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TOP-15 of the best double-circuit gas boilers: 2021 rating for heating a private house

Before buying a double.Circuit model, you should pay attention to five important indicators:

Type of combustion chamber

There are devices with an open and closed combustion chamber. Devices with an open camera take air out of the room, and combustion products are removed through the chimney. In terms of safety, such a chimney should be at least 4 m in height. Since the oxygen is consumed from the room, ventilation should be well organized in such a house.

    With closed burning, the air is taken from the street, and combustion products at this moment are removed out. Thus, oxygen in the room does not burn and in general the atmosphere is much more favorable. Models with a closed camera are suitable for those who have poorly organized ventilation in the house. They can also be installed in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Devices with a closed combustion camera are the only possible option for apartment buildings.
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Type of boiler

There are classic (convection) and condensation devices.

Classic wall gas boilers with two contours, the rating of 2021 of which will be given below, produce heat only due to gas burning. On average, their efficiency is from 85 to 95 %.

Condensation devices produce additional heat due to condensation of water vapor, which is formed naturally in the process of combustion. Thanks to this, the boiler efficiency rises and can be from 100 to 110 %. Given this, the condensation model can reduce gas consumption by 10. 15 %. This savings will be especially noticeable when using a warm floor. If you really want to save on heating and heating water, then take the condensation model. Such models will necessarily be included in our rating of wall gas boilers of double.Circuit in reliability.

The material of the heat exchanger

The heat exchanger of the device can be made from these materials:

  • Cast iron. Used in the cheapest models. It generates heat well, but efficiency usually does not exceed 90%. Boilers with cast.Iron heat exchangers are more heavy and bulky, which complicates their installation.
  • Stainless steel. Used for budget and middle class. Stainless steel is quite durable and, if necessary, is easily repaired. However, the heat transfer is less than the copper.
  • Copper. Copper heat exchangers are placed in middle and expensive models. They are durable and give heat well.

If you want to take a classic model and are going to mount it yourself, take it with a stainless heat exchanger. For a warm floor and hot water supply, we recommend taking a condensation type device with a copper heat exchanger.

The power of the boiler

On average, 1 kW of the device’s capacity is capable of heating about 8 m2 of area. Divide the total area that you need to heed by 8 and get the required power. Add 1 kW to heating water. If you want to more accurately calculate the power of the device, use the formula that we cited for single.Circuit boilers.

The presence of a built.In boiler

A separate type of double.Circuit boilers can be additionally equipped with a boiler for heating and most importantly water storage. Sometimes it is very convenient to have such a boiler, since with a strong drop in pressure in the pipeline, the boiler can simply not warm water, and in the boiler water will always be hot. The acquisition of a model with a built.In boiler makes sense only in cases where there is a frequent drop in pressure in the city water supply. Otherwise, this is an extra waste of money.

Gas boilers with electronic ignition

The heating gas boiler is a device using the combustion of fuel (natural or liquefied gas) carrying out the heating of the coolant.

The device (design) of the gas boiler: burner, heat exchanger, heat.Insulated case, hydraulic unit, as well as safety and control devices. Such gas boilers require connecting a chimney to remove combustion products. The chimney can be either ordinary vertical and coaxial (“pipe in the pipe”) for boilers with a closed combustion chamber. Many modern boilers are equipped with built.In pumps for forced water circulation.

The principle of operation of the gas boiler. The coolant, passing through the heat exchanger, heats up and then circulates through the heating system, giving the resulting thermal energy through radiators, a warm floor, heated towel rails, as well as providing water heating in an indirect heating boiler (if it is connected to a gas boiler).

Heat exchanger. The metal container in which the coolant is heated (water or antifreeze). Can be made of steel, cast iron, copper, etc.D. The reliability and durability of the gas boiler depends on the quality of the heat exchanger in the first place. Cast iron heat exchangers are resistant to corrosion and have a long service life, but sensitive to a sharp temperature difference and differ in significant weight. Steel containers can suffer from rust, so their inner surfaces protect with various anti.Corrosion coatings, ensuring the extension of the “life” of the device. Steel heat exchangers are the most common in the production of boilers. Corrosion is not terrible copper heat exchangers and, thanks to the high heat transfer coefficient, small weights and dimensions, such heat exchangers are often used in wall boilers, but from the minuses it should be noted that they are more expensive than steel. In addition to the heat exchanger, an important part of the gas boilers is a burner that can be of various types: atmospheric or fan, single.Stage or two.Stage, with smooth modulation, double.

To control a gas boiler, automation with various settings and functions is used (for example, a weather.Dependent control system), as well as devices for programming work and remote control of the boiler.

The main technical characteristics of gas heating boilers are: power, number of heating contours, type of fuel., Type of combustion chamber, type of burner, installation method, the presence of a pump and an expansion tank, automatic control of the boiler.

Which one to choose the best gas boiler and how to choose by area? You can find out more in the article: how to choose a gas boiler.

To determine the necessary power of a gas heating gas boiler for a private country house or apartment, a simple formula is used. 1 kW of a boiler power for heating 10 m 2 of a well.Insulated room at a ceiling height up to 3 m. If the heating of the basement, glazed winter garden is required, premises with non.Standard ceilings, etc.P. The power of the boiler on the gas should be increased. It is also necessary to increase the power (about 20-50%) when providing a gas boiler and hot water supply (especially if you need water heating in the pool).

Gas Furnace Spark Ignition Control Troubleshooting!

The peculiarity of calculating power in gas boilers: the nominal pressure of the gas, in which the boiler operates 100% of the power declared by the manufacturer, for most boilers is from 13 to 20 mbar, and the actual pressure in the gas networks in Russia can be 10 MBARs, and sometimes below. Accordingly, the gas boiler often works only for 2/3 of its capabilities and this must be taken into account when calculating. In more detail with the heating boiler power table, you can find here here

Most gas boilers can be transferred from work from natural gas to liquefied gas (cylinder propane). Many models switch to liquefied gas in a factory way (when buying, check these characteristics of the model), or nozzles (nozzles) are additionally supplied to the gas boiler to switch to cylinder gas.

Gas boilers are the best choice in the presence of trunk gas or liquefied gas.

Cheapness of use Economic Ease of operation High power compact dimensions Popularity many manufacturers and cost options

(-) the need for the constant presence of gas and its sufficient pressure (-) strict requirements for installing (-) the need to obtain permission to install (-) constant control over the gas leak (-) the need for professional connection and maintenance (-) certain requirements for the room, where the boiler is installed

The heating boiler can have one (only for heating) or two circuits (heating and hot water supply (DHW)). You can connect an external boiler to a single.Circuit boiler to provide hot water (from 100 to 3000 liters to choose from the buyer, the best option with a large consumption of hot water or at several points of water clearance). You can also pay attention to boilers with a built.In boiler. Of course, they differ in large dimensions and weight than ordinary ones, and in some cases their maintainability is lower, like any other device that combines two devices, but sometimes this is the best options to provide heat and water at once.

The most economical boilers. Condensation. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, the efficiency of such boilers is 10-11%than the usual. The principle of operation of the condensation boiler: When burning gas, combustion products are formed, in which there is a large amount of steam. During condensation, steam selects a certain amount of heat, which can also be used to heat the coolant. Steam condensation occurs in a special heat exchanger of increased area, which supplies additional heat for the heating system. The advantages of condensation boilers are exceptional efficiency and efficiency compared to ordinary, minuses. High price and the need for constant removal of condensate, which is formed in the heat exchanger.

Gas boilers according to the installation method can be floor and wall (mounted). Wall boilers most often have small power and dimensions, and industrial boilers of high power are flooring, have large sizes and are installed in a large area.

TOP-15: the best double-circuit gas boilers in 2022

Best floor double.Circuit gas boilers

No. Name Description
2. Pechkin KSGV-31.5, 31.5 kW Double.Circuit floor gas boiler with a magnificent ratio of price and quality 3. Baxi Slim 2.300 FI, 29.7 kW The best floor dual.Circuit gas boiler from the premium segment 4. Lemax Premium-16NB, 16 kW Floor gas boiler with mechanical control 5. Siberia 29k, 29 kW Good double.Circuit gas boiler of a floor type 2. Lemax Prime-V20, 20 kW A double.Circuit gas.Type gas boiler with a low standard of living 3. Navien Deluxe S Coaxial-24k Popular double.Circuit gas boiler of wall type 4. Bosch GAZ 6000 W WBN 6000-18 s, 18 kW High.Quality dual.Circuit gas boiler 5. Buderus Logamax U072-35K, 35 kW Good double.Circuit gas boiler of wall type 2. Kentatsu Balance Plus 24-2CS The best budget dual.Circuit gas boiler of wall type 3. Protherm Leopard 24 BOV, 22.1 kW The best dual.Circuit gas boiler up to 15,000 4. Ferroli Tantaqua N F 30, 31 kWh The best double.Circuit gas boiler up to 100 in 2022 5. Arideya CS: GO-GV-12.5, 12.5 kW Good budget dual.Circuit gas boiler of a floor type

Choosing a double.Circuit boiler, it is worth clarifying how many heat exchangers he has. One, bitmaker, or two. The Bittermic heat exchanger consists of two tubes. One in one or a “pipe in a pipe”. Water water passes through the internal tube, and the coolant of the heating system is external. Boilers with a bittermic heat exchanger are cheaper, because they cannot cope with a large volume of hot water, quickly clogs with a cape and requires regular care. Cleaning from scale, which can negatively affect the operation of the boiler. Two heat exchangers in a double.Circuit boiler is a more convenient option, but it will cost more.

Rating of the best gas heater

The correct choice is determined by several criteria. Over, most of them are interconnected. We list the moments that deserve special attention when choosing.

  • Thermal power. It is determined based on the tasks of the heating system. It is best to calculate the required power and choose the boiler, focusing on this indicator.
  • Place of installation. One devices need an isolated furnace, others are allowed to be mounted on the wall of the kitchen or corridor.
  • Installation of equipment. Distinguish between wall and floor models. The former. Compact and light, hang on the wall. Floor devices. Massive and overalls, are installed on a flat strong surface.
  • The number of working circuits. If he is alone, the device only heats the rooms. There are equipment with two contours. The first is used for heating, the second warms water for household needs.
  • Type of burner. There may be two options. Open varieties are less effective. They burn oxygen and require connection to a full.Fledged smoke erection with natural thrust. Closed burners use forced air supply, hot gases are diverted through the coaxial chimney.
  • Type of heating. There are two types of gas boilers. Convection boilers burn fuel, smoke is directed into chimney. Their efficiency is in the range of 90%. This is a traditional type of heater. Otherwise, condensation devices work. They use heat from combustion of the coolant and the one that turns out when condensing cooling water vapors. As a result, their efficiency may exceed 100%
  • Energy dependence of the heating device. It is especially important if interruptions in the supply of electricity are frequent. In such cases, the house is left without heating.
  • Additional functionality. To ensure the safety and ease of operation of equipment, additional systems can be built into it. It always raises the price of the boiler.

It is worth paying attention to the manufacturer. It is better to choose products of well.Proven brands and buy it in specialized stores. Buying equipment from an incomprehensible manufacturer will cost cheaper, but in operation, most likely, will greatly disappoint.

All gas equipment is produced in strict compliance with high safety standards, because blue fuel is potentially dangerous. This applies to expensive and budget models. But the former usually have multi.Stage auto.Diagnostics systems and the most effective automation. This must be taken into account.

Gas boiler-a wall or floor unit is a predominantly rectangular parallelepiped form that generates energy when burning fuel and thereby ensuring the functioning of heating and hot water supply systems.

In general, the boiler consists of the following elements:

  • Frame;
  • Burner;
  • Heat exchanger;
  • Circulation pump;
  • Removal for combustion products;
  • Control and control unit.

Depending on the design, the boiler operates in one of several modes. According to a simplified scheme: the gas is supplied to the burner, which is turned on from piezoelectric element or electricity; fuel is ignited and the coolant is heated through the heat exchanger; The latter with the help of the pump is forcibly circulating in the heating system.

In the course of operation, an important role is played by security systems that prevent overheating, freezing, gas leakage, pump blocking and other troubles.

In the work of the units there are individual characteristics. With an option with a 2-circuit model, hot water supply is additionally arranged. In the case of an open firebox, combustion products will be removed through a chimney, with a closed chamber. Through a coaxial pipe. The condensation models also use steam energy.

boiler, electronic, control

TOP-15 rating of the best floor gas boilers for a private house for 2022

TOP-5 best floor gas boilers for price/quality for 2022
one Lemax premium-16 Find out the price
2 Siberia 11 Find out the price
3 Baxi Slim 1.230 in Find out the price
4 Lemax premium-10 Find out the price
5 Mora-Top SA 20 Find out the price
TOP-5 of the best single-circuit floor gas boilers
one Buderus Logano G124 WS-32 Find out the price
2 Lemax premium-20 Find out the price
3 Siberia 17 Find out the price
4 Ferroli Pegasus D 32 Find out the price
5 VISSMANN VITOGAS 100-F GS1D883 Find out the price
Top 5 best double-circuit floor gas boilers
one Lemax premium-30B Find out the price
2 Navien GA 23KN Find out the price
3 Lemax premium-25b Find out the price
4 Vaillant EcoCompact VSC Int 266/4-5 150 Find out the price
5 Pechkin KSGV-20 Find out the price

Lemax premium-16

Floor gas boiler designed to maintain a private house heating system up to 160 square meters. M.

This model is one of the most popular in the market, since its power is optimal for most private houses.

The Lemax Premium-16 model has the following overall dimensions-416x744x491 mm (ShHVHGG), while the mass is 55 kg.

Installed on the floor in compliance with all the necessary indentation from the walls.


  • Efficiency. 90 %;
  • The temperature of the coolant is 90 °;
  • The pressure in the system. Up to 3 bar;
  • Gas consumption. 1.9 m3/h;
  • Dimensions. 416x744x491 mm;
  • Weight. 55 kg.

Siberia 11

Products of the Rostov company “RostovgasoAppaat”.

The capacity of this floor, energy.Dependent unit is up to 11.6 kW, allowing you to heat the house up to 120 kV. M.

All mechanical management, turning off electricity on the heating system will not affect.

The company’s arsenal has one- and dual-circuit models of boilers of this series.


  • Efficiency. 90 %;
  • The temperature of the coolant is 90 °;
  • The pressure in the system. Up to 3 bar;
  • Gas consumption. 1.18 m3/h;
  • Dimensions. 280x850x560 mm;
  • Weight. 52 kg.

Baxi Slim 1.230 in

Italian engineers have developed a high.Quality and productive model of a floor gas boiler with a capacity of 22.1 kW.

This allows the unit to heat an area of ​​up to 220 kV. M.

BAXI boilers belong to the group of elite heating equipment and are one of the leaders of European heating equipment.


  • Efficiency. 90.2 %;
  • The temperature of the coolant is up to 85 °;
  • The pressure in the system. Up to 3 bar;
  • Gas consumption. 2.59 m3/h;
  • Dimensions. 350x850x600 mm;
  • Weight. 103 kg.

Lemax premium-10

Floor.Dependent gas boiler with a capacity of 10 kW.

boiler, electronic, control

Single.Circuit boiler, all control works on a mechanical principle.

To obtain the declared capacity of 10 kW, the pressure of the natural gas should be at the level of 13 MBAR, a decrease in these parameters will reduce thermal power.

Most often in domestic networks, pressure 12-20 mbar.

Efficiency efficiency, with such indicators, is at a good level and is 90%.


  • Efficiency. 90 %;
  • The temperature of the coolant is 90 °;
  • Pressure in the system. Up to 1 bar;
  • Gas consumption. 1.2m3/hour;
  • Dimensions. 330x748x499 mm;
  • Weight. 48 kg.

Recommendations for choosing a wall gas boiler

Why take the boiler more powerful than it is required, if it certainly leads to excess costs not only at the time of purchase, but also during operation.

On the other hand, give a lot of money and freeze in winter, wash with cold or slightly warm water-this, expressed in a television-serial language, loss of losses!

The simplest method of selecting the Golden Meaning: 1 kW per 10 m² of serviced area. However, this is very approximately and are not taken into account some of the most important parameters.

Boiler System Explained: Hydronic Heating

For example, such as: the climatic coefficient of a particular region, the degree of thermal insulation of the walls, the level of probable heat loss, the volume (and not just the area) of the room, etc.

So, a more accurate calculation is needed. There are two ways: use the publicly available formulas taking into account the above criteria (it becomes possible to recall the school years) or act more rationally and use a special calculator, which are in the Nerd Pond network.

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