Error e 16 in the washing machine

Causes and remedies

Almost always this code indicates a serious breakdown of the Kandi, which requires diagnosis, as well as repair or replacement of components inside the unit. But sometimes the failure can be the result of accidental circumstances, such as a power surge in the network.

If the appearance of E22 is not caused by a serious fault, then after the restart the code will not appear again. Otherwise we have to proceed to the analysis of the assemblies.


If the water level sensor malfunctions, it can send erroneous information to the Candy control board, giving a signal of overflow. The machine is able to draw and drain water several times, and then stop working with a code on the display.

The problem may be due to such factors:

To restore the operation of the machine, it may be necessary to carry out the following work:

Fill valve

With this failure, the Candy washing machine can draw and drain water. If the diaphragm on the valve is leaking water (has lost its seal), the liquid comes in too much even when it is closed. This leads to overfilling the tank and issuing a failure code, as the process of water intake continues. The solution to the problem is to replace the valve.

If the heating element fails, the Candy machine does not heat water. Up to this point the cycle works clearly, without failure, and only when passing to the stage of water heating a problem situation occurs. Washing freezes and E22 is lit on the display. To solve the problem will help replace the heating element with a new one.

Control unit

A breakdown in the Candy control unit is a rarer, but quite possible, situation. When the elements and wires are burned out, the heating can be absent or water can be poured and drained alternately. In this case, a quality diagnostic. It is carried out by removing the board.

Repair of the control unit Candy. on the button “Troubleshooting”

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Wiring, contacts

If the contacts and continuity of the wiring are broken, the washing machine may generate E22. If there is a break in the electrical circuit, the signals from the control unit to the individual components involved in the process of filling and heating water do not pass.

Candy or Hoover E03 or E16 Error Code. How to Repair

The problem is solved by a full check of the washer dryer’s wiring. If necessary, the contacts are cleaned, the cable is replaced, etc. д.

If the Candy washing machine has just been installed in a new place, and it began to display E22, there is a probability that the reason of appearance of a faulty code is the wrong organization of system of a drain. If the drain hose is lowered and has no lifting point above the tank level, self-drainage is possible. water flows out spontaneously.

The pressostat is broken

The pressostat is a rather complicated assembly, calibrated in the factory. If it is broken, the electronics of the machine do not receive the correct data on the water level. Of course, there is no command to start the pump.

The first thing you can do yourself. to check the state of contacts of the pressostat. If oxides are found, they are removed with a knife, a piece of sandpaper or other similar items. To get to the pressostat, it is sufficient to remove the cover of the machine housing.

Another cause of incorrect pressostat readings is a broken or just a loose pressure tube. It connects the assembly to the tank. The pressostat is inspected and the pressure tube is found. If damage is detected, it is replaced. If the tube is just loose, it is reattached and clamped with a clamp.

Check the pressostat can be made multimeter. To do this, you will have to find on the Internet the parameters of a particular node by its marking. To carry out this work also requires some skills. If you don’t have them, it is recommended to call for help from a specialist.

How to troubleshoot the washing machine Kandy. error code e16

Error E16 in the Candy washing machine lights up on the display in the following circumstances.

  • During any program, the washer does not have time to begin drawing water, writes error E16 and immediately when turned on knocked out the plugs.
  • On any program the Candy machine locks the door, does not draw water and hangs with an error.
  • In programs with hot water, the washing machine blocks the door, loads water, and in 10-15 minutes, when it comes to heating, it stops and generates error E16. If you touch the glass of the door at this moment, it is cold. At the same time programs without water heating can be performed normally.

How to eliminate the fault of a washing machine Kandi. error code e16

Users of Kandi washing machines usually encounter error E 16 in the following situations:

  • a few seconds after selecting the program and pressing the Start button: the water does not come on, the washing machine hangs;
  • at the washing stage 5-10 minutes after the start of the cycle: the machine draws water, but does not heat and gives the code E16;
  • Immediately upon switch-on or during a washing cycle: the machine writes an error and shuts down the automatic or RCD.
error, washing, machine

The error often alternates with other codes, such as E03 or E05. These appear alternately with code 16.

Please note! The code display varies slightly depending on the line of automatic machines. “E16”, “Err 16” or “Error 16” are all the same error in Kandi brand washing machines.

Reasons for appearance

The most common reasons for the error E03 are the following phenomena:

Failure of the E03 in the Candy dishwasher may also indicate a malfunction in the heating circuit. Quite often the cause of the error is a problem with the control unit. Error E03 often appears due to negligence of washing machine users, when the washing mode is set incorrectly. To eliminate such a problem, you just need to make sure that the selected program is correct before you press the “Start” button.

To figure out what exactly happened with the unit is quite a complicated matter, it is best to entrust it to a professional. Although in some cases you can fix the problem yourself.

The appearance of the code E16 on the display indicates a problem with the heating element. Almost always such a situation indicates the need for repair work. In this case, in modes that do not require heating water, the program can work completely without failure, and without issuing E16.

On devices without a display information about the failure is manifested by flashing of indicators. 16 times without interruption, with a repetition after a short pause.

error, washing, machine

Also can blink (in relation to a specific model Candy):

In older models, there can be other combinations of LEDs involved, and it will only matter the number of flashes. they must be 16.

Calling a master

To carry out diagnostic measures and repair when error E16 occurs requires partial disassembly of the appliance Candy. It is not always possible to carry out quality service yourself. In this case, you may need the help of a specialist.

To find a company that deals with the repair of washing machines can be found on the Internet. It is better to give preference to firms that have earned a good reputation and have long been working in the field of service provision.

If the repair requires replacement of individual parts or entire assemblies, this is charged separately. When calling a master should describe the essence of the manifestation of failure, as well as fully specify the model of the washing machine.

If new parts are available for replacement, it’s worth mentioning. After carrying out repair work, the technician issues a warranty and conducts a test run of the washer-dryer to verify its working order.

Why does error E16 appear on the display of the washing machine Candy and how to fix it

Error E16 on the Candy washing machine will appear on the display under the following circumstances.

  • During any program, the washer does not have time to begin drawing water, writes error E16 and blows plugs immediately when turned on.
  • On any program, the Candy machine locks the door, does not draw water and hangs with an error.
  • The programs with heating water, the washing machine blocks the hatch, pours the water, and in 10-15 minutes, when it comes to heating, stops and displays error E16. If at this point to touch the glass of the hatch, it is cold. The programs without water heating can be performed normally.

Probable malfunctions that require repair

The specialists of “RemBytTech” have repaired more than 10 thousand (!) Kandy washing machines. In our experience, the cause of error E16 in most cases is related to one of the following faults.

  • The faulty contacts are soldered by a technician or the contact group is replaced by a new one;
  • Damaged wiring is repaired or the wiring is completely replaced.

CANDY E16 ERROR, repairs

are specified only for the work of the master. Spare parts, if they are required for repair, it is necessary to pay additionally.

E16 is a critical error that can cause a house fire. Do-it-yourself repair or “jack-of-all-trades” is not the best solution to fix it. For safety reasons do not take any risks! Call a specialist from “RemBytTech” by phone:

The master will come at any time convenient for you, will carry out machinery diagnostics and establish the exact cause of error E16. With your consent, the repair will be carried out immediately. at home. We guarantee the quality of our works for up to 2 years. Address!

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