Game Review: Go Vacation (Switch). Go vacation nintendo switch game

Game Review: Go Vacation (Switch)

game, review, vacation, switch, nintendo

Every once in a while, it is nice to go on a vacation, to unwind and relax. Bandai Namco clearly has something in mind when they made Go Vacation, so read on to find out if Go Vacation can replace a real vacation.


game, review, vacation, switch, nintendo
game, review, vacation, switch, nintendo

Just like a getaway vacation, Go Vacation takes you away from your usual scenery to an island that can satisfy your summer beach needs, as well as, your winter sports needs.

You start the game alone, or with up to three other travel buddies, playing as your own Mii or an in-game created avatar. And while you’re at it, why not bring a dog along for the trip as well. Once everyone is packed, playing with either single joy-con, or two joy-cons, Kawawii island is open to exploration.

Kawawii island is enormous. Split into 4 distinct areas, Marine, Snow, Mountain and City, each region has over 20 mini-games for you to play around with your friends.

Much To Do, Yet Nothing Exciting

game, review, vacation, switch, nintendo
game, review, vacation, switch, nintendo

With more than 50 co-op or competitive mini-games to play with your friends, you would think that there is much to do and that is pretty much very true. Yet, when it comes to mimicking the excitement of a real vacation, Go Vacation disappoints.

Many of the mini-games resemble each other, using the same controls to achieve a mostly similar task. I can’t remember how many times I have played a racing mini-game or a stunt performing mini-game in Go Vacation. Such repetitiveness doesn’t make for an enjoyable time, especially with all the friends around. over, most of the minigames lack sufficient depth. They are too simplified, providing a lacklustre experience. Competitive mini-games fail to trigger a sense of competitiveness while co-op games fail to give a sense of achievement. However, that is not to say that Go Vacation doesn’t have exciting mini-games, mini-games such as snowball fight did bring some fun and laughter to the house.

game, review, vacation, switch, nintendo
game, review, vacation, switch, nintendo

Outside of the minigames, there are still much to do. You can explore scenic areas, go fishing, or even just take a leisurely stroll around Kawawii Island. In fact, to get from mini-game to mini-game in Go Vacation, you have to literally travel from one corner of the region to another, meaning it is not as instantaneous as selecting from a list of mini-games.

This is where Go Vacation is such a hit and miss. While it is interesting and even a little exciting to go explore around an island alone, from a house party point of view, these are things that are not exactly fun. A slow walk down the beach is just not as fun on a game console. While Go Vacation tries to take us on vacation, its effort at mimicking real-life dulls the whole premise of the game.


game, review, vacation, switch, nintendo
game, review, vacation, switch, nintendo

It’s hard to complain about Go Vacation’s graphics. The art style is fun, and although they have their own set of avatar art style, Nintendo’s Mii complements the overall look and feel just as nicely. They are quite distinctively Nintendo-esque, and that is a good thing.


game, review, vacation, switch, nintendo
game, review, vacation, switch, nintendo

Go Vacation is a game that neither does well in the field of replicating a vacation experience, nor a party game. While trying too hard to give a full Vacation experience, it has forgotten that it is at its core a game. Its variety of mini-games, while large, are quite forgettable. If there is any consolation, the game’s massive amount of content means that every time you visit the game for a “vacation”, there is something new and fresh to do. It is no a bad game, but neither is it a great one.


  • Repetitive mini-games that lack depth
  • Tries to hard to mimic every aspect of a Vacation when it can do better
  • Game’s content does not always suit a party settig

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game, review, vacation, switch, nintendo
game, review, vacation, switch, nintendo

A review code has been provided by Nintendo for the purpose of this review.

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Go Vacation headed to the Nintendo Switch in July

Go Vacation is a party game first released in 2011 on the Wii, and developed by Bandai-Namco. We’ve already had a fair amount of Wii U ports on Nintendo Switch, and it turns out we’re not going to start getting Wii ports… starting with this very game!

Indeed, Nintendo announced yesterday that Go Vacation will be released on July 27th in Europe and North America. In Japan, the game will be released this year (the exact date is still TBA).

For those who never heard of Go Vacation before: the game takes place on the Kawawii island, and offers over 50 different co-op and competitive games and activities, ranging from sky diving to beach volleyball, including tennis, snowball fights, and more. Those can be played either in Single Player or Multiplayer, on the same console or via local wireless (no online play, it seems). You only need 1 Joy-Con per player.

Since this was originally a Wii game, it’s no wonder motion controls are used in the games and activities: for example, you can swing your tennis racket or throw snowballs using them. Mii also make an appearance: if your meet those of your friend or family members in-game, you can compete against them at any time.

But Go Vacation isn’t just about mini-games: there’s also a full-fledged island to explore (on foot, on horseback, on snowmobile, and more), with four different resort areas. If you like collecting things, you will be glad to learn the game does feature a fair number of collectibles! There’s also various challenges for you to tackle, and you can even level up and customise your character (as well as its costumes, vehicles, and more).

But that’s not all: you also get your own villa (that you can decorate with over 450 pieces of furniture!), there’s food trucks you can enjoy delicious (virtual, sorry!) meals from, and there’s even dozens of animals to take pictures of. Finally, thanks to the regular challenges and presents (costumes, different dog breeds, etc.), there’s tons of content for you to enjoy.

By the way, Go Vacation on Nintendo Switch isn’t just a HD port, it also features some additional content:

  • Marine Mountain fishing with 30 species of fish
  • 40 types of animals to photograph and store in your in-game photo collection
  • Find boxes filled with rewards dropped by a plane

Next, here’s the list of key features:

  • Kawawii Island is a paradise resort with 50 co-op and competitive activities
  • Explore four huge paradise resorts: Marine, City, Snow, and Mountain on horseback, underwater, or a variety of other vehicles
  • Enjoy leisure activities like scuba diving, horseback riding, and sea fishing
  • Try out extreme sports like skydiving, surfing, and skateboarding
  • Compete to be the best at a variety of other fun activities like skiing, beach volleyball, and tennis
  • Up to 4 players on one system or local wireless, with variety of control styles, including motion control
  • Share a Joy-Con controller with a friend for instant multiplayer fun
  • The Joy-Con Wheel accessory is optional for steering vehicles (sold separately)
  • Customize your character with outfits and choose a dog companion from various breeds
  • Daily presents include new breeds of dogs or costumes
  • Daily challenges appear in sets of three across the island

Finally, here’s some screenshots:

Go Vacation (Switch) comes out on July 27th in Europe and North America, and this year in Japan. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: Nintendo PR / Nintendo / Famitsu


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Go Vacation Nintendo Switch Game Review


Go Vacation made the jump from the Wii generation over to the Nintendo Switch. Check out Kidzworld to see how this port holds up!

By: Max Cannon

Go Vacation may be familiar to gamers playing around since the days of the Nintendo Wii, which helps to explain the dated graphics. This Wii Sports type game will fill that “sport-mini-game” shaped hole in your Nintendo Switch library but it certainly shows its age through both gameplay and visuals.

The start screen shows off Kawawii Island. Courtesy of Nintendo

Booking Your Trip

Kawawii Islands is home to 4 different resorts that offer different activities based on their locations in either the city, mountains, water, or snow. The collection of games on here towers over the offerings on the Wii original, with over 50 options to choose from. Visually, each area is distinct but the art style lacks that Nintendo charm and much of the game feels dark and grey. The dark, chilly feeling beach doesn’t come across and warmly as you’d expect it to, but the bump to 1080p visuals definitely keeps things looking crystal clear. Though some of these options are much better made than others, most of the offerings here don’t even come close to matching the heights of Wii Sports.

GO VACATION. Overview Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

The Mii characters are also a comfy piece of nostalgia to return to. Though you also have the option of creating the avatars in-game, the Miis look much more appealing. interestingly, you also have the option to bring along a dog character to follow you around in the small open environment. Disappointingly, my companion was told he couldn’t go surfing with me which really shattered my heart. It would’ve been nice to see the customization feature a little more fleshed out, especially for those doing the single-player and looking for some progression rewards. There’s an overarching guide to progression through the stamps but that doesn’t really feel rewarding.

The skydiving mini-game really feels like a Wii game. Courtesy of Nintendo

Fun with Friends

The games themselves range from fun to tedious. While the controls feel fine, the challenges are never that engaging. For example, a jet ski race includes a jump, powerslide, and smooth turning/acceleration but the track and racers don’t add much of a challenge to the game unless you’re playing with friends. Playing with friends or family will encourage you to throw a wrench into the game and it’ll make for a fun time but a lot of laughter may come from just how silly the game looks. Whether you’re using the Joy-Con or playing with a controller, the controls of the game never feel like a hindrance even with motion controls.

Though the locations are diverse, some of the game types wind up feeling similar. Courtesy of Nintendo

Final Thoughts

You really could have a great time with Go Vacation if you’re playing with a really young gamer, family, or friends but things move slowly when you’re alone. If you’re desperate to replay some motion controlled sports from the Wii era you’ll have a good time but Go Vacation can’t escape the shadow of the Wii launch title.

River Race is boring when played alone but a fun time with friends. Courtesy of Nintendo

Go Vacation Game Rating:

Go Vacation Box Art Courtesy of Nintendo

Available for Nintendo Switch

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Are you going to check out Go Vacation or are you sticking to Wii Sports? Do you like using motion controllers or a traditional controller? Leave your Комментарии и мнения владельцев below!

Game Review: Go Vacation!

It’s Labor Day Weekend! Do you have any big vacation plans? I don’t! Except of course, my private handheld getaway: Go Vacation for Nintendo Switch! This game is packed full of different activities and mini-games to play. Let’s take a quick look at what the different resorts have to offer.

Marine Resort

I’ve never been to Hawaii, but Kawawii Island must come pretty close in comparison. You get to explore the island using a marine bike, ATV, and a surfboard. Activities include beach volleyball, skydiving, scuba diving, and even a triathlon. You can take a scenic flight tour around the island to see beautiful views, or you can swim around the cove searching for secret treasure boxes. What I especially like about Go Vacation is that you can easily jump from the various activities using a menu, or you can roam freely around the island using your character.

City Resort

If you were a fan of the old Tony Hawk games from way back in the early 2000s then you will like the City Resort. This area gives you a pair of inline skates and a skateboard to roam the city with, and there are tons of half pipes to do tricks and rails to grind on. You gain points towards your character if you successfully complete a trick at any time, whether you are in an official activity or just doing your own thing. You also gain points by completing challenges in each resort, which in the city include activities like street racing, skate tricks, and fun arcade games like whack-a-mole and table hockey. What are all these points for? Unlocking furniture for your customized VILLA, of course!

Yes this game has a bit of everything; my need to design and customize a house is met with Go Vacation’s Villa! (Plus my need to like, own a beachside villa. This way is a LOT cheaper lol!) There are several decor themes to unlock, so there is a lot of motivation to complete ALL of the game’s activities to rack up as many points as I can get. The Villa area isn’t a resort with activities, but I thought it was worth mentioning here.

Snow Resort

For those of us who enjoy winter sports, Go Vacation includes a ski resort on a mountain, complete with bunny slopes and as you climb higher, there are steeper and more perilous options. There is a chair lift, but I like to use the snowmobile to get up the mountain. You can also use a set of skis, a snowboard and a snow tube to get around in this area. Activities range from your typical ski slaloms and long jumps to dog sledding, snowman making and snowball fights!

Mountain Resort

Honestly, I think this area should have been named Ranch Resort, because a lot the activities are what you might find on a dude ranch. You can ride a horse, an off-road car, or even in a kayak in this forest/mountain resort. There are lots of shoot-em-up target practice activities to play, as well as white water rafting, tennis and equestrian sports. Not to mention paragliding, where you can see more gorgeously designed aerial views while hitting balloon targets.

Is that all? No. I didn’t even describe all of the various activities in each resort, you’ll have to play for yourself to learn about everything! But there are also fun little side objectives, like finding all of the bungee jump locations in each resort, or taking photos of all of the animals that can be found on the different terrains. (Yes, this game has that Pokemon Snap element too lol!) There’s also fishing, treasure hunting, photo op spots… Go Vacation truly has all of the things I like!

The only thing that is missing are cats. You get a pet dog in-game (obviously because of the dogsledding activity – guess a kitty can’t pull a sled) but the only cats to be seen are in the City Resort, roaming around… or a giant lion sitting in the middle of the street.

Which resort do you think sounds the coolest in Go Vacation? It’s a great way to take a vacay without paying for airfare! I think the activities are a lot of fun, and is a nice change of pace from some of the other games I’ve been playing lately. I like how the joy con controls aren’t too overly complicated, and I look forward to trying out the multi-player functions at a gamer meetup next week. It’s also worth noting that Go Vacation was a little cheaper than most Switch games, priced at 49.99. I traded in some old games towards the price and I am quite satisfied! If you need a vacation, but only have fifty bucks to spend… try Go Vacation!

Go vacation nintendo switch game

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