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Coffee machine cleaning. How to rinse and clean the device

Many of us simply do not represent life without fragrant beloved coffee, which is why our own coffee machine in the house is already becoming a familiar phenomenon. But, like all other technology, a coffee machine needs periodic cleaning of scale, oils.

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To return the apparatus the pristine external and internal appearance, you need to know how to clean the coffee machine correctly.

This will help our detailed instructions with the advice of professionals and recommendations specifically for each coffee maker model.

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How to remove a scope from a coffee machine?

Capsular coffee machine care rules

  • The surface on which the coffee machine will be located should be solid and even;
  • The water tank is filled only with cold purified water without any impurities, with a low potassium;
  • At a time when the machine is not used, it should be turned off from the mains;

How to choose a capsule coffee maker

All capsule models are usually divided into several groups, depending on which capsules of which brands they use. The most famous are the portioned containers Nespresso, Dolce Gusto and Tassimo. The difference between them is small, so when choosing a car for a house, you should look closely at other characteristics. Namely:

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  • Power. This indicator affects the aroma of coffee and the saturation of its taste. The optimal indicator of the device is at least 1200 watts.
  • Water tank. This is a removable element that will have to be cleaned from time to time. The model should be selected taking into account how convenient it will be to wash the container. In addition, the capacity of the tank is important. Its volume should be at least 1 liter.
  • Pump pressure. The higher this indicator, the sooner the drink will be brewed. The optimal pressure of the pump is from 15 bar and above.
  • Water heating system. If you plan to use fairly hard water, it is better to purchase a coffee maker with a pre.Installed filter for cleaning liquid from calcium and salts. Also, there will be no superfluous function of eliminating the scale. Thanks to it, the device will last much longer.
  • Universality. There are models that can brew not only portioned capsule coffee, but also ordinary ground, which is much more convenient.

Most coffee machines are made of plastic, but premium models have a completely metal case

Advice! Fans of coffee with milk should pay attention to models with a cappuccino. A capacity for milk and a steam tube with several foaming modes.

Signs of coffee machine pollution

Even a modern and expensive unit cannot work uninterruptedly for several months. After a certain period, if preventive cleaning was not carried out, the coffee machine is polluted. The fault of this is the scale that appeared as a result of the use of water with a large number of mineral impurities. You can recognize the fact that the coffee machine needs to be cleansed by a number of signs:

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  • In the preparation of coffee, sounds, extraneous noises or crackling are heard for the device;
  • The preparation time increases significantly;
  • Ready coffee has an unpleasant taste or smell;
  • The sediment remains at the bottom of the cup;
  • Coffee is poured into the mug slowly, a thin stream.
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If 1-2 signs from the above list are found, this means that the coffee maker needs urgent cleaning.

The capsule does not pierce, stuck

In a coffee machine, the capsule is pierced in two places. For the release of the finished drink and for water supply. The reason for the problem may be a weak fit, which requires the replacement of the seals to be eliminated. The breakdown can be more serious, which is replaced by the entire press mechanism or separately piercing.

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If the disk is stuck, there is only one way out. The car is disconnected from the network and contact the service. For prolonged unconscious operation of the device, a spent capsule should be removed from the compartment in time. It will save you from a lot of problems. Do not forget to clean the capsule and pallet so that water does not accumulate there.

The coffee maker does not turn on

If water does not flow densely in a coffee machine, check the system for blockages. The inconsistent can manifest itself both in the form of a decrease in pressure and in the complete absence of incoming water. The root of the obstacle lies in the bad quality of water (it can be very difficult, which becomes a premise of the scale), the remnants of coffee or coffee fat.

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If you were not so long.Long to clean the device, then, most likely, the case is in scale. Dress the machine with special detergents. In order to get rid of another kind of pollution, it is necessary to painlessly clear all the components. Wipe the strainer with a hard brush, wash the filter, also, using a toothpick, remove the traces of pollution from the tubes and holes.

Krups EA80 coffee machine cleaning: Home methods

The coffee machine most often breaks due to the layering of scale. Therefore, for prevention, it will not prevent the usual solution of citric acid in a 1/3 proportion of 1/3 through the system. Follow the signals of the device and indicators. Most smart models evaluate the condition of the apparatus unattended by the user.

If you did not have time to buy tablets or powder, run the usual cleaning of the system. It will allow you to cope with basic problems. To help the coffee machine buy a suitable remedy and constantly take care of it. So you can save on repair and at any time enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee.

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