Electrolux mobile air conditioner does not cool

Why is the floor air conditioning turn off

In this article, we consider what to do if the floor air conditioner constantly turns off after just a few minutes of work. The reason is not always in damage. Perhaps you have incorrectly installed the device or it lacks stress.

Among the advantages of modern models of mobile air conditioners can be called their small size and small weight. It is very convenient to use them, and if necessary, the devices can be transferred to another room. Often such devices are chosen for a summer residence in order to be able to take them with you. They do not need professional assistance for their installation.

But sometimes it happens that the device turns off just a few minutes after turning on. Many owners of the device begin to worry about whether they initially acquired faulty equipment. But this is due to the fact that due to the features of their design, these devices are quite capricious. After all, from the premises that they cool, they must constantly throw hot air in large quantities.

Turning off the mobile unit after only 5 minutes of work can occur due to the fact that the air output hose is set incorrectly. If you install it in the form of the letter U, the air conditioner will not be able to effectively remove hot air. And after a few minutes, protection against overheating will work in the device. Therefore, before installing a mobile air conditioner, it is necessary to study information about its features in order to avoid such an unpleasant situation. The hose must be installed in such a way that it goes up, and there are no “bags” in it to accumulate air.

In addition, it is necessary to clean filters. Such a technique has two filters that are nets. They are mounted in front of the evaporator and capacitor. The air conditioner can be turned off even with the correct location of the hose. If the filters are clogged, then the air flow is not created. This also leads to automatically shutdown of the technique. In order for a mobile air conditioning to function without interruptions, it is necessary to regularly clean the filters.

When installing a monoblock, it is important to remember that there should be at least 50 centimeters to the nearest large objects or walls. If you install a block near walls or furniture, this will lead to a deterioration in air circulation. As a result, the compressor will constantly overheat. Because of this, the automatic shutdown system will regularly work.

When installing the block, remember that it should stand on a completely even surface. If the device is at least slightly tilted in any direction, this will cause incorrect operation of the compressor. As a result, the part will fail over time. Before you purchase and install a mobile air conditioner, it is necessary to prepare the surface using a float level.

If all these conditions are met, but the equipment still turns off after 10 minutes of work, you need to pay attention to other nuances. For example, if after 10 minutes of operation the device turns off, and at the same time shakes, this suggests that the stress is lacking in the piston compressor. There is only one way out of this situation. It is necessary to install a relay voltage stabilizer. After that, with a significant decrease or increase in the indicator, the relay will work. As a result, the load will support the voltage at a reference level equal to 220 V. This will ensure uninterrupted operation of the piston compressor. When buying a stabilizer, you should not save on its power. If the power consumption of the device is 1200 W, then the stabilizer must have a power of at least 5 kW. After all, when starting the device, starting currents are several times higher than the nominal. It is important that the stabilizer has an appropriate power supply. Only in this case the device will not heat up. He will work for a long time even with heavy loads.

If your floor air conditioner turns off when working, do not rush to call the master. Pay attention to these points. Perhaps they are the cause of the problem, and it can be easily fixed.

Why does the air conditioner blow warm air. frequent malfunctions

Sometimes it happens that the air conditioner blows warm air, but at the same time, some defects can be eliminated independently. The table below shows frequent flaws and methods for their elimination.

Symptom Probable malfunction Methods of elimination
Air conditioning blows heat (in devices with heating parameters) The wrong mode is set Install the desired function
No cool, cooling weak Cut the filters of the inner module Clean or replace the filter elements! It is impossible to use hot water when cleaning, as it can deform filters.
Split system does not create coolness well During the settings, a high temperature is set Turn on to the minimum, and then switch to a comfortable temperature
Air conditioning works, but does not create cool The fan mode is enabled Adjust the correct regime
It is weak from the air conditioning, while the compressor turns off The external radiator clogged with mud. A layer of dirt was created on the heat exchanger, which reduces the cold.productivity of the air conditioner. Clean the radiator
From the air conditioner blows hot air. The compressor turns on for a short time Small voltage in the network. Insufficient voltage often causes the rotor overheating and off the engine due to protection. It is recommended to turn on the device only through the voltage stabilizer

If the elimination of the above malfunctions did not help and the situation with cooling has not improved, then most likely the problem is in the equipment of the equipment. And here a complete diagnosis is needed, which only specialists in the service center can be carried out.

Ice on the lattice

The frequent reason why the air conditioner does not warm at the beginning and end of the cold season. ice. On the grille of the radiator of the external unit accumulates and intensifies moisture. An ice crust is formed, interfering with normal heat transfer.

Radiator (capacitor) is located from the back of the outer unit. If ice has formed on it, do not try to knock it down! You can get rid of ice with a good construction hairdryer. If not at hand, spill the lattice with warm water. Then thoroughly dry it with an ordinary hairdryer.

Snow on the bottom of the capacitor of the external air conditioner unit.

Reasons if the temperature overboard allows us?

Any air conditioner has restrictions on heating in cold weather. In ordinary models, it is usually allowed to launch up to 0 degrees. In inverter-up (-20C). For models equipped with a low-temperature kit or a heat pump to (-40C). Accurate information, you can also see in the book or on the Internet.

Often, when using the unit for “heat”, violating the operating standards, the outer block of the air conditioner is covered with a “fur coat” from the snow, thereby blocking the fan stroke. With such an increase, it is forbidden to operate a split system. If the external block of the air conditioner is not overgrown with hoarfrost, we try to understand whether it works? Many models work silently, so put your hand on the air conditioner. You must feel vibration. If the street block does not publish any signs of work, then the problem is in the operation of the split system. This breakdown can only be eliminated by a specialist. Here, unfortunately, you can’t do without calling the master. If the external unit works, and the air conditioner still does not want to heat it, we are going further.

Reason and that with the fan of the internal unit?

Now let’s see the room of the indoor unit. Turn off the air conditioner, open the curtain and try to scroll it with your finger. If the fan is hardly scrolling, then it needs to be changed. And without a specialist, this cannot be done. If the fan is spinning freely, and the split is not “chopper”. we are moving to the next point.

Any household appliances requires timely maintenance. And the air conditioner is no exception. First, we open the cover of the inner block and see how our filters are doing there? When using, the filter of the split system is recommended to be cleaned at least once a week. This can be done under a stream of warm water and cleaning products. Next, dry and put in place. But that’s not all! Let’s visually examine the radiators (evaporators) of the internal and street air conditioner unit. There should not be layers of dust and dirt on them. The distance should be visible between the honeycombs. If the block is polluted, the reason may be in this, and it is time to clean it.

Our air conditioner is clean, but still does not want to warm? The following points can be eliminated only with the involvement of specialists.

What problems can be solved yourself

Some air conditioning malfunctions provoking poor air cooling can be eliminated independently.

What problems can be solved without the help of a master:

  • Polluted filters can be cleaned. To extract them, you need to open the cover of the inner block, remove the filters and rinse them under cold running water. After little drying, the filters are installed in place. Now the air conditioner can be launched and check its performance.
  • The contaminated heat exchanger is cleaned in different ways: a steam cleaner, high pressure washing or special chemistry. If there are difficulties, cause service.
  • The owner can also independently clean the contaminated fan of the internal unit using a brush or washing high pressure.
  • If the cause of the malfunction is a clogged capillary tube, it is necessary to clean by blowing or press. If the tube is clogged with moisture, cleaning is carried out by vacuum.

When you can not do without professional help

In all other cases, you can not do without the help of professional masters. Experts will diagnose and determine the exact cause of the breakdown. If necessary, they will refuel a freon. In case of detection of a refrigerant leak, its sealing is performed.

Broken compressor, capacitor, fan, as well as pressure and temperature sensors are subject to repair or completely replaced by new parts. It all depends on the malfunction and price of the issue.

Do not ignore the problem of poor air cooling air conditioning. Small malfunctions are easily eliminated without requiring large costs. But if you ignore the fact of ineffective operation of the device, you can wait for serious breakdowns, the repair of which will have to be spent decently.

Follow the operating rules and timely carry out a technical inspection of climatic devices. Experienced specialists from the service center will always help in solving this problem.

Why the air conditioner stopped working for heating

Some owners of the split equipment are faced with a common problem-the equipment stops working on heating. This malfunction can occur for various reasons.

  • Leak or insufficient amount of refrigerant in the system. At a low level of freon, the air conditioner gives out poorly heated air. This problem is easily solved by refueling the device. If there is a leak, you need to carry out repair work. They should perform a qualified specialist from the service center.
  • Heat exchanger or device filters are clogged with dust and dirt. Any pollution of internal mechanisms significantly reduce the effectiveness of air conditioning. You can restore a normal operating mode by cleaning. Some owners perform this work on their own, adhering to the recommendations of specialists. You can also order a professional equipment cleaning service in the service center. To avoid such problems in the future, it is recommended to carry out preventive work with the participation of qualified specialists aimed at preparing the air conditioner to work on heating work before the winter season.
  • The normal functionality of the heat exchanger can also interfere with the formed ice on the radiator grille. It is located on the back of the street block. This ice is by no means can not be shot down! You can defrost the ice in two ways: spilling warm water on a lattice or gradual thawing using a powerful construction hairdryer.

How to adjust the air conditioner for heat

In 50% of cases, the air conditioner poorly heats the air in the room due to incorrect settings of the working regime. Before setting this option, carefully study the user’s instructions!

How to set up air conditioning for heat:

  • Make sure the air temperature on the street corresponds to the recommended values.
  • To turn on the “Heating” mode, use the buttons on the internal unit or DPU panel. This mode on the remote control is indicated by the inscription Heat or in the form of an image of the sun.
  • Run the mode and set the required air heating temperature.

The first flows of warm air will not be felt immediately, but only after 1-2 minutes, and the achievement of the set temperature will occur in 10-15 minutes. Therefore, if immediately after starting the program, the air conditioner gives out cold air, do not sound the alarm, you just need to wait a bit while the equipment redirects air flows and begins to heat it.

If after this time the air conditioner continues to work for cooling, try to drop the settings in the remote control and restart the working mode. Did not help? So, there is a more global problem of malfunction, which an experienced master from the service center can always determine.

Electrolux air conditioners. Popular breakdowns and malfunctions

Hello, sometimes, somewhere a week, protection is triggered in the air conditioner Electrolux Eacs-07hg/N3 after 2-3 hours when cooling.

Work of the inverter air conditioner more than 2 months ago Electrolux Eacs/I-09har/N3 air

My regards. I recently bought a split system Electrolux Eacs/I-09har/N3, like an inverter, but it works in the same mode as in the next room.

The compressor does not always work in the air conditioning more than 2 months ago Electrolux Eacs/I-09har/N3 air conditioners

My regards. Split system Electrolux Eacs/I-09har/N3 does not always work external unit. Starts to work only after turning off the power to.

The external air conditioner block more than 3 months ago Electrolux Eacs-12har/N3 air conditioning

Hello. The external block of the air conditioner Electrolux Eacs-12har/N3 is not launched. Please help with the repair of the board.

Air conditioning more than 3 months ago Electrolux EacM-8 CL/N3 air conditioning works poorly

All health. Purchased a new Electrolux EacM-8 CL/N3 mobile air conditioner, turned on and began to check the modes. In mode. fan.

The air conditioner itself is disconnected more than 6 months ago Electrolux Eacs/I-24HF/N8_21Y air conditioning

Good afternoon, air conditioner Electrolux Eacs/I-24HF/N8_21Y, for 3 years, he worked all the time without problems, but now he began to turn off.

Electrolux does not warm the air more than a year ago Electrolux Eacs/I-24HF/N8_21y air conditioners

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Air conditioner works with electro-year-old air conditioners Electrolux Eacs-12HC

Greetings, there is an old air conditioner Electrolux Eacs-12HC and worked without problems, and 3 years ago it was rearranged to another place, to the country.

The external air conditioner block more than a year ago Electrolux Eacs-12har/N3 air conditioners

Hello! With a non-operating air conditioner Electrolux Eacs-12har/N3, it knocked out the machine in the shield. The machine turned on, no longer knocks out. But now.

Split error system more than a year ago Electrolux air conditioners

Good day. Conder new Electrolux Eacs-07hat/N3_20Y, after installation, worked for 30 minutes, after which, on the scoreboard.

Electrolux air conditioner gives an error more than a year ago Electrolux Eacs/I-07har/N3 air

Good afternoon, after installing the air conditioner Electrolux Eacs/I-07har/N3, Error P has got out on the air conditioner display. Air conditioning blows, then cold.

Passing the fan power over a year ago Electrolux air conditioners

Good evening. Urgently! Assembled the 18th channel not inverter. Oral piano Klim, outdoor Electrolux. When starting, the fan begins.

electrolux, mobile, conditioner, does

Air conditioner Electrolux Eacs/I-07hat/N3 does not work more than a year ago

Good afternoon. Electrolux Eacs-07 Hat/N3 20Y air conditioning immediately after installing and starting, shows the EL 01 accident. What to do?

Differences of models more than a year ago Electrolux Eacs-09HC/N3 air conditioners

Good day, acquired a split system for the action. Inner Electrolux Eacs-O9 HAR/N3, and the outer Eacs/L-09har/N3, will they work together.

Air conditioner error more than a year ago Electrolux Eacs-07hat/N3

Good morning. Electrolux Eacs-07hat/N3 conditioner worked a little for cooling and the error El OC appeared on the display. What kind of mistake is it, not.

electrolux, mobile, conditioner, does

The remote control does not show the air conditioning temperature more than a year ago Electrolux Eacs-07Hl/N3 air conditioners

Hello. Pressed which button on the control panel Electrolux Eacs-07Hl/N3 in the mode on the display and caught on the display.

Electrolux air conditioning problems Electrolux Eacs/I-07hat/N3

Good afternoon. Electrolux Eacs/I-07hat/N3 air conditioning immediately after installing and starting, shows the EL 01 accident. What to do?

The air conditioner cools poorly

Hello everyone! To date, the air conditioner worked perfectly, but now he began to cool poorly and does not want to maintain a given temperature! Maybe this is a characteristic malfunction and it can be corrected on its own?

It is necessary to inspect the external unit for pollution and clean if you can do it yourself, do

Most likely it is necessary to season with freon.

Good afternoon. Inspect the external and internal unit for pollution, if possible to eliminate. Rinse the filter of the inner block, clean the radiator of the external unit with a high.pressure sink or brush with a brush brush. If there are no changes or the blocks were clean. It is necessary to check the presence of freon, compressor performance (a pressure gauge will require. station) and fan of the outer unit (visually), all of the above will require contacting the SC.

on their own is unlikely to be corrected since the reason is either in the leak of the freon or in electronics

The filters of the inner unit are clogged (rough and thin cleaning). Dust, wool, hair clog filters and settled on the plates of the heat exchanger. Because of what the heat supply from the evaporator worsens: the radiator does not give the cold poorly into the air, which leads to weak cooling. With strong contamination of the internal block of the evaporator tube, they can freeze. Dust can also clog the drainage hose, then the condensate will remain in the pallet, and then drip from the inner unit.

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electrolux, mobile, conditioner, does

The air conditioner does not cold. The reasons:

The reasons why the air conditioner does not supply cold air into the room, can be divided into 3 main groups:

  • Air conditioning settings. settings and parameters are often defined incorrectly.
  • Lack of maintenance. Everything is regular, but the system does not have enough freon, or cleaning of filters and heat exchangers is required.
  • Faulty element. The component in the air conditioner failed.

Check the settings and parameters.

If the air conditioner is included in heating / ventilation \ drainage. it will naturally cool. Auto you need to be careful with the Auto mode. air conditioning is launched according to the pre.installations by the specified manufacturer. Usually the conditions are as follows. The temperature in the room is above 24C. air conditioning works for cooling at a temperature below 18C. air conditioning will start heating. The regime we need. Cold. cooling mode, which will give you the long.awaited coolness. The temperature in the room is equal to the temperature that you set. Often the user tries to start air conditioning with a temperature value that has already been achieved in the room. For example: in the room 22C, you have 23C on the remote control. The air conditioner will not start cooling, since the sensor “understands” that the temperature is lower than the given, respectively, cooling is not required. Temperature sensor in the remote control, or function “I Feel”. The function is not found in all models, but satisfied with popular. When this function is turned on, the air conditioner will respond to the indications of the temperature sensor located in the remote control. For example, you put in a cooler corner of the room. Air conditioning takes readings. the temperature is achieved, although the temperature in the room may be higher than the given value. This function is not automatic, it is forcibly turned on and off, the corresponding indicator lights up on the remote control. Be careful with this option.

How to solve a malfunction?

Elimination of most of the indicated malnutritions only qualified masters, in the arsenal of which there is all the necessary tools for the diagnosis of refrigeration equipment. Given the high cost of a special tool, a high probability of error and the danger of some operations, a specialist call is more advisable than attempts to solve the problem on your own.

Group is a team of experienced, qualified specialists. Our masters work promptly, accurately determine the problem and find the most rational solution. So that you can verify this, the company additionally provides a guarantee for renovated equipment.

Lack of maintenance.

Perhaps you noticed that after 3-5 years the air conditioner no longer does not cold “as before”. What is the reason for the decrease in performance? Let’s understand.

Animal hair, hairs, dust, etc.D. easily clog filters of rough and thin cleaning of the air conditioner. Because of what the radiator does not give the cold in the air, which leads to weak cooling. If the filters are very contaminated, the evaporator tubes can freeze.

Pollution can fall into the drainage hose, which will prevent the natural drainage of condensate to the outside. The overflow of the pallet threatens to flow water along the wall, drops of drops on the floor, furniture, etc.D.

The solution is simple: regularly clean the filters of the inner unit. They easily get, you just need to jerk off and raise the front panel of the inner block. It is advisable to wash under cold water, without the use of aggressive detergents.

During operation, the air conditioner drives huge volumes of air through the heat exchanger, as a rule, not the cleanest. Copper heat exchangers have fairly small lamellas, which are easily clogged with poplar fluff, dust, etc.D. When the heat exchanger is polluted, the performance of the air conditioner drops, since the efficiency of heat supply decreases.

Fix this problem will help flushing the heat exchanger, preferably under pressure. This will help the high pressure of the Karcher type. In high.rise buildings, auto.item services may be required.

A rather volatile refrigerant circulates through the freon pipeline. Freon, which is enough microcracks to disappear from the refrigerator. The normalized refrigerant leak is 6-8% per year, even if the system is sealed. It is important to distinguish between a normalized leak or violation of the integrity of the copper highway. This can be understood by the temperature on the edge of the heat exchanger or by pressure in the system. If the difference from normalized indicators is insignificant, then refueling will be enough. If there is no Freon system at all, after 2-3 years of work, you will need to find a leakage place. In 90%, this will be a poor.quality valve and the wrong force of squeezing of the nuts, in the remaining 10%. mechanical damage to the freon pipeline during operation. It will require a search for a violation of integrity, stocking or replacing the highway completely, transplant, vacuuming and a complete new gas station refueling.

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