Hair dryer with a rotating brush

Pros and cons of the hair dryer-brush

Most experts and average girls agree that the hair dryer-brush. it is not a full-fledged hair dryer, but a styler for styling already slightly dried hair. It saves time, because you can start styling without having to wait until your hair is completely dry. But if the power and design allows, such a styler is quite possible to dry wet hair, as well as the usual hair dryer, just a little longer.

How to style hair with a twirling hairbrush

Before using the blow dryer brush, dry your hair. Long, medium-length hair is best left just slightly damp. Carefully brush each strand to avoid damaging it with the bristles of the tool. This way you will protect the hair from damage and tearing out. Apply a styling product such as mousse, wax or lotion to your hair. After applying thermal protectant.

Long and medium hair

Prepare the hair dryer-brush, hairdressing clips/clips;

Divide hair into mast, nape and temple sections as with a regular blow dryer, and secure with clips;

Release strands 2-3 cm wide at the nape of the neck, twist them onto the brush and turn on the hair dryer, fixing it for a few seconds;

gently, slowly pull out the strand, moving from the root to the tip. you can change the direction of the nozzle a bit to “pry” the tip;

After the nape of the neck, do the temples and then the top of the head.

If you need to curl your hair rather than pull it out, twist the strand on the brush, fix it at the head for a little longer, and then gently release the nozzle. Try not to destroy the curl structure. After styling, the hair can be fixed with a light varnish, but it is better not to comb. During the treatment of the hair dryer should not be lifted too much above the head, so that the curls look natural.

Short hair

Short hair is more difficult to style with a hair dryer as it is thicker in diameter than necessary. You’ll need a model with a small, thin nozzle that can hold the strands. Necessary:

Wash and dry your hair well, apply a styling product;

Curl the strands at the crown and back of the head with the cup upright. the air should be hot so as not to burn the scalp;

The hair can be styled at the temples, directing it toward the crown;

Blow-dry the strands with cold air, combing them in with your fingers;

You can apply hairspray or wax the ends of the hair.

hair, dryer, rotating, brush

To make it easier to work with a hair dryer, choose a compact model. They are lighter, the hand will not get tired during the styling of long hair. Once you’ve tried it slowly, you’ll quickly learn how to do your hair. Later on, styling will be much less time-consuming. You can get ready for work or your walks quicker, and you can look happy with your hair in style.

Review of rotating hair styling brushes. 2020

Many women get by with a universal hair dryer with a couple of nozzles. just so long as not dare to complex haircuts and styling. Be it a leggy bob, a torn asymmetrical braid, a pixie cut, a multilevel cascade or a dramatic permed cut. every single strand needs to be in its place so as not to spoil the overall impression.

You can find units with combs in stores. The devices, according to the manufacturers, make styling easier and will help those who style every day and are not ready to spend a lot of time on it. But which is better: a blow dryer or a blow dryer-brush??

The classic appliance allows you to slightly straighten your hair and give it volume. In a complex styling strands will have to be twisted at angles on a comb, pulled in different directions and immediately blown. two hands are clearly not enough.

Hair dryers comb and blow dryers for home use speed up styling and save your nerves. All operations you can perform at the same time and one hand.

What’s the name of a hair dryer with a comb? A household name hair dryer-brush. The device performs two functions at once: the working part twists, giving curls the shape, and hot air dries, fixing the result.

The only difference is that the hair dryer is not fitted with a rotor, so you have to curl your strands yourself.

Find out more about what a dryer-brush is and what to look for when choosing one from our review.

Top 12 Best Hairdryers with Rotating Nozzle

PlaceModel Price
The best models with automatically rotating nozzle
#1 Philips HP8664 Volumebrush, white/purple Learn the price
#2 BaBylissPRO BAB2770E, black Find out the price
#3 Rowenta CF 9620, black Check out the price
#4 BaByliss AS950E, purple Learn the price
#5 Remington AS8606 See price
The best models without automatic nozzle rotation
#1 Braun AS 530, black See price
#2 BaBylissPRO BAB2676TTE, black Expected price
#3 Braun AS 720, black Check price
#4 Rowenta CF 8361, black Ask price
#5 Rowenta CF 6221, black Check price
#6 Rowenta CF 7812, black/pink information about the price

TOP 15 hair dryer-brushes of 2021: review of the best models for hair styling

Hair dryer-brush. rating of the best models. Features, technical parameters, advantages and disadvantages of devices for hair drying and styling. What to look for when choosing a hair dryer-brush.

The hair dryer is a useful tool with a range of attachments for shaping your hair. This device has a number of features that distinguish it from the usual hair dryer.

What are these features, what moments to pay attention to when choosing a brush-dryer, what models are the best to date, let’s consider in this review.

BaBylissPRO BAB2770E

  • Power output 800 watts
  • 3 heat modes
  • Cold air function
  • Removable filter
  • 2 nozzles included
  • Automatic nozzle rotation
  • Cord length 2.7m

The French manufacturer BaBylissPRO BAB2770E continues the rating of the best hairbrushes. Designed for professionals, the device ranks among the best thanks to its cleverness, ease of use and care, even in spite of its high price. Equipped with two flexible and resilient bristle brush heads. With its two included brushes of different diameters it creates great looks for any length of hair. The 50mm nozzle is perfect for styling long hair, while the 40mm is perfect for bangs and medium to short strands. Another advantage is the removable filter, which simplifies the process of cleaning the hair dryer from hair or dust.

Reviews about this model hair dryer-brush mostly positive. Buyers appreciate not only the suitability of the device for modeling in the hair of any length, rotating nozzles and soft bristles. A big plus many consider the presence of a long power cord, the length of which is 2.7 meters. This factor allows you to significantly expand the working space.

Proper styling

It is not enough to choose a good hair dryer-brush.

If you want to get the desired result and rejoice in the reflection in the mirror, when using the device, adhere to some rules:

  • Choose the right operating mode. Dry and curl thick and long hair at higher speed. This is usually the second button. To give volume to a hairstyle made of short hair, it is enough to apply the first mode;
  • Do not wrap the brush around too many strands. In this case, the curls will not take a beautiful shape, as part of the hair will simply slip out when drying. It is optimal to take strands 5. 7 cm wide;
  • hair dryer-brush for short hair is a universal helper when giving a haircut lushness. Use medium-diameter nozzles. Grip the strands, starting at the top of the head and twist in different directions. This way a slight carelessness and naturalness will appear in your hair;
  • Many models come with a concentrator attachment. Use a hair dryer with a concentrator before using the brush to lift hair up at the roots. That way you can keep the lusciousness effect for longer;
  • Curl the strand and heat it for a few seconds. Remember the more wattage your hair dryer has, the faster and stronger it gets. Do not hold for longer than is necessary to avoid damaging your hair;
  • The natural bristle heads are more gentle on the hair, do not spoil its structure, making it smoother and shinier;
  • If you are the owner of natural curls, choose a model with a diffuser nozzle;
  • do not forget that when using a hair dryer. brushes nozzles are heated to high temperatures. Handle your hair with care when styling it so you’re not in danger of getting burnt.
  • If, having studied all the technical details, you still can not choose a hair dryer brush. for hair, pay your attention to the reviews of female customers who have already managed to assess this gadget in work and made a personal opinion.

Hair dryer brushes

Nature has provided that every woman strives to look the most beautiful and charming, so every day all women spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, smoothing or twisting their hair, as well as arranging it into a spectacular hairstyle. Unfortunately, many well-known ways, which were inherited from their grandmothers, spoil, dry and break the hair cover, which sometimes leads even to baldness. A great solution to this problem was. which not only quickly cope with their task on drying, but also carefully treat hair, keeping their shine and beauty.

In fact, they are indispensable helpers and favorites of all fashionistas. Despite the huge number of functions and options, these devices are not large in size and are quite easy to use. Depending on the purpose, you can buy an ordinary device with basic technical indicators or more powerful equipment, which is in no way inferior to those used by professionals during their work. Different in shape and size nozzles allow you to simulate all kinds of hairstyles, so the more there are, the better, but their number proportionally affects the cost of the device.

The most popular are considered those units, the nozzles of which rotate around the base. However, such models require special care and attitude, as they are quite fragile. The same applies to devices, the brushes of which straighten the hair, but it is worth it! Unlike straightening irons, it does not damage your hair, but rather gives it a healthy look. In this case you should not save money, because a good hair dryer, made from quality material, will cost much more expensive than the usual one, which will serve no more than six months.

In case you do not have such an assistant, which in a few minutes will make you a style no worse than in the hairdresser, then you can apply to our household appliances, and we will be glad to help you find what you need. Here you can buy and other necessary equipment for your home, which will be of high quality. We work only with reliable suppliers, so we offer you certified equipment at affordable prices. Working delivery will also save your time because you do not need to go anywhere to choose and buy a unit, you just need to go to our website and place your order.


BaByliss PRO ROTATING 800 BAB2770E with Ionizer and Rotating nozzle has two removable bristle brush heads with natural bristles reinforced with epoxy teeth:50mm for extra-long hair; 40mm for medium-long hair or quiffs. Two functions.


Babyliss PRO Ceramic Pulse hair dryer with 32 mm titanium-tourmaline coating. Rotating cord. 2 speed modes. Power. 700 W.


BaByliss Pro BAB2620E hair dryer for straightening, curling and lifting hair at the roots. With two temperature and two speed settings, the hair can be heated gently, without wildly varying temperatures. Aluminum housing, which keeps the temperature of the heating. diameter. 32 mm. Speed brush hair dryer for.


The hair dryer brush with ceramic coating. Power output: 700W. Ergonomic handle. 2 speed and temperature regulator. Cold air.19mm.


The DEWAL Air Dream dryer-brush is a versatile tool that combines the characteristics of a hair dryer and curler at the same time. Thanks to the ceramic coated nozzles, hair gets a healthy shine. Nozzles hold securely and stay in place during use. This hair dryer not only dries your.

A blow dryer is the quickest way to perfect your hair!

A hair dryer-brush is a kind of a simple hair dryer, but it is supplemented with a rotating round comb. The main advantage of the tool is that while drying and styling hair one hand remains free. It is convenient to pick up strands and curl them on the hair dryer-brush. It makes styling your own style quick and easy!

BabylissPRO Rotating Air Brush: First Impression Review

Buy a hair dryer-brush is worthwhile if you have a short haircut or medium-length hair. It helps create a hairstyle in a few minutes. a real salvation when you are late for work or school.

The first tools were large and weighed a lot, so they needed work. Today’s models let you dry and style your hair, straighten, curl, and lift it at the roots at the same time. Yet they are pleasant to use, ergonomic, compact and lightweight so your hand doesn’t get tired at all.

Features and characteristics of hair dryers-brush

Modern models have 2-3 temperature and speed modes, due to which the hair can be heated gently without sharp temperature fluctuations.

Most often tools have several nozzles of different diameters to add volume and create curls.

The power of the hairbrush dryers ranges from 700-1000W. ideal for home use.

Many models are complemented by an ionizer, providing antistatic effect. Ionization improves the appearance of hair, giving it a smooth and healthy shine.

Some models have a ceramic coating to hair dry out in the process of styling.

Compact size allows you to take hair dryers-brushes with you to the gym, to the pool, on a business trip or on vacation.

hair, dryer, rotating, brush

Using a hair dryer-brush for styling takes a minimum of time, and the effect. long lasting.

When buying a hair dryer-brush choose a lightweight model with the right nozzles from a reputable manufacturer. Prefer brushes with natural bristles or with rounded and flexible teeth, which will not damage the scalp. The hair dryers with the best reviews are Babyliss. The French brand has been offering high quality hairdressing appliances for over 50 years.

Buy hair dryer-brushes Babulis and other well-known manufacturers in our online store. All products have photos and detailed descriptions. Delivery to all regions of Russia.

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