Geyser coffee maker comparison with coffee machine

Compare the geyser and drip coffee maker | We determine the best

The choice of coffee makers for home use or office is not an easy task. After all, the taste, aroma and invigorating properties of a loved one for many drinks depends on the type of device! And the unsuitable coffee maker is quite capable of ruining it.

That is why cooking technologies are constantly being improved. On the market you can find a huge number of models. Geyser, drip, lacture, capsule and picking up the right one can be very difficult.

Over, the most budget option is a geyser or drip coffee maker. There are such models from 1.5 to 2.5 thousand. But what to choose from them?

In this material we will figure out which coffee maker is better. Geyser or drip.

How a geyser coffee maker works

Initially, the Italian coffee maker of the geyser type was made exclusively from aluminum. Today this unit for brewing delicious coffee is made of steel or ceramics. Two varieties of this device are presented on the market: electrical and classical type. By the number of functions, they, of course, differ, but the device is very similar to each other.

The device of the geyser coffee maker (diagram below) is as follows:

  • Lower container containing water for brewing coffee. This reservoir is the basis of this device. This is the part of the coffee maker that contacts the stove when heated. There is a valve for removal of steam in the side wall.
  • Film.Shaped filter. It is necessary for the maintenance of crushed coffee beans. At the bottom there is a filter for cutting off water. The base of the funnel is close to the lower part of the device, and the nose is located above the bottom. When water boils, steam rises through it, the filter cuts it off, and it goes into a container with a ready.Made invigorating drink.
  • Refined coffee tank. According to external data, the upper compartment is very reminiscent of an inverted funnel. The hole provides for the manufacturer Removable filter, which serves to hold solid particles of coffee.

The principle of operation of this equipment is based on steam pressure. When water in a coffee maker boils, excessive pressure is formed. Steam from the bottom of the device presses on the water, which helps to raise it up. In the process of this, hot liquid seeps between particles of crushed coffee grains. As a result. Extraction, which provides for the return of soluble particles into the water.

Under pressure, the fragrant fluid begins to gradually rise into the upper tank, drain along the wall of the funnel.

Advice! In the case of excessively high pressure, it is worth using a special valve located on the side wall of the geyser coffee maker.

Thanks to the filter, the upper compartment of the device is protected from the penetration of the zimkh into it. All the main elements of the coffee maker are interconnected due to hermetic gasket, threads.

The device works on the induction stove, and on the gas, and on the electric. In general, the name itself determines the principle of operation of this device, the process of brewing a delicious drink is similar to the eruption of a geyser. This looks especially impressive when using a transparent model.

How to choose a geyser coffee maker for home

All geyser models have a similar device, work according to the same principle. They consist of two parts installed vertically and separated by a filter in which coffee powder is laid. During heating, water passes from the lower compartment to the upper, passing through the filter with ground coffee grains. Saturated with aroma, color and taste, it gathers in the upper part, from where it is poured into cups, as from an ordinary Turkish or kettle.

Before choosing a geyser coffee maker, the following parameters are taken into account:

geyser, coffee, maker, comparison, machine
  • The standard volume of the bowl ranges from 150 to 180 ml. Devices are more common for a large family
  • The case can be made of steel or aluminum. The first option is more durable, the second is light
  • Power of electric models 300-400 watts. The higher it is, the faster the drink is preparing
  • The ability to use a dishwasher for cleaning
  • Additional options significantly increase the capabilities of the device and allow it to work longer and more efficiently. This is an auto shutdown, control of the fortress, heating the cups and the drink itself, the timer.

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Driven coffee maker

Driper coffee maker is a common device, known since 1800, which allows you to quickly prepare good quality coffee. This is a simple and reliable model. It consists of a case, the upper part in which a filter with coffee powder is installed.

There are many devices equipped with additional functions. It can be a timer for automatic shutdown, laid out the start, the regulator of the fortress of the cooked drink. Drip coffee makers are equipped with indicators that shine during operation. A sound or light signal about the completion of the preparation process can be provided.

Operating principle

Ground coffee is poured into the filter, water is poured into the tank in the lower part of the coffee maker. Turn on the machine and the thermo element begins to heat water. When it reaches a boil, steam will rise up and condenses over a filter with coffee powder.

Drops of hot water fall down, passing through it, are gaining aroma and acquiring a characteristic color. It flows into a glass kettle, pre.Installed on a stand, which is heated from below.


  • Reliable design
  • Just clean and use
  • It is easy to brew coffee
  • The drink is stored on the stand hot
  • Not sprayed during cooking
  • Inexpensive price of the device


  • Chief. You need to constantly or periodically change filters
  • Coffee comes out not very strong
  • Long wait until the portion is running
  • You can not cook cappuccino, espresso

Pros and cons of the geyser coffee maker

With the advantages of a geyser coffee maker, everything is fine:

  • She can prepare fragrant strong coffee.
  • It can also be used to brew tea or herbs.
  • It is elementary in operation.

As for the disadvantages, it is more difficult to wash and cannot be programmed for a certain time or number of cups.

The easiest way to compare both varieties, having recorded all their advantages and disadvantages in the tabular version.

Кофе в гейзерной кофеварке/ geyser coffee maker

geyser, coffee, maker, comparison, machine

A drip coffee maker is often chosen to work in the office, while the geyser for the house.

What is the difference between a coffee maker and a coffee machine

The coffee machine requires the minimum participation of the owner in the preparation of a coffee drink. It is enough to fill the grains into the compartment intended for this and pour water into the tank. Then you need to select the operating mode and, of course, press the button, key or in another way to start the process of preparing the drink. The machine itself will grind the grain, prepare a drink and pour it into a cup prepared by the user. The disadvantage of the coffee machine is that it cooks drinks only on the basis of espresso.

The coffee maker performs a small number of operations compared to a coffee machine. For preparation, use ground powder, capsules or tablets (chals). Fill whole grains into the device and you can’t get a coffee drink. First they need to be ground in a coffee grinder. Then they act according to the instructions, pouring into the filter and compacting.

You can manage the preparation manually or in a semi.Automatic mode:

  • With manual control, water is poured and coffee is seasoned on their own. Then select the desired mode, press the button or key.
  • Under semi.Automatic mode, part of the procedures is performed by the device itself. It can pour the right amount of water, turn off automatically.

A coffee maker can prepare users 1 or 2 of the type of drink, not counting milk. She has much fewer cooking recipes, and then only in semiautomatic devices. Coffee machine. 5 or more. Semi.Automatic ones are approaching coffee machines in their capabilities. Therefore, it can be difficult to distinguish them.

Questions and answers

Which is better for expensive varieties of coffee, Turk or geyser coffee maker?

geyser, coffee, maker, comparison, machine

It all depends on the user’s skill. Experienced coffee machines will be able to cook a fragrant drink in a Turk and in a geyser coffee maker, it will be easier for beginners to control the second. However, true gourmets to reveal the taste of elite varieties of coffee prefer a French-press and purper.

How to cook the right, saturated coffee in a geyser coffee maker?

It is important to completely fill the funnel with ground coffee, otherwise the water will pass by, and the drink will not really brew. Locks for a geyser coffee maker should be larger than for espresso. If it is too small, re.Expression will occur, and the channel may clog. For a rich, thick drink, it is best to grind coffee with conical millstones yourself coffee.

The choice between a geyser coffee maker and a turf is often a complex. Both devices are beneficial in price, and with the right approach they cook delicious coffee. It’s hard to say that of them better. Very often for a home they buy both, and, starting from their sensations, they stop, they already make a choice. Beginning coffee machines can be advised to start with a coffee maker, and real connoisseurs. Try to conjure over Turke.

What is better to choose for home. A coffee maker or coffee machine

Differences of coffee machine and coffee makers must be taken into account when choosing a home unit. It makes sense to buy a fully automated device, if you want to prepare a drink of different types with an invariably high quality every day in your own kitchen. Dear devices are useful to those who are limited in time and have no opportunity to grind grain first, and then wait a long time to make their brewing.

A simple device for making coffee should be bought if you use it only from time to time and mainly to create simple varieties of the drink. The advantageous differences of the unit include an affordable price and simple use.

Which is better. An ancular coffee maker or a coffee machine

Rozhki coffee makers have their advantageous differences. They allow you to manually control the degree of fortress and saturation of the drink, show imagination and prepare coffee in accordance with the smallest personal preferences.

At the same time, coffee machines provide a wider selection regarding the assortment. They can make any kind coffee in them. Rozhek devices for all their positive differences are suitable only for the preparation of espresso, cappuccino and latte.

Which is better. A geyser coffee maker or coffee machine

The geyser coffee maker in comparison with a coffee machine in terms of differences unequivocally loses the last. It allows you to prepare a very aromatic drink, since the processing of grains occurs due to steam supplied under pressure and revealing essential oils as part of raw materials. But at the same time, the creation of coffee requires the constant participation of the user. Coffee machines in the same way process grains with a full opening of their taste and aroma, but do it automatically.

The main positive difference between geyser devices is their low price. In addition, it is easy to care for them and carry out periodic cleaning.

Unlike a geyser coffee maker, a coffee machine can prepare coffee of different species in a row without interruptions

Which is better. Coffee maker or capsule coffee machine

Capsule coffee machines and coffee makers work according to a single principle, and the differences between them are not very large. If you do not have to cook the drink too often, and there is time for a manual replacement of capacities with grinding, it is better to choose a simpler and cheap aggregate.

With a constant need for coffee and a pronounced lack of time, it is worth buying a coffee machine. It requires minimal attention, and you can load a few capsules at once into it.

What did we get in the end?

The geyser coffee maker will be a great choice for fans of the morning espresso of the middle fortress. The device will please those who do not have time to stand over the stove, observing the process of making coffee. The thing is convenient for lovers of other drinks, such as tea or herbal mixtures. High-quality and safe geyser coffee maker will cost, approximately 1.5-2 thousand.

Classical jazza. The choice of fans of strong, high.Quality coffee, which are prone to taste experiments or, on the contrary, appreciate the traditional classic taste and do not spare time to prepare their favorite drink. A good Turk will require the budget for its acquisition, approximately at 800-1200.

Many coffee lovers do not limit themselves only one option, and gradually acquire various devices. In their arsenal there are jezvs and geysers that are used according to the situation and depending on the mood of the owner.

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