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Question: How to hide a gas column and water heater

In the summer, the whole country from Kalina to Vladivostok has a new topic for conversations: where, how much and how unsuccessfully in such heat, hot water was turned off. Only lucky ones who have kitchens with a gas column or a bathroom with a boiler do not support the conversation.

But they have a different problem: masking. After all, neither the kitchen nor the bathroom boilers with columns are particularly decorated. New questions appear: how to place a gas column in a small kitchen, is it possible to hide it legally. And in the bathroom? And if not gas?

Placing a gas column in the kitchen: you can or cannot?So, you have a gasified house, but there is no central water supply with the supply of hot water. It would seem that in this situation it is logical to put a gas column: the gas is consumed more economically and is cheaper. Say right away, this is a wrong assumption. It is wiser to put a water heater on electricity (about them later).

The paradox is that not every gasified house will be installed in the gas column. They will definitely refuse if the house is above 11 floors or a redevelopment is made in the apartment, as a result of which the kitchen was attached to the living room. Why?

By law, a kitchen with a gas column cannot be part of a dwelling (kitchen-living room). Nevertheless, we meet a lot of such projects, where everything is different. The rule seems far.Fetched to many and outdated.

column, closet
  • Nobody sleeps in my living room (will not be poisoned by gas in a dream); For sleep, I have a separate bedroom with a tightly closing door.
  • The main requirement for a room with a column is a natural hood and room area of ​​at least 6.5. 8 sq.M depending on the burner. It seems to be a large area (in the case of a combined kitchen-living room)-this is only better?
  • Than from the point of view of safety it is dangerous to dismantle the wall between the gasified kitchen and the living room (as in the photo above), but it is allowed to simply remove the door from the loops in the kitchen (formally this is not a violation)

Where to mount a gas column within the borders of the kitchen?Most manipulations with a gas column require coordination. The only exception is if you change the column to the same and leave it in the same place. However, this is not always possible: a successful layout of the kitchen sometimes requires a radical transfer of the column.

column, closet
  • If it remains approximately under the chimney, you will need an act on the state of the chimney and application to the gas service. The need to replace the equipment and to obtain permission to carry out work on the gas line.
  • If it is transferred by more than one and a half meters from the previous place, you have to draw up a transfer project. In the project in the photo, the gas column (judging by the pipe) is transferred from the bathroom. Such its initial location is found in some series of Khrushchevs and Stalino.

The interior of the kitchen with a gas column: what else to take into account?The location of the gas column in the kitchen is usually rigidly set. But to you. The owners. Many wishes for the layout of space. Firstly, the column cannot be hung over the refrigerator, gas stove or sink. True, there is an exception for owners of small.Sized ones: for example, the design of the kitchen in Khrushchev with a gas column allows the placement of the heater above the sink, since the area of ​​the kitchen in such houses usually does not exceed six square meters.

Secondly, the column cannot be placed too high or low: the burner should be at the eye level (or at least within sight). This is a reasonable rule: so you will always see whether the column works, and quickly notice the problem that has arisen. The height from the floor to the lower edge of the column should be from 80 to 120 cm. From the upper edge to the ceiling. At least 30 cm. This is for you in case you draw up a project for the location of the furniture before the gas workers were called (they themselves will tell you it, but maybe it’s too late. The cabinets have already been ordered).

How to mask a gas column in the kitchen?Thinking about how to hide the gas column in the kitchen, the owners most often come to a aesthetic solution: to integrate the heater in the upper fishing line for the trimmer of the headset. The problem is that you cannot close the column with a continuous facade. In addition, the box should not have the lower and upper part: it is believed that this is the only way to provide a full flow of air. This restriction is bypassed in different ways-for example, by installing the oenic facade with ventilation holes. Someone completely embeds the column into the closet, but each time it removes the facade before the arrival of the inspector.

The question arises: is it worth looking for solutions to how to hide the column in the kitchen, if you have to bypass so many restrictions?

Legal and unexpected ways, how to close the column in the kitchen, can be spied on designers in their implemented projects. One. Close the panel for example, in this Buro5 project a gas boiler was mashed with a griffle board on which you can make notes: there is enough space for ventilation from below and sides. The basis for the storage system was collected from pipes to beat gas communications at the same time.

White on a white.To.White way to create a legitimate kitchen project with a gas column. And even so that it does not catch your eye. To place a white column on a white wall, as in the project of Anna Kiseleva. The kitchen in Khrushchev with a gas column (in the photo) turned out to be quite bright and, importantly, budget.

Black on blackwork on the topic. Black column on the black wall. The owners of the apartment in the center of St. Petersburg decided that there was too much white in their house, and therefore covered the wall with the column with chalk paint.

In the tone of the headset, it can also work effectively in contrast. In the photo. A corner kitchen with a gas column in white and black tones. Designers Julia Turyakova and Elizaveta Pyshneva chose a column and kitchen furniture contrasting with respect to the walls.

The end designer Maya Kormlan launched the column sideways. On the one hand, all technological requirements are observed: the burner is at the eye level, and the column body is not hidden by the facade. On the other hand, with this location, the device is not so striking from the side of the dining room.

Not only color helps to move into the corner of the column, but also the location (provided that you comply with the requirements for the placement of the device). For example, designer Nastya Antonyuk pushed a gas column almost into the corner of the kitchen. It is almost not visible, except from a certain angle.

We hide the furniture

A gas pipe in Khrushchev can deliver a lot of inconvenience to the owners of the apartment with their ornate turns.

If you order a false chipboard of the desired sizes without a back wall, then you can close horizontal, vertical pipes and counter, and a column. In this case, in the shelves you will have to make recesses for gas equipment.

Position Tolerances and Basic Dimensions

Tiles for the kitchen on the apron. Design ideas and the best examples of using tiles (165 photos)

To access the air to the pipes and devices, make invisible holes and make sure that they do not force them to dishes, folded on shelves. You can even install the lattice screen.

Designers offer doors with wooden weaving. This is what you need to block the column.

To hide vertical pipes, you will need a pencil case, for horizontal there will be enough a cabinet. Hinged or standing on the floor, depending on the location of the pipes. In the case of an emergency, such a cabinet is easy to disassemble and gain access to the gas system.

Features of the repair and design of the kitchen with a gas column

The column in the kitchen fits when using the style:

    – requires delicate colors. The shade of the device itself does not carry any significance. It is covered with a closed closet with a blue, peach or white door does not demand to hide an uncomfortable device. Its case can be transformed for a high.Tech device Suitable for small rooms. White facades are combined with the same tint of the device. On the front part you can stick a floral composition or still life.

In addition to these styles, you can use industrial, Mediterranean and village.

How to install a gas cylinder?

An operation that seems quite simple, however, requires to take the case seriously. Therefore, all points must be familiarized with, and then take them in mind.

Choosing a place for installation

You can install household cylinders “working” with a gas stove in the immediate vicinity of the device. Some models even provide places that are designed specifically for containers with LPGs. However, all responsibility with this arrangement of tanks falls on the owners of equipment.

Before installing in the kitchen room you need to get acquainted with several requirements.

  • It is necessary to guarantee the correct distance between the elements. The minimum distance from the gas cylinder to the oven should be 1 meter, to the plate itself. 0.5 m.
  • Free access to connections (valves, cranes) must be provided for sure.
  • The gas cylinder must remain in sight, any decoration is prohibited.
  • The place of placement should be protected from sunlight.

As a discharge from the cylinder, it is allowed to use pipes (steel, copper), hoses. Rubber products, with a metal braid, their forms. The latest, flexible options are preferable, as they allow you to move the plate. The hose must be gas. The supply should not have additional connections. Threaded fittings, clamps for screed on the fittings are allowed only when connecting the gearbox, shut.Off valves.

If the location of the cylinders on the street is chosen, then the owners are required to observe the minimum distance from potentially dangerous objects and unsafe places where people may be:

1.5 m. The minimum distance to any electrical appliances installed U/on the facade of the building. These can be fans, external air conditioners or other additional electrical equipment. The reason for the precaution is a potential short circuit.

Cabinets for storing gas cylinders should be installed on the base made of non.Combustible material. Its surface is obliged to be 100 mm from the ground, this is the necessary minimum.

Tools, materials

Since the rules for installing a gas cylinder in a private house are more or less considered, you can proceed to the preparation of everything necessary for work. If it will be held indoors, then the master will need a minimum. Wrench.

When the operation to install a gas cylinder is planned on the street, an additional set will be required. It includes the tools necessary for installing the cabinet, as well as to create a hole for the pipe in the wall (or under the hose, it is better to place it in a case-pipe). You will need:

Metal cabinets intended for gas cylinders are sold at an affordable price, so there will be no problems with their acquisition. Such steel “furniture” has quite thick walls (from 0.8 to 2 mm), one of them provides for holes. For the hose and ventilation. Cabinets for gas cylinders are equipped with a lock with a handle, or have loops for hinged devices.

  • Tap;
  • Nozzles;
  • FUM-tone;
  • Rings-seals;
  • Propane gearbox, a snag;
  • Flexible hose or steel pipe;
  • Dielectric insert (for a metal supply).

Naturally, a gas cylinder should be bought and a stove is installed. In order not to encounter potential problems in winter, the cabinet can first be insulated. Fireproof mineral (basalt) cotton wool is suitable for the role of the heat insulator. As a substrate, a simple design, cooked (or assembled) from a metal corner, can be used.

Placement between hinged cabinets

There are situations when there is no way to integrate the column in the headset, but it can be hidden between hinged cabinets. This arrangement is practical and does not require costs.

column, closet

It must be remembered that in this case there are certain requirements:

  • The distance between the side walls of the column and hinged cabinets should be at least 3 cm;
  • The walls of neighboring cabinets must be isolated with non.Combustible material.

Important! The color of the column should be combined with the set or, on the contrary, be a bright accent in the interior.

We place between hinged cabinets

There are situations when there is no way to integrate the column in the headset, but it can be hidden between hinged cabinets. This arrangement is practical and does not require costs.

It must be remembered that in this case there are certain requirements:

  • The distance between the side walls of the column and hinged cabinets should be at least 3 cm;
  • The walls of neighboring cabinets must be isolated with non.Combustible material.

Important! The color of the column should be combined with the set or, on the contrary, be a bright accent in the interior.

The choice of pipeline material

Going for the purchase of an exhaust pipe, you need to carefully study the installation conditions, know the model of the gas column, the diameter of the smoke exhaust pipe and the necessary lengths of the pipeline sections. It is advisable to stock up on the location of the water heater indicating all distances, this will help to better navigate when choosing the necessary elements and, if necessary, get a specialist consultation.

According to SP 60.13330.2012 Connecting and smoke pipes should be made of non.Combustible materials with equivalent roughness of the inner surface of not more than 1.0 mm. In addition, they should be dense with the tightness class in and prevent air sunses on the connections and at the locations of adjacence to the smoke channel. The use of materials as ceramics and stainless steel is recommended.

In SP 42-101-2003, the use of roofing or galvanized steel with a thickness of 1 mm or more, flexible metal corrugated pipes and unified elements supplied with the unit is allowed.

It is very important that the material of the exhaust pipe is resistant to corrosion, since condensate can quickly destroy it. The more smooth the inner surface will be, the less soot on it will gather. The roughness of the outer surface is not normalized, but from the point of view of the convenience of cleaning, a more smooth material for the connecting pipe will be more practical.

However, corrugated pipes are quite popular for connecting a gas column to the smoke channel. It’s easy to work with them, and they are very convenient in constrained conditions. Their use allows you to successfully bend obstacles and carry out hidden installation, hiding the equipment into the cabinets and closing the pipeline with removable panels.

The main disadvantage of corrugated pipes is the possibility of burning under the influence of high temperatures. Therefore, for fire safety purposes, it is recommended to use corrugated steel corrugation, and not a cheaper aluminum.

Galled steel 1 mm thick is quite acceptable material, but there is an opinion that with severe heating, galvanizing can distinguish harmful substances. Accordingly, its use is undesirable for models with a high temperature of outgoing gases.

Pretty well.Proven exhausted pipes made of steel coated with heat.Resistant enamel. White shiny pipes look pretty pretty in the kitchen and are able to fit into almost any interior.

Ideal material from the point of view of durability, aesthetics and observance of all requirements is stainless steel. She is not threatened with corrosion, nor burning, no dust, nor random damage. It turns out to be the most expensive.

How to hide a gas column in the kitchen

There are several different ways to mask the design in the kitchen. Certain requirements should be observed, as well as use safe materials to complete the task.

Is it possible to close the gas column with a cabinet

It can be done. At the same time, certain requirements must be observed in order to protect yourself and your loved ones. The cabinet should be made of materials resistant to burning. It is also important to observe the distance between the walls of all devices. A solid cabinet is allowed to use when the water heater has its own combustion chamber.

In search of solutions on how to effectively mask the gas column, you need to adapt to the restrictions and requirements specified above.

Painting in the color of the walls and kitchen set

One of the simplest and most affordable methods. It is enough to choose furniture in tone, purchase suitable paint and do all the work. It does not take much time, and the result will please you. For painting the product, it is necessary to purchase a special paint, which is resistant to external factors.

GD&T Position Tolerance to Use if You’re New to GD&T

Inexpensive in implementation, a stylish and easiest way to integrate the column into the interior is to choose a suitable model or paint an existing unit in the tone of walls, furniture, individual elements of the interior.

Installation of a column between cabinets

One of the effective ways. It is quite easy to implement. Suitable in when it is not possible to integrate equipment in a furniture set. An open or closed design of the design is allowed. Additionally, you can make holes to provide better ventilation.

You need to try not to abuse too bright colors, take into account the subject and general color scheme of the kitchen.

Transfer of a column to a corridor

If the kitchen is small, you can think about installing in the corridor. In this case, a number of requirements should be observed. The room must correspond to the established sizes. You also need to contact the gas service to coordinate the procedure. Sometimes you can transfer the water heater to the bathroom. In this case, you also need to get the appropriate permission.

The transfer of the column to the corridor is the optimal solution for the owners of the Khrushchevs, the premises of modest sizes.

Decorating the unit

One of the simple and least costly methods. Using various decorative elements, you can easily transform the appearance of the water heater and columns. You can use stickers, photos, painting, painting, different ornaments as a decor. You can also immediately purchase a decorated model so as not to spend extra time on independent decoration.

The procedure will not require permits from regulatory authorities and will not be difficult to implement for creative people.

Types of columns and boilers for apartments

If we talk about gas heaters, they can be flowing and cumulative. But in Russia, gas boilers did not receive widespread gas, because they are less convenient, cost more and take up a lot of space. They should be put only if the gas approach is too weak. Basically put running gas heaters.

It is not easy to embed a gas column: you need to observe safety requirements and I want to fit beautifully into the interior

Modern models can have a closed or open combustion chamber. Open ones are slightly safer and require less documents when installing. They are needed if there is no chimney in the house. The second is suitable if the old heater is replaced with a new one, the chimney and the gas right has already been made and verified.

Suppliers offer 3 types of power. 17-20 kW is needed for a one-room apartment with 1 inhabitant. If a person takes a shower, there is no longer enough power dishes of power. 20-26 kW devices are indispensable for apartments. They provide 15 liters of water per minute with a temperature of 40 degrees. The power of the average heater is enough for a family of 4 people and an apartment with 1 shower and 2 sinks. Power 26-28 kW is suitable for two-level apartments or houses.

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