How floor scales determine the percentage of fat

Modern scales: what do the numbers on “smart” devices mean

The devices surrounding us are ready to tell much more than we are used to thinking. The clock counts steps and calories, you can talk about the weather with the column, and the multicooker will prepare dinner for exactly the given minute. Libra also went further by body weight. Now the numbers do not just indicate the weight: the numbers also report on the state of health. Let’s talk about what and how you can understand from the issued indicators.

With mechanical and electronic scales to figure out extremely simply. The arrow will stop at the desired mark, and the display will give a value with an accuracy of up to ten grams.

But today, electronic, but “smart” scales that show not only standard numbers are gaining popularity, but evaluate the composition of the body. Studies report that their owners are weighed more often and with great pleasure monitor the indicators. All because they know a lot about our body.

How the scales with the analyzer work?

This is the most popular question among those who first encounter similar devices. Most It seems that the scales come up with indicators, and their manufacturers simply profit from the gullibility of customers. Unfortunately, there are such models on the market. But there is good news. There are scales that accurately cope with the definition of a share of fat, muscles, bone tissue and water in the body, and they do it no worse than serious medical stationary scales that are in sanatoriums, clinics and some sports centers.

The principle of operation of diagnostic weights is as follows:

  • Electrodes are built into the scales platform. Approximately the same as clinging throughout the body during a similar analysis on stationary diagnostic weights;
  • Electrodes send a faint discharge of alternating current of high frequency, up to 100 kHz;
  • Our body knows how to conduct electric current and resist it. Resistance to alternating current in physics is called impedance;
  • The current discharge of each type of fabric resists in different ways. The scales collect the obtained indicators, then they are analyzed in the scales themselves or in the appendix;
  • When conducting bioimedance analysis, the weight, height and age of the person is taken into account. Special formulas are laid in the scales program;
  • The procedure takes no more than 5 seconds, at the exit you will learn not only weight, but also a share/mass of fat, bones, water, muscles in the body, and sometimes other indicators.

The Medtekhnika store presents both household and professional scales with an analyzer of body composition. Among household models there are scales of different price segments, with different functionality and a weighing limit. A wide range of advanced models has been prepared for clinics and sports centers that give the most accurate results. All products are certified and has an official guarantee. Delivery is carried out to all regions of Russia, as well as to the CIS countries.

Reporting report

What specific data, except weight, give analytical scales?

  • Fat in the body (as a percentage). The concept of “norm” is wide here, depends on gender, age, physical form, and so on. If you have created a “profile” in the scales, they will give you recommendations: where to “squeeze”, where to “add”, what to maintain at the same level.
  • The level of metabolism. And recommendations for the use of calories (taking into account your parameters and daily needs). You will not surprise anyone with this kind of data, but knowing your metabolism is useful: based on it, the diet is adjusted.
  • The amount of water in the body. As you know, water adds weight, it is the first to leave during the diet. And a sharp weight loss can be misleading, creating the impression that fat is leaving. With analytical weights, the user will be spared from these illusions and will be able to objectively evaluate, due to which he loses weight.
  • Metabolic age. Indicates in what real state your body. Keep in mind that all estimates are approximate, based on a limited number of parameters, it is not worth perceiving this too seriously. But get such information (especially if the scales “threw off” the years) is also pleasant.
  • The amount of visceral fat. That is, the one that accumulates around the internal organs. It does not affect immunity and health in general. Therefore, control this type of fat carefully.

There is a lot of data, for the most part they are useful.

But the information loses value if it is not true. And therefore, another logical and important question arises.

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As smart scales determine the share of fat, protein, age, muscle mass

The capabilities of a particular device depend on the model. Dear analogues have the widest selection of functions. When analyzing data, synchronized with mobile gadgets. To obtain information about relevant medical indicators, the user uses a special application. This method of data output is considered the most convenient. Reading information directly from the gadget display is inconvenient for the user.

Leading manufacturers offer their own software products, thanks to which the process of monitoring the health status of the user is simplified, the analysis of the data obtained and the display of statistics is simplified.

The criteria for choosing the best model

Choosing floor scales for home, let’s pay attention to the following qualities:

  • The material from which the base of the device is made. Devices made of durable glass, metal will last longer than those made of thin, bending plastic, have gaps, etc.P.
  • The number of tasks performed is reflected on the price, so we will first distinguish from them the most important ones necessary for the implementation of the intended goals.
  • Maximum allowable body weight. Many models are designed for weight up to 150 kg, but there are types of devices that allow the maximum weight of 180 kg, 200 or 270 kg.
  • If you need a synchronization function with a smartphone or computer, we will clarify the wireless method. If the scales are associated with a smartphone via Bluetooth, you can use the application, only being in the immediate vicinity. When organizing communication through Wi-Fi, you can see the indicators of your body while in another room.
  • An important role is played by the presence of a system of automatic inclusion and off, charge and overload indicators, as well as energy consumption methods (from the solar battery or from AAA type elements).

With the help of “smart” weights. Body analyzers, you can monitor the health and correct balance of body elements, avoid the appearance of excess weight and maintain performance.

Impressions and conclusions

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale obviously coped with their task. I learned a lot of details about what is happening in my body. Over, for this it was only necessary to launch Mi Fit on a smartphone and stand on the scales.

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But is all this information in everyday life is needed?

Well, if you are engaged in the room in the training program, eat according to the strictest diet, take L-carnitine, drink two liters of water per day and bark in the “instance” of phytonyashki, you will be interested to observe how your body changes. Whether the matter will go further than interest? Whether you are inspired by Mi Fit advice? Who knows…

In my case, the monitoring process quickly bored with himself. Change your lifestyle and do something beyond what I am already doing, I was not going to. On some day I just forgot to hang around! It was then that the smart analyzer of Xiaomi began to turn into ordinary household scales, necessary only for the fact that once a year to stand on them, akht and decide to buy a subscription to the gym.

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Accuracy of measurements

Xiaomi Smart Scale 2. Model with a high level of accuracy of indicators. Measurements are carried out by using alternating current, which is passed through metal electrodes. Therefore, it is necessary to stand on the platform barefoot so that the feet fall on these elements. If you put on shoes or socks, then the measurements will not be accurate.

After reading the description of the smart scales Xiaomi, I immediately wanted to buy them. And was not disappointed in the purchase. I try to keep myself in shape, so I follow not only the mass, but also for other indicators. I liked that the model is multifunctional. I tested it for a long time after the purchase and satisfied with the accuracy of measurements. The main thing is to correctly install the model. Libra should stand on a solid surface, for example on a tile. Linoleum and carpet will not allow you to get accurate measurements.

I already have a “Xiaomi” fitness bracelet, so I decided to buy smart scales of the same brand. It turned out to be convenient, t. To. Both gadgets are connected to one application and you can easily view all the information about the training and their results.

With age began to gain weight, so I had to sit on a diet. For her birthday, friends presented smart scales Xiaomi. At first I did not like the model, but it turned out that I used it wrong. Before each weighing, it must be calibrated. If you immediately stand on the platform with both legs, then the device will show the result of the last weighing. It turns out that first you need to press the toe of one leg in the middle, and after zero appears on the display, you can get up with both legs. Then the weight will be accurate.

floor, scales, determine, percentage

Is it realistic to measure muscle mass with smart scales

For those who wanted to pump up to the summer, perhaps it will be curious. At one time (and still, in general) we tested quite a lot of smart scales and figured out what kind of metrics they show there.

For all convention, the muscular mass turned out to be the most problematic indicator.

It seems: less fat = more muscles, so it would seem, why do you need at least some tools to measure this indicator if you have a mirror at home. However, people are arranged so that they need numbers. And these numbers can be different.

Strictly speaking, in a healthy person who leads, say, a normal lifestyle, such an indicator as muscle mass is a certain constant value: for men, this parameter lasts at about 45% of the total body weight, for women. About 35%.

And if you do not try to manage it, then you do not need to measure it. Another thing is when a person begins to join healthy and seeks this indicator to improve, this mass is to increase. For example, those who systematically visit the simulator-up to 50-55%, for bodybuilders-even higher.

In principle, standing on the scales, you can feel the difference:

Left: a person from the gym | Right: office plankton. Both with the same weight.

In principle, the system in these dimensions is. The same person who was on the left and who simply visits the hall, pursuing some of his own interests against the coach in eastern martial arts will lose.

How exactly it is for sure. The problem arises due to the fact that to compare the accuracy of data of bio-impedance analysis, on the basis of which all smart scales work without exception, especially with nothing with. This, firstly, is due to the fact that some scales have some metrics, some have others. Go to the clinic to make a bioimedance body analysis? Well, you can, but what’s the meaning? Accuracy will be at the same level:

Bioimedance in the clinic at the Medass / Smart-wweetes MGB Body.

If this seems satisfactory, then take any scales (if necessary, of course) and on the way! But there is a third problem.

floor, scales, determine, percentage

What kind of mass is it in general? The fact is that there are serious discrepancies in terminology, and under muscle mass different types of analyzes understand completely different meanings, and the user at the output receives completely different numbers. This thesis will probably illustrate the result of a body X.Ray, or DEXA, which is considered a reference analysis of the composition of the body.

Obviously, the last column introduces into some stupor. But the fact is that the bioimedance shows the so-called “skeletal-muscular” mass, which is a certain conditional indicator of the health of the body and does not take into account a number of parameters.

With DEXA, it’s not so simple: go sort it out, what is meant and what is laid down in this common figure. But there is a nuance. The muscle mass is translated both as “Skeletal Mass” and as “Lean Body Mass”, or in other words: lean body weight, dry body weight, gallive body weight. Simply put: weight without fat. In Russian localization, most often both of these terms will translate the same way, but in some scales, in particular in those that we use, both parameters are present.

There are two values ​​in DEXA in the analysis: Lean Mass and a celebrated mass. The numbers are very, very close, but still different!

Nevertheless, already something. And if you take a metric offered by weights: a celebrated mass and contrast the lifeless mass taken from the X.Ray, then we will get a more or less comparable picture:

In other words, the main thesis is quite simple: if you want to determine the so-called muscle mass in everyday conditions with the help of weights, then you need scales where there is an indicator “Loturous mass”, because it can be compared with the standard measurement method at least somehow. Skeletal-muscle mass as an indicator in this sense will not be the most convincing and very conditional, but can serve to track trends at the level-more/less.

Are smart scales accurate? Low-tech versus high-tech health and wellness equipment

Unfortunately, both of these parameters do not characterize you as an athlete: they are very indirectly related to the relief of the body, so to evaluate the attractiveness of the torso will still have to use the mirror.

The scales on which we conducted all these comparisons. MGB Body Scale. They translate both parameters, and skeletal-muscle mass, and the cereal weight of the body, and both of these parameters we have somehow compared with more reliable and authoritative methods of analysis.

How smart scales work

All models of such devices electronic. This is due to the principle of their work, which is based on a bioimedance analysis.

This is the name of the diagnostic method, which is used to determine the composition of the human body. It is realized by measuring the electrical resistance of biological tissues in different areas (impedance). For this, electromagnetic radiation is used. It is created by the electrodes of the minimum power built into the design.

The radiation intensity is small, so the person does not feel anything. Thanks to the electrodes through the human body, a weak alternating current passes. His strength is enough to determine the impedance. Over, he does not cause harm. As a result of impedance measurement, further calculations are made and receive the percentage of various biological tissues.

Professional report on the results of impedance measurement. Household smart scales provide me with detailed information, but it is enough to control weight.

There are different myths about the work of such floor scales. For example, it is believed that their memory includes average parameters, according to which the percentage of human tissues on the scales is allegedly calculated. However, this is a wrong assumption. Physical phenomena are used for work, which means that the scales show the truth. The actual mass of the fat layer, muscles, etc.

You can manage the device using mobile gadgets: smartphone, tablet. For data transfer, modern technologies are used (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth). Some models have the ability to use an online intake. There are also applications for a personal computer. For storage and transmission of information, the “cloud” is used, created by the manufacturer.

To get information or send data there, you must connect to the Internet.

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