Facial hair depilation wax

For hair removal in the facial area (above the eyebrows, lip, and chin) are created special small strips Vit with a thin layer of wax. They contain components that soothe the skin, soften and heal it. The main nourishing and beneficial ingredient is shea butter. The manufacturer guarantees a smooth facial hair-free skin up to 4 weeks after depilation.

Lycon is a well-known manufacturer from Australia. Has been on the world market for many years, supplying different variants of cold and hot types of wax for waxing and depilation. All products of the manufacturer is in the medium price segment, is considered professional and high quality. When using these products the risk of allergic reactions is minimal. You can also buy Lycon products for the preparation of the skin for the procedure and for the proper care after the procedure.

Waxes for depilation

The problem of unwanted hair has always been a problem for women all over the world. Even in ancient times, women sought to make their skin smooth and soft by removing hair from the body. Fortunately, today there are many different ways to remove unwanted hair, and waxing is one of them. Waxing-very popular today, the procedure that can be done in a beauty salon, and at home. Waxing at home significantly saves your money and time. you do not need to have special skills, just buy the necessary products for depilation. and the salon procedure is provided to you. Waxing is very effective. after waxing the skin remains smooth for 3-4 weeks, and the hairs become thinner and lighter, grow slower.

Waxing tools. What you need?

To do waxing at home just like in a beauty salon, you will need the following arsenal of tools:

  • Heater wax, or wax melter
  • Waxing cartridges for epilation
  • Strips for epilation
  • Special cosmetics before and after the procedure.

For express hair removal can also be waxed with wax strips-this method of hair removal is suitable if you are in a hurry and have no time to make a full procedure.

Wax melter. A special device that will help evenly heat the wax for waxing to the desired temperature. Wax melter is very easy to use. you just need to drop a wax cartridge in the heater, wait 20 minutes and it’s ready!

Waxing wax comes in warm and hot. Warm wax is ideal for removing unwanted hair on the arms, legs, face. Most often, warm wax for easy use is available in cartridges. Remove the wax from the surface of the skin should be special strips for epilation, sharp movement against the growth of hair. But waxing bikini zone requires a special approach-this area is very sensitive, so the hair is best removed with hot wax. The wax is applied to the skin with a spatula and removed after curing by hand. You are already wondering where to buy wax for waxing? In an online store “Constellation of Beauty” you will find a rich selection of different types of wax. for every taste!

Ingrown hairs: how to get rid of them?

Ingrown hair. a very unpleasant phenomenon, it occurs most often with the abuse of mechanical epilation. To avoid ingrown hairs, it’s better to wax-using waxing, the risk of ingrown hairs is minimal. In order to ensure that the hairs do not ingrow into the skin after waxing, it is necessary to wisely complete the procedure, using special cosmetics. Post-depilation lotions and oils will remove residual wax from the skin and help relieve irritation and redness. Some emulsions contain light-reflecting particles that give shimmer and shine to the skin. And special lotions against ingrown hairs can help to avoid this problem in the most sensitive areas-bikini and underarms.


Take the contraindications seriously and do not experiment with your health!

Facial waxing

The face is the part of the body that is the first thing people pay attention to. It can be used to judge a person’s mood, character, and even health. A beautiful face is important for every woman, so they use a variety of methods in the fight for a smooth and taut skin without pimples, wrinkles and unwanted hair. It is the hairs on the upper lip and chin cause the most problems.

Currently, there are many methods of removing unwanted facial hair. Among them, facial waxing is one of the safest and most effective. This delicate procedure is not complicated and does not take much time, but beauticians do not recommend it at home. You can entrust your face only to professionals, as only a specialist can select the material, prepare the skin and properly perform all manipulations without harm or damage. In addition, facial hair removal with wax is carried out using professional equipment and tools, and materials (waxes) are specially ordered from reputable suppliers and manufacturers.

It is important!

If you do not fix the skin during depilation, there is a high likelihood of bruising. To avoid these and other injuries, the procedure must be performed by a qualified cosmetologist.

How to prepare for facial waxing?

It is necessary a few hours before the procedure to moisturize the skin and exfoliate it with mild scrubs. Good hydration. the key to absence of discomfort and pain. The hairs will become more elastic and will be removed quickly. During this period, you should completely abandon plucking, shaving, and bleaching. The hair should have a length of 2-3 mm, and only then the waxing of the face will be most effective. If the face has scratches, wounds, pimples, you should postpone going to the salon and wait for healing to avoid unnecessary trauma to the skin. Immediately before the procedure is prohibited to use any cosmetics, especially decorative cosmetics.

How to remove facial hair with wax?

In his work, the beautician can use different wax. In some cases, the material is used, which has a relatively low melting point, and a narrow roller. Others use hot wax, which first melts and then cools to 50 ° C and only then is applied to the face.

We often use the second method. Due to the fact that the heat from the wax is transmitted to the skin, pores are opened and hair is quickly and easily removed. It is important to constantly maintain the temperature of the wax at a certain level. It is practically impossible to do at home. In the beauty salon there is professional equipment. wax melters.

The entire procedure of facial waxing can be divided into several stages:

  • The beautician carefully cleanses the skin with a scrub, removing dead cells, washes it with warm water and dries it, and then applies a special degreasing lotion.
  • The melted wax is applied with a spatula to the problem area in the direction of hair growth. This layer is covered with a previously prepared strip of fabric or paper.
  • After a while, the master sharply tears it off against the growth of hair.
  • At the end of the procedure soothing cream is applied to the treated area.


facial, hair, depilation

The effect lasts up to a month. If depilation is carried out regularly, for example, every three weeks, the rate of hair growth over time will significantly reduce.

This is important!

Waxing is more effective than shaving or plucking, because the hair is removed along with the bulb, which slows down further growth.

How to take care of the skin after removal of facial hair with wax?

To prolong the effect and exclude such unpleasant things as redness, itching, irritation, it is necessary to follow a number of recommendations:

  • Moisturize the skin daily with a cream or special masks;
  • Do not expose the treated area to direct sunlight for a long time, otherwise pigmentation may appear on the skin;
  • In the first days after waxing, you should not go to the bath or sauna.

You can wax your face at the “Depilux” health and beauty studio. Professional cosmetologists with high qualifications and experience in performing the procedure work here. This ensures complete safety and effectiveness of depilation for all customers. Get a consultation with a specialist and make an appointment for facial waxing by phone, listed on the website, or through the online appointment.

Facial waxing

Unfortunately, even the most beautiful woman’s face is not decorated in any way with hair above the upper lip, stiff chin or cheekbone hair. Congenital peculiarities or taking hormonal drugs that lead to hypertrichosis. The causes are not so important, what matters is how to get rid of this problem.

Before you start fighting unwanted hair, it is worth seeing a specialist. Your doctor can help you find out if the excessive hair loss is a deeper problem. Hormonal imbalance or endocrine system malfunction is no joke. Concentrate only on combating the consequences will be the wrong decision.

Waxing of the face Pros and cons of the procedure

As you must know, waxing unwanted hair has been known for a very long time. According to extant references, it was used in ancient Egypt, where young Egyptian women removed hair with honey and resin compositions, very similar in composition and principles of action to modern.

The mechanism of action of facial waxing is extremely simple. The master in the clinic or studio applies a small amount of wax on a particular area of the face, and on top of a strip of non-woven material. When the composition hardens, the specialist with a sharp precise movement removes the material, and with it the wax with the hairs stuck to it. It’s simple. Transparency of action is not the only advantage of this method, let’s consider the others.

  • Facial waxing. an inexpensive procedure. Just imagine if the salon or clinic will still have promotions or discounts for waxing;
  • Facial waxing is a simple procedure, so it can be done at home. It is comfortable, especially for smaller areas such as the upper lip or eyebrows;
  • Less traumatic than using an elektroepilator or shaving. After shaving, there is often a lot of skin irritation, as well as inflammation due to ingrown hairs. The electric epilator is painful, especially for a delicate area like the face;
  • Effectiveness. The waxed area stays smooth and even for 2-3 weeks.
  • It’s a good amount of time. In addition, repeating the procedure from time to time on the same area, you can achieve that the new hairs will grow weak and thin;

So far, everything looks rosy, but let’s ogle the list of cons of facial waxing.

  • Pain. If you have a low threshold of sensitivity, you waxing procedure will not be very pleasant. However, for girls who have tried out the crushing effect of electroepilator, waxing will be child’s play;
  • Facial hair is usually soft (downy), so the wax may not cope with it and remove it incompletely;
  • Wax for the procedure is applied hot, so burns of the delicate skin are possible.

Preparing for the procedure of facial waxing What you do not need to do after the procedure?

1-2 days before the session clinics specialists advise to treat the skin with scrub. This will remove dead skin cells and make the procedure less painful, but more effective. The optimal length of hairs should be 3-5 mm, so do not touch them for some time before the session. On the day of the procedure wash your face and on no account apply any creams or foundations. If you are afraid of pain and do not know exactly how your skin will react to waxing, then smear the treated area with any anesthetic agent.

After the procedure in the salon, after two days, also treat the area with a scrub, it will reduce the possibility of ingrown hairs. Within 2-7 days do not sunbathe, it may have a detrimental effect on the treated skin.

The procedure is always better to trust a professional, especially if you have no experience. Improper depilation can aggravate the problem of ingrown hairs, leaving burns and even scars. Remember that some types of wax are used in a hot state and there is a high probability of getting burned by a non-professional. In addition, the experienced hands of the master guarantees the complete removal of unwanted hair on the treated area.

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All about removing facial hair on men with wax

Waxing less and less often shocks men. While it’s no substitute for shaving, it’s a good way to remove unwanted facial hair.

“A real man should be hairy.”. Indeed, an abundance of hair may suggest that its owner has no problems with a lack of the main male hormone. testosterone. But a monobrow and “grass braids” sticking out of your nostrils aren’t likely to make you look more attractive.

Unwanted hair can be removed with wax. Although depilation is considered a women’s procedure, it’s also done by men. Today we will talk about men’s facial hair removal services.

Choosing wax

For waxing on the face specialists recommend using the following types of base substance:

facial, hair, depilation
  • Warm, or, as it is also called, low temperature wax. Produce such a product from pine resin and beeswax. To melt the wax enough temperature of 45 ° C, and it hardens on the skin instantly. It prevents the wax from attacking the skin thermally and therefore does not traumatize the surface capillaries in the waxing process. After curing the wax is removed from the skin with paper strips.
  • Hot Wax. In addition to the resin, it contains oil products. Compared to the previous product, its melting point is about 60 ° C. As a rule, this kind of wax is only suitable for professional use, because the procedure requires proper heating and maintaining temperature. Hot wax for self-treatment is dangerous because it can leave a burn during depilation of the face at the expense of overheating. It hardens very quickly, so the pace of work with it should be appropriate.
  • Cold wax is the most convenient type for home use. It is sold already in the form of ready-made strips, on which there is an even layer of wax. These strips, like a normal plaster, is enough to stick to the area with unwanted vegetation, and after a sharp movement to rip. But it is the cold wax is recognized as the most ineffective product, because to the roots of the hair, it does not penetrate, but only removes them from the skin, thus the effect is short-lived.

Regardless of the choice of this or that type of wax, it is important to remember that the wax for facial hair depilation should consist only of natural ingredients, include plant extracts.

Top 10 best waxes for waxing

Beautiful, soft and, most importantly, absolutely smooth skin. a woman’s dream. Excessive hair causes discomfort and does not look very attractive. One way to quickly, effectively and long enough to get rid of this problem is the use of a special wax mixture for hair removal. The form of release of such means can be different. Therefore, in order to choose the right composition, you need to have at least initial knowledge in this area. A detailed description of the top 10 best compositions for waxing, as well as a detailed description of the main characteristics of the wax for waxing will help you.

Facial waxing

Waxing facial hair. a very delicate cosmetic procedure, which is better to trust a professional cosmetologist. With the apparent simplicity of the process, the delicate skin of the face is very easy to damage, conducting the procedure of waxing yourself.

Certainly, absolutely all women have facial hair, but if the owners of single soft and colorless hairs do not seem to be a problem, those with coarse dark hairs (the so-called “male type”) growing over the upper lip, chin or cheeks, they are of serious concern. over, the appearance of dark facial hair is possible even in fair-haired women: it may be due to hormonal imbalances (or taking hormonal medications), stress, hereditary reasons. And of course, every woman facing this seemingly small, but unpleasant problem dreams of a clean and soft skin of the face, without any hint of unwanted vegetation.

That is why the procedure of facial hair waxing is one of the most popular in modern cosmetology. A specialist will conduct it, picking up the accompanying procedures, minimizing the discomfort of epilation and prolonging the effect as much as possible. Facial waxing is carried out with hot wax (the second type of waxing is based on the work with strips-strips, and it is more suitable for work with large areas: removing hair from the legs, arms, back, stomach). Wax for facial hair removal heated to 45-50 degrees and applied a thick layer on the problem areas of the skin with a wooden spatula. After curing it is removed together with the hairs. Wax has a natural composition: it includes wood resin, essential oils, fruit, vegetable and herbal additives. Hot wax has a beneficial effect on the skin, creating a sauna effect: the skin slightly evaporates, the hair follicle mouths expand as a result of which the hairs are better removed.

Before epilation, cosmetologist cleans your face and treats it with a special agent suitable for your skin type: tonic, gel or mousse. This is done to moisturize the hair, increase its elasticity, which will minimize the problem of ingrown hairs. After waxing, the doctor will remove wax residue from the face and apply a moisturizing, skin-regenerating cream.

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