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The best coffee for geyser coffee makers

Despite the fact that drip coffee makers and high-tech espresso machines are more common, the joy of brewing the perfect cup of espresso, in the old fashioned way above the stove, did not disappear.

Since its appearance in the 1930s, the Moka Coffee machine continues to be successful in many cafes and at home with coffee lovers. Why? Because it is a simple, easy and quick way to brew a cup of strong coffee. So, what is the secret to prepare the perfect cup of coffee using a geyser coffee maker (mock coffee maker)? The whole process is very light, you just need to know the main preparation technique. Otherwise, everything comes down to using the right type of coffee and its grinding.

What is a mock coffee machine?

At first glance, a geyser coffee maker may seem like a traditional coffee percolator (a coffee maker in which water passes through a department with coffee), these are often used in many houses on electric or gas stoves to cook American or any other coffee drink.

Moka coffee maker consists of four main components:

Lower Camera: The place contains water, which will be cooked to make coffee.

Top camera and tube: they are responsible for collecting coffee when it is prepared.

Pipe and basket: the basket is located above the lower camera, the tube goes down to the lower chamber with water.

Filters: coffee maker consists of two filters. one in a basket with coffee, and the other in the upper pipes Ke.

All these components of the coffee maker work together to make delicious coffee. After installing on the stove, a coffee maker uses steam that forms in the process of boiling water to turn coffee thick into your favorite drink. After the completion of the boiling process and mixing, the water from the lower chamber “magically” turns into coffee in the upper chamber, leaving coffee thick in the basket. Both filters act on the prevention of guts in the drink that was prepared.

So what depends on the preparation of perfect coffee in the mock coffee machine?

Some theories say that the most important. This is the method of preparation and following the instructions, but in fact, most of the success of delicious cooking. consists in choosing the right grinding.

Regardless of the type or brand of your coffee maker, if you do not use the most suitable grinding, your efforts can be wasted. So, what kind of coffee is best suited for manufacturing in the mock coffee maker?

The empirical rule is to use the engagement thinner than the one used by a drop of a coffee maker, but larger than the one used in the espresso-machine.

Preparation of coffee in a geyser coffee maker. This is not an accurate science, so you will need to go through the process of “discoveries”, training. Start with a small amount of coffee, less than 250 grams, and then move on.

What you should not do is to use coffee that has been stored for too long in your kitchen. If you seek the perfect drink, make sure your product is fresh.

Ideally, use coffee, which was crushed immediately before its use, this will give a fresh, aromatic taste. Do not use the one that is stored in hammer for more than two days, also keep it in a cool, dark place and use a moisture.resistant sealed container.

The best coffee for the mock coffee maker, according to our customers, will be:

Italian ground coffee of medium.sized frying. Ill Moka. You will like it with your rich taste, in which there are light notes of chocolate and honey. It also does not have unpleasant bitterness and excessive acid. Best of all, he can reveal himself when preparing in a geyser coffee maker.

Italian ground coffee of a dark degree of frying. Caffe New York Macinato Moka 250 g. This blend of 95 percent consists of the best Arabica beans, and the remaining 5 percent. This is Jamaica Blue Mountian (one of the most expensive species on the planet). With proper brewing in the mock coffee maker, you will get a balanced taste, in which notes of bitter chocolate and nuts will be felt.

Ground coffee Pellini Top. This is 100% arabica. Excellent blend of several elite varieties. A mixture of Pellini Top grains consists of eight best mountain varieties, which after a light and delicate frying provide a soft, thin and balanced taste with chocolate shades and a unique aroma. This is a composition, created specifically for real connoisseurs.

As you could guess, another ground Italian coffee is medium fried. Vergnano Antica Bottega 2×250 g. In the prepared form will have a soft aroma, it was achieved due to properly mixing different varieties of arabica. The grains were slowly fried and at the exit received a gentle taste. This type of the most popular Vergnano brand inside the brand.

The last in our selection of the best coffee for a geyser coffee maker is another Italian product, namely. Vergnano Miscela Arabica Mokka 250 g. He is also of medium frying and special grinding. The drink will not be strong, but rich in taste and affectionate aroma with floral and chocolate shades.

For those coffee makers that we use now, it is worthwhile to thank the Italians Alfonso Bialetti and Luigi de Ponti. It was they who in 1933 invented and patented the aluminum (important) coffee maker Moka Express (MOKA, with one “K”), the principle of operation of which resembles a natural geyser.

geyser, coffee, maker, used

By the way! The name “MOK” came from the port city of Mokka (and here are already two “k”) in Yemen. This is a country with a rich coffee history, and the city itself at one time was one of the world centers for the supply of coffee stakes.

Today is a geyser coffee maker, mock or moka coffee maker (La Moka, as Italians call it) and Bialetti coffee maker are practically synonyms, so you can safely use the name that you are closer.

In fairness, it is worth saying that Bialetti and de Ponti were far from the first to try to show the world a device with a similar principle of work:

  • For example, back in 1827, the Frenchman Jacques-Augustine Gande designed the working version of the geyser coffee maker-two containers, a filter with ground coffee, a pipe in a handle, according to which boiling water passed under the pressure of steam. The coffee maker was finalized by another French inventor Nicolas Felix Duran. and made hot water to rise on the central tube.
  • And in 1833, 100 years before the appearance of MOKA Express, the British master Samuel Parker patented his version of a geyser coffee maker, which outwardly very similar to a modern. The device with an alcohol burner is called the “steam fountain of Parker”. Later it was improved (both in terms of convenience, and in terms of design) and renamed the Vienna (Belgian) coffee maker.

So what is the main merit of Bialetti and de Ponti? The fact that it was their invention that completely changed not only the Italian, but largely world coffee culture. Classic octagonal coffee makers of Bialetti is a real symbol of Italy, the same as pizza, pasta and jlato: almost 9 out of 10 Italian families have its own La Moka. This is the most famous coffee pot in the world (and the mention in the Guinness Book of Records is confirmed). And at the Expo 2010 exhibition in Shanghai Moka Express was recognized as one of 10 Italian inventions that changed the world.

Why geyser coffee makers are so popular?

Let’s start, again, with a bialetti coffee maker. Italy, 30s of the last century, economic crisis. Italians adore coffee, but many of them can no longer afford to hikes in a cafe. What is Italy herself? Rich deposits of aluminum ore (bauxite). While competitors are experimenting with bulky coffee machines from expensive export metals, Alfonso Bialetti relies on the simplicity and compactness of the design and the cheapness of aluminum. and wins.

Available at the price of MOKA Express allows you to quickly cook saturated espresso, which is not inferior to coffee from restaurant espresso-machines. Bingo!

Back in our time. Today, the geyser’s coffee one seems to have most of those who do not represent their lives without coffee (this is not static data, but rather our observation). Someone found even larger Made in USSR coffee makers, many cook coffee in the same bialett or in coffee makers of other brands (now there are many different ones).

You have not yet switched to the dark side of the geyser coffee makers? Then we tell you why you definitely should try this method of making coffee.

Step-by-step instruction

At first, you can not close the car cover at all. this will not spoil the taste, but will teach to recognize the sounds of the beginning and end of the brewing process.

Answering the question of how much time it takes to cook coffee in a geyser coffee maker, specialists give average data, namely 5-7 minutes. It can be poured into cups only after the brewing process is completely completed. Before that, it is better to pave the circles with boiling water, or warm in warm water, so coffee will be tastier.

Features of cooking

To learn how to cook coffee correctly in a geyser coffee maker, the first time you have to experiment. There are several factors on which the taste, aroma and type of finished drink depends.

  • Ground coffee. you should choose between medium and large grinding. Small or the one that is not suitable for coffee.
  • Cold or hot brewing. the speed of preparation, extraction time, and at the same time, the taste of coffee depends on the temperature of the water.
  • Volume. geyser Turks have a large size range. It is advisable to choose the one that will weld the drink at a time. Big consumes too much coffee.

Fans of original tastes advise adding spices. You can use different options. cloves, white pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon and other exotic solutions.

Cold brewing

The easiest and most popular way. Cold water is poured into the lower flask, preferably filtered. For lack of non-income, it will come out of the crane if it is not too soft/hard. Such water does not threaten such water, but it can change the taste of ready.made coffee, far from the better.

Due to low temperature, the drink is cooked longer. But all the elements of the geyser Turkish, including the filter, heat up quickly. Ground coffee during the preparation processes slightly and begins to bitter. As a result of prolonged scenting, the taste and aroma are better revealed. Coffee is strong, dense and intense.

This cooking principle is suitable for those who like to add milk when cooking. The output is more “coffee” taste.

Hot brewing

This method will appeal to those who like to cook pure black coffee and experiment with different varieties and their tastes. First you need to boil water, and then pour it into the lower container. Then carefully assemble a coffee maker and turn on a small fire. You need to be careful. boiling water quickly heats the metal, so the bottom of the tank in a matter of seconds becomes hot. It is advisable to use a seize or towel.

Due to the fact that the water boils quickly, the drink is cooked faster. Coffee in a geyser coffee maker does not burn, it turns out soft, bitterness and smell of “burnt” are absent. If you like a more intense taste, you can reduce fire. So the cooking process will be longer.

This method allows you to prepare Specialty Coffee. It does not spoil expensive grain and better reveals its qualities.

Step-by-step instruction

At first, you can not close the car cover at all. this will not spoil the taste, but will teach to recognize the sounds of the beginning and end of the brewing process.

Answering the question of how much time it takes to cook coffee in a geyser coffee maker, specialists give average data, namely 5-7 minutes. It can be poured into cups only after the brewing process is completely completed. Before that, it is better to pave the circles with boiling water, or warm in warm water, so coffee will be tastier.

Do I need to buy a separate coffee grinder if there is a coffee machine

When asked whether it is necessary to buy a separate coffee grinder for a restaurant or coffee shop. And this answer will be positive, because the device is the main preparation of a truly very tasty and fragrant drink. In addition, knowing a considerable price for this device, customers will be admired by the establishment and come to it as often as possible to once again enjoy real coffee. In addition, the client himself will be able to take part or directly monitor the preparation process, once again convinced that the service in this institution is at the highest level.

In addition to the foregoing, it is worth mentioning that a separate equipment that performs auxiliary functions provides more chances that when one device is out of order, the other will remain intact and can be used to work. At any public catering company, it is recommended to adhere to a separate support system, because simpler mechanisms are simple in maintenance, and accordingly, the quality of its work is maintained at the proper level.

Geyser coffee maker what coffee to use ground

Italian coffee makers Bialetti. The standard of taste and style. The history of the company has been there for more than 100 years, and its founder, Alfonso Bialetti is the inventor of the famous geyser coffee maker Moka Express.

Today the company Bialetti. The leader in the production of high.quality coffee houses for the house, and Moka is an integral part of the morning coffee ritual in millions of houses around the world.

Our official online store presents geyser coffee makers of various shapes, colors and sizes (including classic silver octagonal), as well as branded jackets and purpler with the famous “man with a mustache”. In chapter “Components»You will find everything you need so that your favorite coffee maker serves you as long as possible.

Vinzer geyser coffee maker

Italian engineer Alfonso Bialetti invented a geyser coffee maker back in 1933 and called it Moka Express.

Due to its simplicity and convenience, Moka quickly became the most popular coffee maker for making coffee at home and today is a real symbol of the Italian coffee tradition.

The method of brewing coffee in a jacket is considered the simplest, because all you need is, it is large grinding coffee and hot water. French presses are not only convenient, but also practical-you can also beat milk for cappuccino or latte in them. And they are also perfect for both coffee and tea.

Company Bialetti in everything strives for harmony: harmony of taste, harmony of color and texture. We made sure that everything was harmonized on your table, and picked up perfectly complementing accessories to our coffee houses.

Such a set will be a magnificent gift both to the dear to the heart of people and to itself.

Company Bialetti, As the creators of the first geyser coffee maker, she always strove for new technologies, while maintaining the spirit of tradition.

Over time, some parts of the coffee maker wear out, and this is normal. Or she can suffer from careless treatment. So that your favorite coffee maker serves you as long as possible, we release spare parts to all our coffee makers.

Here you will find: interchangeable rubber seals, filters, funnels, handles and valves for geyser coffee makers, as well as flasks for jackets.

Read about how to choose a suitable seal/funnel/handle/handle for your coffee maker, read in our article “How to choose spare parts for a coffee maker”. Or you can cheat with the table in the description of each spare part.

  • geyser coffee makers with a special valve that allows you to prepare a more saturated espresso with a lush foam (Bialetti Brikka), as well as with a cappuccino. to easily and quickly prepare delicate cappuccino at home (Bialetti Mukka);
  • Electric coffee makers. for cases when there is no stove at hand (Bialetti Moka Elettrica), or you want coffee to be ready by the time you wake up (Bialetti Moka Timer).

Coffee makers

Italian coffee makers Bialetti. The standard of taste and style. The history of the company has been there for more than 100 years, and its founder, Alfonso Bialetti is the inventor of the famous geyser coffee maker Moka Express.

Today the company Bialetti. The leader in the production of high.quality coffee houses for the house, and Moka is an integral part of the morning coffee ritual in millions of houses around the world.

Our official online store presents geyser coffee makers of various shapes, colors and sizes (including classic silver octagonal), as well as branded jackets and purpler with the famous “man with a mustache”. In chapter “Components»You will find everything you need so that your favorite coffee maker serves you as long as possible.

Coffee Bialetti. This is a centenary experience, a rich palette of tastes and the Italian sense of beauty.

We take the grains with all the meticulousness, because good coffee begins with good raw materials. Then we combine them to get a balanced and bright blend. After that, the coffee processes the process of slow roasting with natural ventilation, which allows the grain to open as much as possible.

Coffee Bialetti Available in three formats: In the granny (so that you yourself can adjust the degree of grinding), ground (medium.sized coffee, which is ideal for geyser coffee machines) and In capsules (for capsule coffee machines Bialetti and Nespresso).

Each blade is compiled with a sincere love of coffee matter and corresponds to the taste preferences of the inhabitants of the “two capitals” of Italy. Rome (southern, official) and Milan (northern, fashionable).

For our blends, we select only grains of the highest quality. And so that each grain reveals its potential as much as possible, we use the method of slow roasting with natural air cooling, which allows you to achieve rich taste and rich aroma.

Perfect grinding coffee for geyser coffee makers.

Thanks to the expert team, we carefully analyzed the different degrees of grinding in order to choose one that will allow coffee prepared in MOK to reveal our potential as much as possible.

Each blade is compiled with a sincere love of coffee matter. We released a series of blends that reflect the taste preferences of residents of different regions of Italy (Milano, Napoli, Roma), blends with confectionery fragrance for coffee “sweet tooth” (Cioccolato, Vaniglia, NoCciola), a blend for cold coffee drinks (CAFFè FredDo), as well as a blend without caffeine (DEKA). In addition, we created a special series of love about love. for coffee and not only (Romantico, Seduttore), and also released a series of blends Perfetto in soft packaging (Classico, Intenso, Delicato).

Coffee in special capsules for capsule coffee machines of systems Bialetti and Nespresso.

Coffee variety and degree of roasting

Grain roasting and a variety of coffee directly affect the quality of the drink, its strength and aroma.

All of them have their own characteristics of the taste:

  • Weak-has a light brown color. There is a sourness in the taste, which goes well with milk. Contains a high degree of caffeine. Roasting occurs at a temperature of 200 degrees.
  • Average degree of frying. acquires a brown tint. The taste is more saturated, is a balance of bitterness and sourness. Contains the average percentage of caffeine and is fried at a temperature of 215 degrees.
  • Strong-the color of such coffee is dark brown. Not so sour, stronger. With caramel notes. caffeine in it is low. Frying temperature. 230 ° C.
  • Dark or highest degree of frying. grain acquires black. The drink is obtained with bitterness and goes well with cream. caffeine in it is very low. Frying temperature. 245 ° C.

note! For a geyser coffee maker, grains of light or medium.sized frying are better suited.

The main varieties of coffee are “Arabica” and “Robust”.

  • Arabica. his grains are oblong with a line in the middle in the form of the letter S. The taste of the drink is soft and multifaceted, with a characteristic acidic, but without bitterness. For this, most people prefer Arabica. But due to difficulties in growing such coffee, it is more expensive.
  • Robusta. refers to a less refined variety. It contains more caffeine and tastes the drink has a bitterness. It is easier to grow a plant, since it is less susceptible to pests and diseases. Capable of growing even in harsh conditions. Due to such conditions of Robust, it is cheaper than capricious arabica. Grains in the variety are more rounded with a straight strip in the middle and a light shade.

The main countries of the manufacturers of coffee are Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam and Indonesia. One state cannot be called the best supplier of coffee beans, since everyone has their own preferences. But these states still have leading varieties.

Tips and life hacks

In fact, this is all very simple, so even if the first attempt fails, with the second or third you will get the desired taste. But there are some tips that can help you.

  • Do not store the finished espresso in a metal geiser. it quickly acquires a taste of metal. Or pour into cups immediately, or pour into another container.
  • When you remove the geyser from fire, the process of brewing and the strait is still going on. You can quickly stop it by cooling the lower part: put on a wet cold towel, in a bowl of cold water.
  • If the drink is watery, open the lid and see: at the beginning of the strait it is very dark, then it brightens. When the color becomes like light honey, remove the device and quickly cool it.
  • If the coffee is sprayed on the stove. you united the parts too poorly or there are particles between them that prevent dense twisting. Remove, cool, disassemble and try again.
  • Do not pour fluids higher than the safety valve mark. Too high pressure can lead to explosion.

Geyser coffee maker from Aliexpress

Great plus: coffee from the upper container will not result, even if you forget the coffee maker on the stove (as often happens with the Turks). He will bask, boil, become stronger and concentrated, but will not flow out. If boiling, turn off the fire and let the device cool naturally.

Preparation of MOK coffee. secrets of choosing an ideal coffee maker

When planning to buy one or another thing, we pay attention to a number of moments. As for the purchase of a geyser coffee maker, you need to pay special attention to the following characteristics:

The size

An interesting feature of this type of coffee machine is the preparation of the drink, provided that the device is loaded “for the full”. If the coffee maker is not completely loaded, it simply will not work. Therefore, having decided to give preference to this particular coffee maker, decide in advance for yourself how much you need. Fortunately, it is not difficult to determine the necessary sizes. the manufacturer carefully indicates the volume in coffee cups.

Type of heating

Classic version. heating of mock on the stove. However, today there is an electronic version. If you first need to be constantly monitored in order to avoid spilling the drink on the stove, then the electric model is equipped with a circuit breaker. Plus everything there are models that can even cook latte or capchino. But they will cost significantly more than the “tile” option. What to choose. convenience or democratic. the choice will remain for the buyer.


How to brew coffee in a geyser coffee maker. choosing a model of aluminum, steel or ceramics? Each option is attractive in its own way. The lightest option is an aluminum coffee maker. However, at first, the metal will give the drink a slightly specific taste. The steel analogue is convenient when washing in a dishwasher. As for ceramics, it is very fragile. However, its vivid advantages are the absolute exclusion of the taste of the drink and the original design.

These are the main points. Additionally, it is worth taking into account the material of the manufacture of the handle. it should be heat.resistant and make it possible to take the device freely and rearrange it from the stove to the stand. It would be nice if your coffee maker had an indicator of filling, informing about the need to add water.

Which coffee for a geyser coffee maker is better. the specifics and subtleties of a magic coffee rite

No less important when cooking coffee in a geyser.type coffee makeup is the type of grinding. The most ideal option is medium grinding. Specialists who know the whole charm of the drink of the Moka welded in the “walls” advise to choose such varieties as Sumatra Mandellin, Ethiopia of Sidamo and Guatemala Antigua. If you give preference to a mix of large and medium grinding, the drink will turn out to be more saturated and fragrant.

A geyser.type coffee maker is unique in that it can equally successfully brew herbal fees and tea. But this imposes even more responsibility for equipment care. So it must be constantly washed, excluding the likelihood of mixing extraneous smells and tastes to the drink. From time to time you need to change filters and gaskets. The “failure” of the first will become an obstacle to the passage of water through it, and the second will cause the absence of the necessary pressure of steam. And yet, in order to exclude the likelihood of a coffee maker explosion, monitor the performance of the safety valve.

Well, perhaps, that’s all. The geyser coffee maker is successfully bought, the coffee variety is correctly selected, the matter remains small. to cook the long.awaited, fragrant drink.

Coffee selection criteria

So that it pleases with a unique taste and aroma, when choosing it is necessary to take into account the following factors:

Гейзерная кофеварка. Приготовление кофе на природе. Geyser coffee maker

  • Variety. There are two main varieties: Robusta and Arabica. Arabica grains have a rich soft taste and pleasant aroma. Arabic produces a real senior coffee from arabica. Robusta has a high concentration of caffeine, has a bitter taste, has a greater invigorating effect. Arabica with timid is mixed in different proportions, thereby adding a drink to the drink.
  • Degree of grinding. To make a fragrant drink made of selected grains, you need to know how to choose coffee, ground right.
  • For large grinding grains, it is necessary to grind for 10 seconds. He is brewed in Turk.
  • For medium (universal) you need to grind 13 seconds. It is prepared in a cup, Turk, coffee maker, coffee machine.
  • Thin (small) you need to grind about 20 seconds. Suitable for cooking in a filter coffee maker.
  • “For espresso” grinding. even smaller than thin.
  • Ultraton (in “dust”) grinding.
  • The degree of frying depends on the duration of heat treatment. The longer it lasted, the more saturated the taste is a drink.
  • Maximum (Italian). rich taste, pleasant smell. Suitable for the drink in the version of the espresso or brewing in the east.
  • Strong (French) gives a tart and bitter taste.
  • Middle (American). there is a light bitterness.
  • Weak (Scandinavian) gives the drink a soft and delicate taste. It turns out with sourness and harmoniously combines with milk.
  • Additives. Coffee is flavored (coffee, ground with the taste of chocolate, nuts, cinnamon, fruits, spices, cognac) or without additives at all. Often these additives of chemical origin, so connoisseurs of unusual tastes add natural spices at their discretion.
  • Freshness. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the date of the grinding. The taste of freshly ground is more saturated. It is necessary to purchase it by weight in a specialized store, where the grains are ragged before the eyes of the buyer.
  • The packaging should be solid with foil trim from the inside. It does not let in air and maintain the freshness of the contents for a long time.

When choosing ground grains for the preparation of an invigorating drink, it is better to give preference to proven, popular varieties.

  • Harari. real coffee, ground with a chocolate flavor;
  • Kilimanemaro is a Kenyan variety with a wine-fruit taste and a bright spicy aroma;
  • Geisha has citrus acidity;
  • Indian varieties have a rich aroma, spicy taste;
  • Kubinsky. strong and rich, with the aroma of pepper;
  • Mokko is classic. There are fruit, wine and chocolate notes.

Ground coffee for coffee machine

Most machines are prohibited from cooking flavored grains and drinks with the addition of caramel. This can lead to a reduction in service life and subsequent breakdown of the device.

  • Capsules are suitable for a capsule coffee machine. This is ground coffee, packaged in special capsules designed for one portion. They have different compounds for the preparation of a certain type: espresso, American, cappuccino, latte and others. The composition, the fortress depends on the capsule manufacturer.
  • Chalds. oenced paper bags where coffee is packed in the form of a tablet. Each portion is protected by a foil wrapper. Suitable for chaldular coffee machines and some lactes.

When choosing coffee coffee, you need to take into account the indicators:

  • Variety. Arabica and robust, are found in blend, both types are present in different proportions. Almost always in mixtures a larger percentage of arabica. Taste and aromatic qualities depend on the ratio of varieties of coffee. It is known that Arabica makes the drink saturated, fragrant, and Robust gives the drink a bitterness and fortress.
  • Degree of grinding. A coffee machine can have a special option to grind the grain before cooking. If ground coffee is purchased, then you should know that not all degrees are suitable for the preparation of coffee in a coffee machine.
  • Middle grinding. universal for most coffee machines equipped with a special filter;
  • Super-fingered grinding unlike the first, it is only suitable for espresso coffee machines that make coffee with a thin stream of steam, which is passed through coffee powder. Mid-thin grinding is also suitable for coffee machine.

The degree of frying in this case is the issue of individual preferences.

How to cook coffee in a geyser coffee maker correctly

It would seem that there is nothing easier to make coffee in the mock. But our experts, who welded dozens (and even hundreds) of cups in a geyser coffee maker, gave several simple tips that may come in handy:

  • Use warm water for cooking. Despite the fact that in Italy it is customary to use cold water, the barista is sure that warm water helps to save coffee cooked in mock from a characteristic bitterness.
  • No need to compress coffee in a filter. Through tightly compressed coffee, water rises with great difficulty and a drink, as a result, it turns out quite weak and weak to taste.
  • Add spices to coffee. At the same time, they can be placed both in a finished drink, and when laid in moka directly with ground coffee.
  • Quickly stop extraction so as not to get a very strong (and very bitter) coffee, you can in a simple way: put a coffee pot on a chilled surface or a wet towel.

Recipes for making coffee in a geyser coffee maker

Coffee cooked in MOK can become both the main dish and the basis for other drinks. As a rule, for the preparation of 1 cup of delicious coffee you need 16 grams of ground arabica or a mixture of 200 ml. water. Watch the video receptor of coffee in MOK from our expert, Titester Natalia Prokhorenko. On its basis, in the presence of a cappuccinator and milk or cream, you can cook cappuccino, latte and even raf, and if you take ice cream, then coffee Glazissa. Read more about the types and recipes of coffee drinks in our article.

Upphetta French Press Coffee Maker (by Ikea)

Moku should be washed every time after the preparation of coffee, without the use of detergents. It is not necessary to wipe the coffee plaque inside, since it contains oils that protect the drink from the aftertaste of iron or aluminum.

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