Hair styling with a hair dryer and a round comb

Pro tip

Using a hair dryer-brush with a rotating nozzle is as easy as a regular one, if you take note of the following principles of laying:

  • Do not grab large strands at once, otherwise it will not turn out as originally planned.
  • The speed and temperature settings should be adjusted to suit your hair type and texture. For example, if you have thick hair, the minimum speed and temperature will not have any effect, but fine hair needs to be just right. We don’t want to do any damage to our hair.
  • To use a hair dryer with a spinning brush is quite simple. Once the hair has been coiled on the tool, it needs to be heated for a couple of seconds. The longer the strands are on the brush, the more lush the curls will be.
  • If your device has an ionization function, it means that the hair will look even more shiny, all because such a style seals the scales of hair.
  • If you’re the lucky owner of curls, you can’t do without a diffuser head.

Use a heat protectant and styling product before using a blow dryer with a twist brush. Gels and foams are good for strong hold. It is not recommended to use a brush daily, you need to let your hair rest, despite the protection from temperatures, the hair is still stressed. It remains to figure out what hair dryer-brushes are considered the best of the best.

7 Blow Drying Tips | Long Hairstyles


Today, many girls and women are faced with the fact that their hair looks rare and “liquid”. In this situation it is not usually a question of sufficient volume, and volume haircuts. the desire of most fashionable women of all ages. This problem can be solved by volumizing and fluffy hairstyles. In this case the lady will be helped by a hair dryer.

Thus, in order to achieve the desired volume, it is shown a great idea to use blow-dryers. These models are very easy to use, and they help you to achieve perfect results. But be sure to keep in mind that for the daily use of such a thing is not designed. it can seriously damage the curls in case of frequent use.

To make your hairstyle more lush and rich, you just need to twist the curls on the tip of the extended nozzle alternately. Do not forget that for such procedures the strands must be wet, otherwise there is no point in your actions. After that you can safely go to the second phase of this styling.

To fix the formed desired volume, you will need to treat the hair with varnish strong fixation or a special foam. If you do it right, then the result will be a very nice and bouffant hairstyle.

What kind of comb do you really need? Answer the expert

Round or massage comb? Plastic bristles or boar bristles? The hairdresser Vyacheslav Ryabokon explains the purposes and types of hair for which different types of combs are intended.

I have a bunch of combs of different shapes and sizes at home. Half (or more)?) I don’t use them at all, that’s why I have a question: either I don’t know how to make them, or they don’t suit me at all. To figure out what, who and for what, I talked to Vyacheslav Ryabokon, a leading trainer at Authentica. You can watch a recording of our live show on instagram.

The first thing Slava told me that everyone needs a comb: I do not believe in the speculation that if you do not comb your hair, it is less damaged. It loosens and massages your scalp, helps with styling and removes dead skin cells and loose hair. The main thing is to choose the right one.

For curly hair

Glory: If you have curls you need a comb with big, sparse teeth. Such a comb does not break the structure of curls and does not detangle the hair. It’s better to use it after showering A comb separates wet hair into strands and helps curls to get more defined curls.

Plastic or wooden comb. it’s up to you to decide. Wood is less electrifying and polished over time, but plastic combs can also be very handy. Other combs, including massage combs, are not good for curly hair. A tangly comb would also work, but on wet hair.

For afro-curls there are special combs with long metal teeth, using them to give a rounded shape to the hair.

For all other styles and hair types

Slava thinks it doesn’t make sense for everyone else to choose a comb by hair type, it doesn’t matter if it’s thick or thin, hard or soft. Instead, it’s about what kind of style you like and how you take care of your hair.

Detangle and comb through wet hair

The job of the TangleTeezer is to detangle your hair without damaging it. It’s safe to use on wet hair (including curly hair) right after showering. It’s also handy for styling frizz. If your hair gets really tangled, this is your masthead.

Slava: I have such a comb in my shower, I use it to comb through my hair and massage my head.

How To Use A Round Brush For Big Hair

Comb it, blow dry, and lightly straighten

The massage brushes come in rounded and rectangular shapes. They can be used for simple combing or for drying and slightly straightening hair by directing the airflow along the strand.

If you have straight hair, you can consider an easy everyday style ready. But if your hair is wavy and you want to pull it out, you’ll need a brushing brush.

Brush dry hair in the morning and before bedtime

A natural-bristle comb is a great all-rounder, but it works well with straight hair in particular. WHY? Usually used in the morning and evening to just brush through dry hair.

When choosing such a brush pay attention to the fact that the hairbrush has different lengths, shorter and longer. The dense bottom row polishes, the top and middle rows comb through and detangle.

Slava: Natural bristles close the hair cuticle and add shine. That’s the comb everyone needs.

Stretch, curl, polish

There are two kinds of round combs. the one with hard synthetic hair and the other one with natural bristles.

For fast styling, ceramic-backed brushes with synthetic hair are suitable

52mm hank 52 ceramic vented radial hairbrush, Evo

These combs are suitable for all hair types and work on the principle of a thermal blower. Teeth hold the strand on the comb, and the ceramic base heats the hair with a hair dryer.

Choose a brushing brush based on the length of your hair and the style you want:

For shine and gloss. a round comb with bristles

The bristles are the finishing touch to polish and add polish to your style. That is, first do the styling with a ceramic brushing brush, and then polish with a bristle brush.

This is especially good for those who want to perfectly pull out porous, curly hair. These combs are never used on wet hair, they should be 80% dry.

Bristle brushes come in different types, depending on the structure of the bristles. If the fleece is long and arranged in one row, the hair is likely to fall through and inhibit the movement of the comb. That is the comb will simply get stuck in.

Slava: I prefer combing combs with bristles of different lengths and density, they’re much more comfortable. The inner dense row keeps hair from falling through, the top one detangles and combed out.

Dry the roots and give volume

Skeleton (or nine-row) comb is a comb with the skeleton-like base and rigid, inflexible bristles. Masters in salons skillfully make it a volume in the vertical zone: they separate a strand, put the comb at the roots and blow through with a hair dryer against the hair growth. But it’s not convenient to work with such a comb alone, and some people complain that the hair gets tangled. If you also have not agreed with the skeleton, do not worry: the volume can be set and an ordinary massage brush.

Vyacheslav is a leading trainer of Authentica, as well as Hot Tools Professional and RCo brands, and an expert of the University “Shamelessly Talented.

Synopsis by

Though the majority of combs have metal backing, but you can also find models with wooden, ceramic or plastic backing.

The claws play an important role, as they are the ones that come into contact with your hair. Manufacturers make them from different materials. natural fleece, plastic or metal.

Models with a ceramic coating are used to create puffy hairstyles, as this coating is responsible for the even distribution of warm air.

If you have a curly hair, and you want to make a puffy style, but with straight strands, then it is worth buying a comb made of wood and with teeth from natural materials.

And now let’s take a closer look at what brushes are used for.

For hair styling we need a hair dryer, a hairbrush, hairdressing clips, spray or varnish. Clips can be replaced by any small plastic or rubber hairpins. The main thing is that they hold the strands without tearing the hair.

So, there are two ways to use a hair brush for styling hair with a hair dryer: straightening, curling curls. Let’s consider step by step the process of creating a hairstyle, and find out what the difference between the methods of styling.

  • It is desirable, but not obligatory, to put on makeup in front of the mirror. Check in advance if the length of the hair dryer cord is long enough to the place where you will stand during styling. Is there anywhere to put items. It may seem like a small thing, but in fact it not only takes time, but also affects the beauty of your hair.
  • Remember that any styling is only done on clean, slightly damp hair. So wash your hair and then towel dry it, and then blow-dry it either naturally or with a hair dryer. Don’t rush off and style your hair while it’s soaking wet as it will quickly lose its shape.
  • Lift the hair up and give it volume. We do this by drying the hair at the roots, picking up individual strands with a brush. We’ll start at the back of the head and gradually work our way up to the face.
  • Straighten up. Comb it out and then pull it down. Be sure to direct the air from the hair dryer from the roots to the tips. This way you get the scales in place and the hair is shiny and smooth.
  • Curl the strands into curls. It is clear that if the goal was to get straight strands, you should stop at the previous step. If not, take a brush of the right diameter, twist each strand on it in turn, and then dry it with a hair dryer.

What can you use instead of a brush?? If you have a proper skill you can temporarily use an ordinary comb or a comb. But it’s not only time-consuming, it can also make the process much more difficult. And if you can still straighten the strands with ordinary brushes, then get beautiful curls without a brushing is not possible. Of course you can use different stylers. irons or curling irons, but with the braddles the risk of damaging the hair is minimal.

Why I can’t get my hair straightened on a brush, and how do I do it??

Lena couldn’t get her hair done with a bradshank. It would frizz, tangle, and shorten, and everything would go wrong. Hair stylist Slava Ryabokon unraveled Lenina’s hair and problems.

Braiding my hair is a pain. Not figurative, but real. Hair gets tangled around the brush and tears, and it hurts. I’ve been watching hairdressers at work, watching videos on YouTube. It’s a minus 0. The problems begin at the first step, divide the hair into sections.

I gave up and turned to Slava Ryabkonya. the coolest master, lead trainer at Authentica and a hairstylist who, importantly, knows how to not only do it the right way, but also how to explain how to do it:) In a live Instagram post, we broke down the main rules and typical mistakes of styling on a brushing brush.

Wrong comb

When I was picking out a round comb about 8 years ago, I was just guided by the fact that I like big waves. Big waves = big brushing, right? Slava said that I overdid it: for big curls and full bodied volume you need a comb of medium diameter, 25-35 mm. A large brush with a diameter of 50-60 mm is for straightening and smoothing. And your comb is even bigger, it’s not comfortable to use such a huge comb, you’ll find another one?

hair, styling, dryer, comb

Well, Slava and I called ahead to rehearse, and I bought a smaller brush (even though it’s not very good).

If you have hair till/over your shoulders, Slava recommends 20 mm brushes for wavy style and 30-35 mm for straightening.

My combs don’t have a diameter, but the one on the left is a little shallow, the one in the middle is okay for straightening, and the one on the right is not okay, it’s too big. For curls you need something between the first and the second.

Mistake : your hair is still too wet

In my understanding a little wet is when you touch it and it’s not dry-) That is in summer in the city I would hardly go out with such hair.

But before the airing there was a problem: the hair had time to dry. I put a basin of water nearby to wet it when needed, but Slava slowed me down: Now it’s just as it should be.

Slava: Even hairdressers sometimes make this mistake. They start styling my hair when it’s still pretty wet. As a result you go over the strand with a brushing 1-2 times, but in fact you just dry it out, evaporate the excess moisture. Your style won’t have time to set. Plus, wet hair is more vulnerable, you’re just going to traumatize it.

Hair is ready to be styled when it looks dry. It feels almost the same.

Mistake : the thickness and width of the strand is wrong

Glory: The first time you get into a new machine, you have to get used to the dimensions, right? It’s the same with the comb. Turn the comb sideways and judge the size of the comb in diameter. Now look sideways at your strand. It should be about the same thickness as the comb. If the strand is thinner, you’ll have trouble holding the tension.

The second important thing to consider is the width of the strand. It shouldn’t be bigger than the working surface of the comb where the bristles are. If you see that part doesn’t fit, remove the excess around the edges.

This strand is too wide, the hair doesn’t fit sideways.

Mistake : you’re overthinking when you divide the hair into sections

I just don’t have the patience to do 12-15 strands! First the lower ones, then the ones in the middle and at the top. And the hair that’s pinned at the top gets out from under the pins and falls apart and gets in the way. The strands that are already done and the ones that aren’t, they get tangled up with each other. If you still have to measure the width of each one, I’m ready to give up without a fight.

Glory: Patience! No one, trust me, measures the width of the strands every morning. You’ll know how to intuitively pick the right size section. There are eight of them: two on the top, two on the left, two on the right and two more on the back. That’s how you go about it.

Start by placing your index fingers on the temples and move them toward each other as if you were drawing a triangle. This is the first strand. When you’ve arranged it, draw another triangle behind it, on the crown, and that’s the second strand.

Pin two stacked strands with a clamp at forehead level to the side to keep the hair out of your eyes. Pin on the right side and move to the left side section. Moving the clamp to the left proceeds to the right side.

Now the side section. It too must be divided into two strands. Put your finger behind your ear and run it vertically up toward the top of your head. Anything in front of that border is the first strand. The same mass of hair behind it is the second.

At the end it will be necessary to arrange the hair at the back of the head. This will be easy, because the strands on the top and sides are ready, and you won’t mix them up with the section at the back.

Mistake: You don’t brush the strand before pulling it out with the brushing

Glory: If there are any knots left in the hair, the brushing will slow down and pull them out. Brushing once with a massage brush or Tangle Teezer is not enough. Just before you can style the strand, you have to comb through it one more time with the brushing. If your hair is porous and easily tangled twice.

Mistake : you are twisting the hair on the comb as if it were on a curler

Glory: Take the comb in your working hand (right hand if you’re right-handed), with your hair dryer in the other. Prepare for the right hand to have a lot of work to do, and the left hand, with the hair dryer, practically resting.

Step 1. Put the brush behind the strand and bring it as close to the roots as possible.

Step 2. Place a strand on top of it. (No need to wrap it around the comb!)

The same rule applies if you’re working on the side section. Do not curl the strand on the comb like you would curl it on a curling iron. Just lightly swing the tip of the strand like this:

Hold this position and blow on the hairbrush for 5-7 seconds to dry the roots. You can wiggle it (the hair dryer) up and down.

Step 3. Slide the comb along the strand, moving closer and closer to the tips of the hair.

Check where the hair dryer blows: the airflow should not point at the comb, but rather tangentially. Use the brush to polish the hair and close the cuticle.

If you direct the airflow into the center of the comb, you’ll blow the fuzz out. Don’t do it like this:

Step 4. When you feel the tips of your hair about to slip and fall, spin the brushing brush around its axis a few times. The hand is motionless, only the fingers work. You move it around so that the handle of the comb rotates like a wheel.

Step 5. Take the strand off the hairbrush. You can do this on a whim, but a pro would do a circular rotation with the hand. (Remember the warm-up in gym class?) Then the strand slides off by itself and the curl, which has not yet cooled (and therefore not fixed), will not unravel.

Slava: The golden rule of styling with a brushing brush: go over each strand three times. Think of it as the first time you dry it. The second time, you shape it. In the third, you fix the style.

Mistake: You’re pulling the wrong strand

You don’t have to scoot your hands up, pull them sideways, or anywhere else. As the comb slides along the strand, extend your hand. and the strand. forward, toward the face.

It’s comfortable and makes your hands less tired. And the volume at the roots won’t be affected.

While styling the hair at the back of the head, turn your face slightly sideways (as if you were going to take a three-quarter angle selfie). And in the same way, pull the strand forward, right in front of you.

What else is important to know about using a brushing brush?

If there is a groove at the junction, it will cause hairs to get stuck. You have to pull them out of this trap so you don’t tear them out.

It depends: according to Slava, devices with a rotating round brush are suitable for smoothing and combating protruding fluff. They can curl the ends slightly, but you can’t make curls like that. Gadgets with a stationary brush are more versatile.

Too much pressure will blow individual hairs out of the strand.

Twist the hand that holds the comb clockwise. This will loosen the tension in your hair and the brush will continue to glide.

Don’t sweat it, it’s because it’s thinning towards the ends. Accordingly, the tension is released, and the comb seems to jump down. Work through the same strand again and you’ll be fine.

Glory says this happens even to hairdressers, they just pick up the same strand very quickly with a blow dryer. This, by the way, creates a juggling effect. Over time you’ll also get the hang of picking up the strand and keeping it in place.

The tighter the hold, the more likely the breakage. Crabs and crocodiles are not suitable. Use clips without ribbed surface.

Top 10 best hair dryer-brushes for hair styling: rating 2020-2021 and what device should choose customer reviews

Hair care their styling, combing, curling, drying. an integral part of the daily routine of many women. A variety of tools, instruments, devices are used for this. With their help, the fair sex gives the appearance of an even greater attractiveness, elegance, charm.

A huge popularity among devices for hair styling win hair dryers with a nozzle in the form of a round comb, which when turned on comes into action and begins to rotate. But their wide range can be confusing for women. To make the purchase was easy and there were no questions, which hair dryer-brush with a rotating nozzle is better, we offer you the models that have received the highest positive ratings from users.

Hair styling with a hair dryer and a brush: a master class

How to do yourself a simple daytime styling-brushing at home and where to learn how to do it? Julia went to Brush Salon School, where everyone will learn how to use a hair dryer and brush. Recall that Lena Korenkova also went there to learn how to make curls. But if curls are still an option not for every day, but for the mood, then styling with a blow dryer and a brushing brush is the most basic thing you should always. So I acted pragmatically and went to Brush to learn exactly her. Especially since Alex Contier cut my hair, I always need to style.

As you can see, at the time of this shoot I had grown a lot of hair.) Which made me happy, because it was getting harder and harder to style it, especially with my clumsy hands.

First master Olga Degtyareva. Who leads these master classes in Brush, washes my hair, while advising me to do it with a single line.

The next step is to dry everything well with a hair dryer, first applying a spray for volume.

After all, our task is to pull out with the help of brushing hair, giving them the desired shape, but without killing the root volume.

Blow-drying hair with the head also works for added volume.

hair, styling, dryer, comb

The blow drying also has its own tricks. For example, you should blow on your head with a hair dryer while holding it over your head, not from the side or bottom. You can use your fingers or a comb to comb through your hair. If you blow too much sideways, not along the growth of the hair, the scales will not close and the hair, although dry, will lose its shine.

It is important to let hair dry until the end before styling it. When they’re hot, it’s not immediately obvious. So you can either turn off the blow dryer and wait for them to cool down a bit to see if you need to dry further, or turn on the cold blast in the blow dryer will also become obvious.

Now the goal is to keep at least a little bit of that volume while styling.)

Simply use your fingers to run two parallel braids upwards from about the tips of your eyebrows to separate the central part of the hair from the side strands. Pinning them so they don’t get in the way (when pinning, try not to make a ponytail back, and lift the hair and fix them in such a way that they don’t lose volume). It’s best not to make the parting area any wider than your brushing brush, otherwise it will snag the excess, tearing the hair and causing you pain.

We divide the side areas into two rectangles one before the ear (divide with your finger straight up from the ear, leading it over the skin), the other after. Pin the strands that aren’t needed yet so they don’t get in the way.

Photo for all who have asked where it is that my hair falls out. There they are, my bald spots

Now the hair dryer and the brush in your hands is a duet and a dance of love, which should happen in tune with each other, poetically says Olga. Oooh, I think, figuring out how best and most comfortable to pick them up. Properly holding a hair dryer and brush for brushing is very important. You should move them both in the same direction at the same time and along the hair’s growth (otherwise the shine is lost). If the right hand somehow still accustomed, then with the left there are problems. The master advises beginners to try first, without turning on the hair dryer, just to understand how you are more comfortable.

Next: separate the strand, twist it on the brush, placing it tightly on the head. We then lift it up slightly, scratching the skin even slightly. This will help maintain the volume at the root and avoid breakage during styling. We put the hair dryer on the brush so the scales are not lifted, and on the contrary smoothed, in a downward direction. We turn on the hair dryer and move it with the brush along the strand, at the end just a little twist the tips of the brush and let go.

We can go over the strand several times. If you are happy with it we leave it, if not we can go from the middle to the tips.

Important! To lead the strand with a brush and hair dryer is not forward, not backward, but straight out to the side of the head. Otherwise it will curl in the wrong place and lose its volume.

And so, after some hassle, I already have a more decent look. In the process I realize how important it is to have a comfortable hair dryer that is not heavy, not too big, can be turned around a lot and has all the right buttons in all the right places. In the process of styling my hair right and left, I change a couple of hair dryers from the ones I have in the salon before adjusting.

A word of advice: if you want to use the hair on the left side, put the hair dryer in your left hand and the hairbrush in your right hand, otherwise it will be hard to hold the hair dryer.

Another tip: you can first heat the brush with a hair dryer, and then use one to additionally lay down the strand already a little worked out. This might be easier for beginners.

The hair in the center section is the last one to go. The principle is the same Cut off a strand on the crown not wider than a brush, twisted on a brush, lifted it a little and moved together with a hair dryer on the strand. It is important in this case to lead clearly upwards. If you take it to the side, the strand will curl to the same side and stick out the back. You can overlap it with another strand that you take away to the opposite side, but only if there is room for maneuver and it is not the uppermost hair.

hair, styling, dryer, comb

It’s important to hold the hot strand over your head for a bit, and not to let it go right away so you don’t lose volume. Then the hair of the center part spreads itself to the sides of the head.

A separate trick with bangs or the very front strand of hair, over the forehead. It should not lead up, and forward (as in the photo) at an angle of 45 degrees then it will lay nice. And: it’s not a common problem to have the right hair facing away from your face and the left hair facing away from your face (like I have here for example). That is: we put the brush on the strand, lift it up a little, move it with the hair dryer and let it fall to the edges of the head. Like this:

I’m worried about how to do the same for girls with long hair, after all, not for nothing, many accelerate hair growth to do long styles? It turns out that just there, where you can’t reach the strand with your hands any more, you twist the ends with a brush and get a little twisted curls.

At the same time I’m starting to dream of a silent hairdryer. Why hasn’t anyone invented it yet??!

Now, when everything is satisfied, it is possible to fix the result with lacquer. “Take any professional nail polish you like,” says Olga. You have to go not only on the surface, but also on the inside. So first we spray the whole mop on top. Then we tilt our head and spray on the lower hair.

Waiting for it to dry. We make a cloud of varnish and dive into it.)

Then we shake it a little with our hands and voila! It’s done.

The result is quite natural, perhaps not the most perfect (I still have a lot to work on.), but a do-it-yourself style.

Now it only remains to send a request into space to the developers of a quiet, lightweight and preferably miniature hair dryer without a cord at all.) Which would also fly around our heads. Then my life will be a fairy tale)

By the way, brushes for brushing, if you do not have one at home, you can buy right there, in the salon (I took one home it is necessary to train). The variant as I have Olga considers the most universal you can do both braids, and long hair, and stretch the strands, and twist them.

I’ve found this class to be one of the most helpful of all I’ve encountered on this subject. The basics of basics, which all hairdressers know.) The master helps to set the hand, explains the smallest details of movement, shows where you make a mistake and what the result is in the styling (and how to avoid it). The main thing is not to be afraid and do-do-do.).

HOW TO USE A HAIR DRYER | Blowdrying Tutorial | Men’s Hairstyle Tutorial 2019

Individual lesson. 4500.

Master classes in groups are held mostly on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (as a group).

Rating of popular models

In the market there are many models of stylers, represented by both well-known brands and unpopular companies. In this review we propose to get acquainted with the top models that meet all the requirements of the fair sex.

Philips HP8664 Volumebrush

Powerful enough and stylish unit that comes with 2 nozzles. It features natural bristles for effective men’s hair growth. The presence of an automatic nozzle rotation system contributes to the best straightening of unruly curls and the creation of curly hairstyles. Ionization system provides your hair with extra shine, makes it smooth and removes static tension.

An additional accessory is the loop, thanks to which the device can be hung on the wall, instead of leaving it on the shelf in the bathroom. The ergonomic shape of the device fits comfortably in your hand. The Philips HP8664 Volumebrush is ideal for all hair lengths.

Moser 4350-0050

Quite a popular model that has a presentable appearance. Removable back grid facilitates cleaning of the device. This styler is easy to use. The original shape of the handle fits comfortably in your hand. Ionization ensures the shine and smoothness of the curls. Comes with nozzles with tourmaline coating. It has a positive effect on the hair structure. The only disadvantage is the glossy surface of the device, which quickly gets dirty and loses its original beauty.

Panasonic EH-KA22

This model is notable for its modest design and ease of use. The product is suitable for everyday curls drying and styling.

Rotating cord allows you to comfortably spend time in front of the mirror, doing various manipulations with the hair.

The set includes a concentrator nozzle with a tapered nozzle. To give volume to the hair will direct air currents to the root part of the curls.

Ga-ma turbo ion-cx (GH0102)

A miniature model with a wide range of functions. The styler is able to create unique styles in just a few minutes. The device kit includes several interesting attachments that allow you to create a masterpiece on your head. The device has a function as a curler, straightener and hair dryer.

The design is distinguished by a modern design. Its black color is perfectly complemented by the red inserts. The owners of this device say that in spite of its low cost, they got a quality device that meets the requirements of beauty salons.

Supra PHS-2050N

This model is endowed with a durable body, not amenable to mechanical stress. On the whole surface of the device there are no pictures and images, there is only the name of the manufacturer on the handle. The creator considered this design as the most advantageous and was absolutely right. Women are very happy to buy this device for home use.

The device is able to deliver cold air, but the product does not have the ionization function. Two speeds allow you to create a unique style in a short period of time. The advantages of Supra PHS-2050N is easy operation, low cost and quality. The disadvantages include low power and lack of case.

Dyson Airwrap

The perfect tool for different hair types. It easily straightens curls and creates volume. Thanks to the coanda effect styler is able to create a style without additional heating curls. The product package includes 6 nozzles, among which the soft brush to straighten hair and round brush to lift curls are widely in demand.

Maxwell MW-2301

The perfect tool for home use.

Dimensions of the styler presented compact.

The ergonomic handle is comfortable in the hand. Due to the presence of several modes of operation, each representative of the fair sex will be able to choose the appropriate way of styling.

Thanks to this unit, you can dry your hair and curl it at the same time.

With a hair dryer brush Maxwell MW-2301 significantly reduces the time to create stylish styling.


This styler has a beautiful and concise design in white and black colors. Handle design is very handy, there is an expansion at the tip. The control buttons are located on the outside of the case. While using the device is very convenient for a woman to switch modes and change the air flow rate. This is quite a powerful device, which has many additional functions. For example, cold air and ionization.

Automatic rotation of the nozzles allows you to create a unique volume, starting from the root zone and ending with the tips of curls. This styler is plugged in. In the kit is present 2 nozzles. The indisputable advantage of this product is the high quality of assembly.

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