Errors of the Washing machine Zanussi Aquacycle

Error codes Zanussi washing machines

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The table indicates the main errors of Zanussi washing machines:

There is no water flood during the washing cycle (there was no water level in the tank, reached in the allotted time)

The most likely cause of error. A malfunction of one of the valves of the water bay or its control circuit (Simistor) on the electronic controller. 2. If necessary, you can check the valve winding. Its resistance should be about 3.75 kom. 3. Also, a similar error can be caused by clogging the highway of the water of water and insufficient water pressure in the water supply.

The most likely cause of the error: a malfunction of the drain pump, clogging of the filter, nozzles and hose of the drain tract of the Zanussi washing machine. 2. If necessary, you can check the winding of the drain pump. Her resistance should be about 170 ohms. 3. An error can be caused by a malfunction of the electronic controller.

The defect in the control circuit of the drain pump’s systemist (its elements, like the simistor, are located on an electronic controller)

The frequency of the pressure sensor is outside the permissible limits, a break in the wiring. One. Replace the pressure sensor. 2. Replace the wiring.

After the initial calibration, the water level is outside the limits of 0-66 mm, and the level of anti-bias is not reached. One. Open the water tap. 2. Replace the fill valve. 3. Clean the filter. 4. Replace the pipe of the press start. 5. Replace the pressure sensor.

The inconsistency of the operation sensors of the water level (the heating sensor from the inclusion of the latter without water and the first level sensor)

The most likely causes of such an error can be: 1. One of the listed sensors is faulty. 2. The tubes of level sensors clogged, as well as the pressure selection camera for these sensors. 3. Increased voltage in the supply network for cm. 4. Tenal leakage.

An error exists for more than 60 seconds 1. Replace the pressure sensor. 2. Check the wiring. 3. Replace the pipe of the press start.

In the process of water bay, there was a so.Called level of overflow (the overflow level switch was open for more than 15C) 1. Check and, if necessary, replace the press.

Damage of the Zanussi Flooding System: Codes and Causes

  • The drain system can be clogged.
  • The serviceability of the pump is broken. When testing the tester, a serviceable pump will give an indicator in 170 Ohms.
  • Electronic control unit failed.

It is also worth replacing the simystor if he is to blame.

The main malfunctions and their elimination

The listed malfunctions of Zanussi washing machines are quite common, but most owners will be able to eliminate them with their own hands.

How To Clean The Filter On A Zanussi Washing Machine

Problems with the intake and drain of water from the tank

The most common malfunctions of the units are blockages of inlet and drain filters. Unfortunately, the input mesh filters see Zanussi cm not designed for poor quality of domestic tap water and after some time are clogged, and the technique displays E10, E11 or EF4 error codes on the display. To prevent this from happening, install an additional filter with the softener of water between the water supply and the entrance of the ASM.

To clean the flood filter mesh from the dirt, remove the pouring hose from the fitting and carefully remove or unscrew the filter with pliers. Rinse the net under the strong pressure of the water, then install the filter element in place. If the error code does not disappear after that, check the water pressure in the water supply.

The appearance of error codes E20, E21 or EF1 suggests that the time has come to clean the mud and fibers of the drain filter. It is done simply:

  • Forcibly drain the remaining water from the tank;
  • Open the plug in the lower right side of the front wall;
  • Unscrew the filter and clean it from foreign objects, fibers and dirt.

It is advisable to carry out such an operation after every 2-3 washes. Before washing things, always empty your s so that their contents do not fall into the drum.

Luke’s malfunction

The blocking device of the door breaks from wear and tear and careless circulation (Errors E40. E44). You can’t sharply close the hatch with an effort. This is the main cause of the breakdowns. UBB can be purchased and replaced independently. To do this, it is necessary to perform a partial disassembly of the Zanussi washing machine in the Luke area:

  • Open the door, unscrew two screws to the right, fixing ubs in the case.
  • Put a flat screwdriver with a flat screwdriver with a spring below, holding an elastic sealing cuff, and remove it.
  • Pull the cuff with your fingers on the right side.
  • Put your hand into the gap formed between the tank and the machine case.
  • Remove the uble and turn off the connector connected by wires to the control of the control.
  • Connect a new blocking device and install it on the seat.
  • Collect all the details in the reverse order.

Sometimes the reason for the inoperability of UBB is damage to the systemist in the electrical circuit of the control unit. In this case, it is better to entrust diagnostics and repair to a qualified master.

How to replace or correct a drive belt

When a drive belt wears out, the sound of a rotating motor is heard, but the drum rotates unevenly. How to disassemble the zanussi washing machine to get to the belt and check its condition? To do this, just remove the back cover of the machine.

Replacing the drive belt is simple: you need to remove the old part and put on a new. First, the belt is put on the pulley pulley, then neatly on the large pulley of the drum. The flying belt is corrected in the same way.

Checking and replacing the water heater

One of the common malfunctions of the Zanussi washing machines is not heating water due to damage to the heater or the formation of scale on its surface (errors E61, E69). In order to check the heater, you need to remove the back cover of the ASM and call it with a multimeter. Typically, the heater is located under the tank, near the electric motor.

The worker has a resistance from 24 to 40 Ohms. If it burned out, the multimeter will show a chain break. The heating is replaced in this way:

  • Remove the wires and unscrew the mounting nut in the center of the part;
  • Gently remove the heater from the groove using the screwdriver and lubricant WD-40;
  • Clean the groove and install a new heater in the seat;
  • Connect the wires.

To eliminate the listed malfunctions, you will have to purchase new spare parts for Zanussi washing machines. You can do this in one of the many online stores. To select the desired spare part, the manager should accurately indicate the model of your washing machine. You can also purchase new original details in specialized service centers engaged in repair SM Zanussi. For each purchased spare part, the seller must write out a warranty ticket. The warranty period depends on each specific part.

Most of the common faults of Zanussi washing machines can be eliminated with your own hands. To do this, it is enough to have small skills in handling tools.

Malfunction codes belonging to the engine

E51. Poor contact of the Simistor of the electric motor.

E52. Information does not receive information from the tacrotor of the motor to the electronic board. Most often, in such situations, a washer flies, which holds a tacracker.

E53. The circuit that controls the motor of the electric motor is interrupted on the electronic board.

E54. “sticking up” relay contacts that provide the reversal of the electric motor.

E55. Torn circuit of engine electricians is torn.

E56. The signal of the tacockman does not appear for a long time.

E57. The current system is more than 15A, the reason is the breakdown of the motor or electronic board.

E58. Phase current of the electric motor is more than 4.5A, the reason is in the breakdown of the motor or electronic board.

E59. 3 seconds there is no signal from the tacockman, this may indicate a breakdown of the wiring between the engine and the inverter element, the breakdown of the inverter board.

EA3. DSP system does not fix the electric motor pulley. Need to check:

Malfunction codes regarding water heating

  • E61. The machine does not warm the water to the selected temperature for the set time. With such an error, the resistance of the heater is checked, which is 30 Ohms.

Important! This error of washing automatic machines is available for viewing only in diagnostic mode.

  • E62. Water heats up very quickly and after 5 minutes has a temperature of almost 90 0 C. In this situation, the heater is checked on a breakdown, measure the resistance of the heating element, which, under normal conditions, varies from 5.7 to 6.3 Ohms.
  • E66, E3A. Breakdown of the Ten Relay.
  • E68. Grounding worked in the Ten chain.
  • E69. Ten does not work.

Codes of malfunctions associated with sensors

E31. Water pressure relaxed. With such an error, the wiring or the relay itself is changed.

errors, washing, machine, zanussi, aquacycle

E32. Fluctuations in the frequency of the sensor responsible for water pressure. This most often occurs due to:

errors, washing, machine, zanussi, aquacycle
  • Overlapped water supply;
  • Bulk valve malfunctions;
  • Drain filter clogged with garbage;
  • Broken tube of the water level sensor;
  • Faulty pressure relay.

E33. A sensor is not synchronized, which determines the amount of water and a sensor that prevents the inclusion of the heater “on dry”. Check is needed:

E34. This error is displayed for about a minute and notifies the inconsistent operation of the anti.Biases and press stratum sensor.

E36. Ten ABS protection sensor does not work.

E38. A tube walking from tank to press stratum, so there is no fixation of the difference in pressure.

E39. A sensor that protects from water overflow HV1S does not work.

E44. Luke door closing sensor does not work.

E71. The resistance of the thermal attemptor does not correspond to the limits of the norm.

E74. The location.

EC2. A sensor that determines the turbidity of water does not work.

Note! The sensor that determines the turbidity of water in the tank is only in the newest models of Zanussi machines.

EF4. There is no signal from the duct sensor when the bulk valve is turned on. It is possible that there is no pressure in the water supply.

Castle breakdown

Often on Zanussi fails UBB, especially on the models of AquacyCle and Easyiron. Who is more to blame for a breakdown, a manufacturer or an inaccurate user is difficult to say. Sometimes the problem is not at all in the lock. A failure occurs in the control board. However, plastic latches holding the hatch are very fragile and fragile, therefore they often break at the slightest pressure on the loops from the side of the owner of the washer. If the mechanical lock survives, then the electronic will immediately become unusable.

It is useless to repair the ubble. It is cheaper and easier to replace it with a working. The cost of a new lock for Zanussi ranges from 1,500 but before you go to the store and take for repairs, it is worthwhile to verify the breakdown.

Ошибки стиральных машин Зануси, Электролюкс и AEG

We act like this:

  • Open the hatch;
  • We find two bolts holding the ubble near the key mechanism, and twist them;
  • We push the outer clamp on the cuff with a screwdriver and weaken it;
  • We season the elastic band into the drum;
  • We put our hand into the formed hole, grop out the lock and disconnect the wiring from it;
  • We take out the ub.

After that, it remains to independently evaluate the condition of the lock: inspect for damage and call the multimeter. If the device is malfunctioning, then we take the UBB removed as a sample, and go to the store for new. After the device is installed in the case according to the described instructions in the reverse order.

The most common breakdowns and their causes

Service centers have been repairing the washing equipment of Zanussi for many years. During this time, information has accumulated enough to present the statistics of common malfunctions for the cm of this brand and the reasons leading to breakdowns:

  • Unreliable drive belts, which over time stretch and slip in the pulley, which leads to slowing down the rotation of the drum. It is possible to stop the drum due to a belt that flew off the pulley.
  • Luke lock devices (in the future also. Uble, castle) do not differ in high quality. Many repairs see Zanussi associated with this breakdown.
  • Tubular electric heaters (further. Tenn) are not designed to work with hard water, so they are quickly covered with a lower scale and burned from overheating.

In addition to the manufacturer’s shortcomings, there are problems in work common for CM of all brands, including units with both front and vertical loading:

  • Blocks in the water drain system, as a result of which cars are poorly squeezed and water is not completely drained from the tank.
  • Quick wear of parts due to contact with hard and contaminated water. Dirty and rusty water from the water supply clogs the input filters, violating the performance of the ASM.

The main causes of the breakdowns of Zanussi washing machines are violation of operating rules and hard water in the water supply

We repair with our own hands

If you saw that the Washing Machine of Zanussi gives out error E20, turn it off from the network and only after that proceed to the diagnosis of the malfunction. To get started, disconnect the drain hose from engineering networks and drain the water from the drum to the bathroom or any other container. If the spent water came out easily, it can be assumed that there was a blockage of the sewer pipe and it is worth cleaning it, or there is a blockage in the pump. Having freed the tank from water, remove the laundry from the washing and continue to explore the drain system.

If everything is in order with the sewer pipe, proceed to inspection of the drain pump and filter. Remove the filter element, carefully study it, place it under a stream of running water, rinse well. Enhanome the pump in the out-a-air machine can be removed by removing the back cover of the case. To do this, perform the following algorithm of actions:

  • Unscrew around the perimeter of the back wall all the bolts holding it;
  • Remove the wall of the case;
  • Gently disintegrate the electrical wiring from the pump going to the press start;
  • Unwind a self.Tapping screw, the bolt is located from the side of the washing ground;
  • Light up the clamps on the plum hose and a pipe;
  • Pull the pump.

Having taken out the pomp from the washing machine, unhook the pipe from the tank. Carefully study it for damage, rinse under a stream of running water, clean the drain hose using a special cleaning cable. Then take up the pump.

To clean the pump, it is necessary to unscrew the lid on it and explore the impeller. If garbage is found on it: threads, hair, wool, clean the surface and gently wipe it. Next, check the part using the multimeter. The probes of the device must be attached to the surface of the pump, thereby measure the resistance of the winding, this value should be 200 Ohms. If the value does not correspond to the specified, the drain pump will have to be changed to a new.

Important! Disassembleing the machine and disconnecting various wires, details, it is advisable to photograph all the stages of work, this will help you at the end of the repair process correctly assemble the washing room back.

Having carried out the above actions with a drain pump, install it in place, start the washing program on the machine and watch the machine gun. If the washing machine still gives an E20 error, then the pump was working, and the problem lies in a different.

Start checking the serviceability of the press start and wires that connect the fluid level sensor with the pump and the electronic board. In most cases, the root cause lies precisely in damage to the wiring, and not a press start.

If you checked all the elements called, and the E20 error is not eliminated, you will have to check the electronic module. This work is qualified as very difficult, it requires maximum concentration and attentiveness. Even masters involved in the repair of washing rooms are reluctant to take it for it. Typically, the board is not repaired, but replaced with a new one, but such a purchase can hit the family budget: the part is quite expensive. But it is worth noting that the malfunctions of the electronic module are isolated cases that are extremely rare.

As you were convinced, to identify the cause of the E20 error on the screen of the zanussi machine can be on its own. To inspect the unit should be in stages, starting from the simplest and moving to a more complex. You do not need to immediately disassemble the machine and pull out the pump if you have not cleared the drain filter for 2-3 years, first check it, suddenly the root cause of the breakdown lies in this. By the way, do not forget about preventive measures: if you “take care of the machine” day, use exclusively powder-automatic, use water softening products, wash things in a special bag, then you can prevent clogging of the drain system and the occurrence of malfunctions in it.

Problems in the work of sensors

All these codes report breakdowns that are most often found. They can be seen on the display. But what to do if the zanussi washing machine without a display? Pay attention to how indicators flas.

How to detect a breakdown using indicators?

To do this, it is necessary to find out what kind of module the device works:

  • If this is EWM1000, then the codes of the errors of washing machines without a display are determined by how the start/pause indicator and the laundry end indicator flash. The ending indicator shows the first figure of the code, and the start indicator. The second. For example, the finish indicator blinked 4 times, and the start indicator. 3 times. This means that there was a breakdown with the code
  • If the device is controlled by the EWM2000 module, such as, for example, the Washing machine Zanussi Fe 1024 N, it is necessary to monitor eight indicators located on the control panel. The four are the first. The first number of the code, and the four lower ones are the second. To translate the indicators into understandable designations, you will have to use a special table.

What to do if the codes of the error of the washing machine are blinking? First of all, find out exactly what kind of breakdown. Perhaps the door (E40) simply did not close or the system of supply or drainage of water (E10, E20) was out of order. All errors are the same for devices of any modifications. The only difference is how they are submitted: on the display or on the control panel (indicators), such as, for example, in models FE904 or Fe 1024n.

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