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How to set up Ballu air conditioning for warm air?

Ballu produces several air conditioning lines. The catalog of this company presents the following types of air conditioning systems:

  • Wall. The line of the Olymp, Vision, Bravo, Olympic and City Black Edition are presented in the line of the score.
  • Ceiling. Such air conditioners are universality and reliability. They provide the selection of optimal microclimate parameters and convenient configuration of the air flow direction.
  • Floor. The peculiarity of this equipment is the location of the internal unit. Its shape is similar to an elongated column. Therefore, such equipment is often called a column.
  • Classic. This category of climate technology includes inverter models. They differ in a long service life and the possibility of saving electricity.
  • Mobile. This equipment has 4 fan rotation modes. But its key difference is the presence of wheels and a handle. Due to this, the mobility of such air conditioning systems is ensured and the need for their installation is excluded.
  • Multi-splits. This equipment is characterized by energy efficiency, noiselessness and the ability to accurately maintain the required temperature.
  • Inverters. These are powerful, energy.efficient and silent plexus.

Regardless of the line, any Ballu air conditioner has the following advantages:

Application of air conditioners in winter

Many users do not know how to turn on warm air on the air conditioner Ballu. To do this, use the winter complex. This is an additional accessory for uninterrupted operation at a temperature unexpressed by the standard. The use of a winter kit allows the device to work even at temperature.30 degrees.

I figure out how to put the Ballu air conditioner on heat, you can use the illustrated instructions. It describes the entire process of installing a winter kit.

And the casket just opened

Each air conditioner has a minimum temperature at which he can work for heat. In inverter models, it is.25.15 degrees, for ordinary.5 5 ° C. You can find it in the instructions.

The air conditioning documents also indicate the maximum temperature to which it can heat the air. Manufacturers indicate this figure, croaking with their souls. The greater the difference in temperature, the less the efficiency of the air conditioner.

For example, it is indicated that the air conditioner can operate on heat at temperatures on the street before.25. And to warm up to 28. It means that:

  • With frost.25 He will be able to heat the room to 16;
  • When on the street.20 air conditioning will give 18;
  • If on the street.15, it will heat up to 20;
  • When “overboard” 15, the air conditioner will be able to heat the room to the indicated 28.

The numbers are given for example, each model has different. Manufacturers do not specifically indicate them to mislead the buyer. Before sounding the alarm, look into the instructions or specification for the air conditioner.

Operating temperatures of the air conditioner for heating specified in the specifications.

Optimal settings function

As it was found out, you can catch a cold in the summer not from the air conditioner itself, but from hypothermia of the body caused by improper setting up the system. Major workers and manufacturers of climatic equipment advise you to configure the optimal air conditioner mode and give the following recommendations.

  • Almost all air conditioners intended for home use are equipped with a regime in which the flow of cold air is directed exclusively to the ceiling level, and the warm one at the floor level along the wall. Using this regime is the most optimal.
  • If you still like manual mode, then you should install horizontal blinds in the maximum permissible upper position using the Swing and FLAP buttons. As for vertical blinds, then they must be directed to the opposite side of themselves.
  • If possible, the value of the cooling temperature should not be set below 22 degrees, which will make it possible to avoid sharp jumps in temperature and will also increase the life of the compressor in the air conditioner.
  • During a strong heat, it is undesirable to open windows wide open, creating strong drafts, and never sit right under a stream of cold stream. This is the right path to a cold!

Remember that a cold does not occur thanks to the air conditioner, but only because of its incorrect operation. And here you should adhere to two recommendations: do not create sharp temperature changes and avoid drafts.

How to enable the “Heat” mode on the split system

On each remote control, the split system has a button for switching the modes (usually this button is indicated “Mode”); In order to turn on the “heat” on the air conditioner, click the “Mode” button so many times until the “sun” or the inscription “Heat” is on the display of the remote control. On the internal blocks of many air conditioners in heating mode, an indicator in the form of a “sun” or a light bulb with the inscription “Heat” lights up.

After you switch to heat, you will need to wait a while (usually 5-10 minutes) while warm air goes from the air conditioner. This time is going to redirect the movement of the freon in the device. After switching occurs, the functions of blocks of the split system change places. The internal block will already give out heat, and the external unit give the cold to the street.

What to do if the “Heat” mode on the air conditioner does not turn on

If you did everything according to the instructions of turning on the air conditioner for heat in “Heat” mode, but there is no effect, then it is possible:

    The temperature on the street or in the room does not meet the operating conditions. If the right temperature is already reached in the room, then the “split” will not warm. If the street is too cold, then protection against the launch of the compressor may work;

  • your air conditioner does not provide for the heating mode. Now they produce models that do not need work on heat (for example, such systems are installed in server rooms). In this case, the inspection icons of the heat regime may be on the remote control;
  • The air conditioner has not yet been “rebuilt”, and you need to wait at least 10 minutes. At the same time, check the temperature settings again (put to start a higher. degrees 30);
  • The air conditioner is faulty. If the air conditioner does not turn on, first you can check simple options (batteries, socket). Otherwise, call the master!

The “Heat” mode on the air conditioner means that its nodes (namely the four.way valve) were rebuilt to supply warm air into the room. There will be no “split” in this mode, whatever temperature you put it on him! In order for them to cool again it will be necessary to switch the mode and wait.

How to enable air conditioning for heating

The fertile time of heat, summer and vacations, stuffiness and heat retreated, has passed, and lost the power of a working air conditioner. It is time to enable the installed air conditioning for heating.

The experience of previous years suggests that with switching the split system to heating mode, for some reason, difficulties often arise and simply dead end situations. To some extent, you can complain about some scarcity of descriptions in the instructions for operation, but most often our person does not even look into this very instruction, and more than 30% of users do not even know where it lies.

In this article, we decided to describe in detail the sequence of actions when switching the air conditioner from cooling to heating.

House heating by air conditioning. step-by-step instruction

First of all, we include our split system in the 220V electrical network. On the remote control (DU) we find the power button (“Power” or “On/OFF) and click it. As a rule, the internal block is supplied with a quiet sound signal. After this signal, in most cases, blinds open and the fan of the internal unit is turned on. This is fine.

On the remote control we find the “Mode” button.

On some models of Ballu air conditioners. Carrier, MDV and others. This key is simply indicated by the letter “m”. If such buttons were not found, then we will storm the instruction manual and find where the air conditioner is switching on the remote control.

The split system has several operating modes, each of the modes is indicated on the display of the remote control with its icon:

Sometimes, instead of pictograms, inscriptions appear: Dry, Heat, Cool, Fan.

We click on the “Mode” button several times. until the display of the remote control will appear the icon of the sun:. For some manufacturers, it is difficult to distinguish the sun from a snowflake. be careful.

Further, make sure that your air conditioner is generally able to work for warming up, then the “sun” on the display will not see at all.

After you have chosen the “sun” button on the MODE on the remote control, the fan of the internal unit may stop rotating, and the blinds may be closed. The air conditioner seemed to be silent, thought. This is fine!

On the remote control with arrows set the temperature, preferably maximum, degrees 30. Please note that if the air temperature in the room is higher than you put it on the remote control, then the split system will not warm!

The air conditioner will continue to remain in a “thoughtful” state for up to 10 minutes, this time is required to restructure the processes of work, you just need to wait and it is better not to press anything else. As it turns out in practice, to wait out this interval of time becomes the biggest problem, it seems to the user that he did something not that the air conditioner is “stupid” or he is not working.

After 5-10 minutes, the air conditioner suddenly “wakes up” and begins to blow with warm air-cheers, you did everything right!

I would also like to pay attention to the next nuance: during all these manipulations with the air conditioning, do not forget to direct the remote control to the internal block of the split system. It often happens that the signal from the remote control simply does not reach the response in the internal block.

If after all this your air conditioner did not warm, then you should contact the service service of the climate company.

Please note that in winter you can operate a split system to certain negative temperatures from the outside, usually to.5-7 degrees, read the question in our heading about this.

Installation of modes on air conditioning

To install the heating mode, perform the following actions:

Press the power button. To turn on the air conditioner.

Click the mode selection button to set the working mode.

With each click of the Mode button, the mode changes in the following order: Auto (Auto) → Cool (cooling) → Dry (drying) → FAN (ventilation) → Heat (heating).

The fifth function is the heating mode.

How to ensure optimum heating in Samsung Hot and Cold Inverter Air Conditioners

After selecting the Heat mode (heating), set the desired temperature with a button on the remote control control.

If necessary, set the fan speed with a button on the remote control panel.

When setting the heating mode, please consider the working temperature range given in the tables below.

The main modes of the air conditioner and their designations

The main purpose of the air conditioner is to cool air in the room to create a comfortable microclimate. As a rule, all instruments of climatic equipment have a standard series of functions indicated by English letters, symbols or badges. Consider them.

Cool mode. cooling

Cooling mode. the main function of any air conditioner. Marked on the remote control with the word cool or an icon in the form of a snowflake.

To control this function, you need to press the corresponding button and set the optimal temperature in the room, pressing the “\.” value on the remote control. The device has a thermal attemptier that controls the air temperature inside the room.

Nissan Altima – Heater and air conditioner controls

Having set the necessary parameters, the device will begin to function at full power. As soon as the thermometer column reaches the mood, the sensor will work, and the speed will be automatically reduced, pumping cold air. Now the air conditioner will work to maintain the set temperature parameters, and in the room all this time will support the optimal coolness.

If the temperature in the room increases by 2-3 0 above the set values, the device will again launch the operating power to provide the required air temperature.

Heat mode. heating in winter

Some models of split systems also have a winter heating function. It is marked with the inscription Heat, and the required temperature is set by the “\.” buttons “.

The function of heating in split systems is recommended to be used in the off-season on cool days. Such devices are not able to become a full.fledged heating system in the winter season, as they have slight performance. In addition, most of the split-equipment models are designed to work at street temperatures up to 5-7 degrees of frost. At lower temperatures, Freon will not be able to move from liquid to a gaseous state, which will lead to a compressor breakdown.

Fan mode. ventilation

The ventilation function is provided in all air conditioners, including the cheapest. It is marked on the remote control with a fan image or the inscription fan.

The ventilation function is designed to distribute chilled or warm air in the room. With an increase in the speed of the fan, the cooling/heating rate of air increases. To activate this mode, press the corresponding button on the remote control. A LED light bulb will light up on the device display or an image in the form of a scale will appear.

  • LOW. slow mode, smooth change in air temperature in the room;
  • Medium. average operating speed;
  • Turbo. a powerful mode for the fastest cooling of air in the room;
  • Auto. automatic mode of operation, in which the fan independently regulates the speed of rotation of the blades to maintain the set air temperature.

Dry mode. drainage

The drainage function is marked on the remote control DRY. Such an option is useful for people living in regions with high humidity. The activated drainage mode absorbs moisture within 10 minutes, after which it follows a 5-minute break with the fan disconnecting, and then for 2 minutes the turbodalization mode is launched.

The drainage mode in split systems not only eliminates excess humidity from the air in the room, but also prevents the appearance of mold and fungus.

Sleep mode. sleep or night mode

In some models of split systems there is another useful Sleep function-sleep mode marked on the remote control with the corresponding inscription or image of the moon.

Sleep function. a special mode that automatically regulates air cooling at night, when a person sleeps, to ensure a comfortable temperature in the room. After installing this mode, the fan speed is reduced, which helps to reduce noise during operation and the economical consumption of electricity.

Additional modes and functions of the air conditioner

Modern models of climatic equipment, in addition to basic options, are equipped with other useful functions that can be useful during the operation of the device.

Air moisturizing and purification functions

Dry air in the room causes discomfort when breathing, which is especially unsafe for people suffering from asthma. A special function of moisturizing in split systems involves saturation of air with moisture to create a comfortable microclimate in the room.

Many models of split systems have additional filters in equipment for cleaning air indoors. The degree of cleaning depends on the quality and number of installed filters. Modern devices effectively clean the air of dust, pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria and unpleasant odors, including tobacco smoke.

Health conditioner mode

Health mode. indoor air ionization. When activating the regime, negatively charged ions are generated that purify the air from dangerous chemical compounds. They also have an antibacterial effect.

AUTO or automatic air conditioner mode

The automatic mode of split systems involves automatic adjustment of the air temperature in the room within the set range. In the process, the device will independently include the cooling/heating, ventilation and drainage mode to ensure a comfortable microclimate in the room.

I Feel function in the air conditioner: what is it

The I Feel mode is a smart function of climatic equipment that determines the comfortable air temperature for the user, based on its previous preferences.

After the launch of this mode, the microprocessor of the device sets the desired temperature parameter and remembers it, which further simplifies the adjustment of the temperature regime.

If the user wants to change the parameter selected by the program, he can go to the standard mode of air temperature adjustment and set the desired values.

Swing function. blind manual

Swing function is necessary to change the position of the air conditioner. This mode allows you to independently configure the direction of chilled air flows in the room. On the control panel, this function is marked by the inscription Swing or the image of wavy lines.


In almost all models of split systems there is an option “Timer”. The user can set the time to start and disconnect the device.

For example, you can set the time for turning on the air conditioner a couple of hours before the arrival of home and turning it off during the time when all households leave the house. That is, while the person in the house is in the house, a comfortable air temperature will be maintained, and in the absence of people in the room, the air conditioner will automatically turn off, according to the established time completion of the work.

What should be taken into account before the air conditioner is turned on

To include the air conditioner for heating, you need to take into account several important aspects and restrictions when using this mode. The instructions for each air conditioner indicate the maximum temperature at which you can use the device. In many devices, the lower limit is 0 s, and for some it comes to.25 p. You cannot turn on the temperature below the specified indicator yourself.

How to find out that the air conditioner has a heating function

First of all, you can learn about this from the specification and description of the device when buying.

When choosing, you can pay attention to the description of the device. If there is heating, then it is most often indicated in the instructions

Manufacturers usually prescribe the possibility of heating. If the air conditioner has been bought for a long time, and the need to check the supply of warm air appeared only now, then you can just look at the icons and the functionality of the unit available on the case and the functionality. If there are “Heat” modes or buttons with the image of the sun, then there is heating.

What are the temperature restrictions for the heating mode

Since heating efficiency directly depends on how high the temperature is outside the window, there are restrictions on the minimum permissible values. In general, during subsequent indications, you should not run the heating mode. Modern smart air conditioners with an abundance of sensors are able to determine at what outdoor air parameters are launched, and will immediately tell the user about the inadmissibility of such an action. Most often, the minimum value in which it is possible.5 ° C.

How to turn on the heating mode on the air conditioner correctly

Many modern models with or without a remote control allow you to easily turn on the heating mode. Those devices that can be intended with a smartphone can also work and remotely.

Using the remote control

First you just need to turn on the device power. The remote controls with the display usually highlight the current mode. The transition from one point menu to another is most often implemented using the “Mode” button.

Even a universal remote control works exactly on the same principle as a full.time

Multiple pressing on this key switches the modes in order. If the indicator is made in the form of icons, then you need to look for the one on which the sun is drawn. If there are inscriptions, then we need “Heat”. To warm up the device can go to 10 minutes. Now it remains to set a comfortable temperature using the remote control.

Without a remote control

In fact, the inclusion of the heating mode, like the rest of the air conditioning control, is no different from the device from the remote control directly from the device. The mechanism is the same. you need to turn on the mode using the sun icon or the inscription “Heat”.

Air conditioning does not heat up: operating errors or breakdown?

Despite the fact that modern air conditioners are multifunctional, have many operating modes (automatic, cooling, drainage, ventilation, heating), nevertheless their main function is the cooling of air in the hot summer period.

In winter cold, air conditioning in heating mode is unlikely to support the desired warm microclimate in the room. This technique, and in particular its “heating” function, are effective in the off.season (in the fall and spring, when the street is still or not too cold), only as an additional means of heating the room.

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Heating functions and operating temperature of the air conditioner

Each air conditioner with the function of heating has a heat pump in the design that works to pump cold air from the street inside. He distiliates the Freon gas (refrigerant contained in the air conditioner) in the opposite direction. So Freon changes his aggregate state, which leads to the transformation of the cold into heat.

But different air conditioners withstand different minus air temperatures on the street! Therefore, first of all, determine what type your air conditioner belongs to:

  • If you have a non.inverter system, the minimum operating temperature for the air conditioner is not lower.5? If the temperature is lower, the condensation in the air conditioner freezes, the freon is hypothermia.
  • If you have an inverter system, you can use the air conditioner up to.fifteen?

Do not violate the operating conditions of the air conditioner! Always take into account what it is in principle calculated. If the air temperature outside the window is significantly lower than the minimum operating temperature of the air conditioner, do not turn it on!

If the weather on the street still allows you to warm up, setting the heating mode, do not expect the air conditioner after turning on will immediately blow with warm air. The unit first levens pressure, warms up, and then begins to warm. Wait a while.

Heating cold air from the street in late autumn and early spring air conditioning is more difficult than cooling with a hot summer.

If the temperature on the street allows you to turn on the heating in the air conditioner and you have already given him for some time for warming up, but cold air is still blowing, check if your “assistant” is correctly configured:

  • Whether the regime is selected (heating. “Heat”),
  • whether the temperature is set (this is done by means of the “TEMP” key on the control panel),
  • Does the fan rotate too quickly (it can be reduced by the “FAN” button).

Features of the operation of the air conditioner in winter

Air conditioners for heating in the winter season should be operated, adhering to some rules.

Instructions and features of the operation of split systems in winter:

  • It is forbidden to turn on the device if the temperature is below the critical indicator indicated in the product passport on the street.
  • With prolonged work with minus temperatures, the radiator freezes, which reduces the efficiency of technology. The device with a certain frequency (once every 40-60 minutes) goes into the thawing mode, in which hot freon from the inner block goes into the outer module. The frequency and duration of such a cycle depends on the degree of frostbite.
  • In the process of working on heating from radiator grilles, water flows into the tray. At minus temperatures, it turns into ice, which should be eliminated, otherwise a serious deformation of the heat exchanger tubes may occur. You can not knock the ice manually, you need to spill with water from a hot kettle frozen places. To exclude such consequences and troubles in the fight against icing, you can purchase air conditioning with a built.in trigger cable.
  • Do not set too high the temperature parameter for heating the air in the room, as this will make the device work at high power, which will lead to rapid wear. Recommended value 1825 0.

In the winter, air conditioning also needs periodic prevention. At least once every 2 weeks you need to clean the filters and flushing the impeller, where pathogenic bacteria often accumulate. Timely refueling by freon and preventive verification of the performance of important system mechanisms, performed by experienced specialists from the service center, is also mandatory.

Air external temperature range

Each split system has a certain temperature range parameter. Some models are designed for operation at maximum temperature, not lower than –5 0. Improved and expensive models are effective in operation at an outdoor temperature up to –15–25 0.

It is very important to comply with the requirements for the temperature parameter on the street, otherwise the compressor is rapidly deteriorated when the air conditioner is operating, and later the sudden failure of the split equipment.

You can increase the outer temperature range by connecting the winter kit to the air conditioner. The set of such an installation includes a heater for a compressor, a warming cable for a drainage system and a device that reduces the fan speed.

How to turn on the air conditioner for heat

To switch the regime for heating, the control panel is used. After turning on the option, you should not expect instant issuance of a warm air flow. He will go to the room in 10-15 minutes.

Turning on the air conditioner for heating (step.by.step instructions):

  • On the PU we press the “ON” button.
  • To turn on the heating mode, the Mode button is used, then Heat. On some remote controls, this button is marked with the symbol “Sun”.
  • Buttons \. the user can set the required temperature value.
  • After setting the temperature, the device is activated in the operating mode. The fan will start and after a few minutes warm air will begin to flow into the room.

In some models, split systems of the heating mode are turned on in the reverse order: first the user sets the temperature, and then presses the operating regime launch button. The attached instructions have accurate information on how to enable air conditioning for heat.

Establish air conditioners in winter according to the rules recommended by the manufacturer, and be sure to check the air temperature on the street, focusing on the parameter of the permissible temperature range before turning on the air conditioning for heating. This will effectively operate climatic equipment in the winter season, excluding the risks of its quick failure.

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