Front bumper error robot vacuum cleaner

Error 1 Robot Polyples Xiaomi: how to fix it yourself?

One beautiful day, after the launch of your Xiaomi robot, after a short buzz of the motor, you will hear from it: cleaning is suspended! Error number 1! Check the rotation of the orange tower! Unfortunately, often a large number of users are smart robots of Xiaomi, such a problem. What to do?

  • Contact the authorized service for repairing Xiaomi robotes. There they will probably find out what exactly is the problem, but they will take a large amount of money for this. Amounts are estimated from 10 thousand.
  • Try to restore the performance of the lidar drive motor. This is what will be discussed in our article.
  • Replace the Lidara motor yourself. We will also tell where to buy a Xiaomi motor, and also how to change it yourself.

REDMOND RV-R500 Operating Instruction Instruction. Page 34

Redmond RV-R500 instructions for the device a vacuum cleaner contains pages in Russian.

You can download PDF file of this instruction: download pdf

Batareeans of the charger қat қsyshyn o kүyin Ornat.Osanda mүmkin Emes.

“Please place a robot on a safe

Қral Zhabylyp, Dunkaritar Bethinn үzildi. Қralds Tegis Zherge Or-

DANGALAKARDYA ANALUYA KIYN, ASPAP Keptelip қaldy. Aspaptyn dөne-

Gelekterein Texerhyz, Aspapaparga Kyspanyz, Aspapaparga Birdery қi-

Bүyir brush.Ainaluy qyn. Bүyir Shchetkalaryn Texerhyz,

Tazalau Josparlau Functions Sәtti Teshelgen

Tazalauds Josparu Functions Teshelgen Nemesa өshirilmegen

Aspaptyn қzkaglysi bұkattalgan. Aspapa Zhol Bөget Zhasamayz, AS-

Paptes Tygyz Kepte Paydalanbany

Aspaptyn қzgalatyn bөliktanudye boluyna mesgil-Mesgil Texerhyz, Zhabishak

Kokypen Bұykattau Olardy son!

Қralds Tazalauka Kirispes Bұyryn, onyan electros Zheyratylkanyna kөz gym.

ASPAPTYAN CARSEN ZHENE VARRORYTAU station Dimyl Zhmsak Matamen Surtіyz. Sula-

ASPAPTYA CORVION SUDYAN ASTYNA NEMESE SUGA SALUGA TIY SALYNADA.Aspapta Tazalau Kizinde Abrazivtik Zhne Chemistryal Aggressive Kottarda, қatty

Zabyndyndilarymen Sorgyshtarda Paidalanbany.

front, bumper, error, robot

Aspaptyn Shchetkesі, Shazhinagysh, Biriktirilgen container, Yilgaldy Zhinauaha Arnalgan Sap-

Tamalar Ayndyi Tazartyla Alada. Kerek Bolgan Zhagdaida

KOLDANUA BOLADY.Shazhinagyshty, Aldyn Ala Tazartu sүzgіsіn zhne siababeregі era-spzgіsіnsin tazalau turtіbin

Shygatyn era-spzgіnі Zhumany-bul iry izhsten sins. Era-SHZGI ZHOMYSYNA resources 12 Idan whom Emes uakytty qraidi.

Shchetkelerd Tazalau Tәrtіbin a8 SCASSINANT қAR (10 BET).Yilgaldy Zhinauyu Arnalgan Aralas containerdіd mөlsherleuishteri Zhyntyka kyretin

Tazalauu Arnalgan Shchetkamen Tazalayz. Joal Dazartorlarda Tazalau үshin Kmektespe-

Ce, A10, Syzbasynda Kөrsetilgery, Bet 12.

Zaua Klapanyn Sausakpen Zhayyz Zhne Krannyan Astyna Su қu Tesigin қoyyyyz. Barly

Dose actor Su Tamshy Bastagaa Deiyin Yilgaldy Zhinau үshin aralas containerdi Toltyaryyyz.

Ylgaldy Zhinauya Arnalgan Aralas containerdin mөlsherleuichterin tazartar Aldynda

Odan Shab Zhinagyshtyb Bөlikterein Alyp Tastastyz.

SAKTAU ZHENE қyta Paidalanudi Aldynda қraldy Barlyk Bөlikterein Tazalap, tүgel

Qrgatyyz. Қralds қrgaq Zhildenitin to the pole of the zipptaryan alys alys

Kүn sәullerden alys satyz. Tasymaldau Zhoke Saktau Kizinde қraldyn Zakymdanuyna Zhunta/ Nemes Oramani Bүtіn-

DIGINA әkeli Mүmkin қralds Mechanics әserlerge ұsharytuga tyym Salynadi. Қraldyn Oramasyn Su Men Baska yes syyyktyktardan sratau.

Quat kөzi adapter electr. Kosilmagan kuat kөzі adapterdіr қos dұystyyyny

REDMOND RV-R670S Operating Instruction Instruction. Page 17

Instructions Redmond RV-R670S for the device of a robot vacuum cleaner contains pages in Russian.

You can download PDF file of this instruction: download pdf

“The range finder is blocked, check it” The device submits a voice message

If the malfunction could not be eliminated, contact the authorized

This product is provided with a warranty for a period of 12 months from the moment of it at-

Acquisitions. During the warranty period, the manufacturer undertakes to be eliminated by re-

Mont, replacement of parts or replacing the entire product any factory defects. Warranty

Enters into force only if the purchase date is confirmed by the seal of the store

And the signature of the seller on the original warranty coupon. This guarantee is recognized-

It is only if the product was used in accordance with the management of

Operation, was not repaired, did not understand and was not damaged as a result

Incorrect handling with it, as well as the complete completeness of the product.

This guarantee does not apply to the natural wear of the product and consumables-

RIALA (filters, batteries, etc. D.). The service life of the product and the validity of the warranty obligations for it are calculated from

Day of sale or from the date of manufacture of the product (in the event that the date of sale is determined

Impossible). The date of manufacture of the device can be found in a serial room located on the identity-

Fixation sticker on the case of the product. The serial number consists of 13 signs. 6th and

7th signs indicate the month, 8th-the year of release of the device.

Month of production (01. January, 02. February. 12. December)

Year of production (1. 2011., 2. 2012 g 0. 2020 g.)

The manufacturer sets the service life of the device. 3 years from the date of its acquisition. Term

Valid provided that the operation of the product is carried out in accordance with

Given by the manual and applicable technical standards.

Packaging, user guide, as well as the device itself must be disposed of in

In accordance with the local waste processing program. Show care about

Environment: do not throw away such products along with ordinary household garbage.

Step 9

This next step will require certain efforts, since at this time the cables are securely connected to the motherboard.

Remove the two cables that connect the bumper and sensors from the motherboard.

As can be seen in the photo, the cable and the place of its location on the motherboard are indicated by the corresponding forms.

Completely disconnect the bumper along with the narrow path of the IR sensor from the main part of the device.

The touch track is hidden under the bumper, but it is connected by several wires.

The main malfunctions of vacuum cleaners robots

The main violations of the performance of smart vacuum cleaners include the following:

  • The discharge of the battery leads to loss of orientation and the impossibility of returning to the base for charging.
  • When connecting to the charger, the current does not enter the battery, as indicates the charging indicator.
  • Garbage is poorly absorbed or even remains unclean.
  • Side brushes rotate poorly or cease to rotate.
  • The device is lost from a given course and begins to perform chaotic movements.

These and other malfunctions will be considered in more detail. Each of them is associated with a specific error code and is displayed on the display.

The vacuum cleaner does not see the charger

In this case, you need to identify the cause and perform the following actions:

front, bumper, error, robot
  • The infrared panel of the station should be freed from the protective film. Check possible pollution and other obstacles of sensors. All extra objects are removed from the bumper.
  • Check the network cord and the dock itself for possible mechanical damage.
  • The device starts not from the station, but from another place. In this case, the robot does not see the base, loses it and cannot independently detect.
  • The charger is installed according to the rules: within a radius of 50 cm from it there should not be extraneous objects and other obstacles. The optimal installation location is selected in advance.

Eufy RoboVac: How to Replace Bumper

Violations in the battery charging

Dot in the work is manifested as follows:

  • The battery does not charge or slowly charges and quickly sits after two.Year operation. Most often this indicates the development of the resource and the need to replace the battery.
  • Problems with charging by a new vacuum cleaner. The main reason is a violation of contact between the device and the docking station. To eliminate the malfunction, the contacts are cleaned, the operability of the connector is checked. Sometimes the cause of the failure is the burned charge of the charging controller. This malfunction is eliminated only in the service center.

The robot vacuum cleaner does not suck dust

The main reason for such a malfunction is a crowded vacuum cleaner. It needs to be removed, cleaned, then rinse with water and dry well. Filters are cleared at the same time. The cleaning method for each of them is indicated in the instructions.

Another reason may be too contaminated side brushes. Some models have a central turbo shit, in which dirt also accumulates. Sometimes brushes break and require replacement. Garbage remains on the floor when the engine starts to work incorrectly. A capacity drop indicates its malfunction eliminated by service specialists.

All of the listed breakdowns are often accompanied by loud sounds during the operation of the device.

The brush does not spin

In each robot, the sides are installed on the sides of the brush with three brushes. In different models, they are installed by a pair or one at a time. The most expensive devices are equipped with a central turbo engine. In the process, they rotate intensively, which leads to winding threads, hair, pets wool, and t.D. Because of this, the rotation slows down, up to the full termination.

Elementary events will help to avoid such situations:

  • At the end of cleaning, a visual inspection of the rotating parts is carried out.
  • After several cases of intensive use, the brush is removed to remove garbage particles wound during this time. You also need to regularly remove and clean the drive wheels of the vacuum cleaner from similar contaminants.

If the cleaning did not help, and the brushes still do not rotate, therefore, the cause of the breakdown is more serious. The engines or some parts of the gearbox that requires repair or replacement may be out of order.

Problems with orientation in space

Disorders of spatial orientation fully affect the quality of cleaning performed by a vacuum cleaner. The main reason is the failure in the work of the navigation unit. In budget models, this is a set of various sensors, and in expensive devices, laser rangefinders and built.In cameras are used. In the event of their breakdown, the vacuum cleaner becomes “blind”, does not respond to obstacles, makes movements and returns to the base long before the end of the cleaning.

The main reasons are the following:

  • Constant riding in a circle in the same place indicates faulty side sensors of obstacles.
  • A sharp stop and sound signals indicate a fault of a battery or navigation unit. Sometimes obstacles are created by wires lying on the floor and other extraneous objects.
  • Reversing. The device moves back and turns off. In this case, the front wheel must be removed and cleaned of dirt. Cleaning sensors and replacing faulty LEDs helps. The most serious breakdown is the faulty fee replaced in the service.
  • The failure in work can be caused by poor.Quality assembly. Sometimes there is enough one screw that falls into the mechanism so that the device stops working normally.
  • Many vacuum cleaners are “lost” on black floors, because they simply do not see them. The same applies to furniture and other items of dark tones. This is rather a lack than a breakdown, and it must be taken into account when planning cleaning.

Error 2. The anti.Jacket buffer was stuck. Try to clean the anti.Suggestion buffer, and to eliminate interference slightly tap on it.

Error 3. Wheel on weight, does not touch the floor. Move the device to a flat surface.

How To Remove and Reinstall Front Bumper On Shark Robot Vacuum

Error 4. The failure sensor worked. Gently wipe the failure sensor and re.Activate the device by placing it with an empty flat floor.

Error 5. An extraneous object stuck in a cleaning brush. Disconnect the main brush and clean the bristles and axis.

Error 6. An extraneous object stuck in a side brush. You need to disassemble and clean the side brush.

Error 7. The main wheel is blocked by an extraneous subject. You need to clean the main wheel and activate the device again.

Error 8. Probably the vacuum cleaner got stuck. It is necessary to eliminate the obstacles around the vacuum cleaner.

Error 9. The container for garbage or filter is not correctly installed. Check the correct installation, if the problem has not solved. Replace the filter.

Error 10. The problem with the filter. Try to clean, if not helped. Replace it.

Error 11. The device is turned on too close to the virtual wall. Restart the device 1-2 meters from the virtual wall

Error 12. Low battery charge. Put for charging.

Error 13. Not charging. Wipe the coil of the dock and charger contacts of the vacuum cleaner with a fabric.

Error 14. The battery overheated. Wait until it cools down and check, it is possible to replace.

Error 15. The wall sensor was clogged. Gently need to wipe the wall sensor.

Error 16. The device is leaning. Set on a flat horizontal surface.

Error 17. The problem of the side brush module is the problem. Reload the device.

Error 18. The problem of the suction fan of the vacuum cleaner. Perform the device.

Error 19. For a charger does not supply food. Check whether it is included in the outlet and clean the contacts at the station and vacuum cleaner.

An internal error arose. Complete the device reboot.

Note. Rebooting the robot permits solves only some problems. For a number of problems, it is enough to restart the device in another place of the room, be sure to even.

Popular problems and their solution

The robot vacuum cleaner does not turn on. Perhaps a low charge, put for exercises.

The docking station does not charge. Check the power cord and contact surfaces of the station and bonds.

Charger docking does not charge a vacuum cleaner. Move the main unit of BB more free space in the room.

During cleaning from a smart vacuum cleaner, extraneous sounds are heard. Turn it off and clean all the counts (main and side).

The robot vacuum cleaner began to clean worse, leaves dust behind itself. Probably filled a vacuum cleaner or filter, clean them. Or garbage or extraneous objects confused in the main count.

The vacuum cleaner does not connect to the Wi-Fi network. Make sure the connection is made after 2.4 GHz and a signal of sufficient power.

Not completed on schedule. Probably a battery charge less than 20%, set to charge.

Is it necessary to charge the vacuum cleaner battery for 16 hours in the first time? No, lithium batteries without memory effect. Feel free to recharge as necessary.

Repair of the Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner robot

During the cleaning process, the Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner robot can occur an error 18. This error tells you that any extraneous item got into the supply fan. Today in our article we will tell you how to eliminate this malfunction on your own.

Necessary repair tools: Cross screwdriver. We turn the robot vertebra with wheels upstairs. Remove the limiter and take out the central turbo engine and side brush. Next, you should twist all the screws around the perimeter of the Xiaomi robot vertebrae housing. Then remove the lower part of the case and remove the battery.

We draw your attention to the fact that when twisting the screw, it will pass two threads!

Then we unscrew the screws that hold the side part of the body (where the contacts are located for automatic charging, on the opposite side of the bumper of the soft touch) and remove this part.

Carefully remember the location of all screws, as they have different lengths!

On the back wall of the siaomi robot, a coarse cleaning filter (dark color) is located, behind which there is a hole of the supply fan. Carefully inspect it and delete all extraneous items.

The final step, after the foreign bodies are extracted from the holes, you should begin the reverse assembly of your robot permissive.

Robot Redmond RV-R630S Wi-Fi robot made a contradictory impression on us. On the one hand, a decent and serious device appeared in front of us on all the signs: a system for building a map, management from a mobile application and through Alice, a remote control. It would seem that the developer provided almost everything. However, in practice, the robot managed to get lost in even a relatively simple room and skip some sections of our test landfill. At the same time, free space and those areas to which he reached were removed almost perfectly.

The conclusions are quite obvious: the presence of a card construction system does not guarantee that the robot will act more efficiently than a structurally similar model without such an option. Testing confirms our guesses: either the robot can build a card with high accuracy, or this option practically does not affect the quality of cleaning in comparison with devices that move randomly.

If you do not get hung up on the construction of the card, then the model turned out, in our opinion, quite successful. It turned out to be simple and pleasant to use the robot. We also note the presence of special programs for cleaning contaminated areas and the ability to start the robot along the walls, if during the automatic cleaning process it suddenly did not sprinkle there well enough.

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