Fan with a check valve in the toilet

Exhaust fan with a non-return valve for the kitchen, toilet or bathroom can have a locking element of different design.

Valves are divided by type of control into 3 types:

Passive valve has no forced element or mechanism and changes position by the action of air current. When there is no pressure, the flap closes, when the fan is working, the valve is open under the pressure of the jet.

The self-return valve has a flap with a spring that is compressed when the flap is opened under the pressure of air. And then returns the valve shutter to the closed position when the pressure is relieved and disappears.

The controlled valve opens and closes the shutter by the mechanism. Electric control is most often used. But window, wall, and other fan models that are accessible from both sides can use a manual check valve closure.

Silent bathroom fan with check valve: selection and installation

Good ventilation in the bathroom is a must, because during showering or bathing large amounts of steam are generated in the room, which can worsen the microclimate or damage the finish. In addition, sufficient air circulation will normalize the amount of moisture in the room and prevent steam from entering neighboring living rooms through cracks in the door. Install a silent bathroom fan with a non-return valve will be the best option.

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Appearance of a fan with a non-return valve

What ventilation should be in the bathroom and toilet?

There are two main types of room ventilation:

Natural supply and exhaust ventilation

Natural supply and exhaust ventilation. one of the typical solutions to the problem of air exchange in most modern buildings, both apartment buildings and private. The system works using a combination of air inlets and exhaust vents. Air inlets serve as vents in windows, ventilation notches in the bottom of doors, the gap between the door and the floor. Exhaust vents are designed as vents at the top of walls, at the ceiling itself, or on the ceiling itself.

Natural exhaust ventilation and installed fan with backflow preventer in the bathroom

The quality of natural supply and exhaust ventilation depends solely on the draft in the exhaust ducts, which is created by the difference in pressure inside and outside. Several factors contribute to the draft:

  • The supply of air into the room from the outside;
  • the temperature of the air both inside and outside the room. The intensity of air exchange decreases as the outside temperature rises;
  • Unobstructed movement of air masses in the exhaust ducts. Dirt, dust, and cobwebs that have accumulated in the exhaust ducts over the years impede air movement.

A diagram of how to connect a bathroom extractor fan

Air inlets in the form of window openings in sanitary facilities are often missing, because windows in these rooms are not provided by the project. Other openings (vents, openings or slots) in most cases are not able to provide the necessary intensity of air flow.

Conclusion. natural supply and exhaust ventilation is not enough to create the right microclimate in the bathroom or toilet. Accordingly, in order to ventilate these rooms, it is necessary to install artificial ventilation with forced air exchange.

Natural ventilation can provide a window in the bathroom of a private home, but this is not available for most apartment bathrooms

Artificial ventilation with forced air exchange

There are two types of artificial ventilation:

For forced air exchange, a network of ducts must be arranged, through which processed air masses are removed from the room. In order to achieve the intensity of air flow required for a comfortable microclimate, such a ventilation system is equipped with fans.

Yellow arrows indicate the movement of waste air masses, red. the influx of fresh air

Fans with a non-return valve: characteristics and subtleties of choice

Fresh air in the apartment. not a whim, but necessary for health and good microclimate item. The installation of ventilation should be carried out at the stage of repair and carefully designed (especially for houses of private construction), otherwise there are great risks of encountering high humidity in the room, stale air, and even mold. An important point is to place in the bathroom exhaust fan, which normalizes the air parameters in this difficult room.

Its main driving element is the extractor fan. It directs the exhaust air into the air duct or directly to the street. Such a scheme makes it possible to achieve the necessary multiplicity of air exchange for a particular room. And its most important advantage is independence from weather factors such as

Bathroom Extractor Fans. a DIY Guide

According to European comfort standards, the air removed from the room must be compensated by fresh air. It can come in through open windows or gaps in them. But we recommend considering residential supply, supply and exhaust systems or air intake dampers. It is through such design solutions will be compensated air pressure in the room, and thus ensure effective operation of ventilation.

Bathroom exhaust fans

In multi-storey buildings, the ventilation system was originally designed, but it also happens that it does not work efficiently enough. The reasons for this are different. for example, clogged vents or negligence of neighbors who simply hammer the ventilation shaft, because they are disturbed by noise or smell from the neighboring apartments.

As a rule, in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet are installed fan, which got its name because its outer part is leaning on the wall, while the other is immersed in the ventilation shaft.

Check whether the ventilation in your apartment is working simply by holding a piece of paper up to the grille. It’s stuck? The ventilation is working properly. If not, then deal with this problem will help install an exhaust fan.

Other useful functions of extractor fans

  • Timer. Allows you to ventilate the room for a given time (from 2 to 30 minutes, after you have already left it);
  • Humidity sensor. Equipment equipped with this function are usually located in the bathroom. the hood starts to work at full power only when the humidity in the room reaches a certain percentage and goes into economy mode when the humidity is normal;
  • Motion sensor. It turns on the household fan at fixation of any noticeable motion in the room, after the motion is stopped the timer is activated, and the enhanced ventilation continues for some time. Excellent for use in living rooms, offices, sports halls, bathrooms.

Very often the European manufacturers (Europlast, SolerPalau) equip the exhaust fan with several functions at the same time. non-return valve, timer, sensor of humidity.

Bathroom and toilet exhaust fans with non-return valve

Exhaust fans with non-return valve for bathrooms and toilets are devices that are installed instead of a natural ventilation system to transport air to and from the bathroom and toilet. This installation is necessary to cope with condensation and accumulation of steam and moisture in the bathroom during and after showering. If there is no proper air exchange system then moisture can accumulate and turn into damp which can settle on floors and walls and turn into fungus and bacteria, and provoke insects. Fan with check valve functions thanks to the back draft system, it prevents the penetration of unpleasant odors, and also helps to remove excess moisture from the basement.

Toilets and bathrooms, restrooms in homes, apartments, offices, restaurants and other places must always be not only clean but also smell nice. If there is no open ventilation, you need additional ventilation equipment, namely, an exhaust fan. To choose the right model, it is enough to look at the people’s rating. the most honest list, based on customer reviews.


A model with optimal design and technical features that is inexpensive and operates reliably for many years. The axial working mechanism allows large air volumes to be absorbed. Front panel, impeller and housing are made of high-strength plastic that is resistant to impact, moisture and even water ingress. The fan of the Russian brand has a quality assembly and the simplest and most straightforward functionality.

The wall-mounted unit does not take up much space and is not too bulky on the outside. It consumes minimal electricity and is protected against overheating and short circuits. Due to the fact that the blades move at high speed, it is practically possible to change the air in the room in a few seconds. Disease-causing bacteria escape together with the unpleasant smell. Optimal climate is maintained in the bathroom.

Blauberg Aero 100

Universal exhaust fan not only for toilets and bathrooms, but also for other rooms. Its manufacturers have taken care that it fits perfectly into any interior. It is a good cleaner of dirty and overly humid air. The fan has a considerable extraction capacity. It can be placed in kitchens, workshops, production facilities. Uses only 14 watts of power to save on energy consumption. 100 mm connection diameter allows the unit to work over a large area.

Fan with non-return valve has a motor with roller bearings, which greatly increases its service life. It is easy to attach to the wall. The entire installation can be done by yourself according to the instructions without any special skills and knowledge. It not only removes unpleasant odors quickly and effectively, but also prevents their penetration from the outside, for example, from negligent neighbors who keep pets. It has a wide impeller that significantly reduces sound.

  • Lowest noise level 38 dB.
  • Roller bearing.
  • Decent soundproofing.
  • Prevents reverse air flow.

DiCiTi Silent 4C

For small to medium sized bathrooms and other areas where you want reverse draft. Its non-return flap has a robust plastic blade that prevents back airflow. Low-noise operation with minimum power consumption. It is very easy to install on the extractor pipe and it blends in with the interior of any bathroom.

Motor runs up to 40,000 kW thanks to ball bearings. hours of continuous operation without additional maintenance and repairs. It is protected by a special overheat protector. It switches the appliance off automatically if there is a risk of overheating or fire. It has a high capacity of 90m. 2.5 kW/hr. Operates in 1 speed mode. Quickly removes pungent aromas, smoke, unpleasant odors, creating an ideal environment inside.

  • Practically no noise.
  • Clear mechanical control.
  • High degree of electrical safety.
  • Powerful ball bearing motor.


Low-noise fan with a non-return valve, which can be purchased at an affordable price, as it is produced by a proven Ukrainian company. It has taken care not only of low noise, but also of the high technical characteristics of this model. Design is also classic without fussy elements, so the fan will fit into any interior, both standard and exclusive. It is suitable for blowers with a diameter of 100 mm. Connection can be carried out independently according to the instructions. The device starts blowing air into the ventilation duct automatically when the room light turns on.

The fan of this model can cope with very dirty air, high dust levels and immediately neutralizes unpleasant odors irreversibly. The valve after the hood is tightly closed, which creates good conditions inside the room, a pleasant climate and stabilizes the level of humidity. Practically silent operation with low power consumption. Capable of handling a wide volume of air.

  • Synchronous operation with lighting.
  • Back draft prevents air from returning.
  • Casing and impellers are made of high strength plastic.
  • Withstands high humidity and water ingress.


Sufficiently slim exhaust fan with quality equipment and affordable price. Elegant design and compact size are combined with high functionality. It is suitable for all types of bathrooms, showers and toilets as it connects to standard ducts. Check valve has a spring and 2 closing flaps made of plastic, which prevents the return penetration of air with a bad smell, dust from the public ventilation system.

Axial-type operating mechanism with minimum noise level. It can cope with high operating pressures. The unit mounts to the wall with simple fixing tools and does not take up much space. Its internal content neutralizes the noise effect and potential vibration. Facade of the device is easy to wash and clean with a simple damp sponge. It does not collect dust or absorb unpleasant odors.

  • Convenient and clear mechanical control.
  • Durable ball bearing motor.
  • Minimal noise effect.
  • High-performance and energy-saving.

Electrolux EAFM-120

Indoor climate is important for the whole family, especially in the toilet and bathroom. And it’s kept clean by this fan. It disperses stale air, removes unpleasant odors, excess moisture. Draws everything into the ventilation system, and does so without much power or noise. Suitable for small WCs and toilets as well as larger facilities such as production halls. Its splash-proof panel is made of durable plastic that does not stain or rust.

New generation fan with high fan power and high blade speed without generating any noise. It starts drawing in a large volume of air as soon as the light comes on. Exhaust air does not flow back into the room because the non-return valve closes its flaps immediately. It is also closed when there is nobody on the inside.

  • Easy to clean.
  • High performance combined with low power consumption.
  • Virtually no noise or vibration.
  • Quickly refreshes the air and removes even the most acrid smell.

Soler Palau SILENT-100 CZ

Silence is what is specified in the name of this model of fan with non-return valve for sanitary rooms and bathrooms. Such a standard household appliance can be used not only in the home, but also on an industrial scale. Completely silent thanks to its special design and powerful modern motor. Vibration is also dampened by rubber-metal bushings.

The model is suitable for high humidity conditions. It helps to adjust it and improve the microclimate in the room. Easy to dismantle and clean the front cover, including the blades. It has a standard inconspicuous design that will fit into any interior, including exclusive layouts.

  • 26.5 dB. minimum noise level.
  • Reliable non-return valve.
  • High watertightness class.
  • Sturdy motor mount.


Axial wall-mounted fan from a renowned brand that can be purchased at an affordable price. In addition to the check valve, there is a timer function. The moisture-resistant enclosure is made of high-strength plastic that does not emit any harmful substances. If necessary, you can activate the delayed shutdown, which means that the device will still work when there is no longer a person inside. It is important for the creation of an optimal odour and microclimate inside.

A humidity sensor tells you when to turn the appliance on to keep things at an optimum temperature. The same applies to unpleasant odors and volatile contaminants, including dust. System is programmed to run at multiple speeds. It keeps the bathroom at an optimal temperature and freshens the air when necessary, even when the room is not in use.

  • Timer, thermometer and humidity sensor.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Safe wall mounting.
  • Runs at reduced speed when needed.

Top 10 best bathroom exhaust fans

According to experts, the main issue of quality bathroom arrangement is the choice of an exhaust fan. This is what determines the comfort and functionality of the room, and at the same time the longevity of expensive repairs. First of all, we must not forget that the bathroom is an area with dramatic temperature changes and high humidity. In addition, detergents and cleaning compounds are often used here. Therefore, no, even the most expensive cladding and tastefully chosen accessories will not provide adequate comfort without good ventilation. Since the natural ventilation system does not always fully cope with its functions, it is necessary to buy a special device. A fan is also necessary if the ventilation ducts get clogged over time. Unpleasant odor appears, condensation settles on the objects of interior.

To choose the right fan, it is necessary to carefully study the market of such products, view customer reviews on forums dedicated to climatic equipment. And at the same time to determine the criteria for selection. First of all, it is:

  • power;
  • the safety level of the appliance;
  • noise effect;
  • reliability, quality of assembly;
  • ease of installation;
  • additional features, including the presence of “smart” functions;
  • design;
  • brand.

These are the criteria we used when selecting options for the rating of the best fan models.

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