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The practicality and functionality of kitchen technology directly depends on how much effort and time will be spent for the preparation of your favorite dishes. Therefore, the choice of a suitable kitchen slab is an extremely important question. Recently, gas panels are gaining popularity. Are they so practical and can they fully replace the classic plate? Our experts will tell about this.

Stylish, compact, but functional? What are gas panels and how to choose the best option for home?

Structural features

Hob is one of the favorite in professional kitchens. Why do the chef prefer the panel of the classic gas stove? Everything is simple:

Compactness. Any gas panel, regardless of the model and modifications, has small dimensions. And, if there is no need to purchase an oven, the free space under the panel can be used really by installing shelves there, for example;

The mobility of the installation. The product is mounted on any countertop anywhere in the kitchen, without affecting in no way on the interior or the number of free space of the room;

Aesthetics. The kitchen appliance will fit into any interior;

Simplicity of care. It is easy to care for the product due to the absence of cracks, gaps (and the glass surface practically does not require care).

Another moment: the gas panel and oven are independent of each other, so the latter can be installed anywhere, even at the level of the chest or eye.


But it was not without unpleasant moments:

When installing equipment, it is necessary to provide good ventilation in furniture;

If you mount in the kitchen not only a gas panel, but also an oven operating on a gas, you will need two special hoses at once. Sometimes this is problematic, and permission from the gas service is mandatory;

High price of the device and its installation, including.


How to choose the right one

The built.In hob is ideal for comfortable and safe cooking, but only when it is competently selected. When choosing the optimal product model, it is important to consider several points:

The type of material and design. The steel panel is quite practical, durable, but it is better to choose a matte version, otherwise any spots, fingerprints, etc. Emancishes is easy to care, but is aesthetic, but afraid of abrasives and chips may appear on it over time. A big plus of such material in the variety of its colors (on sale, in addition to white, there is beige, brown, black, etc.). Tempered glass. Durable, stylish, heat.Resistant, is also represented in a large color diversity (you can even order non.Standard shades like lilac).

Type of lattice. As in the case of gas stoves, there are lattices made of cast iron or steel on the gas panels. The first option is durable, easy to care (especially if its surface is smooth). The second often implies enamel coating. Steel lattices are light, easy to care for, but over time are deformed.

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The size and shape of the slab. The classic panel contains 4 burners, its width is 0.6 m. Such dimensions are appropriate in the kitchen with an area of ​​7 square meters.M. Sometimes other options are more practical: a 2-3-decorus model is suitable for a modest kitchen in Khrushchev, for example; for large families or those who like to cook and often do this the best option will be a 5-core product with a width of 70 cm; For the corner kitchen, you can choose the angular model of the panel. The shape of the product is selected depending on the interior of the kitchen, its layout, as well as personal preferences: gas panels can be square, round, rectangular and even in the form of boomerang.

Type of electric carfight. All modern models of gas panels are equipped with an electric glass. A semi.Automatic and automatic version is found. The latter is more convenient to use (you just need to turn the handle and the gas valve will open).

Hobs gas surfaces: main advantages

Like any other devices, such panels have their advantages and disadvantages. Before purchasing a surface for cooking, it is necessary to study its features. This will determine the appropriateness of purchase in a particular case. The main plus of such devices is their democratic value. The price of gas plates of this type is lower than the cost of similar devices operating from the mains.

Gas stoves are cheaper than induction and electrical


Note! Most often, gas panels are purchased if there is no need to use the oven. In some situations, the oven is already built into a furniture set, and the stove is selected separately.

Gas surfaces are compact dimensions. Such devices are ideal for small.Sized kitchen rooms requiring the savings of useful space. There are models of plates that have a non.Standard shape and are installed on the corner of the countertop. This placement option contributes to the maximum savings of the area.

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Another advantage of these devices is modern management, which allows us to greatly facilitate the cooking process. Some premium models of built-in hobs functioning on gas include a set of special programs. Automation of operations allows you to make a cooking process as pleasant as possible.

These devices are quickly heated and cool down. For cooking on such panels, special dishes are not required, which is also a significant advantage.

For a small kitchen, a gas stove is the optimal solution

Disadvantages of hobs operating on gas

Devices of this type have their disadvantages. For example, when using such a panel, combustion products are distinguished, which are concentrated in the room, so organizing well.Thought.Out ventilation communication is required. It is worth noting that such a system should be mandatory. Natural ventilation in this case does not meet the needs.

The presence of an open flame imposes certain restrictions on the use of gas built.In surfaces. Before their use, it is recommended to study safety regulations in order to exclude the risk of fire.

The slabs that work on gas have another drawback: they are quickly polluted. Brows with gratings made of cast iron require careful care. When choosing a gas stove, it is necessary to pay attention to the material of the manufacture of grilles.

Gas surfaces, as a rule, are not equipped with timers for each burner, which can also be called a shortage. This technique is not so technological and functional as, for example, electronic analogues. However, the demand for it is quite high, since these plates are simplicity and reliability.

During operation of the gas stove, combustion products are released, which is its main drawback

If necessary, you can purchase a combined gas panel (2 gas burners 2 electric). This option is considered quite popular and allows you to combine the positive qualities of two different models.

What’s the Difference?

A gas stove is a full.Sized kitchen plate used to prepare various dishes. In this device, the upper panel with burners is combined with an oven located under the panel. The stove occupies a large amount of useful area, since it can be arranged exclusively on the floor.

The hob is compact dimensions, it is usually built into the countertop. This type of equipment can be installed autonomously, or maybe connect with an oven and have a common control panel with it. In addition, hobs work not only on gas, but also on electricity. There are also combined models. Induction electrical panels are a separate row, which use a completely different heating principle.

Comparison by parameters

It is difficult to compare the gas and induction slabs, because they are very different, and in different circumstances each of them has advantages.


Gas itself is cheaper, consumed economically, and gas stoves are usually somewhat cheaper. It seems that the benefit is obvious. However, in new houses, especially in skyscrapers, gas does not start. There is only one way out. You need an electric stove. And here the leaders enter the lead with its minimum energy consumption. Over, you can also save on the number of captives, taking only two (few people prepare at the same time on a large number of fireplace).

To finally verify the benefits of a particular option for different situations, you can make simple calculations. 2 liter kettle boils on gas in about 7-10 minutes. The electric stove will cope with the task for at least 20 minutes (and on average up to half an hour), having spent 1.75 kW/hour. The induction turns out to be Shustro itself and boils 2 liters of water in about 5 minutes, and the consumption of electricity at this time is less than 0.5 kW/hour. It will turn out, in the absence of gas, induction is more economically 10 times. If there is gas in the house, then the gas stove is still cheaper.

Comfort during operation

The advantage of induction is the ability to install automation on it, while in the gas stove, at best, only gas control can be in an emergency shutdown of gas supply.

Manufacturers of modern electric stoves actively use sensors, software control, automatic circuits. As a result, you can install a timer or even a whole cooking program on induction. To save and safety, the plate itself is disconnected if the sensors do not “see” dishes on it when the dishes are too small for a large burner, as well as in the case of a very long cooking. For example, if you cook a jelly for 5 hours, the stove thinks that the hostess forgot to turn it off, and gradually reduces the power herself, and then turns off the burner completely.



Induction plates are the safest of all types of plates. There are many sensors that control the parameters of the device. If overheating occurred (for example, empty dishes on the stove are forgotten and changed), pouring liquids to the burner, long.Term preparation. All these situations are controlled by automation and conduct a protective disconnection of the stove. In the case of a gas stove, it is possible to turn off only in case of accidental flame when the gas is turned on.

Another plus of induction. It does not heat up itself, but warms the dishes. The surface temperature does not happen that you can get serious burns, touching it.

For slabs

Despite the fact that induction slabs during operation are very economical, they themselves are quite expensive. Simple Hansa BHI64383030 costs about 13 thousand. Its power is only 3.5 kW, so it is suitable even for a home without a power cable. Unlike a gas stove, which can serve for years without the need for maintenance (only preventive examinations are needed), induction more often fails and needs service and repairs.

Which manufacturer to choose

The range of hobs is so huge that it is easy to get confused in the names of brands and brands. Nevertheless, this market has its own leaders who have long established themselves for durable work and quality service. Among the best manufacturers of gas hobs, five companies can be distinguished.

  • Slovenian brand whose technique is very popular. Mostly produced glass.Ceramic hobs panels. The main bet is on a combined type model: gas and electric, induction, high-lite option. Proud products can be found out by the original design, which is developed in the company’s own center. It is interesting that hobs are available in different price segment: both budget and premium.
  • De’longhi. Italian company that produces models of the average price category. The assortment of the hobs has gas and induction models. Almost all gas panels are equipped with wear.Resistant cast.Iron grilles, resistant to high temperatures. Most devices also have Wok Conforms with a triple flame.
  • Kuppersberg. German brand engaged in the production of various types of kitchen equipment. Each product has an original design. For example, many retro-style devices. In terms of functionality, the KupPersberg hobs are unconditional leaders: here is a well.Thought.Out security system and additional useful chips.
  • Gefest. Belarusian company engaged in the production of large household appliances of the budget segment. Initially, the main products of the company were gas stoves, but in recent years the production of hobs has been established. Note that the characteristics of their devices are little inferior to expensive analogues.
  • Bosh. This German corporation does not need to be submitted. Bosch hobs regularly fall into the best ratings and are in high demand among customers. The reason is high.Quality assembly, long.Term service, uniform technology for heating dishes of any shape and size.

The shape of the panel

If you have a lot of space on the countertop, the purchase of several Domino plates is a great idea. You can mix technologies (for example, one induction, one gas stove with two burners and one gas stove with a wok burner), and also independently determine their distance. The domino category also includes teppanya and grilled plates. Having a good budget, you can equip professional cuisine.

The last group of plates is atypical models. There are few of them in the market. These include French.Type plates with 3-4 fields located on a plate in the form of a crescent (Teka VR 90 4G Ai Al Tr). There are also corner slabs, gas tubes with arrangement of burners in one row, even 120 cm wide.

Kitchen slab. Technique tested by time

Despite the fact that the market is filled with various innovations, including compact separate surfaces for cooking, many users, as they chose gas devices, remain faithful to them. They have a lot of convincing arguments.

  • The first, most important for a modern person, the advantage of a traditional gas stove is its low price. The gas-class gas device will cost lower than even the easiest option for a separate surface. And if you also include a separate oven in the price, then the difference will increase by an order of magnitude.
  • Gas stove does not require complex installation and re.Equipment of the kitchen. The old plate is simply removed, and a new one is installed in its place. The installation process is reduced to connecting the gas hose by the employee of the relevant service.

True, your cons. A gas stove is a bulky element of the kitchen, it occupies a fairly large part of the kitchen space. The location is limited to the location of the pipes for gas supply.

It is also no secret that the traditional device fits quite difficult into the interior of the kitchen, dividing the furniture set into two halves. It is rarely possible to install close to the furniture, dust, water and dirt always gets into the resulting gap.

General review of glass panels

Currently, the market offers a great many glass gas panels from a wide range of manufacturers. They are distinguished by a variety of appearance, functionality, type of fireplace, the location of heating elements.

By the principle of the location of the heating elements, the devices are divided into two categories:

Products differ among themselves as the principle of laying functional modules. In this category there are also two types of devices:

Glass gas hobs simultaneously with glass ceramic surfaces are very popular in our country. Outwardly they are practically not distinguishable. Both have an attractive design and a high level of functionality. However, the cost of preparations made of hardened glass is an order of magnitude lower than the cost of a similar part of glass ceramic. But, cheaper. Does not mean worse. Manufacturers officially claim that their products have a full set of necessary consumer properties:

  • Mechanical strength.
  • High level of heat resistance.
  • Good heat transfer.
  • Resistance to sharp temperature fluctuations.
  • Trauma safety.
  • Lack of harmful effects on the human body in compliance with the rules of operation and maintenance.

The most widespread panels of the first category “Gas on the glass”. They have all a familiar appearance with the burners raised above the glass surface. The burners are covered on top of cast.Iron or steel support grilles installed directly on the glass. On the right, left or below of the firewood, the control unit is placed on the glass. The standard installation width of the device is 60 cm. There are expanded panels for 90 cm with five or more burners.

Gas gas devices differ from panels of the first type with their unusual view. This is the most beautiful type of surface, which is a single even plane without towering details. In combination with sensory control elements, the device looks especially impressive. The surface itself in the structure of the upper layer can be glossy or matte with a decorative pattern of any color scheme. On such a device it is impossible to see ordinary blue gas flame. Under the glass are special catalytic burners made of ceramics that burn gas fuel without the formation of flame and the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Under a layer of hardened glass, you can see only a red glow of a hot ceramic burner. The heat from the burner is transmitted to the surface of the glass with a narrowly directional flow, without severe heating of the sections of the plate adjacent to the burning zone. The working gas panel “Gas under the glass” looks very impressive.

Dependent are the hobs supplied along with the oven. Such a complex has a general control unit for functional blocks. This is a modern, multifunctional and quite expensive device.

Independent devices are delivered without an oven cabinet. They are built in any place and are completely independent of the work of other kitchen devices.

Features of a gas stove

Gas stoves. Reliable products tested for decades. Modern models look quite pretty, have a wide color scheme. You can choose for any interior of the room and enter into any kitchen. Modern plates have many useful functions, equipped with timers, indicators, displays, on which useful information is written. The oven is installed in the oven, the door of the oven, in some models, you can lock that it protects it from curious children.

Advantages of a gas stove

Gas boards are cheaper. They do not require complex installation when replacing, they simply put a new plate in place of the old. No additional hoses and other tricks are required. These plates are very durable, they will withstand almost any load, and without the slightest damage for themselves. It is simple to wash the gas stove, especially using brushes that do not leave scratches and any detergent.

Disadvantages of the gas stove

This is a bulky unit that can take a significant part of a small kitchen. To embed it in a kitchen set, you need to order special furniture. In addition, it will be possible to arrange the plate only in the place where the gas hose is suitable.

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