Gas heater gas consumption per hour

Gas water heaters are great for heating hot water. They are used for both domestic and industrial needs in the presence of mains or liquefied gas. There is a wide choice of types of heaters. in the market there is a range of both domestic and foreign manufacturers of this equipment, each of which has a wide model range. Among their clear advantages. independence from changes in voltage in the electrical network (which in our conditions is quite often, especially outside the city), economy and autonomous provision of a home or apartment with hot water. Buy gas heaters should be only in a new state, checking the availability of all certificates and permits. in case of getting on a fake, the price of inattention can be too great, because it can lead to a dangerous situation. Installation of equipment should also be entrusted to professionals, after reading their licenses and permits for work, because in the case of installation of equipment by non-specialized workers automatically burns warranty on purchased goods.

Electrolux GWH 10 High Performance 2.0

Heating capacity. 20 kW Heating volume. 10 l / min Inlet pressure. from 0,15 atm to 8 atm Control type. mechanical ignition ignition type. electric

Another model that won the title of “buyers’ choice. It is an improved version of the previous version. the thermal capacity of the unit has increased, the work became quieter, and it is possible to work at a minimum water pressure.

Column is equipped with a thermometer, a wide display and safety systems. gas control and locking in the absence of water. In the manufacture of copper heat exchanger used the new technology Oxygen Free, thereby improving its performance.

Consumption of liquefied gas for a month and a year

House area (m2)Gas consumption per month (l) Gas consumption per year (l)
50-100 316 3 802
150 475 5 703
200 633 7 603
250 792 9 504

The power of one burner of the gas stove is about 3 kW, so the gas consumption will be about 0.65 liters per hour. With four burners on, 2.6 liters per hour. On average, if you take a gas cylinder at 50 liters, the family of 3 people, it lasts for 3 months.

How much gas a Neva gas water heater has?

Neva boilers are domestic products, and I support the domestic manufacturer. I want to put myself in the kitchen speaker in addition to the new sink and furniture. How much will have to pay for it in a month, that is interested in gas consumption.

There are 3 people in the family, we use it every day, the mountains. water.

What is the gas flow rate of the gas water heater Neva?

The full consumption of gas must be calculated by consumption per day. In addition, it depends on what kind of gas you use, main or liquefied. Here’s the data:

The flow rate of natural gas 2.78 m3 per hour the flow rate of liquefied gas 0.94 m3 per hourSelf still depends on the power at which the water heater is turned on.

What is the gas flow rate of the Neva?

In any case, you pay for hot water one way or another before, I do not think that now, with the new column will go more, rather the opposite. People purposely put such devices in apartments for more economical life.

Personally, I like it better in them. it’s cleaner water than the standard hot.

What is the gas-fired Neva column gas consumption?

Consumption varies greatly depending on the number of people who like to wash. to bask in the bathtub. At our rented apartment lived alone shags, they sat in the bathroom for 5 hours a day.

Here I thought. thank God there is no column and meters, and that would probably go bankrupt on water! Oh, people, no regard for anyone, take a bath and that’s it!(

What is the consumption of gas in the gas boiler Neva?

The consumption of gas is indeed determined by the consumption of hot water. The consumption of hot water can be calculated according to the norms given in SNiP 2.04.05-85 “Domestic water supply and sewerage”: 100 liters per day per person. Accordingly, the “average” family will be 400 liters per day. For heating 400 litres of water from the water supply temperature to the standard 55 degrees would require 20,000 kcal or 17 kW, the heating process would consume 2.7 cubic.m of natural gas at the calorific value of 8200 kcal/cub.m and an appliance efficiency of 0.92.

So, in an average month the gas consumption will be 81 cu.m, at a gas price of 3.25 / cu.м. This will cost 263 rubles.

Gas Heaters & How To Use Them Safely

In practice, the water is spent a little less. Let’s say, for a family of 3 people (with an automatic washing machine and dishwasher) total water consumption is about 10 cubic meters.м. per month, hot water will be about half).

What is the gas consumption of the Neva gas water heater??

Installation, mounting, operating all types of gas boilers.

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What is the consumption of gas in the gas boiler Neva?

Guest ” 12 Feb 2013, 06:51 Neva columns are domestic products, and I support the domestic manufacturer. I want to put in a kitchen column in addition to the new sink and furniture. How much will I have to pay for it per month, that is, I’m interested in gas consumption. There are 3 people a family, we use every day mountain. water.Guest Back to top

What is the consumption of gas in the gas boiler Neva?

Bibikin Ivan ” February 12, 2013, 06:55 Gas consumption full should be calculated by the consumption per day. It also depends on what kind of gas you use, main or liquefied. Here’s the data: Consumption of natural gas 2.78 m3 per hour Consumption of liquefied gas 0.94 m3 per hour itself still depends on the power at which the water heater is turned on.

We are going to live on a desert island! With us?!.

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What is the gas flow rate Neva?

Sergey N ” February 12, 2013, 06:57 Anyway, you pay for hot water one way or another before, I do not think that now, with the new column will go more, rather the opposite. People purposely put such devices in apartments for more economical life. Personally, I like them better. it’s cleaner water than the standard hot water.

The most economical gas heaters reviews. #entry4007

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What is the gas consumption of the gas boiler Neva?

Igor_01 ” 12 Feb 2013, 06:59 Consumption varies greatly depending on the number of lovers of bath time. At our rented apartment lived alone shags, sat in the bathroom for 5 hours a day. Here I thought. thank God there is no column and meters, otherwise the water would probably go bankrupt! What a people, no regard for anyone, occupy the bathroom and that’s it!( Attachments

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What is the gas flow rate Neva?

Rikota ” 10 Apr 2013, 13:55 Gas consumption is indeed determined by the flow of hot water. The flow of hot water can be calculated by the norms given in SNiP 2.04.05-85 “Domestic water supply and sewerage”: 100 liters per day per person. Accordingly, for an “average” family it will be 400 liters per day. It takes 20 000 kcal or 17 kW to heat 400 liters of water from the water supply temperature to the normal 55 degrees, the heating process takes 2.7 cu.m.m of natural gas at a calorific value of 8200 kcal/cubic.m and an appliance efficiency of 0.92. Thus, the average month gas consumption will be 81 cu.m, at a gas price of 3.25.м. It will cost 263 rubles. Practically the water consumption is a bit less. Let’s say a family of 3 (with automatic washing machine and dishwasher) total water consumption is about 10 cc.м. per month, hot water will be about half). RikotaSommunications: 994 Registered: 11 March 2013, 12:41 Back to top

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The consumption of gas from a 50 liter cylinder

Traditionally, 50 litre gas cylinders are used in households and act as the main source of fuel for appliances such as a gas stove, column or heating boiler.

When buying a household propane tank, every buyer thinks about how long the propane will last and how often he will need to refill it. In this case, it all depends on the number of gas appliances that will be “fed” from the 50 liters of gas cylinder.

To calculate how much fuel a 50 litre receiver will hold, you can based on the maximum consumption of the used gas appliances per 1 hour

In order to find out the maximum flow of a particular gas appliance, you need to look at its technical document. For example, the gas stove “Gefest” ПГ 900 with 4 burners consumes 486 g/h (0,486 kg/h), and the calculation of propane has to be done in grams. It is worth noting that at the specified gas flow rate, the stove must work “at full”, that is, all 4 burners must be engaged.

Therefore if 50 litre cylinder contains 21,5 kg of propane, this amount of fuel will be enough for the consumer for about 44 hours. In this case, we divide the amount of gas in the cylinder at the rate of gas stove. 0.486 kg / h, and get the time of use of blue fuel. If you engage only 2 burners, the consumption of gas will be half as much.

The same formula also applies when calculating the propane consumption of other gas appliances, such as a gas stove or heating boiler. In the case of the boiler, the level of gas consumption will directly depend on the degree of insulation of the house and the street temperature, so the calculation can be inaccurate.

Varieties of gas boilers and criteria for evaluating the chosen model

Gas water heaters are subdivided according to several important criteria. You need to know this when studying the rating and choosing a device for your home or apartment.

In short, modern models of gas water heaters can differ in the following parameters and features:

  • According to the type of ignition.
  • By type of burners installed in the appliance.
  • By type of combustion chamber
  • By power and performance of the device.

In addition, gas water heaters are often flow-through type, but there are expensive models that can operate in the storage mode. boiler.

Types of ignition of gas boilers

Speaking of this characteristic, it should be noted immediately that there are no particular differences in the operation of the device itself with different types of ignition. The difference is more about ease of operation.

At the moment, on the market there are models of columns with three different types of ignition. manual, piezo and electronic.

for gas water heaters

  • Manual ignition is very rarely used anymore. it can be found only in older models. Such speakers are ignited with a match, after the gas supply tap on the wick is opened. When igniting it is necessary to act very carefully, because if the match is not brought in time, with a large accumulation of gas can flash.
  • Piezo ignition.This version of the ignition functions on the principle of an ordinary lighter. Applied to the piezo element, the mechanical force causes an electric discharge, accompanied by a spark, which ignites the gas of the ignition wick. To ignite the speaker that has piezorozhigazhig, you just need to press a special button. After a few seconds hot water will come out of the open faucet.
  • Electronic ignition is the most convenient. However, to work models with this feature most often requires self-contained power source. usually batteries placed in a special compartment.

Different models use different types of batteries to create a spark. Automatics of the speaker reacts to the appearance of water current in the pipe, triggers ignition candle, which lights a fire first in the igniter wick, and then from it the flame is transferred to the burner of the water heater. Installed batteries are sufficient for uninterrupted operation of the device for a year. There are models that do not require batteries. the necessary electrical potential for the ignition spark plug is generated by a turbine driven by the flow of water opened through the column.

Types of burners

Nowadays, manufacturers install in different models of water heaters different types of burners. with constant or step variable capacity, as well as modulating burners.

  • Burners with constant or step capacity require manual adjustment of the water temperature. They are very dependent on water pressure, so often when they are installed on the upper floors of tall houses may have problems with ignition and stable combustion. Usually such units have two control knobs. one to set the amount of water flowing through the heat exchanger, the second. to adjust the flame level.
  • Modulating burners are installed in modern models. They are controlled by built-in automatics providing heating of water to a certain temperature regardless of its initial temperature and pressure in the water supply system (of course, within the permissible range). Special sensors monitor all input and output parameters and adjust the optimal height of flame tongues.

It is convenient that if in a house or apartment several hot water outlets are involved simultaneously, its temperature will be maintained the same at all. For example, if one of the household members stands under the shower and the other turns on the hot water in the kitchen, the water temperature in the shower will not change. Automatics will instantly take into account the increased consumption and make adjustments to the device.

Gas water heaters, equipped with such automatics with modulating burners, of course, are more expensive, but this is justified by the comfort of their operation.

Open and closed combustion chambers

Here everything should be clear from the name.

  • An open chamber means that the air required for the combustion process is taken directly from the room. And the combustion products are discharged into the upper part of the body, where there is a pipe to connect the chimney, which works on the principle of creating a natural draught. That is to comply with the mandatory difference in height of the heater and the chimney cap.

The disadvantages are obvious. you need to take into account the additional air flow into the room where the heater is installed, dramatically increases the requirements and the organization of exhaust ventilation, as to completely eliminate the penetration of combustion products into the room. difficult. In addition, the creation of a chimney for such a speaker is a fairly large-scale and costly thing, and in a city apartment if the general chimney is not provided by the project of the house. it is impossible at all.

But for a private house. it is quite an acceptable solution, since the available conditions for construction of a chimney, as a rule, allow. Such heaters are usually not expensive, and therefore for such conditions. a very attractive option.

  • Closed combustion chamber is in no way in contact with the atmosphere in the room where the gas burner is installed. A special coaxial chimney through one channel supplies air necessary for combustion into it, and the second channel serves to divert the products of combustion directly into the street. That is, even in a city apartment speaker can be installed. just a hole in the wall for the coaxial exit chimney. Of course, its placement is also governed by certain rules, but they usually allow it.
  • By the way, a couple of words should be said about the once so popular small columns with an open combustion chamber, which do not require connection to a chimney. The sad history of their use is full of tragic cases of poisoning by products of gas combustion. Therefore, in many regions they are forbidden at all by law, even with the creation of all the necessary conditions. forced exhaust ventilation, which some owners simply forgot or were too lazy to turn on once in a while.

Kind advice: if such a device is still on sale, and sellers will assure you of its convenience and complete safety. do not take the risk. over, the very low capacity and performance of such models is unlikely to give the expected increase in comfort, but the problems will increase a lot.

Power and capacity of gas water heaters

These parameters of gas boilers can be called the main, which should be focused on when choosing a device, because it depends on them the overall ease of operation and full provision of household hot water.

for gas water heaters “Zanussi

All flowing gas heaters on this parameter can be divided into three groups:

  • Devices of low power, up to 15 kW. The capacity of such boilers is usually limited to 8÷9 liters of heated water per minute, which is enough for only one point of water. Water heater with such capacity will be enough for a one-room apartment, in which lives one or two tenants, where water consumption is not too great, and the probability of simultaneous use of hot water in several currents. is extremely small.
  • Heaters with an average capacity of 16 ÷ 23 kW. These speakers are capable of heating 10 ÷ 15 liters per minute, and can already support simultaneous consumption in two points, for example, in the kitchen and shower room.
  • Boilers with high power of over 23 kW heat 15÷20 liters of water per minute, and this is enough for all the household needs of a large family. However, such models are already characterized by impressive size and quite high cost, that is, their purchase should be justified. Otherwise, the excess capacity, and in the process of their operation will lead to a significant irrational increase in spending and gas and water.

To calculate the required capacity and performance of the gas boiler is quite possible independently. In a standard apartment, as a rule, there are two or three points of intake of heated water. in the kitchen and two or one in the bathroom. In one minute when using the shower, about 6 liters of water goes, and from the faucet in the kitchen. about 4. If you open the taps in the bathroom and kitchen at the same time, the flow rate will be about 10 liters per minute. Of course, it is necessary to add a small margin, that is, to focus on about 11 ÷ 12 l / min.

(The values of 6 and 4 liters mentioned above are very tentative, although considered sufficient. But some people like to use high water pressure in the shower and when washing dishes. No problem. the flow rate is easy to determine by experience: note the time and the number of liters per minute at the optimal, from the standpoint of the owners, the head of water).

Capacity is always specified in the certificate of the speaker. But do not howl about an important nuance. it is shown for a nominal rise in water temperature by a certain number of degrees. For example, 10 l/min at Δt = 25 °C.

But there is one more parameter that is not taken into account. the temperature of water at the inlet. Agree, there may be 5 ° C in winter and 18 ° C in summer. And at the outlet, it is always desirable to have a temperature of at least 40 ° C. it is considered comfortable and for washing dishes and for water procedures.

How to be, how to properly calculate the power and performance for different temperature conditions at the inlet from the water supply?

Perhaps the table below will help:

Temperature of tap water at the water heater inletThe amount of water heated to 40 ° C, depending on the power of the water heater (liters per minute)
up to 3 kW 6 kW 8 kW 12 kW 15 kW 18 kW 21 kW 24 kW 27 kW
5 °С 1,3 2,75 3,6 5,5 6,75 8,25 9,4 10,75 12
10 °С 1,5 3,1 4,2 6,1 7,75 9,25 10,75 12,3 13.75
15 °С 1,75 3,6 4,75 7,25 9,0 10,75 12,75 14,3 16.2
18 °С 2,1 4,3 5,75 5,5 10,7 12,9 15,0 17,25 19.25

You can use a formula that takes into account the temperature difference between inlet and outlet, the expected (or experimentally determined) flow rate, and the coefficient of heat capacity of water. In order not to torture the reader with independent calculations, the author of the publication “concluded” this formula in an online calculator:

Calculation calculator of the required capacity of the gas boiler

The calculator is simple and probably does not require additional explanations for the calculations.

What else to look out for when choosing a gas water heater?

  • So, given the Russian realities, the best option would be a speaker, equipped with a modulating burner. If the pressure in the water supply and gas line varies, the burner of this type will smooth out the resulting differences.
  • Very important qualities of such devices are built-in levels of protection. This makes modern gas water heaters safe even when installed in the living area of the house or apartment. And these levels are many:
  • In the certificate of the heater should look at the allowable types of gas and the required pressure in the gas main.
  • It is obligatory to specify the operating pressure range in the water supply. If the pressure is insufficient the water heater simply can not work. you may need to install pump that increases the pressure. Excessive pressure can adversely affect the heat exchanger of the column. cause unnecessary deformation or even leaks. It is possible that it will be necessary to install a pressure reducer in the water supply system.
  • Of course, the linear dimensions of the water heater are taken into account. they must correspond to the planned place of its installation.
  • It is quite understandable that owners strive for overall aesthetics, so for many people the external design of the column is one of the criteria of choice.
  • And of course, there is always a “money question”, i.e. the cost of the equipment.

Very often on the market you can find columns with LED screens, which inform about the functional state of the device, possible failures and malfunctions. They also have a number of details and devices that make the use of the water heater more convenient and safe:

  • Modern thermostats allow you to adjust the level of heating and hot liquid supply, in the case of changes in the pressure in the water system. That is, when the pressure in the pipes is reduced, it eliminates the risk of supplying boiling water, which can cause burns. It is also possible to adjust the flow rate of the fluid consumed and the output of the burner.
  • At a drop in the gas supply, the burner is able to adjust the height of the flame produced independently. The presence of a safety valve allows you to block the fuel supply in the case of closing the faucet, thereby minimizing the risk of overheating.
  • Traction sensor. responsible for stopping the gas supply, in case of reverse traction or its complete absence.
  • timer. allows you to program the time of the speaker shutdown.
  • Auto-heating system prevents the equipment from freezing when the temperature in the room decreases.

What is a gas meter? The main types of devices

Gas meter is a special equipment designed to measure the amount of gas supplied to the living space. A special controller is installed in private homes and public apartments. There are several types of devices that control the gas flow. Electronic, diaphragm, rotary, rotary volumetric units are considered the most popular.

  • Electronic. Compact and high-precision instrument is actively available for industrial and domestic use. Can be installed, both inside and outside the building. Silent device is characterized by a high cost. The purchase of the unit will cost at least 35. The electronic models of the meters are highly accurate in measuring data. If necessary, the diagnostic equipment can be connected to other digital media. Maintains a high level of performance even in extreme situations. Function at low temperatures.
  • Membrane. The following design is known for a long service life. at least 30 years. Safety is another positive quality of this equipment. Enclosed and robust construction helps it withstand high temperatures. Affordable unit is characterized by large dimensions. Therefore, more space is needed for its installation. The principle of operation of the domestic assistant is the endless movement of membranes inside the system.
  • Rotary. The device with acceptable dimensions and adequate cost is recommended for installation in residential areas. The function of the meter is to count the fuel flowing through the installed gas pipe. Silent devices need frequent check-ups. Every five years.
  • Rotary. Small in size and affordable equipment is suitable for installation in residential buildings. The manufactured devices have several negative qualities. Thus, the disadvantages of the rotary equipment is considered to be the duration of its operation, low accuracy of readings and the need for frequent checks of the controller.

Volumetric designs are highly reliable and quality devices. A mandatory check of the unit’s operability is made once every ten years. Volumetric design is widely known for its high capacity. The disadvantages of volumetric controller are high noise level and its impressive size. The second disadvantage creates certain difficulties during the installation of the gas assistant.

Before installing the design under discussion, it is necessary to become more familiar with the main positive and negative qualities of home equipment.

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