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Rating of water heated towel rails

Without which not a single home is complete, whether it is a one.Room apartment or a two.Story mansion? That’s right, without a bathroom. In large houses there may be two, or even three. Take a hot bath or invigorating shower entered into a daily habit. And as the theater begins with a hanger, so the bathroom begins with a towel rail. Indeed, a dense terry towel, which a person wipes after bathing, being hanged on a regular hook, may not dry until the end. The result is an unpleasant sensation and no less unpleasant smell.

The times of communal apartments, when ropes were stretched across the bathrooms and kitchens, where towels could be hanged, have long passed. In the modern interior there is only one object. A heated towel rail, which will dry the towels, and the room will heat up and dry the wet air, with which ventilation does not always fully cope. And here the owner is an ambiguous question: which heated towel rail to choose? It would be strange to tighten the bathroom with an expensive Italian tile and leave the old cast-iron coil, painted with dirty white enamel. In the end, a heated towel rail is not just a utilitarian item, it is also an art object, an art of art.

No designer will be lightweight to select a heated towel rail. And what are ordinary owners of apartments and houses worse than designers? But in order not to get lost in all the variety of modern solutions, it will be useful to make a rating to solve the question for yourself: a water heated towel rail. Which is better to choose?

All about choosing a water towel rail

Devices are made in the form of a curved pipe. Their main difference in the method of heating. Water is heated by an arrived hot coolant inward. Most often it is water from a heating system or hot water supply. Both connection options are used. The second is chosen more often, since the equipment remains efficient after the batteries are turned off.

Water towel Terminus Vega

Such seasonality in work is the main minus of water devices. A combined device is considered an alternative that works with the coolant and electricity. It is desirable that the heated towel rail is equipped with a crane of Maevsky. It normalizes the circulation of fluid and frees the pipe from air plugs.

How To Install A Heated Towel Rail. Step by Step Guide by Trade Radiators

Chermet, stainless steel or non.Ferrous metals: what material to prefer?

It is better to purchase a stainless steel radiator in apartments with centralized water supply. Stainless steel. The material is not cheap, but it has good heat transfer and high corrosion resistance. For additional protection against damp and hot steam, a sparkling chrome coating is applied to the coil body, which looks very elegant and contributes to the visual expansion of the bathroom space. However, the label of the chrome surfaces should be carefully careful, otherwise the product will fade and covered with scratches.

With a stable supply of hot water, all.Welded stainless steel coils can withstand high pressure and pressure fluctuations in the network. Carefully inspect the seams. Reliable sealing of the joints extends the life of the device. A guarantee for at least 5 years should be provided for the premium towel rails with a premium towels; for medium.Quality radiators. At least 3 years. Looking for a steel heated towel rail, make sure that the coating has no defects. Enamel and chrome are well performed by a protective function only if the coating is applied with an uniform layer, without tears and bubbles.

A spectacular drying dryer made of copper and brass will cost more than an ordinary steel coil, but at the same time cheaper than the best stainless steel radiators. Copper water heated towel rail is an ideal solution for centralized DHW networks: copper is not afraid of corrosion, excess pressure and hydraulic cores, intensively gives heat and, unlike iron alloys, does not react with impurities contained in water and generally more durable in water. On the walls of copper pipes, scale and mineral deposits are not besieged, so blockages are very rare. Brass can also boast of pronounced anti.Corrosion properties and does not form a sediment, but does not take high pressure. Brass towels are often purchased for cottages and townhouses with an autonomous water supply and heating.

The buyer is not quite free when choosing a material for a dryer. The installation technique of water radiators requires that the coil is made of the same metal or alloy as the main pipeline.

Criteria for choosing a heated towel rail

Models designed for rooms, kitchens, hallways, utility rooms are available. To connect them to hot water in the apartment, you will have to suffer pretty. They are allowed to be connected to the GVO system only if the installation is planned in the bathroom. It is forbidden to make a tire into a central heating pipe. There are special devices that allow you to heat water from the radiator when contacting it, but they are ineffective.

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Completely different opportunities are opened to those who have a country house. Since March 2019, for private buildings intended for permanent residence, the same standards have been valid as for apartments. But for heating and hot water supply, dual.Circuit gas boilers are usually used here, to which you can connect other equipment.

For standard bathrooms, compact devices that do not take up a lot of space are suitable. For large rooms, it is advisable to choose a battery with a significant area. The larger it is, the more efficient the device works, warming the room and eliminating excessive humidity. And the more wet things are placed on it.

Heaters are usually mounted on the wall, but there are models that are attached to the floor. In combined bathrooms, they can serve as a partition between two zones. If the space allows, you can put a dryer combined with a heating radiator in the form of an accordion.

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Types of bathroom towels

Room resistors are divided into several types of grounds. The most important way of classification is the classification by the type of coolant: water, electric and combined.

Water towel

The water heated towel rail is connected to the hot water supply system (DHW) or heating. Heated water passes through the circuit of a heated towel rail, and heat is transmitted to its surface. Due to the constant circulation of water, the pipe of the device always remain warm. The most convenient way to install is to the hot water supply system. Installation can also be performed to the heating system, but in this case it is necessary to obtain permits from the management company if you live in a city multi.Storey building, in addition, the heating should be disconnected throughout the riser for the duration of installation, and only employees can do this. In addition, if there is no heating (according to the season or because of the accident), such a heated towel rail will be cold. It is also possible to connect to an autonomous heating system if you live in a private house.

The pluses of such a device include their integration into the water or heating system of the dwelling and, as a result, economy; lack of need to lay electric cables. Disadvantages. The complexity of installation and dependence on the operation of the hydraulicular system or heating system. For example, in many apartment buildings in the summer, the supply of hot water is stopped for 10-14 days in order to maintain and repair heating networks, and heating for the entire summer season. The reliability and durability of such devices is very high, subject to high quality of the product itself and unconditional compliance with installation rules. It should also be remembered that any water heated towel rail carries a potential risk of leakage. Over, a leak can occur both in the towel itself, and in the connections, and in the pipes of the hydraulicular system or heating system. A reasonable choice will be the installation of a system of protection against water leaks. It is interesting that according to the statistics of insurance companies, the amount of damage to property from the bay with water is several times higher than losses from apartment thefts.

Electric heated towel rail

An electric heated towel rail is an autonomous device that does not depend on heat or water supply systems and is powered by a power supply network. This type is divided into two subgroups: “wet” and “dry”. In the “wet” coolant is the oily liquid that the heater is heated. In modern heated towel rails, propylene glycol is often used. It quickly warms up and preserves heat well and after disconnecting. In the “dry” heated towel rails, the coolant is a heating cable or tubular heater.

These devices can be used not only in the bathroom, they can be placed anywhere where there is electrical wiring. However, since they feed from the network, the total electricity consumption will increase. The power of such devices starts at 100 watts, the most common options are from 300 to 1000 watts. Many electric towels are equipped with thermostats at which you can set the desired temperature, program the mode of operation, turning on and off time.

The advantages of such heaters are autonomy, the lack of the need for installation, the flexibility of the settings (set of settings depends on the specific model), lack of risk of leakage. The disadvantages include high electricity consumption for some models and the need to have a moisture.Proof outlet if the connection is made in the bathroom.

Combined heated towel rail

The combined heated towel rail combines the properties of electric and water. They are two types. The first type consists of two sections. One of them is connected to the hydraulicular system or heating system, and the other carries a heating element (liquid or cable) that feeds on electricity. That is, each section is able to work on its own. The second type of electric and water section is connected. Thus, in order to switch the device from water to the electrical mode, it is necessary to block the entrance and water output with hinged cranes, and the heating element will warm the amount that remains in the towel.

When connecting such a device, it is necessary to simultaneously observe the requirements for water and electric heated towel rails. The main advantage is high versatility. Disadvantages. High cost and increased complexity of installation.

Criterias of choice

Form and size. These criteria can be completely different, and it is worth selecting a model that can easily fit into the room and will not interfere with any action.

Material. Although heated towel rails are made from various materials, stainless. It easily withstands high rates of working pressure and retains its appearance for a long time.

Installation. There are wall and floor models, as well as rotary and stationary.

TOP-10 rating according to KP

Terminus Euromix P6 450 × 650 (from 6 thousand. Rubles)

This is one of the most popular heated towel rails in 2022. It works on electricity. Inside there are heating elements. From one of the pipes, a wire with a plug for a socket stretches. But first you need to independently connect it with wires to the device. Below is a neat control panel with three buttons and indicators. Buttons are responsible for adding/reducing power and power.

Understand how much the device fries, small light bulbs will help. The more they burn, the stronger the warmth is going on. From customer reviews it follows that for comfortable operation it is enough to use only half the capacity. At high levels, heat is too strong. In addition, more electricity is consumed. Please note that self.Tapping screws and dowels do not go with it. Will have to look in personal bins or buy four pieces.

high, quality, heated, towel, rail


Another popular electric model. Made according to the classic form “La item”. At the very top there is an additional cross. At the same time, the rest are made in the form of arcs, that is, they also perform relative to lateral supports. At the end of one of them, as expected, an electric cable. He is wrapped in a spring. This is a plus if the outlet is located nearby. The cord will not hang: it is not only neat, but also safer. Suddenly you accidentally hook the stretched cable?

The fork itself is made of cheap plastic, which spoils the general view. The manufacturer offers six colors to choose from. This is a cool feature for those who are important to enter a heated towel rail into the interior. There are stained for brass, bronze, gold, silver, light gray and black.


The principle of operation of this heated towel rail differs from the two previous models. It is arranged, as a well.Familiar coil in the bathroom. Hot water flows through it. On the ladder 16 crossbars. Blocks with them are separated by small intervals. True, it will not work to use everything at once. Some are located close and is essentially needed for a larger heat radiation area, and so that the user can choose a height to which to attach a towel. There are two crossbars that form a semblance of a shelf extending forward. In order for the heated towel rail to work, it must be connected to the central heating system or brought to a pipe with hot water. Two Maevsky taps are located on top to produce air.

high, quality, heated, towel, rail


We have already included the device of this manufacturer in the section “Choice of the editorial office”. Let’s talk about another interesting model. It is more compact: three neat arcs with a ladder and the so.Called shelf from above. You can put on top, for example, sponges, or hang a couple more towels. The device is suitable for small baths or a dressing room.

We pay attention to the wire with a plug. It’s great that it is made by a spring. On the front part is the power button. That is, you do not need to constantly get the device from the outlet, you can just click the toggle switch. However, the quality of plastic causes complaints. For this heated towel rail, six design colors are also available.

high, quality, heated, towel, rail


Another device from the above brand. Only this time more overall. Suitable for large bathrooms or a large family. Dry heating elements inside the device. That from the point of view of fire safety is better. Yes, and if we are talking about a private house, then the freezing of the pipes is not terrible. In the lower part of the vertical beam, the adjustment remote control.

The cable in the box lies separately. Wires stick out from it, which need to be connected to the device yourself. In fact, this was not done in order to deliver more headache to the buyer, but rather the opportunity to integrate into the interior. Maybe someone at all wants to make hidden wiring, and then the factory possibility of this. There is a thermoregulation buttons “plus” and “minus”. Separate button for stopping work. In total, five temperature conditions are provided. At a minimum, it gives out 30 degrees, and at full power it is hot up to 70 degrees Celsius.


Elegant device in the form of Latin letter I. The heated towel rail of this form is suitable for niches and narrow spaces. Such are either in old apartments with their strange size of bathrooms, or in modern new buildings. It may seem to someone that the device is strange and a towel can not really hang it on it. True. If you need a device not only to raise the temperature, but also the drying of the towels, then you will have to separately buy the hooks of this company, which are fixed to this device. The design itself is not cheap, but there are also such expenses. Therefore, this heated towel rail will not work with a prime owner. Rather, a model for those who are concerned about the design.

If you buy from the manufacturer, and not in third.Party stores, then you can choose a color. Only 213 shades! Five.Stage temperature adjustment and shutdown timer are available to users. And one more nuance. If you need a hidden connection module, then you will have to buy it.


In the ranking of the best heated towel rails, a device from a Russian company. It looks interesting: due to the lack of a second crossbar, visually takes less space. There are only four guides, but are located at a distance and you can use each. If they were still bent and it was possible to regulate the situation in space, it would be very cool, but there is no such function. In the theory, the manufacturer can buy a rotary hanger to him, which is put on a vertical rack, but it costs like half of the entire device.

Which heated towel rail is better to buy

The quality of the heating of the bathroom and the service life of the device depends on the type, technical data of the model. This knowledge will help to determine which heated towel rail is good, in which its strengths and weaknesses. Water devices can be bought inexpensively, but they are suitable for heating a small area. The price of electric ones is higher, however, their installation is easier, heating does not depend on heating.

In each category of review, experts noted the best models:

  • The best water heated towel rail in the ratio of “price-quality“-Terminus vegap5 575 × 606;
  • The cheapest and most economical electric model is Argo beam 4 52 × 60;
  • The best device with a low.Cost thermoregulator is Navin Omega 530 × 800 steel e.Right;
  • The best assembly in quality and heating area of ​​the heated towel rail is a side connection. Rosnerezh Neo 1 L106011 60X

To choose a good heated towel rail, you must first compare the technical characteristics of the models, evaluate the possibilities of heating, and take into account material costs. Then the purchase will be the most useful.

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