Electric towel dryer with a thermostat and a timer

We choose the electric towel dryer with thermostat

Electric towel dryers with a thermoregulator. with a timer switch-off and without it, white, metallic and other colors, have managed to acquire popularity among the owners of individual housing and city apartments. They allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room even during periods of disconnection of the main heat supply, and the design of the devices as simple and easy to use. Deciding which electric towel dryer is better to choose, it is worth considering all the advantages of rotary and classic, oil and other models to find the best option of the device for installation in the bathroom.

Rating of the TOP 12 best electric towel dryers for the bathroom

Place Model Price
The best models with a thermostat
#1 TERMINUS Classic P5 450×550 electric P chrome Find out the price
#2 TERMINUS Euromix P8 500×850 Electro Chrome Learn the price
#3 Laris Euromix P5 500×700 E left connection uncoated Learn the price
#4 Lemark Pramen P10 500×800 chrome Learn the price
The best inexpensive models that consume a minimum of energy
#1 Tera Rib 500×600 HE Ask the price
#2 TERMINUS M-shaped 25 PSE 400×500 Learn the price
#3 Tera P-shaped 220×600 E Learn the price
#4 TERMINUS U-shaped 25 PSE 600×225 stainless steel Ask the price
The best models of medium size and power
#1 Laris Zebra standard CC5 500×660 E with shelf right connection RAL 9016 Learn the price
#2 TERMINUS Euromix P6 650×450 Electro Chrome Find out the price
#3 TERMINUS Victoria P7 750×450 electro chrome See the price
#4 Energy U chrome G2K 540×400 See price

Domoterm M-shaped

A good and inexpensive unit. Compared with other colleagues at a similar cost, it wins due to the fact that it has a convenient on/off button in its arsenal, as well as an auto-off function when heated. When the device reaches a certain temperature, it will turn off and run only to maintain it. This significantly reduces the power consumption of the device.

The cheapest device in the ranking comes with all the necessary fasteners for mounting, so users do not have to make any additional expenditures. Taking into account how much the model costs, it has no significant disadvantages.

Rating of electric towel dryers 2021-2022: Top best by price/quality

Electric towel rail made of stainless steel, which boasts a fairly compact size and stylish design, thanks to which it will fit perfectly into the interior of any bathroom!

Towel rail. a necessary bathroom accessory. It serves not only to dry damp things, but also makes the room dry and warm. And if the towel radiator has a special design, then such a thing becomes a multifunctional decoration.

An electric towel rail has an advantage over a water towel rail. It heats your bathroom all year round, while the water one functions either during the heating season or depends on hot water supply. In this article you will find recommendations on how to choose an electric towel warmer for the bathroom.

Electric towel dryers with a thermostat are one of the varieties of these devices, additionally equipped with the function of regulating the intensity of heating. For this purpose, the design of the device has a special regulator and temperature sensors.

These devices have long established themselves as an indispensable bathroom accessory:

  • Is a great place to dry small linen, towels and other small things;
  • prevents the formation of condensation on the surfaces (mirrors, tiles, pipes);
  • Acts as an additional source of heat; normalizes the level of humidity in the rooms, for which excessive moisture is a real problem;
  • By normalizing the temperature and humidity conditions, it eliminates the phenomena associated with high humidity, such as humid smell, fungus, mold, etc.

Manufacturers produce a huge number of models of the devices described: different shapes, sizes, colors, with and without the shelf, made of different materials, etc.д. Some of the presented models are additionally equipped with a thermostat.

Devices of this type with a thermostat are good because the consumer has the opportunity to regulate the mode of operation of the device independently. Having established the set temperature, he can not control the work of the device: it will turn on and off by itself when the set parameters are reached. This will not only maintain a comfortable microclimate in the bathroom, but also save energy. It’s estimated that electric appliances in this class with a temperature regulator use less energy overall than appliances without a regulator.

Internet-shop MirCli offers you to buy electric towel rails with a regulator from the leading manufacturers of heating equipment for bathrooms and showers. With us you can buy any model of this product at the lowest and Runet prices.

Presented equipment does not depend on the mode of operation of the central heating system or hot water supply. You can buy the heater model to use only as needed. The function of this dryer is the same as the water analogues drying clothes and towels, as well as heating the room. This equipment is distinguished from the other varieties by a convenient and reliable way of installation the towel radiator is mounted in a suitable place with the use of brackets, and it does not matter the location of the water supply system. The products offered by our website have several features:

  • a variety of appearance we offer wall-mounted, floor-mounted, corner, straight, swivel and other options;
  • High quality models we use the best materials for production;
  • low power consumption dryers from TRUGOR is a profitable option, the minimum power consumption is 50 watts;
  • Guarantee on the equipment;
  • only original goods in various colors bronze, gold, brass and others.

The bathroom with the electric towel dryer will become more comfortable for all household members.

Electric towel rails

Electric towel dryer for the bathroom is used to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room and dry towels or things after washing. The main difference from water models. presence of the heating elements, working from an electric network. You can buy electric towel dryers in our store. We offer more than 2000 models.

Features and Varieties

The model, working with electricity, can be with or without a thermostat and timer, as well as functioning with a heating cable or fan, which in both cases are placed inside the vessel.

electric, towel, dryer, thermostat, timer

Towel rail with thermostat, which you can buy on our website, is convenient because you can always adjust the desired temperature in the room and, if necessary, change it. You can buy a towel dryer with a timer. The multifunctional thermostat equipped with this function will allow you to set the time (time of automatic switching on/off) and choose various operating modes.

The device with a heating cable inside allows the user to save energy, because the electric towel dryer power in this case is only 60-120 W. The product heats evenly across the entire surface and very quickly.

EcoDigi Thermostatic Towel Rail Element With 1-5 Hours Timer

It is important that all models can be switched on/off at any moment, just by removing the plug from the socket, or by using a special button.

Electric energy-saving towel rails are very popular among customers and get a lot of positive feedback.

Electric towel dryers

Our company offers a wide choice of electric towel rails of domestic production of various shapes and sizes. The advantages of this device will be surely appreciated by the owners of dachas. If the heating in the city apartment is switched off, a towel dryer for the bathroom with a thermoregulator will also be quite handy.

electric, towel, dryer, thermostat, timer
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