Error le1 in a Samsung washing machine

Deciphering codes

Errors in a Samsung brand washing machine can be labeled differently, but to signal the same problem. leakage of water from the tank. Depending on the year of manufacture of the model of this brand, LE, LC, E9, LE1 codes may appear on the screen. Cipher E9, for instance, was used by the manufacturer in early models of washing machines, before about 2007.

The machines are designed with a pressostat, or water level sensor. If the sensor 4 times in a row detects a drop in the water level below the set standard, one of the listed error codes will appear on the display.

error, samsung, washing, machine

LE Samsung Washing Machine You Can Fix This Error Code Reset LE1

What to do if the error code is shown on the display

So, the error LE in “Samsung” machines means spontaneous drainage of water from the tank of the machine. There are several reasons for this malfunction:

  • Drain hose not installed correctly.
  • The hose connection to the sewage system is broken.
  • Damage to the water tank (cracked, loose screws).
  • Drainage filter is not fully closed.
  • Disconnection of the air tube, because of which in the spin mode begins to leak water.
  • Fault in the water level sensor.
  • The work of the indicator itself is broken.
error, samsung, washing, machine

Causes of the error

There are many reasons why an E1/E7 error occurs on a Samsung machine. Even though it seems simple at first glance. So, Samsung washing machines can give out E1 (E7) for such reasons:

  • No water in the pipeline. Unexpected water failure at the moment of washing coincides not often, but such probability exists. Sometimes the error is provoked by a blocked tap on the pipe, which the user forgot to open before washing.
  • If the Samsung appliance has the Aquastop system (washing machine protection against leakage), then E1/E7 can occur due to its activation.
  • Pressostat tube is loose or kinked.
  • Blockage in the inlet valve filter. Water passes through a small screen before entering the fill hose. Over time, it can become clogged, which slows down the water flow into the drum. As a result. the machine gives out an error E1/E7 or similar.
  • Control module failure. Usually such violations are short-lived, and “cured” by simply resetting the washing machine.
  • Wiring problems. Wires can burn out or fray (or just come loose), and contacts. to oxidize. Not only can this cause errors during machine operation, but it can also cause a short circuit. And this is a direct threat not only to the machine, but also to human life.
  • Inlet valve malfunction. For example, after a burnout. If the valve does not work, it cannot open or close properly and the E1/E7 code will appear on the display at the start of the program.
  • Other problems with the pressostat and the electronic “stuffing” of the washing machine. Occurs through factory defects, short circuits, liquid contact with sensitive circuits, etc.п. The electronic module can produce all sorts of errors, not just E1 or E7.

Error LE on a Samsung washing machine: causes of occurrence and repair

Household assistants are tightly integrated into the everyday life of the modern ever-busy man, making it easier and simpler. With the help of technology for the home can solve many problems that previously required a lot of effort and energy.

In particular, this applies to the washing machine, which certainly made a great contribution to liberate from hard, time-consuming work. washing. It is most vividly realized in those moments when the machine breaks down.

Error LE on the washing machine Samsung

Seeing the LE error on the Samsung washing machine, many housewives fall into a stupor: there may be a pile of wet laundry in the machine, and the device has stopped working and it is not clear how to run it further. Read on to learn what this error code means and what you can do to avoid it.

Error LE1, LC1 Samsung washing machine.

This error relates to the water supply system of the washing machine. One day you may find water on the floor near the washing machine. Or the washing machine may just stop and the screen will display error LE1, LC1. This malfunction in some cases, can lead to serious costs. If there is a leak, it can damage your apartment or the apartment of your downstairs neighbor. Below we will consider the most frequent failures associated with this error. To protect your home from washing machine leaks, read an article about types of aquastops.

SUD error in a Samsung washing machine

Modern washing machines have displays. Users are used to observing the countdown timer, which indicates how much time is left until the end of the washing, and at the time of selecting the desired mode. how long the whole process will take. But in addition to this, there is also information about the error or warning in the form of a symbolic code. A prime example is the SUD error on a Samsung washing machine. The user needs to know what this code means and what to do to get rid of the problem.

For the display to light up the letters in question, the water level must fall below the mark that must be for a given cycle of washing. For this purpose, modern washing equipment has a special sensor in the form of a float located at the bottom of the machine.

If the model is not quite modern, the code E9 may light up instead of the letters in question.

There can be several reasons. Some of them can be resolved independently, while others can only be repaired by a specialist.

The cause of the problem

System failure and appearance of error code LE on the scoreboard can occur due to the following reasons:

  • wrong or too low is the equipment for drainage; in the connection of the hose to the sewer;
  • problems with the body or drum;
  • sealant leakage;
  • the air hose is disconnected (in this case the leakage occurs during spinning);
  • pressostat breakage.

The problem also appears when there is a malfunction in the control system. If there is no water leakage, and the code is displayed for the first time, you can start by simply unplugging the machine. If the problem is in the control module, you can fix it after rebooting.

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