Good or not Hitachi refrigerator

I liked this refrigerator, although we do not use it at all. Immediately noted in comparison with the old, what kind of quiet it is, the engine works completely silently and. Read the entire review does not create vibrations. For a family of five people, this refrigerator is ideal in size. There is no half.Empty, but there is no clogged to capacity. Transparent stands and containers, although made of plastic, but at the same time quite durable, so the crack does not form from a random blow. Washing the refrigerator from the inside is also simple and convenient. By the way, he does not absorb any pungent odors. Well, most importantly. No defrosting, and there are no troubles with him at all. Even in the case of disconnecting electricity, it will hold the temperature and not allow the products to be the abyss.

From 7. In the category, the best Hitachi refrigerators in price and quality

A very interesting model, the freezer has an assembly, and not below or from above, as is usually the case. A lot of strong shelves, I immediately rearranged them for myself. Read the entire review space is now organized for my pots-sodes, no mess 🙂 outwardly. Just a handsome man, this is our first refrigerator in my own apartment, so I have been very meticulously to the design, it looks expensive 🙂 Inside is very roomy, calmly put dishes of any size in it, including a rather large ducklman and a soup pan. Everything is placed without problems. Cool moist for vegetables. Parsley and greens in it calmly reaches a week, but for tomatoes and cucumbers it is not very suitable, it makes them soft, now I put them in another compartment. The husband is delighted with the water container, I pour it once every few days and there is always cold drinking water at hand. We tried the ice generator, when the guests were, the ice makes the ice in neat pieces, just for drinkers 🙂 I can say that the refrigerator is excellent and fully answers its cost, the best and did not want to 🙂

From 7. In the category, the best Hitachi refrigerators in price and quality

Beautiful, stylish refrigerator. Very well done. Simple in management. For a small family of 2-3 people, then! There is a little noise when. Read the entire review turns on double blowing. Products are perfect!

From 7. In the category, the best Hitachi refrigerators in price and quality

Bought this refrigerator, the purchase met its expectations!The refrigerator is steep, roomy, there is a large vegetable zone, the Fresh Selek zone where you can store. Read the entire review b sausages, cheeses, butter and more) also a large freezer zone!Assessment 10 out of 10)))

Reviews Hitachi R-Z472EU9SLS

Beautiful design, the color is light silver, the traces of the fingers do not remain, roomy, manual but comfortable ice.Generator, well and for a long time retains the freshness of the products. A worthy pen. And the good.Shaped itself.

I bought in a picture in an Internet store with 35 delivery.500 tons, was not disappointed, for comparison, my sister bought an electric luxury for 30 tons of a normal 60x 200, the handle has already broken off. Hitachi 472. Differs from the design from the majority, excellent filters, ventilation, freshness zone. The fact that the freezer is convenient at the top, (before that, on the contrary it was), the freezer is impressive, a large roomy. Everything that is stated corresponds to. For the family 3-4 people quite.

Spacious. Very comfortable shelves on the door of the freezer. The quiet work of the compressor. Modern refrigerator without any extra bells and whistles.

There is no way to outweigh the door to the left side. 2. Temperature adjustment in the freezer is located on the back wall in the freezer itself, t. E. When the freezer is loaded under the tie, it is very problematic to get to the regulator.

This refrigerator replaced Atlanta (with a freezer with 3 boxes), and the Atlanta is inferior in capacity, although 10 cm. Higher. The compressor works quieter (as well as the compressor in the aquarium), does not sigh like a dragon and does not gurgle. Components and assembly in Thailand, and not the team of “hodgepodge” from the world on the thread. A similar Toshiba model of the shelves on the refrigerator door is made at an angle, and the light is very dark and blue. We are very satisfied with the refrigerator, we hope for his long life.

Large. It takes up a lot of space. Inside, the area of ​​freshness under it is two shelves and only three hollows. If the lower shelf is put on the lower sled, then there are 11 cm places under it, which can be put there incomprehensible. They put them evenly. It turned out two departments of 20 cm in height and upper 19 cm. The big pot did not fit in had to buy a flat lid. The lower compartment for vegetables or not overload or pull carefully, the front panel bounced. When opening the door, the lower shelves sometimes rattles on it.

Very noisy real microporator. Sometimes he does not turn off for a long time and in silence when you sit next to him, it seems that he is seething in his stomach, but it turns out that he is seething, and after seething in his stomach usually happens? Correctly, everything that was stuck sharply flows into the pallet located on the back wall, and sometimes the ice falls, once even scared. Thought something fell inside. We have a big apartment. From the refrigerator to our bed in the back room more than ten meters and at night you can hear how it works. I am a mentally balanced person and all of the above does not bother me very much, I will even write that this is a good model, but the price should be lower. Thousands for 20,000 I would put him a solid five and so four.

Reviews Hitachi R-Z572EU9SLS

Large.Hut is just bombed.Free in comparison with other strengthening doors of Self.Home.Major Management Management. No stains from the temperature displays, which (for yourself know who) shows what you want, and not what in the cameras. He asked his friends. Who often regulates the temperature in the chambers, and cannot live without electronic control. Twisted a finger at the temple.All metallic stinks in the store, unlike others, less in any incidental chamber is not in the refrigerator (why is it needed to bend everything) turned off the light for 2 days. They did not open the freezer, when turning on the light it was found that the products and hint of defrosting were not received. Poking, the finger almost broke :), but the freezer was full.

Regulation of shelves, under Russian 3-liter cylinders bad. Or little or too much (35 cm is needed) unusual nuance. With energetic closure of the door. The other opens, I was already messed up when I noticed :))) I don’t know the minus minus.

The applicants were Samsung only Korean (for a 10.Year.Old guarantee for the compressor. Otherwise, how to sell it;)), Sharp. For the fact that he is Sharp and Hitachi for the fact that he is Hitachi, not Russia, not China, not Turkey, and much more Poland. Stink in Samsung, the smell of paired plastic in Sharpe reviews so.So. And this is just a dark horse, but with a steel door. Took a chance.We left for 2 weeks and a bunch of food was thrown to their fate, as usual was expected to throw away half. Everything remained alive and was eaten, even that it would seem not to be stored by definition for so many days, classes.Somewhere they read that they are noise sometimes, well, if they hadn’t read it, then I would not have noticed: and we listen as “idiots” and patch it when the sound is incomprehensible smiling and give out “yeah, a bastard is a bastard. Wow, you make noise “. Guests open the freezer and quietly crawl from the abundance of the place;) Baldey for 2 years.Moved while repairs. It costs 3 months in the bedroom (well, it happened :))) It is quietly buzzing constantly in silence. It turned out inside the power transformer is buzzing, and it works like all refrigerators. So this buzz because of damn reviews and caught it 🙂 Drunk normally.

Options were considered: novelty from LG (with a guarantee of a compressor.10 years), Liebher, Samsung and Electriculum. The choice was difficult. We stopped on this, which we do not regret.

Regarding the noise: the compressor itself works loudly (maybe we are unlucky, but it is heard in the room and it is clearly noisier than the Whirlpool ARC 4178, which was before it), the Nofrost system is quietly virpula. In general: we buy once a week, but everything is placed in the refrigerator. The previous review says that the meat in 0 zone is stored for 5-6 days. We have a meat through this gap through this gap. The humidity regulator is made, like everyone else (a plastic valve in a box changes the size of the hole), in the very container, like a virpul, everything is fresh even in a week. Shelves made of hot glass, the smell inside the refrigerator (we have been using almost six months) did not appear.The refrigerator received a juicer for free (Chinese, but iron and solid. Still plows. Ordered to Parkubt). About delivery: but somehow I did not really like the delivery. They all brought the documents, the gift too, but to the question to drag into the kitchen or not and let’s answer, did not say that they drag 4 meters refrigerator. This is a paid service and for climbing the stairs (we do not have a freight elevator) requested more than it was written by price and spoke by phone, and even then saying that for such refrigerators, people give him tips for such refrigerators. So the joy of the purchase has spoiled a little.Just in case: before buying, you need to measure all the openings so that the refrigerator will pass, well, we must not forget that if it has a Nofrost system. So you need to store everything either in the bags of disposable or in plastic boxes, otherwise everything will be bent and lost moisture.Initially, they were going to buy a large Toshiba with an ice generator or scarves, but did not find in our price category and, in order to deliver it could be delivered within a week, so they took Hitachi and did not seem to have lost.

Comfort, ease of use

Why are these functions? There are replicas on the Internet that they had previously produced equipment for centuries. Here zil and without these innovations still stands in the country and works.

But technological progress does not stand still. We must already get used to the fact that, buying a new technique today, the last model, you should be morally ready for the fact that it is already outdated. And that the designers are working on another more perfect model. The race for new ones will never end.

What are the features of functions. Why are they?

Why are the options for fast and deep freezing are needed?

Before laying a new portion to the freezer, you should activate the mode a few hours before the bookmark. This must be done so that the temperature in the chamber does not increase, and the regime is not violated. If the temperature rises, the mechanism should work in an aral mode. This rhythm will eventually lead to a breakdown, wear of the details.

As for the products, subject to the rules of inclusion of functions, the freezing technology will retain the shape, color and taste of. If freezing occurs under normal mode, moisture crystallizes in products, turning into large pieces of ice. It is they who break the fabrics. The appearance and taste of the.

The function of deep frost constantly maintains the temperature at a lower level. With this function:

The automatic ice generator will prepare clean ice cubes from the water, which has passed additional filtering. Water can be used by the usual. Water is cleaned with a three.Layer antibacterial filter, in addition to bacteria, chlorine is removed. Pump and tubes do not require special care. You need to wash only the tray.

good, hitachi, refrigerator

Ice Maker. Pour water into the tray, install in the freezer. With the help of quick frost, you can get ice cubes twice as soon as with a conventional technology.

Minus-zero cooling cooling system regulation, together with the Minus-Zero Cooling cooling system, can be preserved longer than quality, vegetables, and fruits.

According to the results of research conducted in Japanese food research institutes. Vegetables lose freshness with normal cooling after two days of storage. And the Minus-Zero Cooling system with high humidity even after a week retain 80% of freshness and 98% of vitamins.

good, hitachi, refrigerator

The system automatically controls humidity during storage, thus provides the desired level of humidity for those products that are put there. The freshness zone can be used to store vegetables, fruits, berries in this case, in order to preserve quality longer, you should set a moisture indicator 90. 95%. For cheese and chilled meat and fish products 50%.

The installed shelves in the units are made of durable hot glass. They can withstand a large weight. Part of the shelves can be installed on the desired height, for convenient storage of different packages. That is, the possibility of individual optimization of the chamber space is thought out, since it is convenient in each case. Even door s can be installed on the desired height.

Some models have the possibility of redrawing the door. This function is important for installing the opening of the door at a convenient perspective. As well as the doors are equipped with a stopper that protects against unwanted touch with neighboring furniture or wall.

Cold loss through closed doors does not occur. A layer of polyurethane is installed on the metal frame of the door. The inside of the door is covered with a transparent antibacterial layer. This transparent coating prevents the development of bacteria and does not attract pollution.

Swimming range of Hitachi refrigerators

The company does not produce units of single.Chamber. In her assortment, units:

Hitachi produces several series of refrigerators. Which refrigerator is better?

Two.Chamber refrigerators of the Big2, Super Big2 series

These two.Chamber units with two doors. The difference between the series of Big2 and Super Big2 in volume.

The series has a standard technology set for Hitachi refrigerators. There is a freshness zone in the refrigerator, where the humidity is held 90%.

Therefore, refrigerators of this series are a little cheaper.

Big French series refrigerators

Distinctive feature of this series attractive design. A two.Chamber option with four elegant swing doors and handles over the entire length. There is a water dispenser. High.Strength door panel. The capacity of both cameras 550l.

  • Superching option in the refrigerator compartment.
  • Super.Freezing in the freezer.
  • The refrigerator compartment has a deep container for vegetables, which maintains high humidity.

Series Side. By. Side

A series of Side-by-Side refrigerators or side by side is distinguished by a parallel location of the freezer. Two.Chamber units with the opening of doors in different directions create amenities for viewing. In this series, the impressive size of the cameras. The control panel highlights a blue indication.

Placement of shelves allows the maximum use of the entire interior space of the chambers. Transparent shelves do not interfere with the review and search for the required product.

The refrigerator has many options that are inherent in Hitachi products. There is a function:

In the department for vegetables, two.Stage humidity control is made, conditions are created to maintain freshness of products.

Economic xenon lamps were used to light cameras. The lamps give bright light and the life of them has more.

Hitachi R-BG410PUC6XGBK — японский холодильник для настоящего самурая

The two.Door Stylish Line series is equipped with a movable Twist ice tray, which allows you to effectively use the area of ​​the freezer. There is a sliding department with a temperature in.1 o C in which you can store meat, fish or cheese. Doors and seals are covered with special antibacterial protection. The new design of the container for vegetables facilitates its opening and closing.

Three.Door Solfege series

It differs in drawback sections. Cooling containers are installed in the refrigerator. In the vegetable department, a sliding bunk section with cooling and high humidity. There is a simulated 3D shelf. And in the freezer section, a bunk drawing section is also installed.

Swimming range of Hitachi refrigerators

Hitachi refrigerators are divided into a number of lines. At the same time, the manufacturer from Japan likes to share devices by the number of doors or by distinctive features. For example, refrigerators entering the implementation with doors that open in opposite directions are connected to the Side-by-Side line.

Firm devices are divided into such series:

Not so long ago, in a series of refrigerators of Hitachi, devices with a vacuum type camera appeared. They are not attributed to a special line, but this function stands apart and stands out by sellers. The new Hitachi devices are equipped with a large number of doors, which means that more cameras in them.

This is for a reason, since each of the cameras guarantees the best preservation of the beneficial properties of food, comfortable access to the contents and its search. Cameras make it possible to save electricity, since heat gets less inward.

Each series of refrigerators is characterized by typical advantages and distinctive features, therefore, to choose the right device, it is worth familiarizing themselves in more detail.


The doors opening in opposite directions give the owners of these models free access to the contents of the chambers. A distinctive feature of such models lies in their high capacity, in addition, with small dimensions.

In the refrigerators of the Side-By-Side series from Hitachi there is a space with optimized climatic conditions for specific food categories. The devices of this line in the manufacturer’s catalog from Japan occupy a separate place. There are refrigerators with three and four doors, with ice generators, sensory.Type panels and without them.

If the owners do not intend to constantly use the freezer, then it is more advisable to buy a model in which the freezer is installed on top. In this situation, the dimensions of the refrigeration department will be larger, and gain access to the products that are located there is even easier.

Shelves of devices from Japan are made of glass.Type glass materials that can withstand a centner of weight. They are customizable, which allows you to effectively use their volume.

The list of beneficial innovative offers with dignity is complemented by a vacuum type department, which extends the storage periods of food without loss of beneficial and taste qualities.


This type is in demand more than others and this is not surprising, since the series differs against the background of competitors by the ratio of value to quality, as well as functionality.

The refrigerators of this line, as the name implies, are equipped with two cameras, however, in order to increase comfort, the manufacturer provides the opportunity to choose a freezer: from above or below.

Among the assortment of Hitachi refrigeration products, models with two cameras are in high demand, since their price is low, and the functionality and wear resistance are good.

These devices are suitable for people who rarely use frost, as this solution provides easy access to other contents. In particular, this is the location of children and people in old age, experiencing difficulties, getting dishes and food from a 2-meter height of ordinary refrigerators.

The lower freezer is considered to be a classic solution, but such a layout is suitable for people who infrequently use frozen blanks and prepare on their own, keeping fish, vegetables and meat, which must be constantly sought and taken out.

E-Control Panel makes it possible to monitor the situation and control the functioning of the cameras separately. In addition, actions are performed by pressing one button.

Ice generators, which are equipped with multi.Door refrigerators from Japan, allow you to quickly get ice and cool drinks.


Such models are attributed to the manufacturer’s expensive lineup after Side-by-Side, so the owner should rely on innovative technologies.

It is important that multi.Door refrigerators make it possible to correctly save food products that belong to different categories. Simply put, the products are stored separately in different temperature modes, since the camera is located behind each door.

This eliminates the problem of combining odors, and also prevents the loss of useful qualities. 4 doors equally provide easy access to the contents.

Side-by-Side Refrigerators differ in innovations and practical options, but at the same time, these are expensive and large-sized refrigerators, so in small kitchens they will not be in place.

Compressors in multi.Door models from the Japanese manufacturer inverter, which guarantees, despite their size, quiet functioning and careful energy consumption.

The aesthetic sides of such devices are invariably high, while the color can be different. An exceptional disadvantage is that the dimensions will not make it possible to arrange the devices that belong to this line in small kitchens.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Hitachi refrigerators

At the beginning of activity, Hitachi began to supply high.Quality innovative products. The choice of innovation was determined after studying the wishes of customers. Hitachi management is constantly conducting a user survey. Only then the designers solve the question of how to technically realize these desires.

The Japanese were the first to introduce a non.Borrower cooling system into household refrigerators. With this system, ice does not accumulate. Moisture that is present in the air settles on the evaporator. When the engine goes into waiting mode, the sensor includes the heater, and the melted water is removed from the unit.

Japanese designers were the first in the world to introduce the No Frost defrosting system, which delivered the owners to defrost problems. New models are equipped with improved technologies. This multi.Flow cooling makes it possible to maintain a given temperature in each corner of the chamber.

Hitachi refrigerators. Reviews about goods

Great device, very reliable. The body is durable, the doors themselves are automatically dedicated if you push too weakly. The freezer of the optimal size for me, everything that is necessary and always remains a little empty space. In itself, I also liked the internal device, allows you to correctly place all the products and pots. There will definitely not be such that you are drawn to get one thing, and everything else is collapsing. In the doorway, you can safely leave milk or kefir, cooling sufficient in order to prevent sources. And in general, the products began to deteriorate much later on my sensations, nevertheless, the correct storage is of great importance.

Great device. From all sides. It works very quietly, as the inverter motor costs. Excellent volume, many such devices cannot boast of this. Inside, everything is very Ergo made and thought out, shelves, boxes, freshness zones. Fingerprint on the doors is not visible. The handles are gently and smoothly open, there are closers.

Bought this refrigerator, the purchase met its expectations!The refrigerator is steep, roomy, there is a large vegetable zone, the Fresh Selek zone where you can store sausages, cheeses, butter, etc.) also a large freezer zone!Assessment 10 out of 10)))

Elegant, stylish. Interesting design, side panels made of brown iron, front panel of polished glass, large in volume, roomy, antibacterial protection, system No Frost, convenient shelves from a durable stele are rearranged in height, it works very quietly, cools instantly, freely frost, consumes little electricity.

Fridge Not Cooling, how to fix in Tamil 9840814014 (Chennai)

I am pleased with the refrigerator. Fully met expectations. Works without complaints, high.Quality compressor, high performance. I advise you to acquire.

Beautiful, stylish refrigerator. Very well done. Simple in management. For a small family of 2-3 people,! There is a little noise when double blowing turns on. Products are perfect!

I purchased at Sbermegamarket at the lowest price. Consulted with independent specialists for a long time. I am satisfied with the purchase. Not noisy. Materials of components are good. Not bulky. Nice colour. Clear adjustment.

Definitely high.Quality assembly and components. I recommend and advise. Pleasant cashback from Sbermegamarket.

Modern quiet refrigerator. Good insulation and sealing. Thick walls, the refrigerator itself is not overall, the volume is average. Inside is conveniently done, there is a shelf for bottles. Cools quickly, two fans work inside, there is also a filter.

Great refrigerator, I’m happy with the purchase! In both compartments, the No Frost system, so you do not need to defrost it. Products, if stored in open form, of course, dries, as in all the know.Free. But even saves just a bag from above. There is a compartment in the refrigerator for storing vegetables and herbs. A comfortable temperature is maintained there and everything remains fresh for a long time

Author’s doors. Not familiar, for a long time the hand stretched to the handle, which was not) realized that it was so convenient. No less or maybe more than when the usual door. The model is good. Everything crawls. Morzilka is comfortable

The refrigerator is chic. There is hardened glass on the doors, fingerprints are practically not visible. Very roomy. Shelves width 67 cm, depth 34 cm. Glass shelves. LED backlight in the refrigerator and in the freezer. Convenient ice cooking device. The refrigerator is not noisy, of course you can hear when it gains cold, but everything is within the limits. The walls of the refrigerator, as it should be 5 cm wide. The compressor costs Hitachi, exactly the same costs on expensive models for 300,000 assembly very high quality. There is a freshness zone and a box for vegetables and fruits, which inside is separated by a partition that can be moved, for example, one box is more than another less than another. On the door of the freezer in front, there is control of touch buttons. Management will be very simple to cope even a child or an elderly person. The backlighting of buttons is blue and green, which lights up when the door is opened and goes out in a minute. Doors at the refrigerator are not outweighed. If the doors are open for a long time, then the refrigerator begins to squeak.

Pay attention when buying a refrigerator to its size. We have a door width 77 cm. The refrigerator was in the package, but in a bake. Without packing, the depth of the refrigerator is 74 cm.

The disadvantages can only be attributed to the fact that on the door of the refrigerator on the shelf there is only one cell for 14 eggs. Although the place allows you to put two such cells.

We really liked the refrigerator, we are very glad that we chose this particular model and this company. I recommend to everyone who is suitable for dimensions.

Not all models of refrigerators undergo the assembly process in Japan, some units are collected exclusively in Thailand, which will be indicated in the operating instructions.

Hitachi Corporation has long gained popularity around the world and became famous for its quality technology. Until now, the rapid development continues in the directions of technological innovation, which then successfully implements in its technique. Hitachi refrigerator is quite popular and multifunctional, which makes up serious competition to other manufacturers.

Models of refrigerators are always distinguished by a high level of quality and a thin stylish design. If desired, any family will be able to choose from the entire wide range of “your” refrigerator, which will fully meet all requests.

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