Hair styling with a hair dryer on short hair

Ways to style short hair to always be on trend

Short haircuts became a trend this year. It is chosen not only by young modern fashionistas, but also by mature ladies after 50 years. It is generally accepted that the short haircut does not allow you to change your image, and involves only one type of styling. In fact, stylists offer countless hairstyles for different lengths of short haircuts. In this material, we will tell you what the most popular styles exist for haircuts on short hair.

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Quick tips on how to style short hair for a stylish look

No one disputes that short haircuts are convenient and practical. And also they are easy to style. At least, so it seems, when the styling is done by a master. But styling a short haircut at home sometimes causes difficulties. Tip a few tricks how to style short hair at home as beautiful as in the salon.

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Pros and cons

Short haircuts made with the help of an iron have many important advantages.

  • Does not take too much time. Styling, made with a flat iron, is one of the easiest and fastest ways to hairstyle.
  • Keeps hair long. The effect can be enhanced by using special fixing sprays and gels.
  • Convenient to use. Irons are compact. They can be taken on the road.

This kind of styling has some disadvantages.

  • Damage to your hair. Even in gentle mode, such a tool can severely damage the strands because of too high temperature. Therefore, it is periodically recommended to treat the hair with special oils and make masks.
  • The use of additional heat protectant beforehand. For the most weakened and brittle hair. Otherwise during the first treatment strands can become brittle.

How to style short hair at home: methods and tools, stylist tips with photos

Now we can safely say that short hair. it’s fashionable. Celebrities one after another cut their long hair and make a choice in favor of short haircuts. Today, many women are following this trend. But many people are still hesitant to get their hair cut just because it’s not easy to style. It’s really not as hard as it looks.

The first thing you need to do. put aside curlers and round combs. You can use your own fingers in almost any situation. You can also use a regular, flat-bristled brush and you can use that when you blow-dry your hair.

Now let’s break down the key tips that suggest we use stylists. How to style a short haircut?

Longer lasting styles at home or in the salon

A permanent updo (or perms) is only possible with hair lengths of 10 cm or more. In the salon, such a procedure will be done without damaging either the scalp or the main parts of the hair. In the process of styling, as a rule, on a par with chemistry, professional protective products are used. They, if desired, can be purchased in specialized stores and curl at home.

But you will need to carefully study all the instructions and follow all the precautions, like:

  • Control the time, so as not to overdo the aggressive product on the head.
  • Listen to your condition and stop the procedure in case of burning, irritation or pain.
  • Test for allergies before the procedure.

It is better to refrain from perming, if the condition of hair can be characterized as “below average” (too dry, brittle, weakened)

Hair styling for short hair: haircuts pixie, bob and carre

Brighter women are increasingly opting for shorter haircuts. After all, they allow you to express their individuality and emphasize the natural beauty of its owner. Naturally, no short haircut will look “right” if it is not styled.

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With the right style it is possible to create different styles with the same haircut: “romantic”, “rebel”, “coquette” and many others.

Evening styling

Many beautiful hairstyles can be done at home.

Hollywood curls

For a chic and uncomplicated style you can use:

Allow the hair to dry. Comb out and part the sides. Curl small locks on one side. Apply thermal protection before using a curling iron. Then we form curls.

Curly curls need careful brushing. You get a nice straight wave. Every curve is pinned with hairpins. Spray nail polish. After a certain amount of time, the fishnets should be removed.

Medium caret

Apply gel to clean, wet, straight hair and foam to wavy hair. Start blow-drying by wrinkling the strands with your hands to create curls. Curly hair is better dried with a diffuser. You’ll have a slightly battered, sassy and sexy hairstyle.


This variation is more suitable for girls with an oval face. Stylize and flatten backwards. Align the front parting and apply hairspray.

Romantic curls

These curls will be appropriate not only for a party or holiday, but also for work in the office. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t require any volume. To make light curls, use curlers.

The bouquet

Great for any celebration. It looks cute and neat. The bunch is made of slightly wavy hair and gathered with the help of small elastic bands and decorative pins.


A headband will be needed. To make the hairstyle voluminous, it is better to curl small curls. Put a headband on your head and start separating strands left and right and tucking them under the headband. All hair should be put under it. Front thin strands can be detangled.


Slick back the back of the head to create more volume. Curl light curls with a curling iron, then apply varnish. Shake and muss your hair for a bold style.

If the haircut is asymmetrical, it is better to leave it flat and smooth and also fix it with hairspray.

With curls

Curls can be curled with a curler, iron or a curling iron. Use a heat protectant spray. Gently smooth out the locks. Consolidate the rack with hairspray. To keep the curls from sticking together while you style your hair, alternate the direction of the curls.

Classic with straight hair

Apply mousse to dry hair. Spread it out from the roots to the ends. Allow to dry. Once dry, take a curling iron and start pulling small strands out from the root to the end.

How to style short hair after washing it

The best and easiest way for short hair is with a chaotic, pretty cape.

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It’s not time consuming, but it looks incredibly stylish and sleek. In addition, it will suit any image, both a business meeting and a romantic stroll.

  • Hair should be thoroughly washed with shampoo and hair conditioner.
  • Without brushing your hair, apply some wax or hair mousse and use your fingers to create a chaotic hedgehog so that the top strands stick up. Dry your hair with a hair dryer.
  • As a finishing touch the hair should be secured with a high fade varnish.

When creating a styling on short hair, you should take into account some features:

  • Brunettes should be very careful when using a hair wax, just as blondes should be careful when using gel. Excessive application of these modeling agents can lead to negative results, hair will begin to look dirty and untidy.
  • When using conditioner or conditioner-hair conditioner is not necessary to apply it to the roots of the hair, otherwise you will deprive it of its natural volume.
  • Securing the result varnish should match the type of your laying. In the case of chaotic styles, it is better to use a strong fixing agent, for other options will suit the classic styling spray.

Quick laying

If you do not have much time to style your hair, and you just need to look beautiful, you can do a quick styling, which will take no more than 5 minutes. It is perfectly suited for owners of a classic haircut. Before you can style a short haircut, it is necessary to prepare all the necessary tools and styling products. Need to have in your home arsenal of hair dryer, round brush and mousse for volume.

Even if you have a minimum amount of free time you can arrange your hair in order, you only need to look beautiful and well-groomed. How to lay a carriage, not every woman knows. Therefore it is better to borrow the stages of laying from the experience of professionals. To make it look stylish and spectacular, it is worth adhering to the following recommendations:

  • Shampoo with volume shampoo.
  • Spray a little foam on lightly towel-dried strands.
  • Fluff up hair with your fingers, giving it a frizzy look.
  • Push your head down and blow dry hair from root to tip.
  • Then dry hair is styled by hand without using a comb.
  • Finish off the style with polish.

Avoid applying too much product. Otherwise, you can lose the highlight of the entire paving. sloppiness. A quick style not only saves valuable morning time before heading out the door, but also makes the look very stylish. Slightly sloppy hairstyles and outfits are at the peak of their popularity.

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