Freezer does not reach temperature

The motor is broken or overheated

If the compressor motor has burned out, it will become clear by the following signs:

  • Chamber lighting works when door is opened (i.e., all systems are powered), but unit does not cool food.
  • The compressor switches on for 0.5-2 seconds, sometimes you hear the thermostat go off. The light bulb in the compartment is lit, but the refrigerator does not produce cold.
  • Compressor motor is constantly humming, but cooling system is not working.

The compressor cannot be repaired at home. the workshop will either rewind the electric motor or replace it with a new one.

If the compressor overheats, the refrigerator’s chambers may also not produce cold. The first reason. the starting protection relay is broken. The second possible problem is the failure of the thermal protection relay. It shuts off the compressor when it overheats. Relays cannot be repaired at home.

freezer, does, reach, temperature

The simple causes of malfunction

In the case when the unit for freezing does not turn on, you should not immediately jump to conclusions and think that it is broken. The problem should be searched from the simple to the complex.

Check socket

The first thing to pay attention to the serviceability of the plug, power cord and the socket itself. It is possible that the wires in the socket or plug are disconnected from the terminals, or there is a break in the cable strands, and this caused that the freezer does not work. Check the mains voltage, if it is too low, the machine won’t start.

To test the outlet, plug in any other electrical appliance. If it works, then look for the cause in the plug. If the plug is okay, test the cable with a tester. Also, if the light inside the machine does not come on when it is plugged in, this indicates that the cable is damaged. Use a multimeter to check the mains voltage. The appliance requires 220 V voltage to start.

Incorrectly set mode

If you suspect that the freezer does not turn off, then it is advisable to observe the operation of the machine for a while. Normally, it should work in a “one to two” mode, for example, 10 minutes on. 20 minutes off. Also the time may increase if the unit’s capacity is half empty or if the room temperature is very high. But, when your observations confirm that the unit does not think to turn off, or the camera shuts off after a long period of time, pay attention to the following points.

The optimum temperature inside the capacity of freezers is considered to be from.18 to.19°С. If higher values are set, the appliance will work without interruption. So, even if the room is hot, you shouldn’t set the temperature on the thermostat too low. It will be easier for the unit to maintain the microclimate in the chamber at a standard level than to achieve higher values. Also make sure that the refrigeration equipment does not stand close to the heating appliances.

Adjusting the temperature in refrigerators without a control panel

There may be a “superfreeze” mode. Older models do not turn off automatically after turning on this mode. Only modern units are equipped with a self-switching function.

Also, for example, in the Stinol 106 freezer sometimes the timer gets jammed when the “defrost” mode is set. In this case the unit does not turn on. But if you turn the ratchet a few degrees, the unit starts to work. The defect with the timer is explained by the fact that in the clock mechanism is jammed gears. In model Stinol 106 q this problem with the timer is also present.

The gaskets on the door are worn out

With time, when using the freezer for a long period of time, the rubber seal on the door can crack, warp, peel or get scuffed. As a result, the door does not fit tightly, the internal capacity of the unit is not cooled sufficiently, because of the constant leakage of cold, the compressor works without stopping and quickly wears out.

Your Atlant refrigerator will not leave you a chance to miss the gasket wear and tear. If you can see that the red light is on, it means that the temperature in the chamber is rising (possibly due to a poorly sealed door). If the green light comes on. it means that the temperature is normal now. If you find the gasket worn out and the fact that the unit does not freeze well, try to replace the rubber gasket as soon as possible. How to restore the seal with your own forces, is told in this video

Failure prevention

Carrying out simple recommendations will help to avoid the majority of technical mishaps and will contribute to prolongation of service life of the refrigeration equipment.

  • Do not place hot foods in the chambers, but only at room temperature;
  • Before de-energizing the refrigerator set the thermostat to 0;
  • there is no need to artificially accelerate the defrosting process;
  • Do not turn on the equipment after idle time if liquid has accumulated in it;
  • The doors must always fit tightly against the cabinet.

Before switching on the new model for the first time, it is obviously not unreasonable to carefully read the instructions, because each technology on board requires observance of certain operating conditions.

If the freezer began to leak, then before you call a specialist, make sure that this situation was caused by a breakdown of the equipment and not due to inattention during operation. Very often it is the improper operation of the technique that leads to its wrong functioning. But it is not necessary to worry, because the malfunction can be corrected with your own hands.

First, check the data on the thermostat. It should be in the position between 3 and 4 of operation, when the foodstuffs are normally frozen, and the motor does not suffer from high load. The temperature in the chamber should be between 18-19C. Sometimes when putting food in the freezer a person unnoticeably turns the thermostat upside down. If the thermostat is in the wrong position, simply move it to the optimal position. After some time it is worth to check whether the freezer began to work in a normal mode.

Secondly, the freezer does not freeze properly because of the ice. When a big ice layer is formed, the sealer does not stick tightly, and it means that warm air gets into the chamber. Due to which, a puddle may form on the floor. To solve this problem you need to defrost the freezer and make a thorough cleaning of the rubber seal.

If during the inspection you found that the thermostat is in the normal position and there is no ice coat, but the freezer does not freeze, then it is time to call the Frostrem service center. We carry out qualitative repair of refrigerators at home inexpensively. It is possible to call our master at any convenient time daily from 8.00 to 23.00 hours by phone 8 (495) 745-24-55. Leave a request and our technician will come to you as soon as possible.

Causes of why the freezer doesn’t freeze

To understand why the freezer does not freeze, it is necessary to exclude the simplest reasons. It can be not a breakage, but inattention during operation. Read the thermostat info first. The optimal position is when there is no load on the motor. 3 and 4 or minus 18-19. If the freezer fails to freeze, the regulator may be at its lowest setting.

The problem can be ice freezing. This can occur if the seal is loose or if air is trapped in the compartment. If there is ice and snow in the chamber, the breakdown may be in the compressor.

If ice accumulates in the freezer, defrosting is recommended. If the mode is set correctly and there is no ice. The reason why the refrigerator does not freeze may be a problem with the system.

If the refrigerator fails to work, first check that the power supply is working properly. The problem could be a damaged cable.

If there is ice accumulated in the freezer, defrosting is recommended

The simplest malfunctions

Simple causes can lead to system malfunction. If freezer stops working, check door is closed and tight. In this case, it is necessary to deal with a badly closed door.

In some models, the problem occurs with constant operation without defrosting. To eliminate the problem it is enough to perform the defrosting procedure and wash the equipment. In some cases, the abundance of food does not allow the device to cope with its task. In order for the device to work to its full potential, it is necessary to reduce the degree of filling of the compartment.

Defrosting the freezer

To solve complex issues, you need to contact a repairman.

Excessive pauses in the compressor motor operation

In figuring out why the freezer doesn’t work, examine the compressor. In case of breakdowns, this mechanism either works all the time, or turns on at long intervals. Lack of scheduled defrosting can cause a compressor problem.

Breakdown in the capillary system

If the refrigerator does not work the freezer, the cause of the malfunction may be hidden in the capillary system. This is caused by clogs. Debris, oil and moisture are getting into the tubes. In this case, the cooler does not reach the necessary condition and the food does not defrost.

The problem with the lower chamber in the refrigerator occurs when there are clogs in the drainage system. As a result, melting water does not pass and collects in the freezer compartment. Corrosion occurs afterward.

Automatics and electronics problems

Every freezer has an air sensor mechanism that helps maintain optimum temperatures. If it is broken, freezing does not occur correctly. Electronics transmits wrong data and compressor does not start on time. Poor freezing is a sign of a breakdown in mechanical equipment or button problems. Some models have problems with timers. To solve them, you need to turn the regulator by a couple of degrees.

The following signs will help you determine the problem:

  • Prolonged interruption in engine operation.
  • Wrong information on the display.
  • Formation of ice on the surfaces of the refrigerating chamber.

Ice forming on the surfaces of the fridge compartment

Refrigerant leakage from the system

Serious problems occur if freon is leaking from the system. The reason for the defrosting process can be caused by worn-out parts and improper use. If you try to speed up the defrosting process and break the ice, it may cause damage to the coating. Cracks form and in the absence of defrosting for a long time.

Failure of one of the compressors

Refrigerator does not operate at full capacity if one of the compressors fails. In this situation, the refrigerator compartment does not function in the proper cooling mode.

Seal problems

Often there are problems with the gaskets. These elements can greatly affect the performance of the equipment. Seals are failing as a result of prolonged use and natural wear and tear. Over time, the elastic band begins to peel or shrink. Failure occurs when equipment is not used for extended periods of time. Leaky seal causes air to leak into the system and raise the temperature inside. It influences increase of compressor efficiency which starts to work at the limit of its strength. This causes rapid wear and tear. The cooling process in the system is much worse.

To get the freezer working at full capacity again, you need to follow these steps:

  • Dismantle the door, remove the old rubber and put in a new seal.
  • If the sealant dries out, soak it in hot water. This will restore the elasticity of the material.
  • Instant adhesive can be used to reattach the rubber band.
  • To ensure a snug fit of the rubber band, install the fronts in the other direction. But first, choose the right location for the refrigeration equipment in relation to other items.

Mechanical and chemical damage

When using refrigeration units in the body there are damages of mechanical type. cracks and holes. This can be caused by reasons such as improper use, careless transportation, or the use of low quality materials. The damages can cause air to get inside. As a result the efficiency of freezing decreases.

Oxidation and rust on the tubes

Tubing filled with refrigerant begins to leak over time. This is due to corrosion. Freon escapes through the holes and the cold does not get into the chamber. In order not to break the compressor, prompt repair is required.

Why the freezer does not freeze

The freezer, like any electrical appliance, is subject to faults. However, the incorrect operation of the device is not always indicative of a breakdown. Sometimes it is a consequence of improper operation, subject to easy and immediate elimination, which can be extremely important for the preservation of food placed in the freezer. What are the possible causes of malfunction of freezing appliances or their operation in a broken cycle?

The reasons why the fridge doesn’t freeze

Finding out why any appliance has broken down, usually begins with checking the power supply. Sometimes the reason that the fridge doesn’t freeze the food can be a banal cable damage or even the lack of electricity in the network or in a particular outlet.

Missing ice and snow or, on the contrary, too much of it can be a sign of a broken compressor, clogged pipes and even refrigerant leakage.

The simplest problems with the unit

Among the causes of freezer malfunction is often a loose door, which causes air to enter the chamber.

All of these issues can be resolved easily, without the need to call a technician. In the first case, you should solve the problem of a poorly closing door. In the second. to defrost the technique by disconnecting it from the mains, in the third. to reduce the degree of filling of the chamber, so that there is free space.

Breakdowns in the conductive systems

Clogs in the capillary system can cause the appliance to malfunction. Foreign substances such as particles from a worn filter, oil or moisture get into the tubes. Due to this the coolant in such brand refrigerators as LG does not reach the needed place and the foods are not frozen.

The jams prevent melted water from passing through, which accumulates at the bottom of the freezer and escapes to the outside. The result is cracked plastic and corroded metal elements that cause the refrigerant to leak out.

Automation and electronics problems

In all brands of freezers, including Liebherr, there is a temperature sensor responsible for maintaining the correct temperature. If it is broken, the food will not freeze properly.

Improper freezing can be a sign of broken mechanical devices or buttons. The Stinol 106 model often has a problem with the timer set in the defrost mode. To solve it, it is enough to turn the regulator a few degrees.

Refrigerant leakage from the system

Freezer models such as Indesit SFR 167 NF may not work properly due to the freon entering the room. The cause is microcracks in the tubes due to improper operation or wear and tear.

Cracks often appear if the fridge hasn’t been defrosted for a long time, or if the user tried to speed up this process himself by knocking the ice with a hard object.

Failure of one of the compressors

In this case, the refrigerator does not work correctly, while the refrigerating chamber continues to work in the normal cooling mode. The owners of models Biryusa 14 or Atlant have to face such malfunction.

My Freezer is Cooling But Not Freezing!

Problems with the sealing rubber

A common refrigerator malfunction is damage to the sealing rubber, which can dry out or peel off.

The cause is often prolonged downtime of the unit. Air enters the chamber, increasing the internal temperature.

Because of this, the compressor of a Veko refrigerator or any other brand increases the capacity, but does not solve the problem, but only wears out faster.

Mechanical and chemical damage

Causes range from poor-quality manufacturing materials to improper operation or transportation. Damage causes air to get inside, reducing freezing efficiency.

Oxidation and rust on pipes

Over time refrigerant lines start leaking due to corrosion of the walls. Freon escapes through the holes that form and the cold does not enter the chamber.

Urgent action is required to correct the problem, otherwise it will lead to failure of the compressor.

Correct installation and its results

Compressor malfunction can be caused by improper installation of the refrigerator. The main task of this technique is to provide heat removal from chambers. Therefore, the evaporator should have free access to air.

Here are the basic rules for installing your refrigerator:

  • Observe distances from the walls of the appliance to walls or furniture;
  • Do not place refrigerator near stove;
  • Do not install your fridge close to the radiators.

The rear wall of the refrigerator dissipates the heat from the inside. The cooler the ambient air, the better. Then the compressor will have to do less work. Accordingly, its service life will be increased. And you will save on expensive repair.

If you have read somewhere that you need to keep a distance from the walls, ceiling, etc.д it is a myth. Apart from the manufacturer, no one can tell you how this or that unit should work. 99% of recommendations from the internet are sucked out of thin air!

The minimum distance from the walls of the refrigerator depends on:

  • Heat dissipation of the evaporator:
  • Type of freon;
  • Whether or not the compressor is inverter;
  • The coefficient of conversion (COP);
  • Refrigeration capacity;

These are just five factors that determine how to position your refrigerator correctly. We can’t consider every single case. Therefore we recommend to use the instruction manual or manual. There’s no mistaking it.

The main reasons why the freezer does not freeze

Whether it is necessary to search the cause of the breakage yourself or immediately call a master? It’s up to you, but if you correctly identify the type of malfunction, you can know the approximate cost of future repairs in advance.

Compressor does not work (relevant for double-compressor refrigerators)

If your refrigerator has two compressors working in separate circuits (one for the refrigerator chamber, the other for the freezer), one of them may fail. How to determine it:

Solution. compressor replacement. In some cases it is possible to repair the compressor, but more often they buy a new one. it is more reliable. In addition, new parts usually provide a warranty.

Thermostat or air temperature sensor is defective

The electromechanical refrigerators of the old type have a thermostat in the freezing chamber and the more modern models have an air sensor. The main task of these devices is to measure the temperature inside the chamber and transmit the readings to the control unit, which controls the cycling of the compressor.

If these sensors fail, the temperature information is not correct, causing an imbalance in the entire freezer system. Result. the freezer does not freeze. The problem can be solved by replacing the thermostat or the air sensor.

“Stuck” valve for switching between circuits

In single-compressor refrigerators both circuits work alternately since only one compressor serves them. Where the circuits diverge (one toward the refrigerator and one toward the freezer), there is a switching valve that can “stick” in one position after a few years of use.

If the problem is in it, then the entire cooling system will only work for the refrigerating chamber. No liquid freon will flow into the freezer. The way out is to replace the switching valve.

Circuit damage and refrigerant leakage

It usually takes a few hours to defrost the freezer. Some people, not wanting to wait, begin to “help” the refrigerator to throw off the frozen ice: do it either manually, breaking off pieces of ice with a sharp object, or put a bowl or a large mug with hot water into the freezer. This “help” often leads to circuit damage. And even a microcrack is enough for a refrigerant leak to form.

Control unit

The circuit board that regulates all processes in the refrigerator can also fail or begin to malfunction. The problem is solved simply. either re-flashing (if the cause is software) or a complete replacement.

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