How beautifully to close the boiler in the kitchen

Requirements for a gas boiler in the kitchen

Most of the owners who plan to effectively heat their own cottage or a country house with gas are concerned about the problem, about whether it is possible to place a gas boiler in the kitchen, or you will need to equip a separate top room.

Close up look at the Baxi 800 Heat boiler

I immediately want to reassure homeowners. Currently, the existing state rules for installing a gas boiler allow the installation of gas heating equipment in non.Residential rooms used for cooking.

However, the owner of such a fire.Hazardous device will need to comply with state requirements in terms of fire safety in order to implement the design of the kitchen with a gas boiler on the wall to their liking.

How to hide?

In the hinged closet

The boiler is located above the sink. The bottom of the mezzanine is open.

In this case, you must definitely take care of the free air flow to the unit.

  • You can not make close adjustment of the walls of the boiler to the walls of the cabinet,
  • You can not put the column in a deaf cabinet. The upper and lower part must be left completely open.

This placement option is not the most successful, t.To. The lower and upper part is not completely open. But depending on the type of equipment, this location may be permissible and comply with the safety rules. See the instructions for the device or consult with gases.

A good idea is to hide the column behind the lattice facades. Then there will be a free air flow.

In the pencil case

The installation of equipment in the pencil case in the kitchen solves two problems at the same time. The disguise of the device itself and its communications.

In the niche, a headset

So that the boiler does not stand out in the interior of the kitchen, the set should be purchased in tone of the unit or buy a column with a beautiful panel.

FINALLY A SOLUTION! 200mm Service / Clearance Gap Under Combi Boiler in Unventilated Kitchen Cabinet

In some cases, even in contrast, it does not violate the design.

In the corner

The niche at the sink can be used profitably for the installation of the boiler. The hinged row of a headset with an angular location, as in the photo below, can also hide the unit.

To the color of the walls of the kitchen

If the boiler is already available, and you are not going to change or paint it, then you can fit into the interior, painting the walls in tone to it.

The color of the headset

This idea is relevant if you order a headset with a ready.Made niche for equipment.

In the style of loft or others, with industrial motives, a column with an open ventilation pipe will meet the rules of design.

In the pantry

You can build a garage for gas equipment independently, taking into account all safety requirements.

Under the sink

Usually this space is used to store all sorts of things. But you can correct this so.So tradition and close the boiler there is there.

This method is especially relevant if you have a small kitchen. And you quite reasonably want to use every centimeter of useful space sensibly.

Decor with painting

This method can be relevant for any styles:

T.To. Aesthetics is the second matter, and safety is above all, it is important to briefly illuminate the requirements from SNiP 31-02-2001, 31-01-2003.

We hide in the kitchen cabinet headset

If it is decided to place the gas apparatus in the appropriate headset of the hinged element, then the stumbling block immediately appears. When the boiler is attached inside designer furniture for the kitchen, the main problem is the need to make a cabinet for individual sizes. Next, we will describe the process of manufacturing such a link from a wood-based slab.

Tools and accessories that are useful in the work are listed in the list below:

  • Roulette;
  • Electrician;
  • Furniture bolts-samers;
  • Electric drill with cords and a crown on wood;
  • Set of hexagons;
  • Stove wood-bearing plate;
  • Two rails;
  • Standard kitchen facade, that is, the door of the desired color;
  • Two furniture hinges;
  • Set for a cabinet canopy;
  • Iron and furniture decorative ribbon.
  • First of all, we learn the dimensions of the gas boiler. We accept the necessary dimensions of the future cabinet according to the following principle: the distance between the sidewalls of the heat generator and the walls of the furniture should be at least 3 cm. The same applies to the bottom with top. Thus, we add 6 cm to the dimensions of the gas unit and select the nearest standard size of the facade from the series in the spirit of which a headset is made.
  • We get this door with hinges. It’s good if it is with an unusual, ventilating decor.
  • Elektrolobzik exactly cut out the side walls from the stove of the wood-bearing plate. In this case, the depth of the cabinet should also be at least 3 cm larger than the corresponding boiler size.
  • Similarly, we cut out the bottom and upper part of our box. But in some of these elements you will have to make a neckline in advance to get out the communications of the boiler. It already depends on the specific case.
  • In one of the sidewalls made, we make a crown of the recess for furniture hinges with a crown.

One of the options: building cabinets around

Advice. During the assembly, it is necessary to observe perpendicularity. To do this, when drilling each pair of walls, it is worth using a square and a regular stool. Putting one wall on the seating surface, we put the second vertically, apply the square and drill in the marking. It is also advisable to use the help of a partner here.

Original methods of inconspicuous placement of a gas boiler

Manufacturers of household appliances are always in search of the best solutions to make the appearance of the equipment attractive. Gas boilers in this regard are no exception. Today it was possible to choose a device in color so that it fit into the interior of the room without problems, and there was no need to hide it.

We make a boiler part of the interior

This is the easiest and cheapest way to hide a gas boiler. It is simply selected so that it fit into the premises of the kitchen or bathroom without standing out.

But you can even decorate the most inconspicuous device and make it part of the interior.

  • Carry out the decoupage of the surface;
  • Paint using environmentally friendly paints;
  • Glue the device with a self.Adhesive film;
  • Apply to the surface of the stencil;
  • Stickers;
  • Plant design and so on.

Hide a gas boiler in a kitchen set

Today this option is used more often than the rest. To do this, one cabinet from the headset is released under the boiler. That is, it looks like a regular locker. But he has neither a bottom nor the ceiling. Door, side and back walls-this is such a simplified design called false chips, and allows you to hide the heating unit.

Door. An exact copy of the rest of the doors covering neighboring lockers. So to distinguish in which of them a gas boiler is hidden is impossible. Only a chimney will designate, which in some installation options is displayed above the heating device. If this is a coaxial model, then nothing will be visible.

Satisfied with drywall

This option, how to hide a gas boiler in the kitchen or in the bathroom, practically repeats the previous. The only thing is that the false farm is going to the place of installation.

The sequence of ongoing installation operations:

  • The installation site of the gas boiler is determined;
  • Marking-two vertical lines are applied to the wall, the distance between which is the width of the heating unit, plus 10-12 cm;
  • Metal profiles under drywall are mounted on the applied lines, fastening is carried out with self.Tapping screws;
  • From the same profile, the frame of the false-coffder is built;
  • Its lateral parts are sheathed with plasterboard sheets cut out exactly according to the required sizes;
  • A gas boiler is installed inside and immediately connected to all communications;
  • Installation of loops on which a drywall door is hung;
  • The entire structure is processed with putty;
  • After the latter dries, the surfaces of the fake-chip is grinded;
  • Painting or pasting with wallpaper.

How to hide a gas boiler in the kitchen: the best designer achievements in the field of disguise

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If the adherents of techno-style or loft, the presence of a gas boiler in the kitchen does not bother at all, then for the rest the appearance of the unit so necessary for organizing a comfortable life of the unit becomes an annoying factor. Naturally, the latter puzzle over how to hide the heating device so as not to break the harmonious picture. However, in the case of gas equipment, any whim or fantasy does not always work, but to introduce competent and aesthetic masking oh, as not easy!

Requirements for the organization of gas supply, standards and rules

The main issue of installing gas equipment is the organization of security. Therefore, it is worth knowing the elementary rules and fulfilling strict norms. Of course, if the apartment is in the new building, then experts are installed and coordinated by themselves, the tenants can only skillfully and correctly disguise the gas boiler.

Recently, in order to save both energy and the family budget, they have been trying to introduce individual heating systems, and in this case the authors of Novate.Ru strongly recommend that you can familiarize themselves with what is possible and what is strictly forbidden to do:

If you have not yet been frightened by restrictions and yet the room corresponds to the noms, then you can safely install a gas heating device and start thinking how the equipment harmoniously fit into the existing or newly created interior.

Hide a gas boiler in a closet

This is the most popular way to have a noble kitchen and individual heating. But in such an ideal, seemingly option, there is a lot of pitfalls that you need to know in advance so as not to spoil the furniture or something worse violate safety rules.

If the equipment is fixed on the wall, then it can be hidden in a hinged cabinet, in case of flooring. In a cabinet or a cabinet. But in the first and second options, it is necessary to organize a free flow of air to the unit and observe technological indentation from the surrounding boiler/ gas column of elements.

close, boiler, kitchen

Repair in the kitchen is best done after installing gas equipment, then all communications will be able to perfectly veil. |

It is also worth considering in advance how the main communications will take place: water, gas pipeline, chimneys and electrical wiring, because their heaps looks even more not aesthetically aesthetically aesthetically pleasing than the boiler itself/column. They, as a rule, are hidden under special plastic boxes of the desired color, and if the repair is done after installation, then they can be completely hidden under a specially made box or in a niche and vested with tiles or any other finishing material.

The openwork door of the cabinet will provide a constant air flow, which will be a guarantee of the correct and non.Failure operation of gas equipment. |

The best option in all respects will be the lattice or openwork cabinet door. If the gas boiler is in the place where there is no kitchen set, then for it you can build a camouflage box with your own hands, while not forgetting about the basic rules of installation and safe operation.

Important! The gas column cannot be placed in a tightly closed cabinet. The upper and lower parts of the furniture should always be open.

Make a part of a kitchen set

If the living space allows, then gas units can be turned into an original design element. |

If you are a happy owner of an apartment in a new building and organize your life from scratch, or you decided to install a boiler/column during a radical interior change, then gas equipment can be made an element of the headset. But for such a disguise you need to carefully prepare and know in advance where it will be. Naturally, the size and color of hinged or floor cabinets will entirely obey the dimensions, shape and color scheme of the installed unit.

Interesting ways to cover the boiler

Ideas how to hide the boiler in the kitchen is a lot. The choice of decoration method depends on many factors: the size of the kitchen area, the location of the headset and other furniture, the style of the interior and the artistic skills of the owner of the apartment.

Closed burner boilers

Such equipment is less demanding on installation and disguise. At the same time, and in itself often looks much prettier, fit perfectly into the interior of the kitchen without any tricks in the form of decoration or embedding in furniture. Judge for yourself:

Cabinets can be hung close to the instruments

Separately hanging boiler is also not distinguished against the general background

And this one even decorates the kitchen with its unusual look

The floor unit is almost no different from the refrigerator

You can choose a boiler with a closed combustion chamber of two types. Turbocharged or condensation. They have in common that the rules for installing a gas boiler in the kitchen do not prohibit integrate their kitchen set or install in a closed niche.

And all because for combustion they do not need to pick up air from the room. It enters the burner along the coaxial chimney, which has two contours. Spent gases are diverted through the inner pipe, and air enters the external.

Coaxial chimney from a boiler with a closed burner

  • Turbocharged boilers are installed in rooms with an area of ​​6 square meters.M. Their main disadvantage is the noise produced by fans, pumping air into the combustion chamber.

Photo of equipment built into furniture

  • Condensation boilers form condensate during operation, so they must be connected to the sewer for the removal of moisture. They are most often used in cases where a water warm floor is mounted for heating a house.

One example of how to close the condensation type heater with a kitchen set

These heat generators, unlike the previous ones, need to be connected to the mains, as they are controlled by automation.

To minimize the costs of the manufacture and fitting of kitchen furniture, you need to think in advance where to place them. It is advisable to do it as close to the smoke pipe as possible.

Location and decoration options

Gas column/boiler can be installed in different places. From the location, the methods of decor are changing, consider the most common.

The gas boiler is located in the corner: what to do

Often the gas unit is installed in the kitchen in the corner. Nearby is a hinged shelf of a headset.

In this case, the extension is made to the cabinet. The frame is created on which the purchased door is hung. You just need to choose the right accessories and the door facade.

The ceiling and bottom of this design is absent. This will ensure good air circulation and the removal of communications. There is a second option. A cabinet for a column reaches a countertop, the pipes do not need to be decorated.

A narrow shelf-penete is installed between the column and the hinged cabinet

Boiler in the corner. The most convenient location. If it is located between two hinged kitchen cabinets, then a frameless structure is created. The masking door is attached to the bar naked to the neighboring closet.

Papepery gas boiler

The heating system of private houses can work on natural gas. The parapet boiler belongs to the group of individual heating systems. The compact device is installed anywhere, in compliance with the safety rules.

According to the instructions, it is installed on the street 3 m from the house or on the wall with a gap of 30 cm. If you installed in the room, then there should not be curtains, upholstered furniture and combustible materials nearby.

A large ventilation pipe and pipes going to batteries can be disguised by removing them into boxes from a wood-piece stove. It is advisable to leave the unit itself open, so burning occurs in it and air access is required.

Options for placing a parapet boiler:

The boiler is installed in a niche, which can be closed with a lattice screen.

When installing a small boiler in the room, all eyeliner and communications are upset into the walls.

Despite the heating of the device, some owners hide a parapet boiler in furniture. In this case, a design is made that allows you to easily get to the valves and the control panel. A household fan is installed in a cabinet with a gas unit to improve the circulation of air masses.

Placement of the boiler in the pencil case

Custom-made cabinet, allows you to mask the gas installation along with eyeliners and pipes. There is also a place for placing kitchen utensils. Summarians do such a penny on their own.

When creating the cabinet, the following conditions are respected:

  • The presence of air circulation;
  • Design stability;
  • Easy access for maintenance;
  • If necessary, the possibility of dismantling.

The facade part of the channel cabinet is divided not two vertical doors. If desired, two rolling boxes are mounted at the bottom. In small rooms, wide facades are divided into double doors.

The cabinet hides a gas column and communications

Norms and rules that need to be taken into account

The instructions for the unit have safety requirements that you need to familiarize yourself with the installation of equipment. The main thing is not aesthetic appearance, but security.

Basic installation rules, regulated by SNiP:

  • Change the location of the boiler only a short distance. The transfer of equipment is possible to the corridor or another place, if it complies with other safety rules: for example, the room where the equipment should be transferred non.Residential, the presence of the door is necessary (it should not be tight) and the window. If the unit is hidden in a pencil case or cabinet, then holes in the facade for free circulation of air are needed. It is worth noting that the change of location has a fairly high cost.
  • It is forbidden to mount a gas device in the kitchen-living room, because the living room is a living room. Therefore, it is not recommended to break the partition between the kitchen and the living room.
  • It is strictly forbidden to mount equipment on loggias, balcony.
  • The area of ​​the kitchen should be at least 9 kV.M., and the height from floor to ceiling is 2 m.
  • You can not have a boiler next to combustible materials. Therefore, it is better if the user decides not to close the unit at all, which is safe. Equipment manufacturers take this into account and make a decorative panel on the wall of the device (under a tree, apply photo printing and much more). You can also independently perform the boiler or paint it to the color of the kitchen or interior.
  • You can not combine the ventilation channels of the kitchen and the gas boiler.
  • It is forbidden to hide the communications of the boiler (pipes, ventilation) under non.Stroke boxes of materials that do not give free access to ventilation, in particular from drywall. Therefore, it is recommended to mask pipes behind decorative panels where the door opens, or purchase a decorative removable box for communications in a construction store.
  • Install a special device that will notify the user in the case of gas leakage.
  • On the wall where the gas unit is hung, it is necessary to close the metal sheet.
  • Between the boiler and the gas stove or the refrigerator should be at least 30 cm.
  • The counter should be placed no closer than 1.6 m from the boiler.
  • The boiler socket is installed at a distance of 1 m.

When choosing a method how to hide a gas boiler in the kitchen, it is necessary to take into account the rules and norms for safety measures. This will protect the user from a possible accident and a fine from gas service controllers.

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