Half loading in the dishwasher HotPoint Ariston

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Built-in dishwasher HotPoint-Ariston LST 11477. review

As my husband says, technology and woman are incompatible!! Practice shows that he is right, t.to my hands, breakdowns are more often than in his.

Every year I present surprises, and sometimes I break the technique so that it is not subject to restoration.

  • Only I could think of including a hung tablet in a laptop, and not connect the charger, after which I only survived the laptop, and the tablet never gave any signs of life again!!
  • Only I could pour the phone with juice and turn on the wet phone to charge, after which the phone died!!
  • Only in my hands could the blender melt and fall apart on the first day of operation!

Husband. Joking, says that I need to write a book on how you can’t use the technique !!

Buying a dishwasher was the purpose of the necessary, t.K, after exacerbation of allergies to detergents, I had to regularly visit a dermatologist, take tests, give injections and buy expensive creams. What I didn’t really want to waste time and money! For the sake of the dishwasher, they even completely made a rearrangement in the kitchen, there was little space for it, so I needed a narrow compact dishwasher. The choice fell on the built.in model HotPoint-Ariston LST 11477.

HotPoint-Ariston represents a new level of care of the house and family. HotPoint-arrested vehicles are distinguished by ergonomics, low noise during operation, safety, they are easy to operate and provide you and your family with a high level of comfort.The dishwasher LST 11477 contains up to 10 sets of dishes and has 4 sink programs.

We bought it exactly 2 years ago for 15 thousand At the moment, such a model is sold out and practically does not occur, but there are models are more advanced and 2 times more expensive. Seeing the price tag on them this year, I finally read the instructions for operation to the end, just in case. Now I will be even more careful about her!!

Its main characteristics:

Energy consumption class: Arakhokka: Alass drying: Aenergon consumption with a standard sink cycle (KW): 1.01 Exhibition of water with a standard sink cycle (l): 10.0 level noise (DCB): 53.0 surveillance (set.): 10 programmarks of programs: 4.intensified Moikaccation Mining functions of the ANSTRUCTION ANSUMENTION OF THE SOLIO CHARACTIMODED: Built.in system of adjustment of the upper basket: Standardremovable Cutlery Basketnic Holder for SIG SigzmysmysmyshHHHV (cm): 44.5 x 57.0 x 82wash (kg): 27.0

Tips, how you can’t use a dishwasher based on a two.year experience!!

You do not need to think that the cleanliness of your dishes depends only on the purchased washing agent, if you do not follow the rules written in the instructions, then even the most expensive remedy will not help.

Instructions must always be read consciously, carefully, not missing more than one page, because they will not write too much there.

Personally, I do not like to read such instructions, I read between the lines or when I strongly mentally. I prefer to know in practice, along the way!! You can’t do this.

Section “Installation” let us pass, let the husband do this, go immediately to the description and operation process.

We study in detail the contents of the machine, which includes:

We study how the baskets are loaded correctly.

The basket for cutlery is installed not where I wanted, but in the drawing.

Its cleanliness will depend on the correct loading of the dishes. It happens that in the process of washing, the cups turn over, as a result we get a dirty fat cup filled with water. And all this fat flows on top to clean dishes. Therefore, the dishes must be folded so that it is motionless.

What dishes I will no longer wash in the dishwasher!?

  • Dishes with aluminum coating, under high temperature, the dishes blackens and the coating is leaning. You can’t cook food in such utensil. So I ruined the cauldron and threw out the garlic.
  • Plastic dishes. Lost the shape of a bowl from Ikei and melted a little.

There are already many for 2 years, which has deteriorated

Check the presence of salt in a tank that removes lime from the water.Even if I use 5 in 1 tablets, I fall asleep too

Built-in dishwasher HotPoint-Ariston LST 216 A/HA. review

Each of my reviews. These are goods checked by time. I never write a review for probes, or electrical engineering, which I have been using for a long time. All my reviews. This is a thoughtful text based on personal experience. Usually, before writing each new review, I am preparing for several days, namely: think about what to write about the product is the most interesting and important, take photos if necessary. Several day experiments, and only then I publish a review. And a review about the dishwasher. not an exception. Preparation for this review took about a month. Therefore, I hope that it will be useful and most effective as possible.

Why exactly HotPoint-Ariston LST 216A?

What to take into account when planning a kitchen?

I have been married for many years, and despite the almost perfect order in the house, in the kitchen, due to a categorical, it is not the desire to wash the dishes immediately after eating I had chaos. All day my husband and I put the dishes in the sink (or next to it), and in the morning of the next day I turned on the TV and began to wash it. It took me about 40 minutes daily. And with the advent of little happiness, there was very little time, and it often happened that she was already rushing the dishes already under the indignant whims of this little man.

And then one day we accidentally got “extra” several thousand. The husband says:

Honestly admit, until the last moment I thought he was joking. And when he realized that he was very serious, she began to doubt whether it was worth throwing such a large amount of money for equipment, without which each family in my environment copes. And at first they made fun of me from the series that I am a lazy person. But soon all my loved ones and relatives, evaluating, looking at me, all the advantages, also bought home.

Why exactly HotPoint-Ariston LST 216 A?

Firstly, in the most important ones, the budget was limited, so Bosh, Simes and this were not considered.

Secondly, despite the fact that at that time my kitchen was completely ordinary, I chose only from built-in dishwashers (even then I thought that someday it would still be built into the place, and before this time will stand somewhere nearby)

Thirdly, at that time I did not know if I would use pills or powders, so I chose that the machine would perceive the 5 in 1 tablet system (but when operating I quickly realized that I would use powders, since it is much cheaper, and washing better. ).

Fourthly, the sizes considered by me were only 45 cm. Since the kitchen is relatively not large, and the extra 15 centimeters for a 60cm machine subsequently, when building a kitchen, it may not be (by the way, it turned out: with a PPM of 60cm, it would simply not fit into my future kitchen). After many years, there are already four of us, and the size of 45cm is enough for us. Sometimes (rarely) it happens that I start the machine 2 times a day, but most often I run 1 time.

First, there is no screen. It is required extremely rarely, and I know how long the washing of each mode lasts. But to seize the start time, calculate and remember the end time of the selected regime. not the most convenient activity (I don’t look, it’s not difficult. But you do not always remember to look at the time of the launch, especially when you still do not know that you will need the expectation of the end of the sink).

Secondly, the upper tier changes a height of.5 cm, but this happens very uncomfortable, especially with a filled top (this happens already at the time of half filled with PPM, when something large has to be placed up or down).

  • Two tiers
  • Mobile upper tier
  • simple and intuitive management
  • Saving water (unlike manual washing)
  • At least the time spent on washing dishes
  • the dishes come out dry, and can immediately be placed in the closet
  • you do not need a cabinet with drying, which takes an extra place
  • Transparent dishes are perfectly transparent, without divorces
  • Quiet

At the moment Cost 25,000r

How to place PPM in a regular kitchen?

So, as I already said, when I bought a dishwasher, there was no place for embedding for it. At first it stood separately from the kitchen set (the benefit of the sewer pipe and water supply from plastic. Therefore, they moved as it wanted the soul), but in the end she took her personal place in the kitchen. We removed one box, removed the countertop from a neighboring box, bought a common countertop 80cm (albeit a different color), and so we lived for a long time. In the process of moving the PPM in the kitchen, she took her most convenient place for me (and subsequently, ordering a new kitchen, took into account the moments that were convenient for me, or vice versa, uncomfortable. But more on that below).

The door of the built.in PPM is calculated so that it will necessarily be a facade from a kitchen set. Therefore, without a facade, it closes on its own, without holding in an open position. The situation changed after we attached a shelf from the old cabinet instead of the facade. I did not have to attach a home.made handle for opening, because there is one in the form of a recess on the typewriter itself (in the future this part will be under the facade):

What to take into account when planning a kitchen?

A few years later, we bought a new kitchen, and our dish began to look like this:

I want to pay attention to the fact that I made a layout of kitchen in many famous kitchens with good designers, but everything, absolutely everything (!) placed the dishwasher in the corner, next to the sink. I want to warn you against such mistakes, since This is extremely not convenient. And now I will explain why.

Pros and cons

What does the load mean half, you already know. It remains to understand whether you need such an option. Consider the advantages:

The functions also have some disadvantages associated with the use of universal tablets “3 in 1” or liquid capsules. they are designed, as a rule, for a full.fledged sink and for a “short” program may not be fully dissolved. If liquid capsules must be postponed to a full.fledged “long” sink, then the tablets can be dose manually, sawing in half.

Important! Do not chop or wash the pills in powder. they should dissolve gradually, layer by layer. Saw with a stationery or a wallpaper knife (not food!) neatly, making a cut in the middle of the tablet.

It can be concluded that this mode will bring much benefit to a small family or a person with the habit of not putting off the dishes for later. If frequent washing is not about you, and you are used to loading PMM to the top, perhaps the “half” function will remain uneaded, and it makes no sense to spend money on it. In this case, do not overpay for what may not be needed.

On the other hand, it cannot be said that between the machines with a partial load and without it there is a significant difference in price. If the cost is practically no different, it is better to buy the model in which there are more options. perhaps they will be in demand later.

How to arrange dishes in the “½” mode

With a partial filling of PMM bunker, you need to lay the dishes as usual, otherwise, to ensure a full.fledged sink of each plate, glass, etc.D. The layout may differ, depending on the brand and model of your dishwasher, its principle is usually indicated in the instructions. In some machines of the Bosch brand in the “half” mode, the dishes should only be placed in the upper container, in other brands it is the lower shelf, and some have uniform distribution over all baskets.

If you have decided (read in the instructions or got acquainted with the requirements on the Internet) how to properly distribute the dishes, loading it, adhere to useful recommendations:

General problems Al03/AL05

If the error code looks just like that, the cause of the malfunction can be out of order of the drain pump or banal clogging of the system. In any of these cases, you will have to act according to the instructions.

  • Malfunctions of the pump. In the absence of characteristic sounds accompanying the drain pump, it will be useful to check its serviceability. For this, the current resistance on the case and wiring is measured by the multimeter. The revealed deviations from the norm will be the reason for the dismantling of this element with the subsequent purchase and installation of a new pump. If the cause of the problems in the departed wire, it will be enough just to solder it into place.
  • Blockage. Most often, it is formed due to food residues, localized in the area of ​​the drain pipe, hose. First of all, the bottom filter is checked, which will have to be removed and thoroughly washed. The hose is also cleaned by supplying water under pressure or mechanically, if other methods do not help to break through the “cork”. Also, garbage can get into the impeller of the pump, clogging it. you will have to remove such a “gag” with tweezers or other tools.

Sometimes, as a blockage, an A14 error is recognized, indicating that the drain hose is connected incorrectly. In this case, the spent water instead of sewage begins to flow into the tank. It will be necessary to stop the operation of the machine, drain the water, and then re.connect the hose on the plum.

Damage to the heating system

A dishwasher may stop heating water. Sometimes it is possible to notice this by chance. to reduce the quality of fat removal from the laid plates and cups. The cold case of the device during the cycle of the work also indicates that water heating does not occur. Most often, the replacement is required by the heater, which failed when forming a layer of scale on its surface due to the increased content of mineral salts in tap water. You need to check the serviceability of the part using a multimeter or find a break in the power chain.

Changing the heating element yourself is quite difficult. Will have to dismantle most of the parts of the case, solder or remove the heating element, purchase a new. Any errors in the installation of a new part can lead to the fact that the voltage will go to the housing of the device, leading to even more serious breakdowns.

However, the lack of heating may be associated with a banal error made when connecting the technique. In this case, the dishwasher simply eliminates the heating stage, constantly filling and draining the water. You can eliminate the error only by checking the correct connection of the supply hoses and water drainage.

Precautionary measures

When trying to independently eliminate malfunctions in the dishwashers of the HotPoint-Ariston brand, it is necessary to remember the observance of certain rules. They will help to protect the master, and in some cases they will prevent problems in the future. The main precautions that are recommended to follow are listed below.

  • Carry out any work only after de.energizing the equipment. Of course, you should first diagnose a breakdown by indicators or code on the display.
  • Reduce the risk of blockage by installing the fat manner. It will avoid the entry of solid insoluble particles into the sewer.
  • Clean the filter of a dishwasher. If this is not done, passing the flow of water can noticeably deteriorate. On the spray, this procedure is performed weekly.
  • Protect the car from entering the residues of food. They must be pre.removed with a paper cloth.
  • Do not apply the equipment for other purposes, except for the manufacturer specified. Any experiments in this case can lead to irreversible damage to mechanisms or electronics.

If independent actions do not bring a result, it is better to contact the service center. Also, you should not tear the seals on the technique that is on the official factory guarantee. In this case, any serious malfunctions should be diagnosed by the master, otherwise it will not work to return or exchange a defective machine.

What it is?

One of the additional functions in modern dishwashers is a half load. It is allowed to use for any sink mode. It allows you to load the dishwasher by only 1/2. Many representatives of the fair sex like this solution due to the following reasons:

  • There is no need to wait for a large amount of dishes;
  • Less water is used than with ordinary washing;
  • Electricity is saved, because with full loading, more electricity is needed to heat more water.

Many are interested in whether it is possible to load the dishwasher only half if this function is not provided. The answer will be positive. You can wash only 1-2 plates. This is already your choice. But remember that as much water and electricity will be used as it is necessary to wash the filled machine. You can forget about saving resources.

half, loading, dishwasher, hotpoint, ariston

Important! Popular models can be without a half loading function, but they have special sensors. With their help, the weight of the dishes, the degree of its pollution is determined, while the required amount of water is automatically calculated.

If the dishwasher you have chosen does not have an option for loading, ask the consultant, maybe it has “intellectual” capabilities.

Dishwasher, which belong to the average price category, usually have the function under consideration. It can be used to activate various programs, for example: “soaking”, “intensive”, “economy”.

Pros and cons

The option under consideration has the following advantages:

  • careful use of electricity and water;
  • It is allowed to use fast washing mode;
  • There is no need to collect a lot of dishes. a dishwasher can be used after absolutely every meal.

It should be noted that this addition has a deficiency associated with the use of detergents. Usually, a liquid capsule or tablet is used for complete washing. When choosing a half load, these funds may not completely dissolve. The first variety is not recommended at all in this case. it is better to leave them for full modes. But the tablets can be taken, but having previously divided them in half.

Ariston Dishwasher removal of Aquastop

Important! Remember that it is not recommended to turn the pill into powder, since it should gradually dissolve while the dishwasher works. For sawing the pills, you can take a wallpaper or stationery knife, while creating a cut exactly in the center.

The incomplete loading mode will be an excellent solution for a person who prefers to collect dirty dishes or for a married couple. But if you like to load the dishwasher to the maximum, then this function will be superfluous. Although the cost of vehicles for dishes with and without the regime under consideration is practically no different, it is better to purchase the one that includes more functions.

HotPoint-Ariston LFF 8M132 EU dishwasher. review

I am scrupulous to buy household appliances, collect information about the characteristics, photos and reviews of those who already have such equipment. Compare, analyze, draw conclusions and my final choice. over, the reviews for me play even a big role than the technical characteristics.

When choosing a dishwasher, I was faced with the fact that there were no reviews of the PMM model I selected to compare the PMM model, I had to focus exclusively on technical characteristics and choose practically at random. Therefore, I decided to leave a review on my PMM model, perhaps it will be useful to someone when choosing a dishwasher.

When I chose PMM, I had a number of requirements. Despite the small size of the kitchen, I only choose a full.sized technique. PMM was no exception. I had to make a rearrangement, the first time was not too convenient, but then they got used to it. In addition to size, PMM was supposed to be separate, white, with a half load function. The choice of PMM is small, and the dishwasher HotPoint-Ariston LFF 8M132 EU came up for my requirements.

We have all the household appliances separately. Of course, the kitchen with built.in technology looks more beautiful and more solid, but when buying the first household appliances, we had to invest in certain cash frames, and the built.in kitchen and equipment were not affordable for us. And now, in order not to get out of the general style, PMM also bought a separate state.

Technical characteristics of the dishwasher HotPoint-Ariston LFF 8M132 EU:

Main characteristics

Location: Separate (Solo)

Energy consumption class/drying/washing: A

Complex capacity: 14

Water consumption per cycle: 9 l

Electricity consumption for the cycle: 0.83 kW/h

Noise level: 42 dB

Number of programs: 8

Main programs:

Auto intense washing (Auto Normale Auto Normale Auto Auto Auto Smother Moika (Auto Fast) Double Moika (Duo Wash) Delicious Moika Car Sin.free sink in 30 minutes.freeing up the ECO proceedings

Starting timer: there is

Half load mode: there is

Internal equipment:

Dishes for dishes in the lower basket: 4 folding, basket for cutlery, vertical holder

Using tablets “Everything in 1”: there is

Hotpoint Ariston Dishwasher LFF 8M121 CX EU not switching on

Indicators: the presence of a rinseum, the presence of salt, operating modes

Sensors: Water purity

Project #1. Dishwasher Washing Pump Repair (Hotpoint ARISTON. F15 error)

Protection against leaks: New Aquastop (New Aquastop)

Connection to hot water: no

Type of drying: turbo drying element: hidden dryness:

Power pump (flexipower) intensive drying function (Extra Dry)

Моргает кнопка включения, шумит насос и светиться кнопка eco Hotpoint-Ariston LTB 6B019 C EU

Accelerated washing function (Short Time) Dual System Super Sliding Super Soft Touchindicator of the Proceed of a half-shield EXTRA DRYOLYDIPER EXTRA DRIENDIPER COMILADIPER CLEADIDICATION OF THE PREMILADICTION OF PREMICTION OF THE Multifunctioning TABLE TECHA

Dimensions (VHShHHG): 85x60x60 cm

Regarding water and power consumption. At first glance, it seems that my PMM is super-econonomic compared to other models (8 liters of water per cycle and 0.83 kW of electricity). But such a consumption is provided only in one mode for eco. 3 hours of washing. I do not use this mode. Other modes spend an average of 13-14 liters of water per cycle like other PMM models.

My model of dishwasher is designed for 14 sets. I thought the more, the better. The number of sets means how many plates of plates and a saucer fit into the dishwasher. In the upper basket I have 16 miserable holders for plates, and in the lower basket. 19 unrelated and 20 folding. At the same time, in the lower basket there is a tray for cutlery, which overlaps part of the holders for plates. The indicator of the number of accommodated sets seems to me useless. I don’t have so many dirty plates, everything is placed in the upper basket, but the pan is much larger and the pots are loaded when loading, the holders of plates are not needed at all))) much more important. This is the width of the dishwasher. If the size of the kitchen allow. be sure to take full.size (60 cm), not narrow. 45 cm. Large pots, pans, baking sheets are unlikely to fit into a narrow basket.

After the first launch of PMM, I was extremely disappointed with the result. I even got into a seditious thought that those who do not see the point in buying “dear and taking place with a useless thing” were right. At first I had to very often blame what PMM could not cope with. It seemed to me that I chose the most terrible model. In addition, I ruined several cups. The drawing completely came off from them, it is also gradually erased on plates. At first she sinned for PMM, but then noticed that such a “surprise” was presented to me by one of the tablets that I use.

Over time, I learned to arrange dishes correctly, picked up good means and favorite modes. Now the results of washing are much more pleasing to me than the first time and I can’t imagine how I did without PMM earlier)))

And yet, whatever means I use, there are times when the dishes have to be rushed. over, when I put dirty dishes, I already know what will be clean, and what I will have to work on a sponge.

For 1.5 years of my PMM work, I have developed a certain scheme for its use:


The main feature of any Ariston model is high noise insulation. This indicator is achieved through the use of innovative sound.absorbing material. Thanks to the system of rotating filters, the dishes are washed only with clean water. As a result, even the most minor pollution is removed.


In modern models there are many modes for washing dishes with varying degrees of pollution.

The most popular programs among consumers are:

  • “Intensively”. a cycle designed to wash heavily contaminated dishes. For example, pots and pans with dried particles of food.
  • “Delicate mode”. necessary for washing fragile devices.
  • “Automatic programs”. intended for busy people. PMM independently determines how to wash the loaded dishes for him.
  • “Ordinary”. a regime cleansing dishes with medium pollution.
  • “Unexpected guests”. will wash everything to shine in 36 minutes.
  • “Economy”. the work of this program is aimed at saving electrical consumption by reducing the temperature of the water.
  • “Express”. a cycle working to remove weak pollution.

In addition to the above options, there is a “soaking” mode, which is designed to pre.treat highly contaminated dishes.

How to use

Each PMM model HotPoint-Ariston has electronic control. On the panel itself there are buttons that are responsible for a particular action. There is a mandatory key and shutdown indicator, program selection button, lack of salt or rinseum.

After installing the dishwasher, fill in the salt, pour the rinser and place the washing tool in special compartments. Then start loading dishes into the car. By the way, the basket capacity in the Ariston PMM is one of the largest among analogues of other brands.

In front of the placement in the basket, from plates and pots, large and dried up food remains are removed. Otherwise, they will block the filter, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the sink. Very dirty dishes are placed in the lower compartment, and the rest is in the upper. After loading the dishes into the basket, you need to make sure that the water supply crane is open and only then start choosing a program.

Where are produced

The production and assembly of the dishwashers “Ariston” takes place at factories in Poland and China. These countries have very cheap labor, so the assembly quality is sometimes left to be desired.

Water and electricity consumption

The manufacturer claims that almost the entire lineup of Ariston dishwashers has an energy class of efficiency A.This means that even with full load, the washing cycle will cost the user very cheap. As for water consumption, the device for one cycle of washing spends up to 12 liters of cold water. Express programs even with full load will consume no more than 8.

Type of drying

In all models of machines of this brand there is a condensation type of drying. This means that after washing the user will extract objects with drops of water. The manufacturer does not offer other options to date.

Additional functions

Each model is equipped with a number of functions that can be either necessary and useless.

Additional possibilities include:

  • The camera loading is half a useful option that saves water, electricity and time.
  • Starting timer. useful if the user plans to launch the sink at night.
  • Ray on the floor. built.in models are equipped with this function. After finishing work on the floor, a red point appears to warn the user about the completion of the cycle.
  • Protection against leaks. there are not all models. This function adds the cost of the device, but excludes the risk of filling its own floor with water and flood the neighbors.

The HotPoint-Ariston brand presents its customers with several types of dishwashers, as well as models of various sizes. Compact dimensions of the devices allow you to optimize the space and provide high.quality washing.

  • Built.in. involves the installation under the countertop, but with a completely open facade.
  • Separately standing. are installed in free space, while it is not required to change the layout of the space and adjust the interior.
  • 45 cm-suitable for a small-sized apartment or mini-whirlwind. The machine does not take up much space, and is able to wash up to 6 sets of dishes at a time.
  • Full.fledged. place behind a decorative furniture panel to hide it from prying eyes and not spoil the interior.

Rating of popular models

Built.in dishwasher 60 cm “Ariston” HIO 3C23 WF

The HIO 3C23 WF model has an innovative inverter engine that is able to change the speed of work, regulate water pressure and washing force. Magnets precisely monitor the sprayers, directing water jets under the desired pressure to a certain place. In addition, PMM is equipped with a Flexiload system, which allows you to place dishes as convenient to the user.

Built.in model Hsie 2b0

This machine became the owner of the indicators with which the user learns about the need to replenish compartments with detergents. In one cycle of work, PMM washes up to 10 sets of dishes, and at the end of the cycle notifies the user with a loud sound signal.

Built.in dishwasher 45 cm Hotpoint Ariston Hsie 2b19

The full-and-established HSIE 2B19 model, which has 5 dishes of sink programs in its arsenal. The “Half Loading” option will help to wash only a few plates and mugs at a time, and the “accelerated” mode will put in order poorly polluted dishes in 40 minutes. A high consumption class and save electricity, and an inverter motor without rubbing parts will help extend the service life of the device.

Built.in PMM 60 cm HotPoint Ariston HIO 3T1239 W

The built.in model HIO 3T1239 W offers its users two automatic sink programs: ordinary and intensive. The machine will independently evaluate the load level and the degree of pollution of the dishes, and then select the necessary settings for them. In 3D Zone Wash mode, the device supplies through the lower sprayers of strong water jets, evenly distributing a cleaning product across the chamber.

HotPoint Ariston LSF 7237 dishwasher

Narrow model LSF 7237 fit both in a spacious and tiny kitchen. The machine is equipped with an auxiliary function Short Time, which can improve any program. It reduces the time spent on cleaning the dishes, without reducing the quality of washing. When choosing a Good Night mode, the device begins to work quieter, but the duration of the program increases.

  • LED indication of the presence of salt and rinser;
  • support for combined type detergents;
  • The kit has a basket for cutlery.

Model LSTB 4B00

Built.in model LSTB 4B00 is equipped with 4 standard dishes washing programs. The heating element excludes the formation of scale, which means PMM will last a fairly long time. The machine allows you to wash 10 sets of dishes at a time, and the condensation type of drying is treated with warm air.


A stylish dishwasher with a condensation type of drying of dishes, a modern inverter engine of a new generation, and the possibility of using any detergents, including 3 in 1.

The machine is equipped with a timer of the delayed auto.launch, indication of the rinseum and salt, a water transparency sensor, a complete protection against aquastop leaks, a filter with a self.cleaning function.

The car can be connected to both cold and hot water. Among the additional modes there is a night with a minimum noise level, a high.temperature hygiene sink, accelerated Auto Fast mode. The dishwasher has an option for the deferred start for 1-24 hours and a closed control panel.


  • energy efficiency, washing, drying. a, a, a;
  • noise level. 43 dB;
  • The capacity of the box is up to 14 full sets;
  • Resource consumption. 9 l, 0.95 kW;
  • 9 main programs, 3 temperature regimes;
  • Power. 2,100 watts.
  • display with indication of the stages of the cycle;
  • musical notification of completion of work;
  • 3D Zone Wash;
  • fast fixation Fast Fix;
  • Super Sliding;


Ariston dishwasher with condensation drying, simple electronic control, complete protection against water overflow and leaks with a water water system. The user will be available to such purification modes as-daily, express, eco-50, intensive and preliminary soaking.

The machine is equipped with a useful additional option- half loading. Now you do not need to wait until the required amount of dishes for full loading of the box is collected.

In the dishwasher there is an ergonomic box with folding guides for plates, holders for glasses. You can always control the presence of a rinse product and regenerating salt by indication.


  • the capacity of the box. up to 10 sets of dishes;
  • Drying, washing, energy consumption. a, a, a;
  • energy and water consumption. 0.93 kW, 10.5 l;
  • noise level. 51 dB;
  • basic cleaning programs. 5, 3 temperature regime;
  • Power. 1 950 kW.


Completed Ariston dishwashing machine with an ergonomic box for loading dishes and three compartments for its convenient placement. The technique has simple electronic control, condensation drying and high energy efficiency class.

In addition, thanks to the modern motor, the machine works with a minimum noise level. The machine is equipped with a system of complete protection against Aquastop leaks. Also, the box is equipped with holders for glasses and guides for plates.

You can sterilize children’s utensils in hygiene.player mode, at a water temperature of 70 degrees.

For washing dishes, you can use any cleaning agents, including 3 in 1. Night mode will minimize the noise level during operation. The option of the deferred start for the duration of 1 to 12 hours is provided.


The great popularity and demand for dishwashers of this brand is dictated by a number of features, among which the following can be distinguished.

  • The presence of the Intensiv program, which allows cleaning dishes as soon as possible even with serious pollution.
  • “Express”.mode, which is an ideal solution for use on an everyday basis. The dishes are washed at high temperature, which provides the most effective result.
  • Delicate cleaning function that is perfect for cleaning glass.ceramic or glass dishes. The purpose of this regime is that the temperature is correctly selected, which completely eliminates the possibility of damage to the dishes.
  • Half loading. It is this mode that is a distinctive feature of HotPoint-Ariston dishwashers in comparison with other brands. It is indispensable in large models, when it is not possible to fill the device with the required number of dishes. In addition, the use of this regime allows you to largely save resources.
  • Some models of the company are also equipped with a timer of automatic launch, blocking from children and the filter self.cleaning function, which simplifies the process of operating brand dishwastion machines.

Among the main advantages of brand products, which favorably distinguish it against the background of competitors, it is worth highlighting the following.

  • Low level of noise during use. The manufacturer thought out this characteristic in advance, since in the process of production of household appliances only special materials are used that provide maximum noise insulation.
  • Large containers for dishes, which is extremely important for large families and when using large dishes.
  • Huge functionality. Most of the presented brand models boast of useful functionality, including drying dishes, fast washing and others.
  • During use, the machine consumes a minimum amount of water and electricity. Compared to other models presented on the market, the HotPoint-Ariston technique allows you to save resources by 30%.
  • Management is so simple that any person will cope with it. In the process of developing an integration, brand experts tried to make it intuitive and they succeeded.
  • The presence of a disinfection function that allows you to quickly fight microbes and any bacteria.
  • A huge selection of models, so everyone can choose the most optimal option for themselves. The brand catalog contains both separate and built.in dishwashers, which differ in their functionality and cost.

It should also be noted that the company’s models are characterized by the presence of self.cleaning function, which greatly simplifies the operation process and eliminates the possibility of breakdown. As for the shortcomings, the main disadvantage of the brand dishwashers is the price, but it is quite justified, given the high quality of the products.

The lineup

HotPoint-Ariston offers a huge selection of dishwashers that differ in their functionality, appearance and cost. A large range of products allows each person to choose the most optimal solution for the kitchen, which will fully comply with its requests.

Separately standing

Separate dishwashers from this Italian brand are distinguished not only by high quality and functionality, but also by an attractive appearance. Among the most popular and popular models, the following can be distinguished.

  • LSF 7237. The most popular separate model, which is characterized by its small dimensions. Thanks to this, the device can be placed even in the smallest kitchen. A distinctive feature of this model is the presence of an ultramodern Short Time function, which allows you to modernize any mode and significantly reduce the time to clean the dishes. Due to this, it is possible to guarantee economical water consumption and electricity consumption. The main advantage of this model is the presence of an indicator, which notifies about the presence of salt, and the rinseum in the machine.

In addition, this model boasts the support of any detergents, which greatly simplifies the operation process. Standard equipment includes a special basket for devices.

  • HIO 3T123 WFT. One of the most stylish and attractive dishwashers, which has a condensation type of drying. In addition, this model boasts the presence of an inverter engine that significantly accelerates the washing process. Due to the fact that there is a function of delayed auto starting, you can use the machine at almost any time. This model has become one of the few who received built.in filters with the possibility of independent cleaning, which positively affects the durability of household appliances. This allows you not to worry about the quality of water and the safety of the dishwasher. If necessary, you can use the function of hygienic washing, which involves the supply of water under the high temperature.

This mode will be extremely useful if there are children in the house. The control panel is completely closed, so you can not worry about a random press.

  • HSIE 2B0 C. A distinctive feature of this model is an intuitive electronic control that any person can cope with. In addition, the company’s engineers equipped the device with a system of overflow protection, which guarantees safety for the room. The user can choose one of the many modes, among which “express” and “intensive” deserve special attention. One of the advantages of this model is the function of a half load, which allows us to significantly save water consumption and electricity. Now there is no need to wait until the right amount of dishes appears in order to load it into a dishwasher. The basket turned out to be quite ergonomic and convenient, and the function of adjusting allows you to choose the most optimal mode in each case.

Special indicators make it possible to constantly keep the amount of detergent and salt under control, which greatly simplifies the operation process and makes the use of the machine more efficient.

  • HIO 3C23 WF. The main advantage of this model is the presence of 3 compartments, which allows you to place any dishes as quickly and comfortably as possible and comfortably as possible. In addition, this dishwasher boasts intuitively understandable control, condensation drying and minimal electricity consumption. The advanced inverter motor is responsible for the quiet operation of the device, and the system of protection against leaks guarantees the safety of your kitchen. The basket has special mounts for glasses, as well as guides to fix plates. One of the advantages of this model is the presence of hygienic cleaning function, so you can even sterilize children’s dishes.

During operation, you can use almost any cleaning agent, as well as salt. In addition, if necessary, you can combine various rinses.


A distinctive feature of built.in models is that they have small dimensions and can be hidden behind the kitchen facade. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve maximum harmony in the design of the interior of the kitchen. Among the most common and popular models of built-in dishwashers, HotPoint-Ariston can be distinguished by the following.

  • HIO 3C23 WF. One of the most popular models that boasts the presence of an innovative inverter motor. Its main advantage is that it can change the speed of his work, as well as provide optimal water pressure. This dishwasher also has special magnets that are designed to monitor the sprayers and direct the stream of water to the necessary place. The engineers have developed a basket so that the user can place dishes as he is comfortable. Another advantage of this model is silent work and excellent spaciousness, which makes it an ideal solution for any kitchen.

How to arrange dishes?

Depending on the model, it should be taken into account where the washing is carried out. At half loading, the flows can be directed from above, from below orweight at the same time.

Given which basket is used for incomplete washing, it is also necessary to comply with other rules:

  • items should stand at a sufficient distance;
  • cooks and other long cutlery should be placed horizontally in the front of the compartment;
  • cutlery should be placed vertically;
  • it is desirable to fix and arrange the dishes separately.

Attention! This option may replace the express soil or the possibility of reducing the program provided in the dishwasher of 45 cm or 60 cm.

Several basic download rules

  • The whole large utensils are placed in the lower basket, and glasses, small bowls and fragile objects to the upper;
  • All the dishes should lie upside down, under the slope (so that the water can drain from the bottom);
  • nothing should interfere with the rotation of sprayers!
  • Do not try to shove as many dishes as possible. water needs access to all corners;
  • Make sure that the dishes are stable;
  • Do not forget to make sure that the dishes can be washed in a dishwasher;
  • Do not copy the dishes in the sink, it is better to load the dishwasher as dirty utensils arrive (so that nothing is dried and there is no unpleasant odor, you can turn on the rinse mode in the interval);
  • Do not put fragile dishes next to large utensils;
  • Unload the dishwasher, starting from the lower basket so that the remaining drops from the upper dishes do not drip to the one that is below.

Preparation of dishes for loading

Before loading, you need to clean the dishes of large food residues. At this point, opponents of the dishwasher usually grinned and say that then it is easier to wash everything with their hands. In fact, you do not need to wash the dishes before loading (it’s stupid!), it is enough to brush off all the remains from the plates with a napkin and drain the oil from the pan.

The main thing is that they do not have eggshells, bones and grains from fruits (otherwise the plumer and filters blocks cannot be avoided).

Glasses, glasses and cups

As you already understood, they need to be placed in the upper basket and be sure to upside down (otherwise pull out a non.grounded glass full of water). Wizers and glasses need fixation (a special mount is provided for this). they cannot be in contact with each other while washing. Ignoring this rule can lead to the fact that they simply burst or break (and wash the phaoor and crystal products at low temperature, and not along with pots and pans in very hot water). So it’s better not to take risks. By the way, the same mount (it looks like a small folding shelf) can also be used for small coffee cups, placing them from below and from above.


In the upper basket you need to place small plates (bowls, creamy, saucers, bowls, sauces and so on). So that they are loaded at a slight angle, you can lean them on neighboring items. It is better to lay here and plastic dishes and containers.

Large and medium plates are loaded into the lower basket. Dishes with a large diameter are laid along the edges, with a smaller one. closer to the center of the basket. Plates should be loaded so that the front they are facing the center of the camera. We repeat, do not try to load the dishwasher “under the tie”, so nothing will really be washed off. But between the rows, you can still place a couple more plates, covers or boards.

Cutlery and small utensils

It all depends on the model of your dishwasher. Some have a separate third basket for cutlery, in it all the utensils are laid horizontally and is washed very well. And the place in the cell is saved.

If you do not have a third basket, then there is a small tray that is placed in the lower basket. If the tray has an upper grate, the devices are placed in separate cells (spoons/plugs with handles down, knives. be sure to blade down!). If the tray is open, when loading the devices into it alternate them so that they do not fold into each other, otherwise nothing will be washed. And if you need to wash a couple of spoons and forks, you can put them on the holder for fuepers and save space in the basket. Long utensils, which does not fit into the removable tray, put horizontally in the upper basket (check so that it does not protrude from the holes and does not prevent the rotation of the sprayer).

As for the knives, it is generally better to wash them with their hands. they will dull in the dishwasher. The same applies to utensils with a wooden handle (and indeed all wooden items). they should not be washed in the dishwasher of them either in the dishwasher. So plastic and glass cutting boards can be safely sent to the dishwasher, placing them on the sides in the lower basket, but the entrance is ordered by wooden.

Large dishes

The whole large.sized utensils in which we cook (pans, pots, stewpan, baking sheet) fits in the lower basket. here they will be better washed from all sides. You can put some small pan or bucket in the upper basket.

It is better to lay pans on the side, so as not to block the sprayer, pots. at a slight angle. If the design of your dishwasher provides folding pins, fold them so as not to scratch the dishes.

If you do not have special holders for baking sheets, place small ones on the side of the edges of the basket (again, make sure that the rods do not interfere). But large ones do not vertically fit, they will have to be washed separately from the rest of the dishes, because lying down they block the supply of water from below. Place the forms with wide sides from behind, laying them on the rib (if they do not fit, wash them, like big baking sheets).

If the dishes removed the pen, remove it. If not, lay the pans and buckets very carefully so that the handle does not hurt the walls of the dishwasher and does not interfere with your neighbors.

Of course, the quality of washing the quality of washing depends on the correct loading of the dishwasher. But that’s not all. For the most effective result, several more rules must be observed, which will help to live longer.

What to choose? Assortment series

Technique with a similar function is offered by various manufacturers. The manufacturer directly affects the quality and price of products.

The assortment is represented by the following brands and manufacturers:

China produces not bad cars. Judging by user reviews, the built-in dishwasher with half loading works well with intense washing, but does not wash the dishes on eco-mode.

Turkish dishwashers Vestel with a half load of 45 cm have more complaints than positive reviews. They work poorly and make noise, but cheaper than analogues. practical and better than a model of the same company, 60 cm wide, but made in Tylada. It launders well at any program and low price. Warranty 1 year.

HotPoint-Ariston and Indesit won both positive and negative opinions. Built.in dishwashers45 cm also refer to the budget option, but not everyone recommends buying them. The minus may turn out to be such moments as sensory control (buttons do not respond to wet fingers), control problems, insufficient protection against leaks.

The most popular and popular cars are a technique from German manufacturers.Boschniki did not disappoint half the boat loading. The dishwasher works properly. The only wish from buyers is to automatically open the door. This option has not yet been provided for in Bosch.

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