Half loading in the Bosch dishwasher

Disadvantages of dishwashers

In addition to the positive qualities of dishwashers, they also have disadvantages to consider when using them:

  • The abrasive added to machine detergents will gradually wash away the gilding and patterns on dishes;
  • too large a dishwasher, bought without regard to family composition, will be used less often, waiting to be filled, which causes unpleasant odor in the kitchen;
  • The heating element, which is used to heat water, as well as in other heating devices is subject to deterioration due to the accumulation of salt deposits, as a result of the machine will not be able to perform its functions;
  • Not all modern dishes can be washed in the dishwasher (for example, Teflon pans lose their quality after 2-3 washes because the surface integrity is damaged);
  • The dishwasher should be cleaned periodically using special caustic capsules in “self-cleaning” mode, the filters and pumps should be changed and cleaned;
  • not all types of dirt can be removed in the dishwasher and stale, fried food items from pots and pans cannot be removed.
  • The machine must not be dried out under any circumstances, because this would compromise the airtightness of the machine. к. The rubbers and gaskets in it can dry out. We thereby compromise the hermetic sealing. Therefore, it is not necessary to keep the machine door open.

On the details of the Bosch dishwasher.

Pluses and minuses of the option

The advantages of using the “½” mode include:

  • tangible resource savings;
  • reduction of detergent consumption;
  • Reduced duration of the working program;
  • No need to store dirty dishes inside the chamber until the necessary volume is accumulated.

The only disadvantage of halfloading is use of tablets for automatic dishwasher. The thing is that they are designed for a long washing cycle. The agent does not have time to dissolve properly in a short period of time. Some users advise splitting the tablet in half or switching to easily dispensed powders.

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How to prepare the dishes for washing in the Bosh machine

Before you send the dishes to the dishwasher, it is worth removing the remains of food from them, then fold them compactly, but so as not to obstruct the free passage of water.

Do not wash wooden, antique dishes, copper, tin, bronze items in the machine, because under the influence of detergents and high temperatures they can tarnish, lose their shape and deteriorate.

For user convenience, many sections in Bosh models can be moved to the desired level. If the function of adjusting the shelves is provided, it is worth exposing the upper section to the optimal position.

Care and operation instructions

To extend the life of the model, you need to ensure proper care of the appliance. Keep the hopper door open after a washing session. Moisture will evaporate quickly from the appliance. This is a preventive measure against the appearance of mold.

The appliance basket should not be cleaned with aggressive chemicals.

The rubber gasket, located on the door, should be regularly wiped with a dry sponge. After each use of the appliance, the outer surface should be wiped with a damp cloth.

Compact dishwashers Bosch: rating of the best models 2018-2019

Household appliances of all kinds have long been a faithful helper for housewives, freeing them from most of their daily worries. The Bosch compact dishwashers, which can find a place even in a tiny kitchen, will help to cope with a pile of dirty dishes.

Though these devices have small dimensions, they show high class of dish processing and reliable service life. We’ll tell you how to choose the best model for you from the wide range of well-known manufacturers. We will acquaint you with the leaders of sales, actively demanded by consumers.

Pros and cons

When you know what the half-wash function means, it is worth finding out whether you need this addition. The clearly outlined advantages of the option will help you in this:

  • Significantly reduces the consumption of water;
  • Contributes to economical consumption of energy resources;
  • shortens the cycle time;
  • Allows you to wash small portions of dishes without accumulating piles of unwashed plates.

Speaking of disadvantages, the objective disadvantages include only one. the difficulty of using capsules or tablets 3 in 1. Such products are designed for a full cycle and may not have time to dissolve, so you will have to divide the tablets in two or use other cleaning compositions. powders or liquids.

And yet, who is suitable for a machine with half option? First of all, for those users who are used to wash dishes while they are still fresh, without letting the remains of food dry out, and the hopper in the evening filled with an overabundance of dirty plates and utensils. If you have a large family and the baskets are always filled to the brim, the mode is likely to remain unused and you’ll waste your money on such a feature.

Hansa ZWM 606 IH

Another German with not less ample functionality.

Type, installation Full-size, free-standing
How many sets it can hold 12
Energy efficiency classes, washing, drying A, A, A
Control Electronics
Child lock
Water consumption per cycle, liters 12
Maximum power consumption, kW 1,93
Noise level, dB 49
Programs 6
Temperature modes 5
Type of drying condensing
Dimensions, WxHxH, cm 60x55x85
Weight, kg 47
Cost, rubles From 19 005

Rules for loading dishes

In order to obtain a high washing quality and avoid damages, the washing machine must be loaded correctly. The working area of the Electrolux dishwasher has several compartments for certain types of dishes. The lower basket is provided for large objects such as pots, pans and large plates. The upper basket is then filled with cups and small cutlery (forks, spoons, knives). Delicate items (e.g. glasses, faora) should be washed separately. All kitchen utensils in the dishwasher must be secured in place before use; the inner compartments are equipped with holders for this purpose.

Do not overload the machine under any circumstances. The instructions usually specify the maximum number of items that can be loaded per wash cycle, and these must not obstruct the door opening. Remove any coarse traces of food from the dishes before loading them. Do not put in the dishwasher Electrolux such items: rusty dishes and products made of tin, copper, silver, aluminum; dishes made of wood or with wooden elements, devices contaminated with paint, wax and ash; antique faor and fine crystal.

Auto mode in a Bosch dishwasher

Bosch dishwashers have quite a few different modes in their arsenal. Some of them are only found on a couple of models, and some are constant and built into every model. Among the latter is the Auto mode in the Bosch dishwasher. What it is and what you use it for? Let’s try to understand.

How to Load a Dishwasher/Dishwasher Loading Tips by Bosch Home Appliances

What is a half load dishwasher

When buying a dishwasher, people are often faced with salespeople who praise the appliance and mention the half-load function. In a big flow of information, the consumer does not fully understand what this function is, how it works and whether he needs it. With all these questions it is better to understand beforehand, than regret the purchase. Let’s talk about everything in order.

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