Error l3 on Samsung washing machine

Too much water: 0C, E3, 0E or 0F

As well as the loss, too much liquid threatens the fact that on the display you will see an information code OE, indicating the existing malfunction. This usually occurs because the level sensor or control valve has been disrupted for some reason.

If the washing machine Samsung can not determine the correct amount of water (error OE or 0E), then the fault is the same drain hose, which was connected incorrectly.

Tachogenerator malfunction motor (EA, 3C4, 3C3, 3C2, 3C1, 3C, 3E4, 3E3, 3E2, 3E1 and 3E)

One of the following codes appeared on the display: EA, 3C4, 3C3, 3C2, 3C1, 3C, 3E4, 3E3, 3E2, 3E1 and 3E. The machine gives them out if too much laundry has been loaded into it, if there are problems due to clogging or if there is a problem with the motor.

The main reasons for the appearance of the above coding signs may be:

  • blockage of the engine due to foreign objects;
  • contact problems or problems with internal wiring;
  • Breakdown of the tachogenerator itself;
  • loading the laundry into the drum of the dispenser exceeding its maximum permissible weight
  • There is a faulty assembly of the motor;
  • Incorrect operation of the control module.

The search for the real cause of error codes on the display will begin with the unloading of laundry from the drum of the machine. Make sure that its weight corresponds to the technical characteristics of the device. Overloading should not be permitted.

Then you should check the possible places of blockages: if found, they should be removed. Check the quality of contacts and wiring, if possible fix the damage.

It is unlikely that a self-taught master can independently diagnose and repair the engine failure. If the problem lies in the motor, you will need to seek help from professionals.

Error 3E in a Samsung washing machine TAHO circuit

Brought us for repair the control module from a washing machine Samsung with an error on the rotation of the motor, which immediately fell to a high speed and after a while the washing machine gave error 3E. The module filled with chilly water was unscrewed and checked the whole tacho chain and the motor power itself, no special problems were found, but they thought of microcracks and bad soldering, which is common for Samsung. After a week, masters called and said that the problem repeated and tried with a known faulty motor, which gave no result

error, samsung, washing, machine

In a few days the machine was already in the service center Tekhnomag in Yaroslavl on B.We had an opening in our requests at 67 Oktiabrskaya and as soon as we had an opening in our requests we started to repair it.

Connecting the oscilloscope showed that the signal is lost somewhere in the circuit from the tachogenerator to the microcontroller, but checking all the radio components gave nothing, then we unsoldered all the elements one by one until they came to the diode, which was successfully lost during the repair and I was not able to find out what was wrong with this diode, but the start without it went off and it was decided to check all the peripherals

As the check showed the FET, which is ceramic, which is green, which should serve forever, according to Samsung was punctured to the body, replaced and checked everything again.

I don’t know why the tacho failed and it’s connected to the heater too, but one thing is clear, you should always check the peripherals, even if there is no hint of failure and you should not always trust the gauges.

Symptoms of major problems

You can make an elementary diagnosis if you notice any abnormalities in the operation of the machine or changes in its appearance.

The emergence of an unusual smell

Such a phenomenon can occur with heavy wear and tear on mechanical parts. The problem is solved by replacing them with new ones.

If you can clearly smell burning, it is a signal about the occurrence of a short circuit. The appliance should be turned off and checked by a professional.

A Samsung brand washing machine blends in seamlessly with any interior. Figuring out how to operate it is simple enough. you just need to set the program that is suitable for those things that will be loaded into the drum. The machine will select all operating modes by itself

Fixing unusual noises

If you hear a loud noise when filling the tank with water, the reason is the high pressure. If adjusting the inlet valve does not work, there may be a foreign object in the supply hose.

Occasional noise during spinning indicates that the machine is incorrectly installed or that a foreign object has got into the drum or housing. In this case, the unit should be well inspected and reinstalled.

Noise during draining can be caused by misalignment of the underlying surface. To eliminate the loud sound, you should properly install the housing and make sure the drain pump filter is clean.

If the engine roars or rattles heavily during operation, you need professional advice.

discoloration of the cabinet

Paint can flake and change color if the washing machine installed in a room with high humidity. Usually the bottom of the unit and the bottom of the unit are affected.

If the damage is insignificant, you can repaint and clean the places of alteration by yourself. To further eliminate the problem you need to reinstall the machine in a dry, well-ventilated room.

Under unsuitable conditions, the washing machine can quickly become unusable. Therefore, in the bathroom, where there is always high humidity, it is better not to install it

Various manifestations of water leakage

The presence of a puddle, flowing from under the body speaks of defects in the hoses intended for drainage and water supply. If the independent inspection really found cracks and holes, then the elements should be replaced. Otherwise we need the intervention of a specialist.

If the powder loading compartment is overfilled or clogged, leakage may also occur. Clean the compartment well to fix the problem.

If inspection reveals leakage from where the pipes connect to the machine, reassemble or replace the seal part.

Door malfunction

Jamming reports a mains power failure. In this case, to open the door, you must press and hold the power button long enough.

If the door does not close, perhaps it is prevented by an excessive amount of laundry in the drum or by foreign objects in the gap.

The door of the machine loading hatch should open and close easily. The appearance of malfunctions can testify not only about the mechanism itself, but also about more serious problems of the machine

Malfunction of the display

Characters freeze and there is no backlight, which could indicate moisture in the control panel. Unplug the appliance and leave it to dry for 24 hours. If the display does not light up when switching on or if unknown symbols appear on it, you should contact the service center.

Samsung washing machine errors: how to understand the fault and make repairs

So that the owner could find out for themselves the error of washing machine Samsung, the manufacturer has created a system of signals. If a malfunction occurs, the display will show a specific code composed of letters and numbers.

On those machines, where there is no monitor, the corresponding indicators are lit by the buttons on the scoreboard. If you know the deciphering of the code, you can eliminate a minor malfunction without the need for professional assistance. Let’s have a closer look at what these main fault codes mean.

You already know what to do with the filter compartment. All of the above manipulations should be carried out regularly, so that if there is a Samsung washing machine error 5E, you can be sure that the problem is not in the filter.

To avoid this particular problem, do not forget before machine cleaning to also carefully check the s in your clothes for the smallest debris that settles in the compartment and does not let the liquid.

When error 5E pops up on your Samsung washing machine, but the drain hose and filtration section are fine, look for a breach externally at the junction with the sewer pipes.

Solution: Samsung washing machine errors

All washing machines Samsung (Samsung) have a display of errors in case of malfunction. Knowing the error code, you can find the cause and fix it. You can find the codes for your Samsung machine in the instruction manual. Here are the Samsung washing machine error codes, which you can find on the official website.

Errors 5E, 5C, E2

These codes mean there is a problem with the water drain. Check the drain hose to see if it is bent or clogged. If drain hose is OK, check if sewer is not blocked. If there are no obstructions to the drain check that the drain pump is working.

Errors H1, H2, HE, HE1, HE2, HC, HC1, HC2, E5, E6

The problem is due to an inability to heat the water in the washing machine. Codes appear at wash temperature over 40 degrees. The problem could be due to insufficient voltage in the electrical outlet or heating elements (heating elements) for washing or drying are broken and must now be replaced.

Faults 4E, 4C, E1

Washing machine cannot draw water for washing. Turn the washing machine back on and listen to see if you hear the noise of water pouring in. If water is pouring in. then there is too much laundry in the machine. If you do not have a lot of things, the error is due to low water pressure. If you don’t hear water coming in, check if there is water pressure in the faucet and if the water faucet to the washing machine is open. Inspect the hose for damage and bends.

Error 4C2, CE, AC, AC6

The washing machine receives hot water instead of cold water. Check that the washer-dryer is connected correctly and connect to cold water.

SUD, 5D, SD error

The code means there is too much foam in the wash tank. The problem is related to the powder. Maybe the powder is not of good quality or designed for hand washing. Only use automatic detergent for washing machines.

Error UE, UB, E4

Samsung washing machine can not distribute things in the drum evenly. This is to reduce vibrations during washing. The problem may be due to the small, or, conversely, too much stuff in the drum. Add/remove things or distribute things evenly, individually by hand.

Error LE, LC, E9

Water drains out of the washer by itself. The problem is with the wrong location of the drain hose or its incorrect connection to the drainage system. The hose must be attached to the back, almost at the top of the washing machine Samsung. Crack in the tank could also cause these codes.

Error 3E, 3C, EA

The washing machine motor is blocked or broken. Check if the drum of the machine can rotate, if there are no foreign objects in the motor unit of the machine. If there are no foreign objects and the drum rotates freely, replace the motor.

Error UC, 9C

There is a problem with the mains voltage. Voltage is either too high or too high. Wait for a stable power supply or use a surge protector.

Error DE, DC, ED

There is a problem with the door of the door loading the laundry. the door is not closed tightly. Close the door all the way. If not, there is a problem with the closing mechanism.

Error 1E, 1C, E7 Error LE1, LC1

The code indicates water in the bottom of the machine. The problem is caused by a leaking drain filter, connecting hoses, hatch door cover or powder container. Check all systems for leaks.

Error TE, TC, EC

Washing machine does not receive signal from temperature sensor. Problem is related to sensor or sensor wiring. Check wiring and replace temperature sensor if necessary.

Samsung Washing Machine 3E Error Code not spinning or turning

Error 0E, 0F, 0C, E3

Too much water in washing drum. The drain to the drain is not correctly connected or the water intake valve may be stuck open. In the latter case we need to replace the valve.

Error 1E, 1C, E7

No signal from water level sensor. The problem is with the sensor or its wiring. Check wiring and replace water level sensor if necessary.

Error BE, BC2, EB

Buttons on the control panel stuck. Fix the jammed buttons on the panel. Also possible oxidation of the contacts on the button. disassemble and clean the board with alcohol.

Error AE, AC, AC6

One of the electronic boards is not available. It is recommended to leave the washing machine switched off for 10-15 minutes and then switch it on again. If the error occurs again, check all the connecting cables of the boards.

Error 8E, 8C

No signal from vibration sensor. The problem is related to the sensor or its wiring. Check wiring and replace vibration sensor if necessary.

PoF error

Error appears after laundry started, but then the power was disconnected. Press the “start” button to continue the wash.

BC error

The electric motor does not start. Triac (triac) on electric motor must be replaced.

In which cases you can fix it yourself

  • Water from the drainage system is leaking into the machine (incorrect connection). Connecting the drain to the sewer must be done according to the instructions of the machine. It happens that you connected the drain to the siphon sink in the bathroom or kitchen, it is clogged and the water in it has risen, then it gets in the drain hose and then into the tank of the washing machine. With this connection you must constantly monitor the cleanliness of the siphons. Carefully inspect the place of connection of the drain and check it with the manual.
  • The control module has malfunctioned. Turn off the machine, unplug it for a few minutes and you will reset all the programs. Then plug in the socket and start the washing.

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Why the error code 3e appears

Error 3E on the washing machine Samsung appears in the process of its operation due to a malfunction in its design or management. It should be noted that the error codes do not necessarily indicate a specific part or unit. The error code indicates a lack of any missing or poorly performing function of the product.

Before you headlong and savagely disassemble the device, relying on the first words from the deciphering of error code 3E of washing machine Samsung, it is necessary to read thoroughly all the description of possible causes of malaise of the product of this brand.

In fact, the code may indicate the fault of several nodes.

Our task is to correctly identify exactly what is the cause of error 3E Samsung washing machine. Any repair of appliances should begin with diagnostics and identification of the part that needs to be replaced. The method of trial replacement of parts is not always possible even to identify the causes of failure, because there may be several parts that have failed.

In this case we change one, then another and then the next but no result. And so many necessary new spare parts are unlikely to be at hand. It is necessary to understand the occurrence of error 3E in a washing machine Samsung in more depth.

You need to understand why it occurs and what to do if the washing machine Samsung gave error 3E.

It is also necessary to check all parts and assemblies which this code points to. It’s not an easy process, but the microprocessor solved half the task for us already. He pointed out to us the possible problems or causes of why the Samsung washing machine error 3E appeared.

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