Hair clipper for home use

For professional use, only rotary machines with durable, wear-resistant blades and extra features are suitable.

Panasonic ER-GP80

Panasonic will appeal to professional stylists and hairdressers as it is capable of creating smooth transitions and a clear line in one pass without missing anything.

  • Comfortable body shape with rubber inserts;
  • Fine length adjustment from 0.8 to 2 cm;
  • Hybrid power system. mains and battery powered;
  • Fast charging;
  • Battery indicators.

Suitable for both hair and beard with a mustache. The special X-shaped blades lift and trim all hairs, even when they are short and close to the skin.

It comes with 3 attachments, but the cutting length can be adjusted also by the dial on the body in 0,3 cm steps. the selected value appears immediately in a small window.

High speed linear motor (10,000 rpm) easily handles tough hair. The device itself is rechargeable and can work autonomously for up to 50 minutes, charging only a little longer. Includes accessory stand and battery charger.

Wahl 8463-316 (4005-0472)

Wahl is a powerful but heavy-duty model for professionals that can handle all hair types.

The machine is designed for barbershops with a high customer flow. It lies comfortably in your hand, it has a good-looking vibrating motor and sharp alloy steel blades.

Protected from overheating, it doesn’t vibrate or make excessive noise when working. Only 4 nozzles included, but other attachments are available separately. It is a long-life device that will not let you down, even after several years.

Masters note the clean cut and ergonomics of the chrome housing. The length of shearing smoothly adjustable from 1 to 3.5 mm without changing blades. Transition when the combustion is not at all noticeable.

Oster 616-50

Makes quality clean cuts on any type of hair, also suitable for beards. Powerful motor does not overheat, keeping the speed even when working with stiff and thick hair.

The machine is used by professionals, but it is also quite suitable for home use. With occasional use, its life is simply unlimited.

The 9-watt motor is powerful and durable. There is a loop to hang the tool. The knife is removable and has a special coating to prevent corrosion.

It comes with a main blade and a trimmer, so you can cut hair of any complexity with just one machine. The cable is long. a full 3 meters. but it is quite strong and thick.

How to choose a hair clipper at home

My sons are growing up with short haircuts and my husband has lost his hair and tries to look like Statham. As a result, family trips to the hairdresser becomes frighteningly regular and monthly shake out of your budget a considerable amount. Save time and money with a good clipper. A couple of months of hard training (on your husband, of course) and you’ll surpass the skills of any local hairdresser.

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Inexpensive but robust hairdressers

In this category there are inexpensive models for home use. These household appliances are compiled with the experience of real buyers, not marketers.

Philips QC5115 Series 3000

The third-generation model has long established itself with the best side of a good budget hair clippers by virtue of the excellent quality and functionality. Philips QC5115 Series 3000 supports 11 length settings from 3 to 21 millimeters in 0.5 mm increments. You only need to choose the right length and lock the settings. The device has a quiet, but fairly efficient and stable running motor, which also attracts an insignificant level of vibration on the background of inexpensive counterparts. The advantages of the device should include quality rounded blades, smoothly gliding on the head, not leaving small scratches and discomfort. These elements are made of durable steel. At the same time, the machine has a compact size and light weight. The power source, as you can understand, is the power cord, equipped with a good braid. Enjoys a hinged head, which attracts easy cleaning.

  • self-sharpening blades;
  • 11 length settings;
  • affordable price;
  • the quality of construction;
  • compact size;
  • low vibration level.

Philips HC1091

Undoubtedly, one of the best machines for cutting hair for children continues to be the model Philips HC1091, attracting a convenient design and affordable price. Thus the device offered by the known Dutch manufacturer, differs quite good efficiency. The latter is due to the increased productivity of the power plant. It is worth saying that this gadget can function both from the wall outlet, and the battery, the capacity of which is enough for 45 minutes in standalone mode. The downside is that it takes about 8 hours to charge. Partly, this defect was compensated by a convenient controller and support for a wide range of complete nozzles: you can set the length from 1 to 18 millimeters. According to customer reviews, the machine does an excellent job of cutting hair without creating any pain or discomfort.

Braun HC 5010

The best home hair clipper of 2020 is the Braun HC 5010, which supports 8 length settings. It is worth noting that this device has received reliable and safe blades, guaranteeing a pretty good result, given the affordable price tag of the product. The advantages of the machine should be referred to the sealed housing, as well as ease of operation. you can wash it under normal running water. To achieve a smooth hairstyle implemented advanced DualBattery system. The voltage ranges from 100 to 240V. In addition, the manufacturer has taken care of a good mains voltage, which is due to the support of the Smart Plug.

  • Memory Safetylock razor system;
  • There are 8 length settings;
  • It has a good comb attachment;
  • stable performance;
  • rugged construction.

The Dykemann Friseur H22 is perfectly suited for household and professional use. No problem with operation. the housing is ergonomic and comfortable, does not slip out of your hands and is easy to regulate. Compared to many competitors, the shaver is virtually silent. Operates autonomously for up to 4 hours without interruption. And it charges in just 3 hours. At the same time, a buzzer will warn you in good time about low charging. There is LED-display, which displays the parameters of the device, the ability to adjust the blades at 5 levels and 8 positioning nozzles included to perform shearing of different lengths. Ceramotitan blades stay sharp and durable for long and cut hairs neatly without damaging the skin.

On the downside: the survey of users showed that, as such, the hair clipper Dykemann H22 has no drawbacks.

The beauty of this hair clipper is that it can be adjusted in length. There is no need to change the attachments frequently. Length variation. From 0.8 to 20mm. Blade width 45mm, the tool is only for head hair. 3 colors to choose from, loop for hanging the tool (in the salon). The sleek design allows the clipper to rest easily in your hand. Blades of stainless steel, according to bloggers’ reviews, do not tolerate contact with water.

Of the disadvantages: requires skill, blades dull quickly, the device is heavy for a woman’s hand.

Dykemann Friseur H11 hair clipper designed for home or professional hair and beard care. Model is equipped with a high capacity replaceable battery that allows the device to work for 4 hours without recharging, while the possibility of functioning the device and from the network. The device can easily handle any type of vegetation without damaging the skin.

The brush body does not heat up even when cutting hard and unruly hair. It works silently and does not vibrate, for a precise cut and for small children. The anti-corrosive self-sharpening blades made of sturdy ceramic titanium, pre-treated with a special antibacterial agents, ensure the maximum safety during cutting.

It comes with 5 position and 3 contour attachments. Switch from one to the other with a simple movement of the rotating element.

On the downside: according to user reviews, there are no obvious disadvantages of the Dykemann Friseur H11 hair clipper.

The Panasonic cordless clipper has a 40 minute operating time. It can be used to trim your temples or achieve a simple cut. Designed for scalp hair, although some bloggers use it for beards. Handle has indicator light that lights up when needing recharging. Maximum feeding time. 8 hours. Included with the device 4 nozzles, hair length can be adjusted by changing parts (3-12 mm). Stainless steel blades need oiling.

Disadvantages: the color of the case is dirty, sharp-edged blades at an awkward angle can scratch the skin.

Remington Pro Power cordless model is universal, suitable for different haircuts! Hair lengths from 1 to 44mm are possible with a mixed control (manual change mechanism). Comes with 2 nozzles, oil for cleaning the blades and brush. Without recharging the device runs 40 minutes, then requires power (time in the base up to 16 hours), or use with a cord from the network. Blades made of steel, thanks to the angle of 40 degrees trim hair even in hard-to-reach areas.

Out of disadvantages: heavy for a woman’s hand.

Moser Mini is suitable for kids and military haircuts. The minimum hair length is 0.1mm, which is required by statute. The maximum length is 6mm, it varies with the regulator, no need to remove the nozzles. Stainless blade width is only 32mm, the tool is useful for trimming beards or mustache. Bloggers say that you need to drive the machine slowly (especially in a short haircut), so there is no painful pulling of hair. The model weighs only 190 grams. Very easy to hold in the hand.

On the downside: the blades can wear out quickly.

The Rowenta TN-5200 is recommended for hairdressers. First of all, the device is cordless, so it’s easier to work with. Secondly, titanium blades are suitable for most customers; hypoallergenic coating does not harm the delicate scalp, suitable for children. Thirdly, different cutting lengths. 0,5 to 30mm (you can use the regulator or change the nozzles manually). The manufacturer has provided for wet cleaning and a case for easy storage. Requires only 90 minutes to recharge.

Of the disadvantages: it vibrates strongly, can be unpleasant in the hand.

Philips HC5612 Universal Washing Machine. the hairdresser’s best helper! The technique is designed for head trimming, as well as beard and mustache. Built-in rechargeable battery provides 75 minutes of continuous use, followed by indication of charging time. Stainless steel blades are adjustable to a length of 0.5-28mm. 3 nozzles included, as well as brush for cleaning. Machine can be washed down with water as needed. Curved handle allows you to work in hard-to-reach places (behind the ears, in the chin area).

Disadvantages: high price, not everyone is comfortable to use because of the shape.

The uniqueness of the hair clipper from Braun. in the Memory SafetyLock function. The system remembers and reproduces the last length setting. You can adjust the height of the blades (from 3 to 35mm with the mechanism or by manually changing the nozzle). Comes with 2 nozzles, oil can and cleaning brush. Also includes water rinse. Cordless hair clipper, practically 1 hour without interruption. Charging time. 8 hours, cord can be plugged in for cordless operation. Stainless steel blades.

From the disadvantages: the high price, customers complain about a bad contour of the haircut at the back of the head.

Moser professional hair clipper can cut hair for 2 hours without interruption. The model is lightweight (only 140 grams), but has a strong battery. for indication of charge, quick change nozzle Quick Change without interruption. Cutting lengths from 0.7mm to 12mm, recommended for men and children. Alloy steel blades (made in Germany) gently remove hair of any thickness. Cleaning brushes and oil included.

Disadvantages: High price.

Hair clippers: characteristics, types, types

Cutting length

Knife length adjustment

Number of motor revolutions

Material / blade coating

Functions and possibilities

Power Source

Battery type

Charge level indicator

Additionally included

Case material

Hair clippers

There is a great variety of different electric hair clippers, which differ among themselves not only by manufacturer, but also by a number of parameters that significantly affect the operation of the device. When selecting a machine, you need to pay attention to its type, power, blade coating, the number of nozzles, as well as a set of additional features.

Modern models for functional orientation are divided into three main groups: for hair cutting, for trimming beard and other facial vegetation, as well as special devices for removing unwanted vegetation in the nose or ears. At the same time, many modern models are equipped with special attachments, thanks to which the same device can be used in all three cases, which is very convenient.

Regardless of the type, the machines can draw the necessary power directly from the network, or from batteries or a battery. The first option creates inconvenience due to the presence of a power cord, which does not allow absolutely free manipulation of the device during operation, but to be fair, it should be noted that this does not bother everyone. The other two variants can boast a good level of autonomy, but the battery still needs to be recharged from time to time, and the batteries need to be replaced. You should also remember that models with a discharged battery can not cut at the specified speed, even running on the mains.

The rotation speed of the motor determines the speed of the blades. The higher it is, the faster and neater the clipper cuts. But devices with very high speeds are recommended for people who have already had a hand in cutting hair with a machine (hairdressers, stylists). At the same time, if the speed is too low the device may not cope with thick hair. Some models have a special turbo mode that can temporarily increase the speed by up to 20%.

Blade coatings can be stainless steel, ceramic or titanium. Steel is more common, it’s inexpensive and has very good durability characteristics. Titanium blades are durable, they do not dull even after prolonged use, but because of the high cost are less common. Ceramic coating is characterized by high heat resistance. the blades are practically not heated during operation.

It is also worth noting that some models of modern machines can boast a self-sharpening system, through which the blades are sharpened by friction against each other during operation. On the one hand, the support of such system allows to keep blades sharp, but on the other hand, it by no means eliminates the necessity of their periodic replacement.

As a rule, any hair clipper comes with a set of attachments for different cutting lengths. But not always the more tips the better. As practice shows, when using the machine at home only a few or even one head is enough, which supports the ability to change the length thanks to a special switch. Also, some models may be equipped with scissors, comb, case and holder for accessories, which, however, is more relevant in those cases where you have to use the device regularly.

Hair clippers

MOSER CHROMSTYLE PRO 1871-0071 / 1871-0081 BLACK has a combined power supply and constant speed CONSTANT SPEED. This model is designed by the leading German manufacturer of world famous brand for professionals and amateurs and allows to create.


Oster 616-91 vibrating machine 2 knives 9 W. Its distinctive feature is the presence of two alloyed steel blades, size 0.1mm (size 0000) and 2.4mm (size 1). Knife “0000” is used to perform thin operations (edging knife), and all “rough” work should be performed by knife “size 1”. It is.

Machine WAHL MAGIC CLIP CORDLESS 5Star 8148-316H burgundy designed by the world-renowned brand. supplier of professional hairdressing equipment. High-tech rotary motor generates 5500 rpm, providing a perfect cut and shave at.


Curling trimmer Freestyle Mini designed for contouring, smooth transitions and design beards. A distinctive feature of the grass trimmer is a very small cutting height of 0.2 mm. For other lengths you can use the attachments included in the package. Knife set teeth at.


Hairway Contour Ear/Nose Grass Trimmer Grass trimmer features: Compact size Operates with one AA battery. Included Weight 80 grams Includes: Nose and ear hair trimmer Brow trimmer Beard trimmer Beard trimmer Brush.

Professional model WAHL CHROME SUPER TAPER 8463-316 / 4005-0472 / 8463-316H was developed in the USA by the world famous brand. the supplier of professional hairdressing equipment. But the simplicity and ease of use of this model is popular among fans.


The trimmer for perfect haircuts. Designed for precise cuts in the ear, neck, sideburns, beard and mustache areas. The T-knife makes it easy to remove hair even in those difficult places, and the results are beyond expectations.


Vibrating typewriters are very popular among bartenders. It can cut every hair type and has a fast blade tip speed. The height of cut is always vibrating, so the original cutting height can be adjusted the way you want it, no matter what the masters of hair removal say. Knowing this feature.


The DEWAL ULTRA-S hair clipper 03-074 in its original high-gloss design is a stylish accent among all hairdressing accessories and cheer you up with its modern styling. Ergonomic shape allows you to comfortably use the device for a long time, and.


The DEWAL FORCE 03-964 is one of the most powerful hair clippers in the DEWAL line! Rugged beer-type motor provides speed of 10,000 rpm with minimal noise and vibration. Rechargeable Li-Ion battery capacity of 2200 mAh allows you to work without recharging up to 120.


DEWAL Classic Hair clipper 03-768 is a professional hair clipper for quality hair cutting performance. The design features quality workmanship in every detail to ensure smooth operation throughout the life of the device. Categorizes it as a vibratory shaver.


The DEWAL BARBER STYLE MINI shaver 03-017S is indispensable for contouring and beard work, and thanks to its compact size it will be on hand anywhere! Powerful rotary motor and shaver head shaving shaver, moving at 6500 rpm, provide the best results and.


The Andis TrendSetter PM-4 24100 is a powerful corded hair clipper with a beer motor. ideal for both barbers and hairdressers. Works equally well on both dry and wet hair. Versatile tool to get the job done from start to finish. Lightweight clipper.


DEWAL SPLASH hair clipper 03-080. The strongest member of the DEWAL hair clipper family. In addition to the original color, this hair clipper is ergonomically shaped for maximum comfort and has 2 speeds for best results. Powerful reliable.


The Ultimate trimmer is a small and elegant grass trimmer in golden beige. Designed for contouring, smooth transitions and beard design. Grass trimmer cutting height 0.2 mm. For other lengths, you can use the included accessories.


Hairway Ultra Pro cordless chain clipper. Ergonomic design. Adjustable high quality stainless steel blade “Made in Japan”, cutting height 0.8 to 2mm. Removable 42mm wide stainless steel blade assembly. Level indicator light.


The DEWAL FREESTYLE Red is a handy cordless grass trimmer. It features an ergonomically shaped housing that is slightly tapered at the base of the. Very comfortable to hold thanks to the light weight, the special indentations for the fingers and the knurled.


Hairway Ultra PRO creative professional hair clipper:.cordless-net;.rubber coated body;.creative design;.removable stainless steel blade assembly,32mm width;.The knife block is suitable for the HW “Snake” trimmer;.light indicator;.в.


03-066 DEWAL BLACK MINI is a small and elegant grass trimmer in a classic black color. It features a 41mm wide, detachable T-shaped blade assembly and a display to show the level of charging. Ribbed design on the back of the body gives your hand a 360° swath across the entire length of the instrument, enabling you to cut hair in two places without damaging your hands.


Cordless clipper for cordless clippers. Removable stainless steel blade assembly. Easy replacement. Indicator that shows the level of charging. 1 removable nozzle with five locking positions: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 mm. Removable blade unit for creative haircuts (knife for tattoos.


Oster Adjust Pro 310-051 8 nozzles 12 W. Professional hair clipper. Induction motor.


Oster 606-95 meets all your needs and demands. It is a professional hair clipper that gives you the convenience of a professional shearer. This appliance is manufactured with the most modern technology, ensuring a long life. Compact size device allows.


The Andis Easystyle MC-2 63305 corded clipper is ideal for many cutting and styling styling tricks. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable and safe handling. Machine has a powerful, high-speed magnetic motor. 6000 rpm. High quality stainless steel blade. Adjustable blade with.


The GC910 is equipped with a lithium battery, so it can run for 60 minutes in standalone mode or when directly plugged in. First charge takes 12 hours. Charging time in succession is 2 hours. The machine is equipped with an ultra-sharp blade of.


Beard and mustache clipper Gezatone BP 207: be the epitome of brutality! Successful and stylish men follow the fashion trends and already have facial hair. The beard is on trend, but the masculine law is the same: it must be well groomed and trimmed. And here’s the problem. Beard.


A woman’s smooth skin has always been a sign of grooming and neatness. That is why removing unwanted body hair has long been an obligatory procedure for every modern woman. The new Gezatone 3-in-1 bikini-design machine will allow you to remove unwanted hair gently and.

Best Hair Clippers in 2020 [5 Picks For Home & Professional Use]


BaByliss PRO ETCH FX69ZE. fine, light, powerful and functional grass trimmer. Use it for edging your nape, ears, neck and temples, styling your hair tatoo and styling your beard and mustache. Despite its low weight and size, it is powerfull.


Hair clipper 03-065 DEWAL BLACK is a handy cordless chain hair clipper for working with thick hair with high capacity battery. Battery life up to 7 hours (at 5000rpm). You will appreciate the ergonomic design of the body of the trimmer with ribbed back surface.


Introducing clipper 03-078 DEWAL ACTION. stylish and powerful helper for every craftsman! Metal body with ergonomic design, slightly tapered at the base, helps you hold the power tool comfortably in your hand and the grooved underside prevents the tool from slipping out of your hands.


The DEWAL iCUT 03-079 grass trimmer will surprise you with its sophisticated design and functionality! Round metal body with notches for a comfortable grip, open blade that allows you to work with pinpoint accuracy. This grass trimmer is definitely worth your attention.


Model MOSER PRIMAT 1230-0053 is a development of the world-famous German brand and is designed for professional use, but the ease of maintenance and use allows its use by amateurs at home. The model is equipped with an advanced knife block and.


The classical model MOSER 1400 EDITION 1400-0269 of black color is developed under the world-known brand for professional stylists, as well as for use in home conditions by amateurs. With this model you can create a variety of looks and use it to cut your hair yourself.


Portable compact grass trimmer for beard design and modeling will help maintain a groomed look. Using special attachments allows you to adjust the shape of mustache and temples, take care of your own beard and stay stylish in any situation. Portable cordless beard trimmer.

The WAHL SUPER TAPER 4008-0480 / 8466-216 / 8466-216H is a classic, internationally renowned corded chain saw in white, designed with high quality, durable materials. This model is equipped with a powerful and durable vibrating.

The WAHL BALDING CLIPPER 4000-0471 / 8110-016 / 8110-316H is made in the USA specifically for professional use by stylists and barbers, but is also suitable for home shaving and styling enthusiasts. This corded grass trimmer is equipped with the latest.

Machine WAHL TAPER 2000 4006-0473 / 8464-1316 USA production is characterized by ease of use, thanks to well thought-out ergonomic housing. The model is recommended for professional stylists for use in salons, as well as beginners and amateur hairdressers for.

Hair clipper: how to choose and buy the right model?

Who invented the first hair clipper. unknown. According to one version, it was the American barber Leland, according to another. the Italian stylist Alberto Gomez. In common use, the device entered at the end of the 19th century and was originally a mechanical. For the blades to cut, it was necessary to squeeze the two handles on the principle of scissors.

Improved and equipped the machine with a motor American Leo J. Goland, an American, was the first to use it. Wahl. Since 1921, its mass production began. Wahl Clipper, that was the name of the device, was greeted by customers with flying colors, and for a long time it remained the top seller on the market. Types of modern hair clippers

According to the principle of the motor machines are divided into three types:

Vibrating. Compact but noisy devices with a power rating of 8 to 15 watts. Movement of the blades is provided by a motor with an electromagnetic coil. Able to work for up to half an hour continuously. Are inexpensive, so many choose them for home use. Popular brands: Dewal Professional, Oster.

Rotary. Professional hair clippers favored by stylists. Output power 20-45 watts. With forced cooling system, they do not overheat and can work for a long time without interruption. With removable blades. Run quietly. Suitable for cutting even very thick and stiff hair. Brands: Moser, Jaguar, Oster.

Cordless. Lightweight and nearly silent clippers up to 12 watts. Mainly used for edging hair. Can work independently and from line, have a battery charge level indicator. Brands: Hairway, Panasonic, BaByliss, Jaguar.

The cosmetics gallery store offers all kinds of hair clippers, as well as shavers for quality pattern trimming and grass trimmers for removing hair on other parts of the face.

Selection criteria

If you are planning to buy a hair clipper, first of all pay attention to:

Blade material. They come in metal and ceramic. The latter are good because they do not heat up. But self-sharpening metal blades with diamond or titanium coating last the longest.

Type of power. If you don’t plan to use your coffee maker very often, choose a corded model with a solid cord.

Blade Speed. Most models have a side switch to adjust this. High-speed devices are designed for professional use.

Noise level. Vibration machines buzz the most. If you don’t like it, choose a rotary, but it will weigh more. The lightest and quietest are cordless models.

Accessories. Most cordless clippers for both home and professional use are available with removable heads. Due to the different configuration of the blades you can choose the best for any hair type and create patterns.

In “Gallery of Cosmetics” you will find a hair clipper, reviews of which are only the most positive. Choose and order. Delivery is possible in any part of Russia.

Top 6 best corded hair clippers

The corded models are ideal for salon or home use, but will be uncomfortable during travel or business trips.

Rating TOP 6 best chain hair clippers according to customer reviews and ratings.

Philips HC5100 Series 5000

The Philips HC5100 Series 5000 hair clipper in a stylish body made of quality materials lets you take care of your hair or beard effortlessly at home.

The position of the blades here can be adjusted with a special lever. The system allows you to trim a little bristle or make a short haircut without the use of attachments.

Ergonomic body with rubberized textured inlays is comfortable in the hand and does not slip, allowing the user to work accurately and precisely.

The high degree of safety in this model is shown by the rounded edges of the cutting elements, they do not damage the skin and do not cause discomfort.

Long cord allows for more efficient use of the device.


  • power. network, cable 2.8 m;
  • The width of the blade block. 41 mm;
  • Number of nozzles. 7 pcs.;
  • the weight of the device is 418 g
  • cutting length. 0,5-25 mm, 8 levels (adjusting the regulator / nozzles)
  • Scissors, comb, brush, oil, protective cap included.

MOSER 1400-0051 Edition, red

The professional-grade MOSER 1400-0051 Edition in a stylish, ergonomic red body makes taking care of your hair at home quick and easy.

The device is equipped with a productive pendulum motor that stands out for its quiet operation and high power.

Motor delivers up to 6,000 rpm.

The device is equipped with high-precision technology for grinding knives made of alloy steel StarBlade.

Sharp blades cut hair perfectly, Multi Click system with a regulator and two included attachments help you to fine tune the length of your hair.

The power cord is long enough for convenient use of the machine.


  • It is powered with 2m cord;
  • The width of the blade block. 46 mm;
  • The number of bits. 2 pcs.;
  • The weight of the device. 520 grams;
  • cutting length. 0,7-18 mm, adjustable with regulator/nozzles;
  • included oil, brush, protective cap.

Philips QC5125 Series 3000

Philips QC5125 Series 3000, equipped with self-sharpening stainless steel blades, suitable for quality hair cuts for both adults and children.

The 40mm wide blade lets you cut pretty large areas of hair quickly. Powerful motor operates without significant noise and vibration.

A longer mains cable extends the working range.

This device is distinguished by its light weight, comfortable body shape, comfortable positioning in the palm of your hand during treatment.

Supplied with one brush head and a special brush for effective cleaning of the blade assembly. At the same time self-sharpening stainless steel blades do not require complex maintenance and regular lubrication.

Technical specifications:

  • Power supply. network, cable 2.4 m;
  • blade width. 40 mm;
  • Number of bits. 1 pc.;
  • weight of the device. 300 g;
  • cutting length. 0,5-21 mm, 10 levels (adjustable by the regulator);
  • Comes with nozzle, brush.

MOSER 1400-0087 Professional

Professional equipment MOSER 1400-0087 Professional with patented Multi Click system for choosing necessary haircut length will please with convenience of use and quality results.

The device has five fixed positions within the range of 0.1 to 3 mm. Device is powered from the standard network and consumes no more than 10 watts.

The device is equipped with a quiet but productive vibration motor with a speed of 6 thousand vibrations per minute, StarBlade blade unit with a blade width of 46 mm and adjustable cutting length from 0.7 to 3 mm.

Long mains cord allows you to comfortably use the machine. Includes adjustable nozzle, brush for cleaning, oil for lubricating moving parts.

Technical characteristics:

  • Power supply, cable 2 m;
  • the width of the blade block. 46 mm;
  • Number of nozzles. 1 pc.;
  • weight of the device. 520 g
  • cutting length. 0,7-3 mm, 6 levels (adjusting the regulator);
  • Brush, oil, hanging loop included.

Oster 616-91

Device for hair cutting Oster 616-91, equipped with a quiet and powerful vibrating motor, characterized by high reliability even during active use, a comfortable and low noise level haircut.

The equipment on offer comes with two interchangeable blade banks made of solid stainless steel.

Also included is a two-level nozzle with adjustable cutting length, oil and brush to care for the blades.

Increased convenience in the operation of the device provides the quality soft cord cord length of 3 meters.

Technical features:

  • power. network, cable 3 m;
  • width of the knife block. 46 mm;
  • Number of nozzles. 1 pc.;
  • weight of the device. 560 g;
  • cutting length 0,25-2,4 mm, 2 levels (adjustable with the regulator);
  • included. hanging loop, 2 blades (0,1/2,4 mm), brush, oil.
  • high power;
  • quality result;
  • Relatively silent operation;
  • two knives in the delivery set;
  • No strong vibration.

MOSER 1230-0053 Primat, titan

The MOSER 1230-0053 Primat with titanium blades gives you the power to trim your beard, moustache or hair in the comfort of your home.

Innovative blade assembly ensures accurate cutting of vegetation due to the special technological system of grinding the blades.

Length adjustment mechanism has nine fixed levels in the range of 0.7-3 mm.

Supplied technical oil and brush make it easy to clean up after the treatment.


  • power. network, cable 3 m;
  • the width of the knife block is 46 mm;
  • Number of nozzles. 2 pcs.;
  • weight of the device. 620 g
  • haircut length. 0,7-3 mm, 9 levels (adjustment by regulator/nozzles);
  • Supplied with suspension eyelet, brush, oil.
  • ergonomic housing;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • long enough cord;
  • loop for hanging;
  • high power and performance.

Battery-powered devices have low noise levels. Compact and lightweight device can be taken on trips. They are most often used for shaping hair. In the charged state, the device can work for about an hour. It can also be powered by the mains. The advantages of cordless devices are:

  • Quiet operation;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Compact, lightweight, reliable;
  • Convenient application;
  • Sharp blades;
  • Replaceable nozzles;
  • Battery interchangeable in case of a battery breakdown.

Before buying, experts recommend checking the case for no mechanical damage. It is best to buy a device with stainless steel blades. The thicker and tougher the hair, the more powerful the device should be. The machine with additional functionality is considered more convenient to use. Philips MG5730 Series 5000, Braun MGK 3060 and BaByliss E823E are considered the best brands of cordless machines.

When you turn on the mains discharged machine does not work with the declared speed!

Philips MG5730 Series 5000

It helps you maintain your hair and control the growth of unwanted body hair. Comes with 11 attachments, including wide and narrow grass trimmers, bristle and beard combs. Cutting length can be from 1 to 16 mm. You can trim hair on your head, trim chin and neck hair, remove body hair. Grass trimmer for nose and ears available. The appliance is equipped with self-sharpening, stainless steel blades. Nozzles are easy to remove and rinse under running water. Proprietary battery allows the device to run non-stop for about 80 minutes. Takes 16 hours to fully charge. Handle has rubber inserts. The device does not slip in your hands when working. Philips comes in a carrying case for easy storage and transportation. Comes with charger and instruction manual.

Braun MGK 3060

Grass trimmer is designed for mustaches, eyebrows and beards. This versatile model will appeal to professional hairdressers and those who take care of their beards on their own. Wide range of attachments for correcting or completely shaving beards and mustache. You can trim hairs in the nose, ears, and body. Minimum length of cut without comb is 0.5 mm, with comb 1 mm. No waxing possible. Comes with a shaving machine Vest. Brown works independently or with AC power. Operates for up to 40 minutes without interruption when fully charged. Requires charging afterwards. Grass trimmer electronics are waterproof, so the Brown can be washed in water. Otherwise, the grass trimmer can be cleaned with the included brush. Product is sold in a cardboard box. No oil can and carrying case.

BaByliss E823E

Multifunction grass trimmer provides complete care for head, face and body hair. Plastic nozzles painlessly trim pubic hair, remove hair from the body, nose and ears, keep your beard, mustache and sideburns in good condition. Easy to install and remove. The device works in standalone mode for 30 minutes. Grass trimmer can be taken on trips. The charger is multifunctional and is designed not only to restore the operation of the device, but is also a stand for placing accessories: nozzles, scissors, combs, brushes for cleaning, oiler. There is a shaving head. Blades made of stainless steel with titanium coating. Product is lightweight. Ergonomic design allows for a comfortable grip. The hair clipper has an attractive exterior design and is a great gift for men. You can find a review on the internet.

The grass trimmer is only used for dry shaving!

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