Hair removal with an epilator in the bikini zone

How to epilate your legs and a bikini zone with an epilator

Ways of hair removal in the bikini zone are several. One of the most effective ones that can be carried out at home is to remove hair with an epilator.

Recall that depilation is hair removal by shaving with a machine or using a special cream. The hair follicle is not destroyed. Epilation. Pulling hair with a root.There are many small tweezers on the device. Rotating quickly, they capture the hair and tear it out with the root. A few hours after the procedure, redness of the processed area is often observed. It passes later. The skin remains smooth three or four weeks.

How to use an epilator correctly

So, where does this cosmetic process begin? First of all with preparation. So what you need to know about this procedure.

Any manipulation is stress for our skin, therefore, in order to minimize unpleasant consequences, you need to prepare for this procedure in advance.

  • Choose time. The most important thing is to choose the right time. It is best to carry out such a procedure not in the morning and not in the afternoon, but in the evening. So you will give your skin time to relax after the procedure and recover. This is very important, because there may be irritation that will not pass in a couple of hours.
  • It is very important to pay attention and peeling of the skin. This will avoid ingrown hairs and prepare the skin for the further procedure. Be careful and do not use too abrasive products. Large pieces of sea salt can greatly injure the dermis and then the procedure will have to be postponed at all. The best option for home use is small sea salt (it can be easily chopped in a coffee grinder) or coffee grounds. Just mix it with your shower gel, add a little oil (but do not overdo it) and make a soft peeling of places that you are going to epilage. Another important advice! It is best to carry out this manipulation the day before the hair removal with an epilator in order to accurately minimize all the risks
  • Very often you can find advice to take a hot bath before the procedure, so that the pores are opened well and the process itself will go smoothly. But here it is very important not to overdo it with moisturizing the skin, because if it is too moisturized and adult moisture, then the hairs will be more difficult. We recommend taking a hot shower to steam the skin a little, and then wipe the skin well with a towel.
  • In no case can you use fat and nutrients to moisturize before this procedure. They will only complicate the whole process, the hairs will be smooth and it will be very difficult to capture them. The maximum is a light moisturizing lotion if your skin really needs it. But remember that before the start of the procedure, the skin should be dry!

How to choose the best epilator for the bikini zone?

What is the best epilator for the bikini zone and how the epulator for the bikini line differs from the standard general epilator?

In several respects. Firstly, since the bikini area is small, this is a good idea to look for an epilator that is small.

Another thing to consider is the power source of the epilator. Although this area is small, the hair is usually rough and thick, which means that a little more strength may be required for the epilator to pull them out.

Finally, you should think about special functions and investments that the device has. The best epilator for the bikini line will have nozzles that will help to quickly put the bikini zone in order.

The number of tweezers.

When it comes to the size of the head, the smaller size is better suited for the bikini line. While many of the products we have considered have larger heads, Philips Satinelle Essential has only 20 or so tweezers.

Wired / wireless model

Most of the models we consider, such as Silk-You 7, are wireless. At that time, many wireless models need only an hour or to charge them, one of them, Philips Bikiniperfect Advanced Bikini Trimmer, takes 10 hours. Philips Satinelle Essential Wending Model in our line.

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Special mount

A cap that closes some tweezers, known as a delicate or effective cap, is preferable when epilation of a bikini zone. Each of the models we considered included either a special head only for the bikini area or a cap to put it on the existing head. Silk-You 7 is also supplied with a bonus trimmer for a bikini.

Bikini zone: processing nuances

Conditionally processing such a delicate area can be divided into three stages:

Stage One: Preparatory

In order for the removal of hairs the most qualitatively and least painful, the skin in the bikini zone must be prepared.

  • Take a shower, steaming your body well.
  • Process the necessary zones with a soft scrub. If the skin is especially delicate, use a washcloth or a dense terry towel instead.
  • Wipe the bikini zone thoroughly, cut the hairs a little (scissors or trimmer) if necessary).
  • Wipe the skin with an antiseptic (miramistin, chlorhexidine). Let it dry.
  • Get hair removal.

Preliminary scrubbing will lift the hairs and exfoliate the skin

There are two more tricks that are useful to girls who are worried about how to reduce pain when epilation of the bikini zone with an epilator:

These opposite actions significantly reduce unpleasant sensations. However, what is more suitable for you, you can only find out experimentally.

However! Some girls use painkillers (in tablets or injections). However, this approach is desirable to agree with the doctor.

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Stage Second: Epilation

Any set with the epilator accompanies detailed instructions that must be carefully studied. It indicates which nozzles and why use, so that the process delivers as few pain as possible.

Use a trimmer nozzle for grass to shorten the hairs

However, the technology itself depends little on the model of the device and is as follows:

  • Put on the epi.Forming head. At will (and capabilities), add a special narrowing nozzle to it: the zone covered in one movement will decrease, which will reduce pain.
  • Patch of the skin in the bikini zone slightly pull.
  • Spend the hair with a hair growth without pressing the tool into the skin. If necessary, repeat twice.
  • Complete the procedure, again wiping the skin with an antiseptic.

Experts do not recommend processing one site more than two to three times.

The use of the epilator in water significantly reduces pain

A special moment is the deep hair removal of the bikini zone with an epilator: how to do this, many girls do not even imagine. After all, the result should be not only of high quality, but also even.

In the photo. Differences between deep and classic bikini

With a “deep bikini”, beauties often leave a sex strip.

  • Visually mix the edges of the future design.
  • Attach the ruler first on one side. Take the hairs that are not falling under it with an epilator.
  • Repeat by creating a second straight line for a trimmer. Cut the strip evenly with scissors/trimmer.
  • Remove the extreme hairs not removed by the epilator.

Stage third: subsequent care

Epalator. The device is very insidious. It makes the hairs thinner and the skin above them is a little rude. As a result, new vegetation is not always able to break up and begins to grow.

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Regular peeling will help thin hairs break out and prevent their growing

A number of measures taken after the procedure will help prevent a growing thing:

HOW TO EPILATE USING THE BRAUN EPILATOR | Body hair removal. Is it worth it?

  • Use moisturizers/lotions. They will make the skin more softer.
  • Pilling regularly. You can do it a day after processing.
  • For the next few days, abandon synthetic underwear and tight trousers.
  • When an abscess or pimple occurs in no case, do not squeeze out and do not open it! Lubricate this place regularly with salicylic alcohol or make a lotion with dissolved aspirin.
  • If the hairs are still angry, steam the skin well and walk along it several times with a hard washcloth.

Note! Typically, professionals do not recommend extracting ingrown hairs with a needle and pulling them out with tweezers. But if this is the only way to put the skin in order, then first disinfect all the tools!

If the intimate area does not leave redness for a long time, make several herbal compresses.

Brew the chosen grass like tea, soak a bandage or gauze with liquid, squeeze and apply to the bikini zone. After 15-20 minutes, remove the compress, and lubricate the skin with a moisturizer. Products containing plant extracts and aloe juice are especially good.

Thanks to the epilator, you will not be afraid of a sudden trip to the sea!

How to choose an epilator for a bikini zone?

When choosing an epilator for the bikini zone, you should look at such features as:

  • The number of tweezers. For a procedure with minimal pain, it is better to choose a device with a lot of tweezers. The best option is 32-40 mini-pins;
  • The number of speeds. Most often on sale are models with two speed modes. You can also find devices with three working programs;
  • Type of power. The device can be battery or work from the network. The latter option is more convenient, since such a device can be taken with you on a trip;
  • Accessories. Extended equipment significantly increases the convenience of using the device. It is excellent if the set includes piling and massage;
  • Backlight. Makes the hair removal procedure much comfortable, but is not a mandatory requirement. Backlight models are usually more expensive.

Bikini epalator

The hair in the bikini zone is thick and hard, so shaving it should be carefully and correctly, in order to avoid growing. The correctly selected device will help minimize the risk of ingrown hair. Learn to carry out the procedure.

The following recommendations will help find the answer to the question of which device is better to choose:

  • It is recommended to pay attention to models with a moisture.Proof building. Such epilators allow you to shave hair directly under water, while taking a bath. When processing the bikini zone, the ability to epilate under water significantly reduces unpleasant sensations.
  • Manufacturers do everything possible to reduce the pain of the procedure, thereby increasing the demand for products. If the electric power plant caused less pain, it would have more fans. There are models equipped with cooling nozzles. They are best suited for delicate skin. Axillary depressions or bikini zones.
  • Another way to reduce unpleasant sensations when removing hair is an epulator with a massage nozzle. Thanks to the massage nozzle, blood circulation in the processed zone of the bikini improves, which means that pain is noticeably dulled and the skin is easier.

Epilators with a large number of tweezers should be equipped with a limiter, which will not allow the device to immediately tear out a large bundle of hair. It also helps to reduce discomfort when hair removal.

Standard set of homepilor.

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Some epilators are equipped with trimmers that are conveniently used when modeling an intimate hairstyle.

Methodology for using an epilator in the bikini zone

Cosmetologists experts assure that you can remove the hairline on the body with almost any way you like, excluding non.Tender areas of the face. But how to epilate the bikini zone? Not many women agree to carry out epilation of this kind. The fact is that:

The skin in the pubic and perineum is unusually thin and sensitive due to the large number of nerve endings located in this area. Vegetation in these places does not grow in one direction and causes all kinds of injuries and damage to prolonged discomfort.

Hair removal with an electric epilator delivers a lot of pain, and especially in the place of a deep bikini. If it is difficult for a woman to hair legs, then a bikini area is better to avoid. The pain will be unbearable.

A large number of ladies have irritation in the form of red dots, a burning sensation in these places, not negotiating for a long time. But the result will delight with smooth skin for several weeks.

Hair removal at home


Shaving is the most affordable method of getting rid of unwanted hair at home. Before using the razor, it is necessary to carefully process the hair area. To avoid irritation, it is recommended to use disinfectants, alcohol, lotion for skin processing, etc.D. After that, you should apply foam or shaving gel to the processed section. In case of their absence, you can use ordinary soap or shower gel. Using a razor, you can perform both a classic haircut of the bikini zone and process the deep bikini area. But be careful: it’s easy to cut a razor. In addition, after ordinary shaving, hair can grow into the skin. To avoid the total, more often use a body scrub.

It is noted that the male razor for depilation of the female body is much more convenient to use. In addition, her blades are better cut off unwanted hairs.

Cream for depilation

Modern girls can also choose for themselves a cream for depilation. It is applied to pre.Peeled skin and the time indicated in the instructions for use is waited. It is convenient to use the cream in the case when you need to remove all hair from the intimate area. To do this, apply the product only to the problem area, leaving a strip of hair without cream. After waiting for the required time, remove your hair with a special spatula. Depilation cream is well suited for the Brazilian bikini. Just choose a special tool for sensitive skin.


You can use an electric epalator to remove hair with a root. Choose a model equipped with special nozzles for sensitive skin. The hair removal procedure with an epilator is quite painful, especially in the intimate area. Therefore, it is best to treat the skin with painkillers before hair removal. For example, it can be a cooling lotion or pharmacy “Menovazin”.


Bioption. Hair removal using a special pulling mass, which is applied to the hair, and then removed along with the hairs. When creating such a mass, you can use vegetable oils and herbs.


Vaxing is called hair removal using cosmetic wax. So that wax hair removal does not leave an unpleasant sensation about yourself, use the skin painting in front of it


Shugaring (comes from the word “sugar”). This is hair removal with sugar (caramel) pasta. This method is successfully suitable for total hair removal, including the deep bikini zone. You can perform the procedure at home. And the use of natural components in the preparation of pasta makes it possible to use it almost everything without restrictions. Sugar hair removal is contraindicated only with allergies to the components of the recipe.

Make a paste for shugaring at home is not difficult. For her, take:

Mix all the ingredients. Put on small fire and bring to a boil. Then leave to boil the mixture until it acquires a caramel shade. Remove from heat. Pour into a comfortable dish and leave for cooling. After that, blind the ball from the resulting pull and ride it in problem places, pulling them out the hairs. Or apply caramel to a piece of fabric and, applying it to the hairs, sharply remove the strip along with unwanted vegetation.

You need to apply a sticky mixture against hair growth, and tear it off by hair growth. The plus of this procedure is simultaneous skin peeling, which allows you to subsequently avoid hair growth. Shugaring, Vaxing, shaving can also be used during pregnancy. Salon procedures. Photoepilation, laser hair removal, electro.Power. And a number of contraindications and are not recommended for chronic diseases.

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