquilo

The incredibly productive version that can grind up to 10 kg of coffee per hour with the grinders rotating at a speed of 1600 rpm. And it works for up to half an hour without interruption. Provides a luxurious fine grind, preserving all the flavor and aroma qualities of the beans. Adjustable consistency of 5 to 12 grams per batch, making it suitable for virtually any coffee machine. Bean hopper holds up to 500 g of product, and the grinded coffee tray holds up to 300 g. Knife life is designed to process 500 kg of beans. All in all, Tranquilo is a perfect machine for a bar, a coffee house or a home, where a real connoisseur of a fragrant beverage lives.

  • large volume of recycling;
  • Portion and grinding adjustment;
  • perfect shredding into granules of different sizes;
  • roomy tanks;
  • the possibility of long-term operation;
  • The shredding unit with an excellent service life;
  • Ability to wash the coffee tank in the dishwasher.

Melitta Molino

A good value-for-money model with a near-record number of options for adjusting the potential grind. The Molino lets you adjust granule size in 17 different settings: from coarse grinding to fine and almost weightless. The mill is incredibly easy to operate, low-noise and fully autonomous in operation: the user simply loads the aromatic beans into the desired compartment and waits for them to be processed, after which the device will shut down by itself. The modification is assembled without gaps or backlashes, so the coffee does not spill out of the containers, does not contaminate the internal areas of the device. The manufacturer provides a cover for the compartment with processed beans, thanks to which you can store the ground coffee directly in the device.

  • 17 grinding stages;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • The millstones can be removed;
  • availability of a convenient timer;
  • fully autonomous functioning;
  • quiet operation;
  • dosage of required quantities.

Rommelsbacher EKM 200

Affordable modification of Chinese manufacture, designed for serious volumes of planned processing and high load. Housing stands out for its sturdiness and sleek design. Model with a capacity of 250 grams of coffee beans, enough for up to 12 cups. Desired degree of grinding can be adjusted on 9 levels. Grinded product is transferred to a removable bowl, which is easy to clean. The disc grinders can also be removed for easy operation and cleaning.

  • cost;
  • homogeneous shredding without lumps;
  • Quiet operation;
  • optimal volume of nominal processing of grains;
  • Easy to clean by hand;
  • Abundance of grinding modes.

Solis Scala

The version with conical millstones with friction coupling stone protection for extra reliability. Grinds 250g grains in a 250g container at extremely low speed thanks to the double reduction gear. This treatment of beans allows you to save a maximum of essential coffee oils that can be released during the grinding process, and not to burn the coffee while still in the mill. Grinding itself can be adjusted on 12 levels by adjusting the ergonomic handle. Non-slip feet ensure maximum stability of the device and safe operation.

  • processing speed;
  • Minimum speed operation;
  • Extra protection for the internal parts;
  • spacious cup;
  • Grinding is uniform and extremely gentle;
  • Extensive range of grindability.

Nivona NICG 130 CafeGrano

Reliable conical millstones and 100 Watt power allow the CafeGrano to work quietly and gently with the beans. The container in the case can hold 250 grams of beans, which can be grinded on 16 levels: from the finest Extra Fine to medium Coarse. In the process of operation the beans are practically not heated, retain all their properties, fully transferring them to the finished drink. In addition to grinding directly into the bulk cup, the engineers also provide grinding in the coffee machine’s cone. With enough serious specifications CafeGrano has a reasonable weight and compact size, so it fits perfectly, even in a small kitchen.

  • 16 types of grinding;
  • sensitivity and flexibility of adjustment;
  • compactness;
  • sufficient power;
  • handles heavy loads;
  • good assembly;
  • timer;
  • Operation without failure for a long time;
  • relatively low noise of the motor;
  • The possibility to grind grains directly in the cone.
  • In the smallest grind can clog the passageway in the storage cup;
  • High price for a domestic model;
  • can not cope with the volume of the cafeteria with a large number of visitors.

Lelit PL43

Lightweight model with a bowl for 150 grams of corn and reasonable power of 150 W from a well-known Italian brand. Suitable not only for home use, but also for use in offices, HoReCa. The whole series is distinguished by a very high and uninterrupted productivity. The degree of grind required can be adjusted very precisely thanks to the micrometer system. The grinding itself can be grinded directly in the filter holder of the coffee machine. Tapered steel millstones, 38 mm, can grind into dust, but not overheat the beans to preserve the taste of the beverage.

  • continuity and performance;
  • grind to dust;
  • Smooth adjustment of grind level;
  • ergonomic coffee container;
  • quiet engine sound;
  • efficient grinders;
  • consistency of grind.
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