Freezer freezes freezes the causes of the breakdown

freezer, freezes, causes, breakdown

LG refrigerator does not freeze: the reasons, options for eliminating problems

Even the highest quality technique can fail over time. The reason can be both in the wear of any detail and breakdown of electronics, and in violation of the operating rules. LG refrigerators are devices with electronic control and with a complex electrical circuit, so diagnostics and repair are best entrusted to specialists from the LG service center. And if LG does not freeze in the refrigerator refrigerator or freezer, then the master will need to report the following information:

  • LG refrigerator model.
  • Which camera has stopped freezing.
  • How the compressor works, namely: it works continuously, turns on for a short period, does not turn on at all.

Over, most often, when they say that the LG refrigerator does not freeze, only the upper main camera of the refrigerator stops cooling. But if you do not eliminate this malfunction in time, then you will face the fact that you will stop freezing and the freezer. This applies to refrigerators with one compressor. Freon supports a strong minus in the freezer, and then, according to the residual principle, goes to the upper section. But it is in the upper main section that the compressor switches are located, and when there is not enough cold above, the compressor begins to work without stopping and soon breaks down. After which the work of the refrigerator is completely stopped.

In refrigerators with two compressors, each camera has its own cooling circuit and its control. If, for example, the freezer will refuse, then it can be turned off, and the LG refrigerator will continue to work.

The called specialist will conduct further diagnostics, find a malfunction and eliminate the cause of the breakdown. The master will either replace the necessary details, or repair the available parts so that the refrigerator will work regularly again. But before calling a specialist, we recommend defrosting the refrigerator and leave it with open doors for 24 hours. It is also recommended to remove the back cover on the evaporator and drain all the water from there, but this can also be done by a specialist. There may be several reasons why the refrigerator does not freeze:

  • The door seal was worn out or shifted. In this case, it will either be glued in place or replaced with a new one, if necessary.
  • The technique hid in defrosting mode, then they will check the defrosting button, perhaps it began to sink. The button will be replaced with a new.
  • Freon’s leak (cooling gas) occurred). In this case, they will find damaged capillary tubes of the cooling system, seize them and refuel Freon.
  • The thermostat failed. The part will be replaced, since the sensor does not tell the managing module that the temperature exceeded the norm.
  • The cooling system clogged. They will clean it and double.Check whether cooling air is enough in the system.
  • The electric motor, compressor or electronic unit failed. Individual parts will be replaced, or completely the entire node of the refrigerator.
  • The damper does not function and chilled air from the lower freezer does not enter the upper. The part will be replaced to increase the power of cold air supply. Cooling will be restored.
  • The fan stopped working in the refrigerator No Frost, providing the upper main and freezer parts with fresh air streams. If the fan operation has blocked a large layer of ice, then it will be necessary to defrost the refrigerator, wipe it dry and turn off for 12 hours. If the reason is in a burned.Out sensor, then it will be replaced with a new.

In order for the LG refrigerator to work without interruptions for as long as possible, you must follow simple operating rules:

Simple causes of malfunctions

In the case when the unit for freezing does not turn on, you should not immediately draw hasty conclusions and think that it has broken. The search for the problem should be carried out from simple to complex.

Checking the outlet

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the serviceability of the network fork, electric cable and the outlet itself. It is possible that the wires from the terminals were disconnected in the outlet or fork, or a cliff occurred in the cable veins, and this was the reason that the freezer did not work. Check the voltage in the network, if it is lowered, then the device will not turn on.

To check the outlet, connect any other electrical appliance into it. If he earned, then look for a reason in a fork. If the fork is in order, call the cable with a tester. Also, if when the device is connected to the network, the light does not light up inside it, then this indicates the damage to the cable. To check the voltage on the network, use the multimeter. To start the device, a voltage of 220 V is required.

Incorrectly exhibited mode

If you have a suspicion that the freezer does not turn off, then it is recommended to observe some time at the operation of the device. Normally, he should work in “one to two” mode, for example, 10 minutes work. 20 minutes rests. Time can also increase if the capacity of the unit is semi.Empty, or the room is very high temperature. But when your observations confirmed that the device does not think to turn off, or the camera turned off over a long period of time, pay attention to the following points.

The optimal temperature option inside the capacity of freezers is considered to be indicators from.18 to.19 ° C. With the above higher values, the device will work without a break. Therefore, even if there is heat in the room, you should not exhibit too low temperature on the thermostat too low. The device will be easier to support the microclimate in the cell at a standard level than to achieve high indicators. Also make sure that the refrigeration equipment does not stand close to heating devices.

Temperature adjustment in the refrigerators without a control panel

Perhaps the “Super.Summary” mode has been established. Old models after turning on this mode do not turn off automatically. Self.Shutdown is available only to modern units.

Also, for example, in the freezer of the stinol 106 brand, the timer is sometimes observed when the “Otvyka” mode is established. While the unit does not turn on. But if you turn the ratchet for several degrees, then the device begins to work. The defect with the timer is explained by the fact that in the hourly mechanism there is a jamming of the gears. In the STINOL 106 Q model, this problem with the timer is also present.

Wear of the seals on the door

Over time, with prolonged operation of the freezer, the rubber seal on the door can crack, deform, stratify or rub out. As a result, the door does not fit tightly, the inner capacity of the device is not cooled enough, due to the constant leakage of the cold, the compressor works without stopping and quickly wear out.

The ATLANT freezer will not leave you a chance to miss the wear of the gasket. If you see that the red bulb is burning, then the temperature rises in the chamber (possibly due to a bad fit of the door). If a green light caught fire, it means that the temperature is normalized. If the wear of the seal is detected, the fact that the unit is poorly freezed, as soon as possible, try to replace the rubber gasket. How to restore the seal on your own, is told in this video

What to do if the freezer stopped freezing?

It is necessary to turn off the refrigerator from the mains and try to set the preliminary reason for the breakdown to inform the master about it. In most cases, this can be done, relying on external manifestations of a malfunction. We strongly do not recommend repairing on our own. Only an experienced specialist will be able to quickly and safely eliminate the problems that have arisen without damaging the important and expensive nodes of the device.

What to check first of all

First of all, check the position of the thermostat. You could, by negligence, put it at a minimum mark in which the freezer compartment thaws. You should make sure that there is no ice on the walls. It can damage the rubber door sealing or simply prevent its dense closure, provoking heat in the chamber.

How does a Refrigerator work?

In this case, complete defrosting of the unit or replacement of the sealing cuff will help. If the above problems are eliminated, but the freezer still does not work, then you are faced with internal breakdown and you should seek help from professionals.

Compressor motor

If you are the owner of a single-engine unit, then when a motor-compressor breakdown, the cold will be absent in all departments. If only the freezer stopped freezing, and the refrigerator works, then the device is equipped with two compressors. In this case, the engine of the freezer usually starts for 3-5 seconds and turns off. Causes of malfunction:

  • Components of the compressor engine have worn out;
  • The winding of the electric motor stator was broken (the smell of Gary is felt);
  • The start.Up relay was out of order, which is responsible for the launch and timely disconnecting of the compressor (if the motor does not turn on at all and the clicks are heard);
  • Excessive load on the motor. For example, the user often switches the thermostat to maximum freezing or operational cooling mode.

Air sensor

This part is installed in units with electronic control. A faulty sensor gives incorrect signals to the control module or does not supply them at all. Accordingly, the processor does not understand that the temperature in the freezer exceeded the permissible value and does not allow the command of the launcher to launch the motor. The compressor at the same time operates properly, but there are long pauses between its launches.

Thermostat (thermostat)

This node is an integral part of electromechanical refrigerators and is a temperature controller controlled mechanically. The thermoregulator’s sewphone, depending on the pressure in the system, is bent and straightened, thereby closing and blurring the contacts. Accordingly, the absence of frost is a consequence of the breakdown of the thermostat, which is not able to close the contacts to start the engine.

Switching valve

If the freezer continues to work, but is poorly freezing (freezing is not deep enough), then the reason should be sought in a faulty switching valve between cooling modes. Most often, the breakdown is manifested in the sticking of the valve on the simultaneous generation of frost in the refrigeration and freezer compartment. Such problems are characteristic of single.Engine devices with a crying evaporator or automatic defrosting system of “No Frost”. The valve must be replaced, since the compressor engine in this case performs double work and wears out much faster.

Freon leak

Refrigerant leakage due to mechanical damage to the refrigerator. It is strictly not recommended to accelerate the process of defrosting by chopping ice with a knife or premises in the chamber of a bowl of boiling water. This can provoke a puncture of the evaporator or the formation of microcracks in it.

  • The channels of the freezer compartment or pipes of the capacitor were worn out or corroded;
  • Curved tubes of the motor-compressor;
  • The refrigerator is damaged.
  • The motor does not turn on, rarely turns off or works continuously;
  • In all compartments or in one of the departments, the temperature is much higher than the norm;
  • The evaporator was covered with ice;
  • The condenser is cold (with normal operation of the device, the capacitor tube heats up).

Refrigerant leaks through a steel circuit. The owners of the units, the refrigerator of which are equipped with a crying evaporator, and the freezer compartment are located below the below can collide with such a breakdown. Signs of leakage:

  • The body of the device was covered with rust near the freezer;
  • The freezer for a long time was poorly frozen, after which it sharply stopped even cooling the products.

The cause of the leak is clogging of the drainage system. The water does not leave and does not evaporate, so a puddle of thawed ice is formed under the boxes. All liquid flows into the hull of the freezer. If the plastic protection of the steel circuit has a defect, then moisture falls on it. The metal will certainly be affected by corrosion, and through the formed microcracks the entire freon will flow over time.

Managing module

If the freezer does not freeze, but there was no external manifestations of this “ailment”, then it is necessary to diagnose the performance of the control module. This part is equipped exclusively by refrigerators with an electronic control system.

Due to damage to the electronic components of the printed circuit board or any critical systemic errors, the computer stopped applying to certain nodes about the need to maintain a low temperature in the freezer compartment. You should reflash the electronic module or replace the board.

Causes of malfunction with the freezer

In the refrigerators of “Biryusa”, “Hotpoint Ariston”, “Bosch” there are problems that require serious repair and professional intervention. We will consider all the reasons for the breakdown, perhaps you can solve the problem yourself.

The freezer engine starts for 5-10 seconds and turns off

Such “behavior” of technology with two engines indicates a breakdown of the compressor. Then the freezer does not cool, and the refrigerator works works. One of the reasons is the wear of the details when the motor works with increased load. To avoid such problems, do not put the thermostat for too low values ​​in hot weather.

It is quite difficult to replace the motor yourself. You need to be able to use the burner, as well as solder the compressor tubes. You will need a refrigerant drive that will begin to go out. A broken gas pipe is replaced with a copper using a adhesion. Such repair requires the presence of a master with special equipment.

The engine starts, but the breaks are too long

In electronic models, the air sensor fails, so the module does not receive information about the temperature in the chamber. Liebherr refrigerators on the display may seem like a F3 code, which indicates this breakdown.

In models with the know.How.To.Wall system, the evaporator is located behind the back wall, there is its sensor, which regulates the temperature in the chamber. Therefore, to replace you will need to disassemble the back wall.

It is recommended to contact the service center to eliminate problems.

In devices with electromechanical control, such a malfunction occurs with a thermostat. In such cases, the freezer does not freeze, but cools or does not function at all.

In the latest models “Bosch”, LG, Samsung, the regulator is taken outside the camera to ensure fire safety. If the part is inside, most often it is located at the side wall. To replace you need to remove the lid, unscrew the thermostat and install the good part.

The freezer is freely freezing, but it works

The problem is relevant for single.Chamber refrigerators with the know.Frost system. The valve that switches the supply of cold between the cameras or fails: this happens with sharp voltage surges. Therefore, the refrigeration department works fine, and in the freezer heat.

The valve must be repaired or replaced.

The lower freezer does not cool; Rust was found on the case

This happens in refrigerators with a drop system. Normally, condensation is collected during the hike on the evaporator, moisture flows into the drainage hole and is removed from the system. When the drainage hole is clogged, the water flows into the lower part of the chamber and enters the freezer.

There is just there is a contour along which the refrigerant is moving. Moisture seeps on steel details and leads to corrosion. Gas leaks leads to a deterioration in cooling. You need to call the master and repair the contour.

After defrosting and washing, the camera does not freeze

If you used extraneous objects to remove ice from the walls, you could break through the camera and damage the contour. Freon flows, it is not enough for normal cooling.

We describe in detail the solution of the problem in a separate article.

The freezer stopped working

No more signs were not found? So the problem is in the electronic board. She controls the work of nodes and parts in the refrigerator. In case of malfunction, the module does not give the command to the compressor to turn on.

Flashing or replacing the element is carried out.

freezer, freezes, causes, breakdown

All problems are quite serious and require surgical intervention. If you are not sure that you can deal with the repair, it is better to contact the service center, especially when the equipment under warranty.

Why in a two.Chamber refrigerator the freezer does not work

If you have a two-chamber refrigerator “Indesit”, “Ariston” or “Atlant”, the freezer in it may not work not only for objective reasons, but due to careless use. Check such moments before sound the alarm and cause a specialist:

  • Thermostat. It is worth installing the selector wheel between the 3-4 or 2-3 marks so that excessive load is not created on the compressor. When the mark is higher, the motor does not have time to cool both cameras, so the freezer and it offends to work.
  • The density of the fit of the sealing gum. If the door is closed loosely, then snow or ice is growing in the freezer compartment due to the constant receipt of unkiting air flows from the outside. When “rest” the motor is melting, and the melted water flows to the floor. In this case, you need to defrost the refrigerator and carry out minor repairs of the seal in those places where it leaves.

If in your refrigerator LG (LG), “Steinol”, “Ariston” or in any other there is no “fur coat” and the value of the thermostat is correctly set, but the freezer still does not freeze, then there is a breakdown.

freezer, freezes, causes, breakdown

Possible refrigerator malfunctions

If the refrigerator stopped cooling, and the freezer is covered with ice, then you should immediately contact professionals. Idleness will entail different consequences. So, the products will quickly deteriorate, and the equipment will completely stop functioning over time.

The common reasons that the refrigerator stopped freezing is attributed:

  • Relay malfunction;
  • Damage to the start.Up capacitor;
  • Combustion of the motor;
  • Freon leak (the technique works, but cooling does not start);
  • Enforcing the capillaries system by which the refrigerant is supplied.

Before contacting the service center, you need to check if there is a gap between the door and the seal. Through it, warm air can come through it, which will harm not only products, but also technology itself. As a result, such a common problem arises as the refrigerator began to freely freeze.

The flow of air into the chamber is possible for the following reasons:

  • The technique stands on an uneven surface, which leads to overhabiting of the doors;
  • Installation of heavy objects on the door drive to sagging;
  • In the old models there is no “open door” signal, which often causes a random formation of a gap (it should not be wondered why the freezer is covered with ice);
  • The formation of ice, which prevents the hermetic closure of the door;
  • Damage to the seal or loss of elasticity.

If the check showed the serviceability and density of the door, it is worth considering other reasons why the refrigerator works, but does not freeze.

Freon leak

If the compressor is constantly working without disconnecting, and the refrigerator cools poorly, then the cooling circuit is possible. Gradually, the temperature in the internal space rises. If the circuit is damaged, a gap is formed through which Freon flows from the system.

Establish the reasons why the refrigerator does not freeze, you can independently. To do this, just check the condition of the capacitor with your hand. If the grill is hot, then the device works fine. If the circuit is damaged, the capacitor is cold, which indicates the leakage of the freon.

To eliminate the problem why the refrigerator does not cold, it is necessary to carefully check the system and detect damage. The gap is blocked and a new refrigerant is filled. It is recommended to refuel the Freon of the same brand as before. Otherwise, the equipment may begin to work incorrectly. Often this becomes the reason that the refrigerator is poorly freezing.

Reducing the cooling system

In the process of using household appliances, the relief of the capillary tube and the filter-dryer is often observed. The main cause of blockage is the use of poor.Quality freon, which contains a large amount of moisture. This is observed with the wrong refueling. The process is carried out only if preliminary vacuuming.

Without this, the refrigerant will begin to evaporate. Evaporation is accompanied by the formation of water, which further freezes and forms a cork. This reason leads to the fact that the refrigerator does not work or the refrigerator is poorly freezing.

As for the filters, they are designed to prevent moisture from entering the system. With the wear of the drainage, the probability of ice blocking arises. The reason for the stopping may be solid particles. These can be the products of compressor wear and other system elements. This explains why the refrigerator does not cold.

When stopping the cooling system, the refrigerator is buzzing, but does not cold. The reason for this uncharacteristic noise is that the engine is forced to work under a large load. He is forced to push Freon, despite the educated blockage. To eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to call professionals. Using special hydraulic equipment, the system is cleaned. The clogged tubes are blown, and a worn filter-dryer is replaced.

Compressor malfunction

If the compressor is hot, this does not mean that it works correctly. In some cases, it may not turn on. But sometimes the unit works periodically. At the same time, its inclusion is accompanied by roar, strong noise and clicking. All this indicates the wear of the unit. He is not able to work normally and ensure the normal pressure of the freon on the network.

In the presence of such signs, it is worth diagnosing the compressor of the refrigerator. First check the contacts. If the compressor does not work, then it is changed. With minor problems, repair is carried out.

Malfunction of the control unit and other nodes

The malfunction of the thermostat, thermal attemptor and control unit leads to the fact that the compressor does not accept the correct information about the state of temperature in the chambers. This does not make it possible to start regulation of the regime. The malfunction of the analyzing elements leads to the fact that the compressor of the refrigerator is completely or partially not working.

Professionals do not exclude such probability. Therefore, in diagnosis, they check the serviceability of all sensors and regulators. Faulty elements are replaced. Especially if the refrigerator does not freeze, and the freezer works.

Diagnostic instructions

Before proceeding with an independent diagnosis of a refrigerator, you should make sure that it is connected to the network, it costs reliably and the doors are tightly closed. If all these conditions are met, then you can begin the diagnosis of equipment, which provides for the following actions:

  • You should pay attention to the “Defrosting” button, especially if its place is inside the refrigerator. It often happens that the user himself accidentally presses the button, thereby activating the defrosting function.
  • Pay attention to the seals on the doors of the refrigerator. It is no exception that in the refrigerator, these elements simply broke or lost their former flexibility. They are subject to replacement. This is often found in the units that have been served for more than one year. At the same time, it is necessary to leave the door on the freezer compartment loosely closed, because in this compartment, most likely, the intending of the layer of ice, which interferes with the tight closure of the door, due to which a little temperature rises in the main compartment.
  • Often the unit does not cold due to a faulty sensor. This can be checked by changing temperature adjustment.
  • Your hand should be brought to the motor, which is located in the lower niche of the equipment. If it is heated hard, the thermal protection of the engine was probably activated due to overheating of the refrigerator. You need to turn off the equipment and push it a little from the wall. If after some time, when the refrigerator has completely cooled down, when turned on, everything began to work properly. The problem was that the engine did not have time to cool down.
  • You need to measure the voltage on the engine using a tester. If it is absent, then the problem was the failure of the refrigerator thermostat of the refrigerator.

Thus, with independent diagnosis, it is possible to identify and eliminate common small malfunctions, why the refrigerator works, but at the same time the freezer does not perform the tasks. However, if after these actions the refrigerator still does not freeze, the reasons may be more serious.

The refrigerator is poorly freezing and does not turn off. What’s the reason

If the refrigerator works without a break, and in the cells the temperature does not reach average indicators, you need to look for a place where to remove the products. Most likely, the repair will be associated with the revision of the cooling circuit. This is possible if there was a gas leak and the freezer freezer began to freeze badly. The assumption will be confirmed if, after cleaning from ice, the refrigerator refuses to freeze at all.

The compressor works without a break, because there is no desired temperature in the cells. But with prolonged work without stopping, he will also fail. Therefore, in the interests of the owner of the technique as early as possible, diagnose a malfunction.

The reasons why the freezer stopped working

The freezer should work as a thermostat with forced cooling. The thermaloshkin will stop working in cases:

  • Damage to the thermostat, there is no signal for the inclusion of the compressor;
  • The compressor was jammed, the engine burned;
  • Disconnected energy;
  • Malfunction of the electrical circuit, electronic control unit.

Each manufacturer has stated the time of autonomous conservation of cold in the freezer. In some models, 7 hours, in others up to 36 hours, using an additional cold accumulator. During this time, the contents should be frozen and maintain the temperature.9 0 s.

Why is Your Freezer Frosting & Fridge Freezing

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