Gas water heater goes out when you turn on the shower

Other sources of the problem

Consider other problems that cause the problem of the speaker fading after ignition.

Fading of the wick can be due to the presence of powerful ventilation near the speaker. Exhaust air is sucked into the ventilation system, which leads to fading. It is necessary to switch off ventilation or adjust its power to the minimum for the time of the gas heater’s work.

For the same reason you should not place a powerful hood next to the heater. During its operation, sensors can be triggered, diagnosing a malfunction.

Sometimes the reason is hidden in the lack of natural ventilation. You need to open the vent or install a supply valve.

Extinguishing of the wick can also occur in models with piezo ignition. The button should be held for at least 10 sec.

It is also not recommended to mix hot and cold streams while operating the heater. This leads to a drop in pressure in the line and fading of the wick.

The problem is solved by adjusting the indicators to a comfortable level and reducing the pressure with a special knob. If you still have to mix the water, you must leave the main hot stream.

Failure of the solenoid valve or servomotor can provoke damping. This can only be resolved by calling a service technician.

Why the speaker goes out during operation

Another common malfunction is related to the fact that the flame does not go out immediately, but after a few minutes of operation. Finding out what is the cause of the malfunction, you should pay attention to the following signs:

The main reasons why the gas heater goes out during operation:

  • Chimney clogged. the products of combustion have time to escape from the furnace chamber. A characteristic manifestation: The igniter and burner go out. The speaker turns on with a pop. Remedy: Flue gas venting cleaning and restoration.
  • Air intake and exhaust ventilation and gas heater in the kitchen are turned on at the same time. exhaust must be switched off or set to a lower output while the water heater is working. Burner attenuation occurs because of the accumulation of flue gases that cannot escape into the duct due to insufficient draft. The heater shuts down on its own after a short period of operation.
  • Overheat sensor in the gas water heater is triggered. the unit consists of two metal plates that are triggered when heated. The cause of shutdown is oxidation of the contacts between the control module and the fuse.You can check the temperature sensor by moving it closer to the burner. If it is the cause, the heater will temporarily operate without failure. The protection against overheating of the gas water heater is an important part of the internal device. It is forbidden to switch off and start the water heater without the module.
  • The radiator is clogged. the heat exchanger has ribs. Debris collects between the plates after long hours of use. A characteristic sign of a clogged heat exchanger. the color of the flame changes to yellow.The problem can be solved by rinsing the water coil with warm water. Simultaneously clean the pilot burner with a wire or brush with coarse lint. Spontaneous shutdown during operation must stop.
  • On piezo ignition models, it is important that the wick is constantly lit. With insufficient draft (the reasons are given in 1 and 2 points) igniter fumes, which leads to the shutdown of the heater.

After eliminating the described violations related to air circulation in the room and the need for a good draft, as well as replacing the overheating sensor, the water heater will continue to function normally. The heater will not turn off regardless of how long it has been in operation.

Gas water heater badly heats water: causes, effective ways to fix them

Houses with a centralized gas supply often do not have a hot water supply. That is why there is often used a gas boiler. As opposed to the boiler, it provides intense heating of running water, while not limiting users in its volume. The device of such a water heater is quite simple, the operation does not require any special conditions. But sometimes during the operation of the unit there are problems with heating. To avoid them, you should familiarize yourself with the design of heating equipment, study the most common causes of breakdowns.

Ignition and instant extinguishing of the gas column

This situation is most often caused by improper use of the appliance by users. When such a water heater is in operation, it is strictly forbidden to open the cold water to dilute the hot.

This action is the most dangerous violation of the rules of its use. It can cause the most serious damage to the appliance. The temperature of the liquid is regulated solely by the gas supply.

Faulty ignition system

Depending on the models, there are three types of ignition: electric ignition (in modern versions), the igniter, which has a small constant flame, the hydraulic turbine. from pressure.

The electric heater is powered by built-in batteries. According to the manufacturers, they last about a year. But as practice shows, the service life of such batteries is less. For example, in the Bosch gas boiler of models W 10 KB or WR 10-2 B on the front panel there is a LED that indicates the status of the batteries. Also this kind of ignition is equipped with a range of gas water heaters Neva Lux. If necessary, old batteries are replaced with new ones.

If the cause of the problem is a fuse, it is best to seek the assistance of qualified professionals. They will check the function of the thermocouple and gas control system, clean and adjust the igniter. Often the problem when the igniter of a gas water heater goes out, is solved by full cleaning of the water heater.

In the case of the hydroturbine type of ignition, such as in the Bosch WRD 13-2 G or WRD 10-2 G, the malfunction can occur due to the lack of water pressure on which it is based.

Micro explosions during ignition

These unpleasant processes are only a consequence of low draft, unsuitable for work batteries, contamination of the device itself, or a very large volume of gas that is fed into the speaker.

To fix the problem on their own, the owner can only clean the exhaust duct or replace the batteries. If the problem is not solved, only gas service employees can understand why the heater goes out.

The gas water heater does not ignite: causes and methods of elimination

Disturbances in the work of household appliances negatively affect a person’s quality of life. It is especially unpleasant if the gas water heater does not ignite, because then the house will not have hot water, you will not be able to bathe, wash or wash dishes. Malfunction occurs under the influence of a variety of factors. Most of them can be identified and eliminated without the help of a specialist.

Why the humming, clicking, whistling and crackling gas water heater: the causes of problems and ways to fix them

Having a gas water heater in the house or apartment solves the problem of hot water supply. It is easy to use and, as a rule, does not cause problems to users. Therefore, the situation when the water heater, clicks, whistles, or cracks, to put it mildly, unpleasant, we agree? But what to do in such a case?

In this article, we will examine the main reasons why the gas water heater hums, as well as making other extraneous noises. Let’s talk about when it is necessary to immediately call a specialist, and in what cases you can resume the performance of the device yourself.

Why does the gas water heater turn off: troubleshooting

So the wicks just go out. Then you should simply adjust the indicators until they reach a suitable level.

The pressure is reduced by a special knob.

When mixing separately, you need to make sure that the hot stream is the main.It often happens that the speakers ignite, continue to work for a while, and then turn off.

  • Problems can be caused by poor pressure in the water or gas line.
  • Another reason. increase in temperature to 100 degrees or more. In this case, the temperature sensor is triggered, and it prevents further operation.
  • The first recommendation is to check the settings carefully. The user may have chosen to automatically shut off after a period of time.
  • Another possible cause is a breach of contact between the thermocouple and the solenoid valve.

In the latter case, a simple cleaning of the contacts is enough.

The problem when the wick goes out when working in the Bosch gas water heater, may be caused by a weak gas supply. This problem may be caused by contamination of the ignition tube with dust particles and carbon deposits. The solution is to remove the housing of the gas heater and properly disconnect the ignition tube.

The gas water heater can shut off due to poor or floating water pressure, a faulty faucet or shower head. If the speaker is sensitive to water pressure, it is advisable to contact the service department to inspect the membrane of the water part for cracks.

Causes of heater extinction

Any of the components described above can cause a fogging of the water heater. The flame goes out if the safety system detects a malfunction. To start the unit, you will need to determine and eliminate the cause of such a malfunction.

Here are the most common variants of possible problems:

  • There is no draft in the chimney;
  • the main burner has gone out;
  • The water temperature in the heat exchanger is dangerously high;
  • Some parts are worn out and must be replaced.

If the speaker does not produce a flame, you must first make sure that the conditions of its operation are not violated, and check the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. The necessary information can be found in the product data sheet and in the user manual.

Cause #1. lack of draft in the chimney

Checking the draft is the easiest way to diagnose the condition of the appliance. Simply hold a strip of thin paper or the flame of a lighter, match, etc., up to the sight hole in the oil filter.п. But if there is even a slight suspicion of a gas leak, it is better to refrain from using an open flame.

If the paper or flame is sucked inside, everything is OK, there is a draught. No change in their position indicates a lack of draft, and the deflection in the opposite direction that there is reverse thrust.

To make sure of the cause of the problem, you need to disconnect the heater and check in the same way the draft only in the chimney. After this it will be clear whether there are faults in the chimney or inside the speaker as well.

When the chimney construction is okay, the “culprit” for the lack of draft is the heat exchanger, or rather, particles of soot clogging it, which prevent normal air exchange. It is necessary to remove the protective cover from the column and clean the heat exchanger with a stiff brush.

If the chimney is dirty, you just need to clean it and reconnect it to the unit. In the absence of a positive reaction to make sure that the chimney construction is assembled correctly from suitable materials. Sometimes the cause of the lack of draught can be errors in the installation of this part of the system.

Often this type of problem arises for external reasons, such as lack of proper ventilation of the room. Plastic windows and a tightly closed door practically seal the room in which the speaker is located. There is no fresh air inflow, so there is no movement in the chimney.

It does not hurt to check the ventilation system in the whole house or apartment.

It is necessary to make sure that there is a sufficient amount of fresh air in the room. If the natural way to arrange ventilation is not possible, you can install a supply valve at the windows or in the wall.

Then make sure that the air flows not only into the house, but also moves freely through all the rooms. For this you need to install ventilation grills on the doors or make a small gap at the bottom.

Cause #2. regular fading of the burner

Lack of flame of the standby burner is detected by a sensor, after which the gas supply is immediately shut off. This situation can occur if a small light was knocked down by a strong gust of wind. There is no need to make a draught in the room during work, especially if it is very windy outside.

water, heater, goes, turn, shower

How to Get Hot Water Faster Upstairs, in Shower, and at Kitchen Sink

Strong air flows can enter not only through windows and doors, but also through the chimney duct. The result can be the same burner goes out, the automation cuts off the gas flow.

To restore the normal operation of the device, you must turn off the heater, check the status of the standby burner (a flame should appear here), and then turn on the device again.

Cause #3. considerable overheating of water

This occurs when the pressure of the water flow through the heat exchanger decreases, but the intensity of heating remains the same. In some cases, you can even boil water, which is dangerous to the integrity of the device.

Pressure decreases when cold water is opened to dilute the flow to a comfortable temperature, and the cold water displaces the hot water. The heating is better to regulate with the settings of the heater.

Another reason for this phenomenon is the lime sludge accumulated inside the narrow tube of the heat exchanger. To restore normal pressure, you need to regularly descale the device, and make sure that the water is not too hot. For household water heating to 45-50 degrees is enough.

This mode helps to reduce the formation of solid sludge. If the water in the system is too hard, and have to often clean the heat exchanger, it makes sense to think about installing a special filter that will remove salts from the flow. The heat exchanger is cleaned with the help of special agents or household chemicals: baking soda, vinegar, etc.п.

From the speaker will have to remove the protective cover, as well as shut off the gas and water. Then the heat exchanger is disconnected from the water supply and removed. Pour a cleaning compound inside the coil tube and leave it in for a while. After that the exchanger is washed and installed back to the place and the heater is reassembled.

The strainer installed at the water inlet of the heat exchanger is periodically clogged with dirt. It also needs to be cleaned. To eliminate normal dirt is enough to simply rinse the mesh in water, but sometimes you have to use chemicals. If the filter is damaged it’s best to replace it immediately.

Reason #4. insufficient water pressure

The lack of normal water pressure in the system and without overheating can lead to the fact that the valve will cut off the gas flow, and the burner will go out.

In this situation the condition of the water system should be checked and possibly a circulation pump should be installed. Even when buying a speaker, you should ask about the minimum head values for a particular model.

Reason #5. failure to maintain in time

Following the manufacturer’s recommendations, you should clean the heater regularly. Untimely maintenance does not improve the situation. Consider the main problems that arise for this reason.

Dead batteries

If the speaker is provided with an electric ignition, it is carried out with the help of batteries. The dead batteries must be replaced and the problem is solved.

And when a piezo element with a turbine is used to produce a spark, it will not start at a low water head, this point will have to be taken into account.

Significant clogging of the igniter

Lack of flame of the standby burner often occurs when the igniter is clogged. There is simply not enough gas to ignite the burner. Ignitor should be cleaned with a metal wire to make the heater start working.

It is better to clean in advance, not to wait until the hole is clogged. Clogging accumulates gradually.

water, heater, goes, turn, shower

If the flame tongue has visibly diminished, it is time to check the condition of the igniter. Another sign of such a problem is a popping sound that can be heard when you turn on the burner. A weak flame is not able to immediately ignite the gas entering the device. It gradually accumulates and catches fire with a pop that resembles a small explosion.

The diaphragm is clogged or worn

As mentioned earlier, there is a diaphragm in the water-gas unit. This is a polymeric element that gradually loses elasticity in constant contact with water. Sometimes there are even cracks and lime deposits on the diaphragm, etc.п. The membrane stops responding to the water flow, which results in no gas being supplied to the burner.

You need to disassemble the water-gas unit, remove the worn element and replace it with a new diaphragm.

If upon inspection it turns out that the dirt is not too great, and the element remains elastic, you can simply rinse the membrane and install it in its former place.

In modern models with a lot of electronics control board can burn out, after which the speaker, of course, will not light up.

The coarse filter is clogged

The cause of such failure is the poor quality of electricity supply, for which foreign devices are not designed. Also, some models with electronic control should not be turned off at night, they must be on all the time. To solve the problem of voltage fluctuations in the network, you can use a stabilizer.

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