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The gas control system in kitchen slabs is designed to automatically turn off the gas supply with a sudden attenuation of the flame. Due to this, the safety of the device is significantly increased. That is why it is not recommended to save on this function. To know which device is better to choose, it is necessary to consider the list of the best gas slabs with gas control of fireplace and oven, their technical features, strengths and weaknesses.

In order to find out the most popular options from the whole variety of plates with the presence of gas control function, to familiarize yourself with their technical characteristics, features, and additional capabilities. In the list of the best slabs with gas control of fireplace and oven, only those household appliances are presented, which are considered the highest quality and reliable. The rating is compiled according to reviews from various Internet resources and expert estimates.

To make it easier to deal with what kind of company is better, you need to consider the presented options separately.

Gefest 6500-04 0069

Popular gas stove from Gefest. In terms of technical characteristics, similar to analogues. Has a volumetric oven for 52 liters, a standard number of firewood. From additional functions, one can distinguish:

Gas Hob Ignition click problem Electrolux

  • reliable protection of the oven from gas;
  • Powerful burners;
  • simplicity of cleaning;
  • The working surface is made of hardened glass;
  • accurate maintenance of the set temperature;
  • effective work of all the declared functions;
  • There is a separate box for storing components, a pan, bold;
  • Extended set of additional devices. pallets for fat, barbecue, spinning.

Electrolux EX EHH6332FOK

Of the shortcomings, the absence of a thermometer (you can buy), a high price compared to other plates can be distinguished. Before buying, it is important to consider that the device has a width of 60 cm, compared with many analogues of 50 cm.

HotPoint-Ariston HS5G1PMX

Gas stove with a gas control system from HotPoint-Ariston. Suitable for cooking various dishes. Has a standard number of fireproofs, stainless steel hob.

  • compact dimensions (50x60x85 cm);
  • the presence of several additional functions that increase the level of comfort when using a stove;
  • reliable protection against gas leakage;
  • durability, wear resistance;
  • oven backlight;
  • the presence of fast heating burners;
  • The glass door of the oven is easily cleaned of pollution;
  • There is a box for storing components, dishes.

Of the minuses, you can allocate a high price, compared to analogues, meager configuration. As for the appearance, a stainless steel style is produced.

Beko FSGT 51138 GSS

Continues the top gas stove from Beko. The model has standard dimensions, acceptable technical characteristics for this price segment. On the Internet you can find many customer reviews about an attractive and modern appearance. Oven door with glass.ceramic coating. The enameled baking sheet is supplied to the kit.

  • attractive appearance;
  • reliability, durability;
  • simple management;
  • There is a box for storing components and dishes;
  • bright oven backlight;
  • High assembly quality.

Of the shortcomings, an overestimated price can be noted compared to many analogues.

Electrolux EKG 951108 x

A popular gas stove model with a premium design from the world famous Electrolux brand. Differs from analogues with high.quality assembly, using the best materials in the production. The main surfaces are made of stainless steel, due to which they have high wear resistance.

  • Sound timer.
  • The function of automatic disconnection of gas supply after fencing flame.
  • Electric fire, which applies not only to the hob, but also to the oven.
  • high assembly quality;
  • reliability, durability;
  • oven backlight;
  • enameled surfaces are easily cleaned of contaminants.

Of the shortcomings. the highest price in this top. Some buyers complain about the small capacity of the box for storing components, dishes.

Gorenje G 5111 XF

Standard gas stove with gas control function from Gorenje. The working surface is made of stainless steel. One of the main features is a large volume of the oven, which makes it possible to cook several dishes at the same time in the oven. The kit is supplied with an oven grille, a stand for the Turkish.

How to Set PC Auto shutdown timer in Windows 7/8/10 | auto time set leptop shutdown | Auto shotdown

  • a large volume of the oven significantly exceeding this parameter in analogues;
  • working surfaces are easily cleaned of contaminants
  • The presence of a system for automatic gas shutdown
  • Even with a large oven, there is a box for storing components, dishes
  • The oven backlight.

Of the shortcomings, buyers distinguish the absence of a thermometer and the upper burner in the oven, as well as a large noise of fireplace.

Gefest 3200-06 K33

Inexpensive slab with gas control from Gefest. For its cost has high technical characteristics, solid assembly quality. Differs in reliability, durability, effective uninterrupted work for a long time.

The principle of gas control, its pros and cons of

The gas control system provides two functions-the supply and disconnecting of gas. Fuel ceases to be supplied immediately after fading flame. Each burner in such household appliances is supplied with a burner, a flame sensor. The latter consists of several elements:

Thermocouple is two wires soldered to each other. The ration of the soldier takes the temperature regime. After heating, the signal is transmitted to the other end of the thermocouple, after which it is transferred to the electromagnetic valve. With it, the gas supply intensity is controlled. When the signal is transmitted to the valve, it begins to put pressure on the crane, holding it open.

When the flame is extinited, the thermocard begins to cool, the signal is interrupted. Because of this, the fuel supply crane is overlapping. If the fire is stable,

Installation of oven accessories

7.2 installation of ovens for oven

Baking sheet for frying and grille have side

the edges. These edges and form directing

which are protected against slipping

Simultaneous installation of the grate and against

Put the grill on a baking sheet for frying.

Insert a baking sheet for frying between the direction

laying one of the levels of the oven.

7.3 telescopic guides. installing accessories for the oven

Install a deep baking sheet or

Build for frying for telescopic directors

Additional functions, 1 function “Protection from children, buttons blocking

Install the lattice on telescopic

7.4 Simultaneous placement of a lattice and a baking sheet for frying

Put the grill on a baking sheet for frying. Us-

Mount the grille and a baking sheet for frying on

Random inclusion of the device.Inclusion and off of the function “Protection

Buttons blocking allows you to prevent

random change in the mode of the oven

read only when the device works.Inclusion and off of the function “Protection

Additional functions, 1 function “Protection from children, buttons blocking

Install the lattice on telescopic

7.4 Simultaneous placement of a lattice and a baking sheet for frying

Put the grill on a baking sheet for frying. Us-

Mount the grille and a baking sheet for frying on

Random inclusion of the device.Inclusion and off of the function “Protection

Buttons blocking allows you to prevent

random change in the mode of the oven

read only when the device works.Inclusion and off of the function “Protection

Residual heat indication, 3 cooling fan, 4 mechanical door locking

If the device is turned off and the temperature of the

the ovens exceeds 40 ° C, in the dis-

the play is displayed by the indication of the residual

heat. In order to find out the temperature

ruble oven, use a pen

stove, shutdown, timer, electrolux

When the device is turned on, automatically

the cooling fan for cooling

the surface of the device. When turning off

the device fan continues to work before

The device is sold with disconnected blocks

To turn on the lock of the door act

stove, shutdown, timer, electrolux

those as follows: pull the door behind

Removing door lock: Press the door

For security reasons, the device of auto

Metically turns off after the determination

If the oven works. If the user does not change the temperature


The kitchen gas stove differs from the electric counterpart a number of positive nuances:

  • Users save time: preparation is carried out much faster, no need to wait until the burner heats up.
  • The taste of the dish is much better, t. to. It is prepared over the open fire.
  • Cooked food after turning off the gas does not burn, because there is little residual heat, which can not be said about electric burners.
  • Gas products are cheaper than similar equipment with power supply.
  • Models are characterized by a cool appearance and excellent assembly.
  • The presence of a gas control system and automatic ignition.

Of the shortcomings, only an overstated cost, half of which is a mandatory fee for a world.famous brand.

The specificity of the choice

Before you go for a new thing, you need to find out useful information about Electrolux models.

Brings and lattices

Nozzles of a standard type, only in expensive models has WOK-in two or three rows of penetration, the hob is equipped with products of a standard type, they differ only in a diameter and power of 1-3 kW. Lattices are installed: on budget models made of enameled steel, on more expensive products. cast.iron, both options are solid or divided into two sections.

Panel material

The working surface is made of heat.resistant enamel of white, black or brown, more expensive models use stainless steel coating. Each buyer can choose a hob that he likes.

Control Panel

All models are identical: rotary switches of mechanical action, only the material is different. The more expensive the product, the better the toggle swores: the state employees are made of durable plastic, and among elite models. compositional heat.resistant material with a polished surface.


When buying a stove, the main attention is paid to the size of the product. you first need to measure the depth of the headset of the headset so as not to make a mistake. The height of all models is standard. 85 cm, but it can be adjusted at your request by the legs that are included. Samples with dimensions 50×50 cm are available for small kitchen.


Models are available with a gas or electric oven, so baking lovers can choose. The set includes a grill, spin, backlight and standard cleaning: half a liter of water is poured into the baking sheet, the oven is heated to the optimum temperature, and the fat spray is steamed on the walls of durable enamel. Then it is enough to wipe the insides with a damp cloth, and everything sparkles.

Functional features

Basic: GAZ control function, auto-Zhig, timer and digital display, the thermometer in the oven showing degrees inside the product, grill, convection and backlight. Additional. they only increase the cost of the model and are not always used in everyday life, for example, an alarm clock and an Internet access zone, the ability to include household appliances on a smartphone so that there is a hot dinner in the oven on the parish.

How to Use Your Gas Cooktop

The main task of the stove is to cook hot food, and it has a radio or Internet access, these are already accessories for those who sometimes love unnecessary in everyday use of bells and whistles, such as covering with rhinestones or gilded surface of the case or cover of the product. To each his own.

Electrolux EKG 951107 W gas stove

Type of slab separately standing (VHSHHG) 85.5x50x60 cm style hi-tech color white working surface Emalle number of gas firewalls 4 Electro-lights Automatic fire burning firewalls 1 gas-control fireproof and displays there is no type of control type Cast iron type of oven gas control and oven volume 5.

Gas stove (50-55 cm) Electrolux

Grill type: gas, number of fireplace: 4, operating modes of the oven: 2, overall dimensions (HSS): 85.55060 cm, glass of the oven door: 2-layer, basic color: white. Deep baking sheet: 2 pcs, country: Romania, Metal lattice: 1 pc, box for dishes: retractable, gas control of the oven: yes, the lid of the shaft. surfaces: metallic, electric lighting spirits.

Gas stove (50-55 cm) Electrolux EKG 951107 W

Opening operating modes: 3, gas type: gas, oven volume: 51 l, glass of the oven door: 2-layer, type of cleaning: traditional, electrical burning fireproof: automatic, grill type: gas, maximum temperature: 250 s, gas control fireplace: yes. Internal coating: enamel, grille: metal, overall dimensions (HSS): 885060 cm

The type of oven is electrical, electrical wiring in a rotary handle, information display, timer- electronic, grill-electric, convection, gas control, box for dishes, width 50cm color- white color: white

Electrolux EKC 513503 x

Automatic disabling of fireplace in the absence of dishes or centering the location. Double glazing of the oven door. Minimum heat transfer of the entire plate body. Regulation of all legs in level. Compactness and relative ergonomics.

Primitive and traumatic stamping assembly with sharp sizes-zazubins, a box for dishes is deformed without constant stiffness, sealing rubber d. Read all reviews

Electrolux rkg600005x gas stove

Main characteristics- type: gas. Hob: gas. Oven: gas. Working surface: stainless steel. Color: silver. Brown panel color: silver. Founder color: silver control- control: mechanical. Switches: rotary. Timer: a timer with an acoustic signal, mechanical. Electrons: yes.

Main characteristics- type: combined. Hob: gas. Oven: electric. Working surface: enamel. White color. Charpet panel color: white. Founder color: white control- control type: electromechanical. Switches: sensory, rotary. Display type: LED. Timer: inclusion timer. Electric lights: no hob.

Electrolux RKR560200K stove

Main characteristics- type: electrical. Job: Electric. Oven: electric. Working surface: glass ceramic. Black color. Charpet panel color: black. Furniture color: gray control- control type: electromechanical. Switches: rotary, button. Display type: digital. Timer: digital. Sound timer.

Main characteristics- type: electrical. Job: Electric. Oven: electric. Working surface: glass ceramic. White color. Color of the panel of fireplace: black. Founder color: white control- control type: electromechanical. Switches: button, sensory, rotary. Timer: digital. Sound timer: Yes.

Electrolux EKC 951101 W stove

Electrolux EKC 951101 w has a rating 5.0 3 reviews of users.

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of the Electrolux EKC 951101 W slab, which users wrote about in their reviews.

Ceramics heats up moisture, while there is a function of residual heat. The oven heats up quickly. Cook on it is a pleasure. Legal in care.Nice design.

Has been working without complaints for more than 2 years.

stove, shutdown, timer, electrolux

Cute design, comfortable handles, a timer, comfortable oven. Energy consumption class a.

There are no double.circuit computer (like my other Electrolux EKC 513503 W stove, which, incidentally, has been working well since 2009), and sometimes it happens that you need to warm up a small container. One baking sheet is normal and the other type of stainless steel, or perhaps aluminum. Both disgusting are flat, there is no deep as in the Electrolux EKC 513503 W model.

The plate is very worthy, I bought for 22 thousand plus all sorts of mules like add. guarantees, delivery and installation. By the way, the installation will be required, keep in mind, since the cable and fork do not go in the kit. Dating for everything took 2400. In general, with delivery, additional. it cost me in 27500 guarantees and installation. Well, few should come in handy for calculation)

He heats up very quickly, compared to a conventional stove, food is prepared faster, I really like the appearance

A little hard to care for, but this is not even a flaw, but simply a feature of such plates. In general, any technique is needed for care. The panel is easily cleaned with a special tool. This procedure does not take much time.

I really like this stove. I did not regret at all that she was purchased. I recommend to everyone.

Characteristics Electrolux EKC 951101 W:

Job Electric oven Electric control mechanical control, switches: rotary, sound clock is no size (ShHHHV) 50x60x85 cm


The volume of the oven 58 l door is a hinged grill, electric convection does not clean the traditional features of the oven the backlight


Working surface of glass ceramics The number of electric firewalls: 4 Automation of boiling no indicators of residual heat is a protective shutdown no control panel no control

Electrolux ekg 51114 w stove

Electrolux EKG 51114 W plate has a rating 5.0 3 reviews of users.

stove, shutdown, timer, electrolux

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of the Electrolux EKG 51114 W plate, which users wrote about in their reviews.

Automatic lighting by turning the handle and oven and captures; gas control and oven and fireparents; a power electrical outlet is not needed, as for others, the labeled dimensions, for a small kitchen it is the most.Very low price for this set of functions.The light in the oven is turned on the button, and not only when the stove works, you can turn it on to see that the finished food cools there and not forget.

(-) there is no thermostat (although the numbers on the oven handle correspond to certain temperatures on the manual, you just need to remember); (-) a small drawer, there are more in old plates; (-) there is no much sense in the timer, it does not cut down the plate, but all of itYou calls.

The main differences from other plates, for which I chose this one: do not need a power outlet (all Hansa “get sick”) and the auto lights work correctly (in some other plates they write that it goes rotten in a minute or is simply incomprehensible how it sets ity out). In this plate, you can not be afraid that it will “knock out” an ordinary outlet (only 20W consumption for automation and light) and the automatic fire and firepower and oven and the oven work, nothing will go out anywhere, everything is lit clearly according to the instructions. Management is extremely simple, mechanics, the elderly liked. If there is no electricity, it is normally ignited by long matches. Finally, in the kitchen, it does not stink with gas if “the wrong pen was accidentally turned” or flooded the stove while the telly was watched.If I needed an ideal model, then I needed only a thermostat and turning off the slab on the timer, but for this price the choice is optimal. Even taking into account these shortcomings, I consider this plate the best choice today.

Comfortable functions of ignition are made qualitatively, the oven regulation is all the necessary functions, everything else. useless functions that only complicate the design and increase the price

Electro-zhggaz-control grid grinding top and bottom turned into a complete set of stainless steel, that is, there are no spots and you can clean with something you want a cutting grill on the stove, so that it would be easier to wash, but with all the lotions

Round handles sometimes do not ignite with the piezonet of the thermometer in the oven in the oven only at the same time with the engine is a grilamalene box for pans (below)

Round handles are unusual to use.And so. Some advantages. Pr-in Romania. I chose for a long time, with such a set of functions analogues are worth 20 thousand.It bakes perfectly. There is a small noise of computer until they warm up. Unknown round handles of computer can be replaced with any.The stove is excellent, it’s a pity that now (2013) it can no longer be found, they brought me 3 months.

Characteristics Electrolux EKG 51114 W:

Job gas oven gas control mechanical control, switches: rotary, sound.light timer hob surface type of electric lighting automatic clock No size (ShHHHV) 50x60x85 cm


The oven volume is 51 l door. There is a hinged grill, spinning in the kit convection no gas control of the oven is cleaning the traditional features of the oven the backlight


Working surface of the enamel The number of gas firewalls: 4, quick warming up: 1 gas control of fireproof is a protective shutdown no control panel lock no

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